Yeah, I'm Black... So?..

Q: What do you call a black man with no arms?

A: Trustworthy
Q: What does a black child get for Christmas?

A: Your bike
Q: Why do blacks smell so bad?

A: So the blind can hate them too.
Q: Why don't blacks & Hispanics procreate(breed)

A: No one wants a child that can't get a job and is too lazy to steal.

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  • Q. What do you call a black woman who's had six abortions?

    A. A crime fighter.

  • Q. How many blacks does it take to decorate a Christmas tree?πŸŽ„

    A. As many as the branches can hold.

  • Q. What's white and covers the streets on a winter's morning?

    A. Working people.

  • You racist f***.

  • Q: How many black people does it take to start a riot?

    A: -1

  • Q: What do black people and bikes have in common?

    A: They don't work if you take the chains off.

  • This is why trump got elected lol

  • These jokes are pretty good. More, please.

  • Your definition of a joke is questionable and obtuse :)

  • Clearly not long enough to chop-off either

  • Short willy illness

  • This confession is under the section "funny" which is ironically, not funny!

  • Is to !

  • Too, not "to"

  • Still funny

  • Wtf

  • LOL

  • When is everyone going to realize you are your own person. You can't say all blacks are... And you can't say all whites are.... Because we are all individuals.

  • Https://

  • Well firstly that is over the top racist. in my country in western world if you are black and ethnic you are treated like royalty and get jobs and marriage and kids easily over white people so much the white disadvantaged want to be black to get some positive discrimination back. not all white people are better off then black people. heaps of black people are so filthily rich and getto ego manic crazy that so many white people only become racist when they are not getting enough and feel neglected by society when every Asian girl can get a white guy to marry her or every Hispanic gets jobs and white man and has baby and white women have nothing because we are white. so load of garbage. if all the disadvantaged poor whites got together with the poor blacks and supported each other against the rich blacks and rich whites we would be getting somewhere! its very in to be half/half cast. there the lucky ones.

  • You are a rapist so you have no room to talk.

  • Are you referring to your own experiences?

  • Your caption indicates that you're black, and seriously.......that's the funniest of all your "jokes".

  • All it indicates is a person, trying to invite and instigate a diatribe about black generalisations and prejudice

  • Liar.

  • Honest :)

  • Omg, all the uptight people in the world are going to have heart attack trying to respond to this post.

  • Like yourself lol

  • Oh I responded, I just didn't have a heart attack. lol

  • Are you sure?! lol

  • Wait... waaait..... yep, no I'm good. scared me there for a second. lol

  • Lol my bad :)

  • Another redneck from the USA. Why am I not surprised?! Yes, that's a rhetorical question fool!

  • If you say so, Eurotrash!

  • American trash!

  • Ok, thank you for clarifying. I was wondering if this was solely a US site, but I keep reading lingo from the UK. So this site is pretty much a little bit from everyone, everywhere.

  • Hi. Just thought you ought to know. It's not 1958 anymore.

  • Well said x

  • Cool. You can also call a colored with a good sense o' humor like yours, WELL ADJUSTED.

  • Lol coloured!! It's the 21st Century, fool!

  • Https://

  • Yo know, I can't tell if you are trolling or not, I'm leaning towards trolling.

  • Fool liberal needs to stop being so obvious. Liberals love to label everything, as here with the troll word. THEY are the problem & liberalism is a mental disease.


  • And you love to label everyone as liberals. So you're a liberal and have a mental disease, according to your statements lol What a hypocrite!

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