Blacj behaviour, Stereotype or the truth?

When I was a young man I did not have to go to school with blacks. I graduated in 1965 with not one single black in my high school. The building was a dump of a place but it had a good academic reputation.

I went to a community junior college and every black student that started there flunked out. I knew this was going to happen during the first quarter of my freshman year.

I transferred to another college after receiving my two-year certificate and I got a job with the state.

Every black employee caused problems. They would come in late and leave early, you couldn't find them sometimes and they took every day of their sick time. They used dope and got fired.

This continued until I retired and everything the so-called racially prejudiced rednecks said turned out to be true.

My neighbor is black and he lives across the street from me and his yard is so bad that he's been given citations from the community. We have a leash law but from time to time some black guys pit bull roam the neighborhood which is dangerous for the people doing their daily walks.

OK, it has been said that blacks are as intelligent as any other race and I admit that there are many accomplished blacks such as Condoleeza Rice and Neal Degrasse but they are few and far between.

Like I said I didn't have blacks at my school but I have heard that they walk around the classroom, sass and threaten the teacher and dumb down the curriculum which makes Americas educational system the laughing stock of the planet earth.

I hate to say this but looking the world over the attitude towards blacks seems to be the same as any other nation. They dislike blacks in general and American blacks in particular.

Finally, I do personally do believe blacks have the potential to learn. Blacks from foreign countries do much better academically than native-born American blacks. Talking with these black immigrants from Africa, South America, the Carribean they themselves complain about Americas blacks.

Ok black Americans. Whats wrong?

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  • I am in Africa. The contributing problem is an educational curriculum that wipes them out of World History, and a media that tells them they are nobody.

  • They don't want to work for it; i.e., they WON'T work for it. They want it handed to them. For nothing.

  • You. I'm "a black". I'm an attorney. Daughter of military father and one of the most intelligent women you'd ever meet. My black friends: two doctors, one dentist, one teacher, one and two business owners. Sounds like you like in a terrible area, made poor hiring decisions, and your community college did as many do: let ANYBODY in the door. Yet, you judge a whole race on your small world?? You are the problem, my friend. Your mentality. You.

  • Neal Degrasse is an accomplished astronomer but overall blacks fail even when given an equal chance.

  • I'm sick to death of black people being prejudiced and labelled, as all the same. Every individual on earth are different and unique, regardless of race.

    A minority of individuals, don't account for the majority of individuals', what an idiotic and mentally incapacitated person you're, to make a stupid statement!
    For f*** sake, stop being so f****** pathetic and foolish! You're unintelligible!

  • That is exactly what I was thinking great comment.

  • You probably haven't achieved anything in your life, so I'm not surprised you agreed with this comment!

  • Stop referring to your own underachievements

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