What bullying does to a kid

When I was a kid I had a target painted on me. I was short, skinny, shy, timid and constantly moving to new schools. Kids just love to pick on me, bully me and do whatever they could to make me cry. I was too afraid to stand up for myself. The few times I did nothing good came of it. So I just learn to accept that I would always be pushed around, verbally abused and beat up. I learned to live with it. After awhile I probably just projected my weakness and being an easy target onto everyone I came into contact with. Now as an adult I am still a pathetic, weak, spineless, terrified doormat. It's too late to start standing up for myself. Everyone knows who worthless, weak and pathetic I am. My advice to anyone who is being bullied is to stand up for yourself. Do whatever you have to. Don't become what I have. You will hate yourself worse than I could ever tell you. No one is meant to be a victim. Take your self worth back before its too late!

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  • Get into martial arts!! I worked with a girl in college, she had a black belt in karate and was working on one in judo (or vice-versa, I don't remember). She sent one guy to the emergency room that I know of.

    Keep wearing the short skirts - you don't have to be 14 to wear them. You will find a guy that loves how you look in them. I was bullied in school too.

  • How old are you? It's never too late to change.You need to work on loving yourself.If I was you,I would embark on Mixed Martial Arts/or boxing training.It builds self-worth,confidence and improves your mental health and well-being.If your inner self is healthy,
    it projects "outwardly" :)

  • I agree with you. It just takes away your self confidence and also you behave a certain way and everyone kind of accepts it of you. I can recall as a kid maybe around 10 I think trying to stand up for myself when my mother of all people intervened and said "That's not like you we don't use force to get our own way" and yet that was what I was being subjected to. My playmate was forcing me and then my mother was forcing me to just capitulate. After I got married my husband used to like me to wear skirts and dresses so I did. Often times he wanted short ones that were embarrassing because I was not 14 any more but I would give in just to make him happy. Even my friends seemed to support it. I went shopping with my girlfriends once and they would not let me buy jeans saying things like "that's not you. you always wear skirts". So I'm like just this person who can't change and just gets blown this way and that by whatever.

  • Rise abve your past. Those punks will win if you don't. Make something of yourself and have some pride. Work and study hard and to h*** with those bullys.

  • Thats not true. You are "choosing" to keep living on that same place emotionally and you will be there as long as you decide, but the truth is YOU DONT HAVE TO. The "high school" world finishes the moment high school finishes, you can choose to re-invent yourself at that moment or any moment, even now for that matter. I used to have low self esteem until I realize that I ALWAYS chose to sold myself short of what I truly am. I now realize people used to look up to me when I use to look down on myself, NOTHING changed except myself, my own view, my own believes, and you can do that anytime. Good luck bud, my advice to you is let go of the past, forgive and forget and start a new life, make a it a good and fun one!

  • I to went thru school the little guy and I think you know what I mean.
    #When I turned 17 I didn't finish school because of all the bullying and I joined the navy and basically got away from it all. In the nave I got into trouble the first year but soon saw the light and started in taking all the dangerous assignments like EODU, Hard hat diver ( made it to first class diver in 5 years) Scuba diver and UDT. I got assigned to a salvage vessel in Hawaii and I loved going all the places I was needed. With all the training I have received I became quite a pasique person I mean I was built and no one dare to pick on me no longer. By the time I retired and settled back with a good income and I got married to a beautiful Polly girl. We now have three children and guess what Last week I ran into one of the guys that always picked on me in high school and right away he tried to put me down well with one blow he was laid out like he was ready to be put in a coffin, the other two guys took off running. I feel good about myself now.;

  • Maybe your selling yourself short. The same thing happened to me and the first thing I did when I was 21 was buy a handgun and let the world know I had learned how to use it.

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