Too much love

I'm 51. Been married to my wife for 27 years. I'm in an affair with a 19yo girl. Both of my kids are older than her. We started the affair just for fun. Nothing serious. Problem's gotten VERY serious. Can't be stopped. The girl is just too much. Too sexy. Too wild. Too beautiful. Too smart. Main problem is......I love her too much to break it off. There's just too much love between us for it to end.

Jun 20, 2016

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  • If losing your wife and turning your children against you.
    Then carry on in your dream world where in time she will leave you for someone younger.

  • Don't plan on retiring anytime soon. Your wife is going to find out and take you to the cleaners - as she should. And that 19 year old either going to grow tired of you or want kids...Too much love.. Too dumb.

  • Time to tell the wife and kids

  • You better smarten up! Your age difference is too much for a lasting relationship. Trust me you'll end up alone if you leave your wife for her. Enjoy your tryst because that's all it is!

  • He's right^. Just ask yourself this: would she stay in the relationship if you stopped paying her bills and giving her money?

  • Both these ^guys^ are correct: you're only in it for the s** (and the ego booster shot) and she's only in it for the money (and the daddy issues).

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