I hate my life

I just moved to another state w/out my daughter because of my husband now. He & I had a yelling fight when my daughter was in her room. Things where thrown. I ask my ex mother Inlaw to pick my daughter up so my husband & I could figure out what to do w/such a bad fight.the ex mother in law convenced my daughter that she would be better off w/her father. My ex husband would not give my daughter back to me. I went to court got her back only to have my daughter tell the court lies & her father was granted coustdy. Now my daughter wants to come home because her dad is a drunk & very mean. Which I tried to tell her that the grass us not greener on the other side. Never the less I talk to a lawyer & the coast is going to be out rageous (worth every penny)!!!! That is just to TRY for shared custody!! Basically I didn't have the money the 1st time & my ex did & does!!! Needless to say the strain on my marriage is evident. We don't talk we sleep in sperate beds & I just want to die. My life has been 1 big disappointment after another!!! I want a job & am hopping to have 1 in a week. I have never went longer than a month w/out a job. So I'm sure that work can drowned my lack of life. Just wanted to know what to do for free in the mean time instead of thanking of ways to end such a sad life

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