To the Servicemen and women who left the service with a drug habu

If you are on dope you are what amounts to nothing. There is no excuse. I don't care if you won the Congressional Medal of Honor you are nothing until you kick your drug habit. If you are causing trouble because of a drug habit you are nothing until you quit. A chest full of medals does not give you a license to raise H***, steal, scream and holler at someone simply because they want to distance themselves from you.

Walking up to someone saying s*** "I fought for my country what have you done" falls on deaf ears. You came back on dope. That means you are nothing until you get off of it.

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  • Calm down.

  • Wow I don't even know where start. It's very obvious that no one here knows what it means to suffer. But here you all are judging. Maybe take a good look at yourselves before judging others. I'm willing to bet that your s*** stinks too.

  • If you need to spew your bitterness at someone, try all those congressmen and other career politicians who either want war or allow it to happen while bending over backwards to make sure their own kids don't go get their @sses shot off. Cut the disease off at the source instead of whining about the side effects.

  • Dope. Who even uses that term anymore? Dumbasses who post stupid ramblings about s*** they don’t understand. That’s who.

  • Well not being a drug user myself I am not up to date on the drug culture lingo. I only know it makes me sick to be in a dopers presence. Doper, drug user I don't give a s*** about the correct term.

  • Yes, yes, you Don't Use Drugs. Big round of applause for the twit with the one-track mind. Lots of us don't use drugs (not the illegal kind anyway... want some more coffee?) and we're tired of your out of touch bellyaching. Change your mental channel or actually listen to feedback for once, we don't give a s*** either way.

  • Just like Mr Mackie used to say,

    "Drugs are bad,Mm-Kay"

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