I Don't Know Why I Self Harm

I am thirteen. Nothing has ever gone hortibly wrong in my life. I get stressed sometimes, but that's it. I started self harming three years ago, but I can't say that's when it happened, more like the thoughtvwas implanted. When I was five I hit myself with things, not even knowing what I was doing. When I was ten, I decided yo hit myselfvwith a ruler hard, and eventually I started cutting, but I don't know why. I even attempted suicide, but there is no reason behind this. I haven't told mybparents and I needed to say something. Thanks for letting me share some of my thoughts.

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  • Your'e obviously suicidal and most defiantly retarded, I can imagine how disappointed you're parents are! Snap out of it and stop being a f****** b****.

  • Sometimes it's hard to figure out the reasons for hurting yourself when nothing typically labelled as traumatic has happened. But sometimes you get so used to repressing stuff-for whatever reason-that when things get to be hard, you don't know how to express it. Or you think that you shouldn't express it to other people.

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