Everything is wrong with this world

Society teaches women they need to buy products, look good for men, to be their toy until a newer, fresher one comes along. Young teens are objectified, mainstream pop culture is pedo p*** (eg.started being obvious with Spears). Feminists who talk about this are shunned as feminism is now unpopular (wonder why that is....hmmm). Young boys aren't excluded, look at Bieber and all the pedo woman that were around him. Just tired of this SICKNESS out there. People are getting brainwashed from a young age, society is breaking down. God please help us all and protect our children. :'(

Jun 14, 2016

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  • There's nothing wrong with s** you repressed little whiny b****

  • Well said,I agree!! :)

  • No one is shunning feminists. We just lost interest in listening to the complaining a long time ago.

  • F***... just we need another special snowflake... Nothing new, nothing special here. Moving on, folks.

  • Don't discredit and tarnish the OP's opinion. Unlike you, the OP isn't conveying tripe! The OP's confession is truth!! Watch music videos, the news, TV adverts, TV shows and so forth, they bely the truth

  • Apparently you think you are a special little snowflake whose special opinion, without anything to support it, is important enough to advise others what to think. People are waking up, you're a dinosaur.

  • All you have to do, is open your eyes and ears.

  • Sounds like you could do with a cup of tea and a sit down.

  • You're blind to it if you can't see what's going on

  • I agree

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