I don't feel anything regarding the shooting in Orlando.

This shooting in Orlando....it seems to have affected a lot of my friends to the point that they're in tears. Me personally though...I don't really care. Don't get me wrong, I think it sucks and it's horrible, but I'm not losing sleep crying over it at night. I kinda feel like something's wrong with me because of it.

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  • Everyone reacts differently, when incidents of injustice occur. Just because you aren't weeping and crying yourself to sleep at night over the tragedy, doesn't mean, you don't care.

  • No theres nothing wrong with you 'your just a regular d****** 'and I would love to stretch my p**** over your face just to straighten you out 'lol

  • I saw on CNN yesterday that the guy went back and shot some of the same people over again.......to be sure they were dead. They said it like that was supposed to bother me. It didn't.

  • You are an idiot.

  • Same here. I could care less about those people that died or got hurt. Next channel!

  • F*** your god he's nonexistent read a f****** book other from a bible you have the internet you don't have an excuse to be so dumb

  • To be honest I really don't care about it either. God probably let it happen for a reason. It's a gay club and god doesn't like that. According to the bible it is wrong. I am nice to people like that but I don't support their lgbt community.

  • Did "God" tell you that being homosexual is wrong? I think not you fool!! The bible was written to overpower people and it still does today!!

  • But whose to say, the bible is word of truth.
    Didn't "men" apparently write the bible. Whose to say, they didn't lie? I believe all religions were created, to control, restrict and frighten individuals. If that's the case, how can you follow a religion written by fellow human beings, when no human being is without faults.

    Just my opinion

  • I feel the same. And after every shooting, celebrity death, natural disaster or any death outside my close family and friends. I care but i believe in reincarnation and karma/dharma so the bigger picture is what i see rather than the temporary loss of this life, soon theyll have another. Probably much easier and enjoyable.

  • I felt worse after the Sandy Hook massacre because they were mostly little children that lunatic gunned down. I feel that since Floridas gun laws are lax there should have been more armed resistence from the victims.

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