So casual

My sister in law is 8 years older than me, She has been married to my brother for 10 years and just turned 40, The other day I accidentally walked in on her changing and she had no reaction what so ever. I had stayed the night at their house and got up in the morning heading to the dealership to pick up my new truck but my brother had told me he had an old ipad I could have and it would be on his dresser in the morning.
I went upstairs and didn't see anyone or hear anyone so I assumed they were all gone since it was almost 10:00 already (What a beautiful sleep in with no kids lol), I gathered up my stuff and walked into their attached bathroom. She was standing at the sink putting on makeup and wearing just a pair of tiny, Red underwear which hid nothing, Thong or Tbar whatever you want to call them but they hid nothing in the back, The front was obviously covered but the back was on full display. She is and always has been hot with a great little round buttocks and an overall nice build, I rounded the corner and stopped, I said "Shit....Sorry" and back out of the room, She came into the bedroom and said "What's up?", she was standing right in front of me topless and I froze, She said "James...What's up?". I apologized again and she looked down at her boobs and then at me with one eyebrow up and said "Really?", I just said "Sorry, I wasn't trying to stare" and she scoffed saying "Not much to stare at", she was always smaller chested and after a few kids they are pretty deflated but compared to my wife they are amazing. Small with a bit of sag, Dark, Wrinkly nips (Probably from being hard) and not a stretch mark anywhere, My wife's are a bit bigger but she has quite a few stretch marks not just on her boobs but her hips, a few on her stomach and a few on her thighs.
She asked what I was doing in their room and I told her, she said "Oh, I think its over there" pointing to the walk in closet which is on the other side of the bathroom, I went, Grabbed it and came back, She was again leaning over the counter slightly putting on makeup, As I walked past I took a peek and then thanked her, She stopped and faced me saying "No prob, Are you heading out now?", I said "Yes" and she said "Well, Good luck with the new wheels" and I thanked her for letting me stay the night.
I talked to my brother a few days later and he mentioned that his wife had told him I walked in on her and gave him a full play by play, I apologized and he laughed saying "How have you never seen her naked?", I said "Why would I have?" and he said "I don't know, All these years you never seen her before, she has never been even remotely shy or attempted to try and hide very much, I just assumed somewhere along the way you probably had". I brought up how relaxed she was and he said "That's what I mean, I guess it's always been more around our friends but she never wore bras before kids and now she still never wears a top on the beach or anything more than a thong when we go on holidays with friends", He told me pretty much all of his friends have seen her at least in a thong if not naked since they hot tub all the time and she does it nude even if there are other people there. It just caught me off guard how relaxed they both are and how neither of them cared at all.

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