Swapping Up

My bf and I have been together for a year, and recently we went out with his best friend and his friend's gf. The four of us had a good time, and by the end of the evening we were pretty drunk and randy. We decided to all make out and have s** in the same room. We did not swap partners or anything, but seeing my bf's buddy work over his gf with his rig was way hot.

I would like to suggest to my bf that we meet up with them again, but next time swap partners. His buddy is majorly attractive (and his p**** is much larger than my bf's), and I'd love to have him nut in me. Should I suggest this to my bf?

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  • My wife and I have done it. I enjoy watching her please other guys. It's such a turn on

  • This is healthy. I dpn't know how prudent your bf is but I'm sure he was very much turned on too. Play it safe, while making love with your bf remind him how sexy it was doing it next to the others and how sexy they looked. He might get the courage to say his feelings about it.

  • I think that just being boyfriend girlfriend isn't a level of commitment where you can just start swapping partners. He's going to need reassurance that you're be going back to him. If you can't offer that, just break up now and chase more big d*** until yo've had your fill (ha ha). Your relationship is more than just s**, isn't it? Can the buddy deal with your boyfriend and some possible jealousy? Does buddy's girlfriend even show any interest in your boyfriend? Does she just want to lend his d*** out because you find it hot? These are questions that might need to be addressed before anything happens.

    thats just my view of it... but..
    Best of luck!

  • I would in a heartbeat. I would try to have some with the gf as well...

  • sure, just don't tell him his d*** is too small for you....

  • I would suggest, no! You already sound like a w****, so you may want to try not being one, especially while talking to your bf, if you actually want to stay with him, that is.

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