Always Curious About M/M Spanking

... that I am a life long spankophile. I love to spank and be spanked by women, although over the past years I have tended to be the recipient much more often than the giver of spankings.

But for the past couple of years I have truly wondered if a spanking from a man is really any different than from a woman. I did not think I had any gay tendencies, but the thought of dropping trou and bending over a man's lap invaded my imagination more and more frequently.

Finally, I did something about it. I responded to one of those hookup sites on the internet and read through the various listings of guys in my town. One seemed to strike a chord and did not sound like many of the others which sounded like a veiled solicitation for s**. No - I wanted a spanking and that was it.

Well, I met this guy who was maybe 20 years older than me at a coffee shop and after a short conversation walked to his downtown studio apartment. There, I got the bare bottom spanking of my life! It was humiliating. It was painful ... and I can't wait for a return trip!

Jan 9, 2021

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  • I was spanked by my dad growing up. Mom now and then spanked me, but she prefers watching dad spank me naked and him taking his belt off to do it. But, my mom got her friends to spank me also be it, men or women. Sometimes she watched. But it seems she enjoyed seeing the men redeem my bottom cherry red.

    When I turned 13, I started getting erections and was told many times by men that I was enjoying it. I never realized what that meant. But, at 16 when I came from one man spanking me and I e********* without being touched, I knew I might be enjoying it too much.

    So, I looked for guys to punish me when I felt guilty and women to spank me fit sexual means.

  • I am a heterosexual male and have been spanked by women and men and I feel the punishment is more effective when there is not a sexual component. So even though I enjoy spankings from women much more, when I feel guilty about something I find a man to spank me because then I feel truly punished.

  • I'm still a kid who's 15 and I really like getting spanked too?

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