I came on my sister in alw

Last weekend my wife's younger sister came to stay with us for a few days, She is 8 years younger than my wife at 22 and is beautiful, She is tall and slim with a huge set of b****.
Her and my wife went out to the bar on Saturday night and after coming home and waking me up while stumbling around and laughing had some more drinks, I woke up in the morning to find my wife wrapped around the toilet in nothing but a thong, I picked her up and put her in bed then went to the living room, My wife's sister was passed out on the couch in a pair of my wife's silk, button up pyjama top and shorts, I walked over to her and she was sleeping on her back and the blanket was at her waist, I could tell she had no bra on since her huge b**** were falling to her sides straining the thin silky material of her top, I stood there and stared at her for a few minutes.
I knew from trying to wake her up other times after drinking with my wife that she slept like a log after drinking and sat beside her, I placed my hand on her shoulder and gently shook her, She didn't move, I shook her again calling her name, She still didn't move, I slowly unbuttoned her top and folded it open exposing her huge, beautiful b****, They are easily DD possibly eve E cups, She has pale skin and big pink areolae with nipples the size of the end of my pinky finger which got hard as the air hit them, I sat staring at her for a minute then reached over and cupped her b****, They were warm, Soft and heavy.
I stood up and gently pulled the blankets off her then hooked my fingers in her waistband and pulled her silky shorts down over her smooth hips, Her thighs and down her long, sexy legs, I was able to pull them off over her feet and tossed them on the floor, I looked at her perfectly shaved p**** with its pink and puffy lips with no "B***** tongue".
I could still hear my wife snoring as I pulled my pyjama pants to the floor and flopped out my 8" c***, I was already rock hard and sat beside my sister in law again, I took her soft hand with her long fingers and perfectly manicured nails, I wrapped it around my c*** and started stroking it, I only lasted a few minutes before I placed her hand on her flat stomach and leaned over her chest, I shot my load all over her amazing b**** and stood there bucking my hips as I squeezed out the last few drops of come, I placed my k*** against her pouty lips and wiped the last of it across them and she licked her lips in turn licking my k***.
I waited until I was sure she was still sleeping then sat down and continued playing with her b****, Squeezing and massaging them and sucking her nipples and even rubbed her p****, then I thought I should get up before getting caught.
I left her on the couch like that with no shorts and her top open then went to the kitchen got a damp cloth and wiped her off then started the coffee then crawled back in with my wife, About two hours later my wife woke up and rolled over toward me, She is always h**** after drinking and looked at me, Smiled then slid her hand in the sheets squeezing my c***, She slid under the blankets and wrapped her lips around my c***, She sucked me for a few seconds and then rolled me onto my back, She got on top and rode me coming in about three minutes and I came right after.
After we laid there for a few minutes she got up and went to the living room and I heard her wake her sister up, I heard her sister say "OH god" and I got up, walked to the door saw her run to the bathroom, shorts in hand, my wife turned and saw me and put her finger to her lips as if to shush me.
We had breakfast and no one said a word about her state of undress, Sunday while me and my wife were sitting watching tv she looked at me and said "Oh my god, The coffee was already made when I woke up, You saw her didn't you?", She stared at me and I looked at her, I said "Um...Maybe", She said "Did you?", I told her that I woke up around 4:00 am and heard a noise in the living room and thinking her sister would be sleeping downstairs went to see what it was and I saw her sister masturbating on the couch, She stood up and said "EEEWWW...right here?" as she pointed to where she was sitting, I said "No...There" and pointed to the recliner on the other end, We talked for a bit about it and she asked me how much I watched, I told her I saw the whole thing and she was upset but calmed down after a bit.
I love knowing that she thinks I watched her sister m*********.

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  • My sister in law molested me while I was asleep. I woke up to her giving me head. I was going to jump up and yell at her but she was doing it better than my wife so I let her continue and let my load go off in her mouth. She never said a word about it, so I kept my mouth shut too. Funny how I would just love to have her do it to me again but feel weird about asking her. She's far from being hot but she is a fantastic head doctor.

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