When guys dump me...

...I use everything I know about them (1st names, jobs, locations, hobbies, background etc) to impersonate them on internet forums for $h!t like furries (people who get off on pretending to be anthropomorphic, often retardedly rainbow-colored animals) and people who F*** life-size dolls. The A-hole NY I-banker who stole my virginity? Has the soul of a winged purple otter prince who likes it up the @$$ from hung foxes. The needled**k engineer who broke up w/me the week before Xmas? Has a whole harem of japanese realdolls & had a big fat sobbing pu$$y crisis requiring much (((hugs))) b/c a flesh&blood woman spoke to him in the grocery store. But he told me I was fat when I’m like 5'5 120# so he deserves it & then some. I spend way way too much time on it & it's starting to interfere w/my real life but it’s just so much F***ing FUN!!!!!! If I ever find a hot, REAL man who’s faithful & true I'll stop, I promise.

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  • OK, your sad.

    My Name:You F*****
    Backround:You F*****
    Job:You F*****

    Now, what if you date and then break it up? Does that mean he deserves to impersonate you, go onto your facebook or whatever and call all your friends whores, and then post on your wall on your account saying how you just masturbated to Justin Bieber and the be proud to want to s**** an underage kid?

  • Yeah this is one half of the story, my guess is your less than decent in a relationship. You need to stick with dating the money jerks you date, cause lets face it, nice guys don't need to date psychos, they get enough s*** already.

  • Yeah, sounds like all the really good guys will just be lining up to get with YOU, darling.

  • instead of being like this you should try and become a better person so that you get to dump them for being asswipes or whatever

  • my guess is this is the reason why they dump you in the first place, coz you're a complete whack job and have nothing better to do than to badmouth a guy who dumped your crazy ass >:0


  • Wow, you are a crazy b**** (so am I)! Have at it girl, maybe next time they will think twice about how they treat people!

  • that is hysterical, lol

  • lol. xD

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