Guilty Pleasure

I think about my incredibly attractive teacher on a regular basis and I can't stop imagining him bending me over his desk and spanking me. I'm a disgrace, I know.

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  • I would say...I can't stop fantasizing about him bending me over his desk to spank me. My short skirt just rides up my thighs as I lean over his desk. I know he can't help but notice my lacy new panties I'm wearing. He starts to spank me one be one. With each spanking his hand moves closer and closer towards my ass crack. I can't help but notice my body language reflecting the fact that I am enjoying it. It is doing almost everything in its power to screem touch my p****. Right as I was thinking this I felt one of his fingers slide in my panties as he spanked me. We both knew what he had done, however, neither of us qringed. It was almost if it was the reaction both of us was hoping for. I didn't shove him away, and he didn't say sorry. So he didn't it again and again as he spanked me a few too many times just to continue to stretch one more finger in between my panties and my p****. He wanted to feel how wet he had made it, and I wanted him to feel how wet he made it. Then it ended. I stood up straightening my skirt back down, gathering my belongings, and left the room. As I left the room, I felt the need to look back, and as I did, I found him looking at me as if he was ...praying that I would turn around to see him one last time before I left. Our eyes met and then he look down at his finger, slowly brought it to his mouth and tasted it. She left the finger in his mouth for a brief second, closed his eyes and took a big sigh. He opened up his eyes , looked at me, and mouthed the words... you taste good! I got embarrassed and turned 2 shades of red, as I turned to walk away with the biggest grin on my face. I reached down between my legs to find a pleasant surprise between my legs and thought to myself...if he only knew how wet I was now. ...

  • You just have a small crush. Or maybe a medium-sized crush. :) Either way, you're fine. Not to worry. Fantasize away, knowing that it's completely normal.

  • I do the same sometimes its normal

  • You not a disgrace, your imaginations are natural, most of the people all the time imagine the same as you are

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