I hate my stepson

I absolutely HATE this kid. He was raised by his grandparents because his birthmother couldn't keep a clean house and his father (my husband) was in basic training for the military. Turns out his grandparents couldn't keep a clean house too so the state put him in our custody. He's 8 but thinks that he is entitled to anything and everything. Thanks to his grandparents not having boundaries and rules. This kid has no manners, no respect for anyone. He kicked his grandmother in the stomach so hard she threw up and all he could do was laugh about it. He doesn't wipe his butt so I get to wash his crappy underwear. My husband is a very handsome man, but his son looks nothing like him, he looks like his mother whom I detest even more. He has teeth that sticks out of his mouth WHEN HIS MOUTH IS CLOSED, his hair is bone straight, he is so skinny but eats us out of house and home. I think he's the ugliest kid I have ever seen! When his father or I ask him to do something he rolls his eyes. When we say something he says "I know" even though he doesn't. When he eats the food falls out of his mouth because of his messed up teeth. I just really want the state to take him and put him in foster care!!!

Jan 29, 2014

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  • You should get rid of the kid if you don't want to provide for him. He needs discipline. If not he'll only get worst. He probably has some self-esteem issues as well. Hate is such a powerful word you actually don't hate HIM you dislike HIS actions. If he were a well behaved child I'm sure you would be able to over look his physical appearance. You need to get some help to deal with him. Don't be afraid to seek it out.

  • Sounds like the kid needs a good talking too from you both. You and your Hubby need first to decide the boundaries to be set and adhere to them. If he does something wrong confiscate his phone or computer, or something that means something to him. Make him do at least some chores like bedroom tidying, or no TV or something.
    Make sure his Father punishes him for his wrong doings otherwise he`ll walk all over you the rest of your life. You never know where it will lead then!

  • Aaaand this is why I'm never having children nor ever dating anyone with children or even wants them someday. The behavioral stuff reminds me so much of my kid brother and his obsessive need to be right/the best about EVERYTHING. The "I knew that already" response when of course he didn't. Oh my god. Drives me insane.

  • Kid needs a series of brisk spankings.

  • You married a man who has a child. You must have known that when you met him. And saw your other post..relationships change, find a way to make it work. And it's not rocket science why this child is acting out..He's 8 and look at what the adults in his life have put him through (you and your husband included). You can vent all you want, I get it it's a tough situation. And many could just throw up their hands and walk. But you can be the bigger person in this situation and nurture this child and get him the help he needs. He may have a learning disability as well and so he says "I know" to avoid being made fun of. In any case, get this situation under control..he's going to get older, bigger and have more anger problems otherwise.

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