I heard my parents having **??

Ok I've never did one of these before but I need to get this off my chest and SOON!! This happened about 10 minutes ago.
So, I didn't feel very tired (11:00PM) and I wanted to play on my phone so I started slowly walking down the stairs and I heard kind of like a yell and I thought it was the TV. But, I had a guess it wasn't cause my dog always sleeps in my parents room and she was outside the door at 11:00PM and my parents are usually asleep by then and she's in there with them. But, I heard another yell and then I was about halfway down the stairs. You know how you can usually tell when someones talking or a noise and you can tell if it was the TV or someone actually around you? Well, that's exactly what happened. I heard a loud and I mean so loud I'm surprised my little brother and little sister didn't get woken up from it. It was and its hard for me to say this but, IT WAS MY MOM MOANING!!!! And no, this doesn't turn me on like one of those weird ** ones. The sound is still in my head and its making me feel nauseous. The only upside to this was that I know my parents are happily married:). Thanks for reading this!

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  • One morning, I heard Mum and Dad having **. I put my ear to the wall so I could hear better. When it was over, Mum said, "You always finish to soon. I need more." Dad said, "I have to go, I'm already late for work." When he'd left, I went to Mum's room and showed her my hard-on. At first, she was shocked. But then she said, "God, John! You don't know how much I need that inside me." I was 14 at the time, but that was the first of many times Mum and I have had sexual **.

  • Get use to it boy. Sometimes a woman moans or groans due the amazing emotional feelings she experiences when a Man like your dad thrusts his ** into her little ** repeatedly. Don't ruin their mutual expression of love by criticizing what you heard. You may not ever hear her again. Just disregard it next time. Give your parents a break. Your dad especially needs to ** your mother as often as he can.

  • Can someone plz help?! I wanna tell my parents that I could hear them and to quiet it down but I just don't know how to tell them!!!!

  • It's their house, their rules. They're in charge, they're calling the shots. Who are you to tell them to quiet down? They love each other, they're doing what comes natural. Now read through this site and you'll see so many people with real problems. As for your sick stomach, well it's just gone through a rude awakening. Deal with it and move on. Sorry this sounds tough, but wait til you get "real world" problems.

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