Things I did in the past that bother me now

When I was twelve my cousin and I was visiting my grandparents on their farm in a very rural area. My cousin was nine.

Along came this seven-year-old boy who lived across the street. The poor kid had an empty cider bottle with him and he was going to take this to the creek and catch salamanders and such and put them in his bottle.

I didn't like this kid so my cousin and I followed him to the creek. As the boy was bent over to look at the water creatures I tossed a rock in his general direction. The stone thank god did not hit him but hit the water directly in front of his face drenching his face with water. My cousin whooped with laughter. I myself was quiet.

The boy was surprised but he raised his head and looked mad but being a small boy there was nothing he could do. The kid said referring to another small creek on the property that he was going somewhere where we couldn't go. I then informed this poor kid that my grandparents owned that too and he couldn't go there either.

My cousin by now had picked up another rock and threatened to bust the cider bottle. Hearing this the poor kid picked up the water bottle and pressed it close to his chest looking me directly in the eye.

He left carrying this bottle off the property and I didn't see him again that day.

OK, here I am nearly 71 years old and now I wish to H*** I had not done that. Some poor kid trying to have fun and we deliberately spoiled it for him.

Hopefully, I believe there was another creek near his folk's property across the street.

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  • I am 62 and I look at my past and see things I wished I had handled differently. That is experience and learning to be a better person. I ask God for forgiveness and tell the person I am sorry if they are still around, if not I say a prayer for them and say I am sorry anyway. I know how you feel and so will the twits who have made the snarkey comments if they ever grow up.

  • I'm glad you have changed as a person and moved on and learnt too forgive yourself. I'm the person who said if you were my child. I'd have tanned you and your cousins bare bottoms for it. Like we do with our children and i beleave nothing gets through too a naughtie child or young teenager than a firm bare bum spanking....

  • One can get depressed thinking about the past. Look to the future and enjoy doing good

  • It's the past. But if i was your mom or dad back then. You and your cousin would have had your bare a**** spanked long and hard..

  • For a person of 70 you should be doing more than trolling on here. its people like you who torture others on line just cuz your gonna die quicker then us younger ones. buzz off and get a life.

  • And you think yourself to be a nice person? really?

  • I've only been retired a few months. I can write crap if I want to. A true troll talks about his s** life which doesn't exist but this small tale of mine is true.

  • Why don't you make up for it by being nicer to people and go to a priest for confession. go write the kid a he still alive? that is mean. just think of the friendship you lost hurting a child like that.

  • Wow what a terrible person you are. Seriously many people have done much much worse. It was in the past. You were a child. Let it go.

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