So...I met a guy, Sat and talked for a couple hours, Hit it off, Ended up going home with him.
Here's my issue, He is a black guy (that's not the issue), When we sat and talked I didn't really notice him being like this but he called me and asked me out and on our "Date" he acted all "Gangsta", the way talked, Acted and treated other people.
Ok, He is not a gangster, He doesn't belong to a gang, We don't even come from a place that has gangs, He is super nice to me and really good looking but WTF, Its embarrassing the way he was walking and talking and acting, I cant be with him if that's the way he is going to act.
I sat down and talked to him about it and he seemed embarrassed about the way he was acting, He doesn't act like that when it is just me and him, Is that something he thinks I want him to be like in public, Is that what he thinks makes him "Cool", I explained that he needs to be himself but if that is the real him I don't want to be with him.

Jan 24, 2017

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  • You slept with a ghetto ass negro wah ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Brotha not right for your cracker ass. Move along

  • Here is the issue, you went home with a complete stranger after only talking for a few hours , then surprise he isn't what you thought he was. Women have really fallen, for all their talk of feminism and equality so many have lost their self worth.

  • "Some" women have fallen, not "woman!"
    When you state "women" have fallen, it implies you mean the majority of women.
    If you stated some, that implies differently.

    Or if you didn't stereotype women at all and referred to the OP as an example instead, that would've been better!

    It's not about gender, It's about individuality and individual preferences and so forth. The OP is an individual and made choices in regards to this man, because of her individual decisions, not because she is a "woman!"

  • Lol You stated - Here's my issue, he is a black guy(that's not my issue)

    Can you not understand, why this seems contradictory?

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