My lifestyle

I don't know what to call this confession, it is partly about how I live now, and I don't know what category it fits.

Bottom line is that I share a man with another woman. I live in one house and she lives in another house. We both have children, we both have careers, we both have masters degrees, we are well educated and to anyone's guess, pretty independent and have jobs with lots of responsibility. But we live this secret life of sharing one man.

Many people think I am divorced, because I never talk about my husband or the father of my two daughters. It is very private and I don't know how to come out into the world about this. I wasn't raised to live like this, I know it is modern and all, but really? Sharing a man? She and I have scheduled visits, she and I go on vacation together so that the kids can all see each other, when we go on vacation we do all three sleep together and help each other have s** with him.

As you can tell we are not strangers to each other, we know each other and help each other, with baby sitting, with house errands, and we communicate regularly about taking care of him, we enter and leave each other's homes without need for prior notice, for God's sake, she comes over after jogging to shower with me, because that is where we can talk, we lather each other up and spend an inordinate amount of time grooming each other. And yes, we have locked lips, both up above and down below, don't ask us why we did it, we just had to try and see what felt like, we like to touch each other down there when we are showering and kiss. It is a very private time and my love for her flows and her love for me flows, when we are locked together like that we can freely express our feelings for each other. It is our private time.

If I truly love someone other than my shared husband it is her. I want to get pregnant again, I want to have a large family, I would easily go for six or eight kids. If I want someone in the delivery room it is her, she should be the first to see my offspring and I should be the first to see hers. I really feel that way, after we have met our new baby, then we inform him whether he has a new son or daughter. The birthing experience is for us women, I don't mind if the girls are there too, I think girls should be present when babies are born.

I have two now, girls, and she has three now, all girls, we need boys.

We are not commune people, we live a pretty straight suburban life, church and all. We share a husband, she and I, we share a father for our children, we share our place beside him. In many ways we have adopted a lifestyle from the past. If our husband found another woman to care for, we would welcome her into our life. If you want to find the true meaning of womanhood, share your life with another woman, completely fully without reservation, be hers and accept her as yours. Together.


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  • Good for you. Muslim and Mormon women can understand you, even if other cannot

  • I can't even imagine doing something like that. I'm not a hater but how does a woman manage to just turn off the "jealousy" that most humans have within themselves?

  • *one of us! one of us!* it's called brainwashing

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