To my one that got away


Since 1993, the first time I met you, I automatically fell in love with you. We started as friends until we parted ways in 1997 when I joined the military.

When the dust settled, and I had time to collect my thoughts, we started talking again in 2001. Things were great until that one day a brick wall cam between us. We bother promised we would never give up on each other no matter what.

When time slowly went by, I looked you up, again 2014, and we started talking again. Though years went by you still gave me butterflies and made my heart race. Though this time you did not feel the same.

Since 2014 to present. I have done my best to contact you almost everyday, but with little to no response back. When I say I'm walking away, you all of the sudden contact me telling me you're not ignoring me you're just busy.

Today I'm leaving you be for good. As the title says above. You are my one that got away. For 23 yrs my love has never changed for you. I have no regrets other than not telling you sooner how I really felt about you.

The memories I have of us will forever be locked inside my heart. Good bye my Angel. I will always love you.


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  • This is amazing. Sad. But amazing.

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