My Cousin

I honestly didn't know what category to put this under. I guess that is an obvious problem. So, my family recently had a gathering. This included some relatives from another state. I met a cousin of mine for the first time. I didn't even know she existed before a few days ago. Now I first saw her without a proper introduction and hoped so much that she wasn't related to me by blood, but as luck would have it, she is. She is pretty cool and really cute. And it turns out she was thinking all the same things about me every step of the way. From hoping we weren't related to still being attracted regardless. We spent the next day at an amusement park and due to our circumstances, we found ourselves alone almost the whole time. We spent a lot of the time, holding hands and making out. We even felt each other up on a dark ride. It was a good time and we both know that we don't want a seriously relationship and are just enjoying our time together. We set up some rules though, we can't get attached romantically and we aren't going to be each other's first(s). Also, we are first cousins, but she is the daughter of my mother's half-brother if that makes it less weird. I don't know, I love doing this with her, but I'm worried for several reasons.


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  • B***** h*** just DON'T.

  • Sweet home Alabama

  • Just keep it a secret and enjoy yourselves. How old are you guys?

  • She's 14. I'm about to turn 16.

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