About being fat

I realized that the extra weight means everything in the world to other people. Nothing I wear matters, my hair color or style doesn't matter, the only thing people see is fat now. I'm not the blonde or brunette anymore, I'm the fat girl. I'm worthless to society because I don't look reproductively appealing enough for men. If I were cast in a horror movie, I'd be one of the first to be brutally murdered because that's how much I don't matter to anyone because of a bit of fat.

I'd be upset about it, if I was like most people, but I plan to fat for life because I hate people. It's a great deterrent. I will never change society but I will never let it change me. Being fat triggers the majority of the population, they hate me because I like food and hate jogging. I like that I trigger weak people.

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  • **, fat girls look reproductive as **. There is nothing better than pumping a nice fat baby into a big fat ** belly. That is what fat ** are meant for.

  • You need help with your self-esteem issues.

  • I only date really big girls 300+ because thats what Im interested in. There are plenty of people out there that would be all over you

  • I asked my bride to let herself go and get fat ... on our honeymoon. She did, but it took her almost 30 years to gain 100 pounds. She used to have a gorgeous hourglass figure. Now she is obese and I love it! I love her all the more for getting fat for me. She also had beautiful very long hair. I begged her to cut it short into a pixie cut. When she turned 40 she finally pixiecut her hair. She said she wanted to wait until she got past 200 pounds or turned 40, whichever came first. Age 40 came first. She finally gained past 200 a year later.

  • I hope that's not what you really think there is lots of guys including myself that prefer larger fatter women . you are probably an angel hopefully you find some who appreciates you

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