Wife's sugar daddy

So my wife has had a sugar daddy for about 6 months now. A while back she had one of her friends over. I wasn't really listening to what they were talking about. What caught my ear was my wife saying, "I could make a profile on aff and get laid tonight if I want." I said, "If you weren't married?" She said, "Guys don't care about married or not." I said, "No. I meant YOU would do it if you weren't married?" She said, "Don't think I could do it? H***, I could use a sugar daddy." That was all that conversation went.

Then a few days later there was a knock at the door. My wife was back in her bedroom. She asked if I could get the door. A guy came in and I asked who he was. He introduced himself as Steve. My wife walked in. She was only wearing pants and a bra. She said, "Gimme just a minute. I'm almost ready." He said, "Ok. I'll be in the car."

She came out about 10 minutes later. She kissed me on the lips and said, "Don't wait up for me honey. I may not be back till real late." I said, "Who is that?" She said, "My date. He's taking me out for some drinks." I said, "Um. Ok. So
How late?" She said, "I dunno. Depends." I said, "Depends on what?" She said, "If we go back to his place afterwards or not." I said, "Back to his place? To do what?" She said, "Well, not committing to anything but if things go well I won't be wearing this much."

I was actually aroused. We hadn't discussed her having s** with other guys. Around midnight I got a text. I looked at it and it was a picture of her naked on a bed. I texted, "Actually gonna do it?" She texted back, "Nice looking p****. Can't wait to see how it feels." The text was from my wife's phone but was Steve that sent the text. About 20 minutes later another text. It was a top down pic. My wife's ass and his d*** in her p****.

She got home around 2 am. She got naked and got into bed. She spooned me and was playing with my d***. It woke me up. I was still groggy but said, "So you did it?" She said, "Yep." I said, "How was it?" She said, "It was good." I said, "Did you c**?" She said, "Oooh yeah. Like 4 times." I said, "Did he?" She said, "Wanna taste me and find out?"

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  • I came home from work one day and my wife met me at the door and put her arms a round my neck and gave me a hot french kiss and then told me that she had been thinking about me all afternoon and wanting me to eat her p****. She said that she was so hot. She led me into the bedroom and had me lay on my back on the bed fully dressed.
    She quickly got undressed and straddled my head and ground her p**** onto my face and mouth. She immediately started to moan as my tongue flicked her c***. Her juices were flowing and there was a strong pungent taste. I kept licking and swallowing the juices. She started to shake and moan loudly as she orgasmed and more juices flowed into my mouth.
    She continued to grind her p**** on my mouth and began to tell me about this delivery guy that delivered the bottled water this afternoon and what a big c*** he had and how he delivered two big loads of c** in her married p**** and then dared her to get her husband to eat her out. She said he would be back the next afternoon to make another deposit. She told me that I had better get used to it because he was the most wonderful f*** any woman could ever have.

  • Whats aff?

  • Where is the Sugar part? $$$

  • Id love to lick my wife's c*** after she had f***** another man's c***. I asked her to do it for me and she said she will think about it. Then she said she wanted to try a black c*** so we could both get our wish, i had an instant h****** she wouldn't let me f*** her but pulled her top and bra off and ordered me to w*** over her big t***, which I did. After I c**, her t*** were covered in s**** and she ordered me to lick it off

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