I have no sympathy for black police brutality victims

I honestly have no sympathy whatsoever for black "victims" of police brutality . Whenever i hear about a black person ,epecially a black women being a "victim" of police brutality all i can think is "they were probably b******/bastards who did something to deserve it" when i heard about the mckinney black b**** who was tackled by a cop at a pool party i thought the cop was very restrained. If i were that cop i would have beaten the snot of the mouthy little black b**** and pepper sprayed it for good measure.

If i were a cop i would stomp the s*** out of any mouthy nappy headed b**** who gives me even the slightest bit of attitude

I was horribly bullied by a pack of black b1tches who always yelled and me . they always jumilated me and blamed me for things i didnt do. I had no friends growing up because of them. I wouldnt p*** on a black b**** even if itwas on fire because of them.

If i saw a nappy headed c*** being beaten on the streets i would look the other way and would do nothing.. I wouldnt Even report it.

The fewer black c**** the better

Besides black c**** view kindness as weakness. Because of this cops ahould be wven more brutal to these creatures. Mybe then those b****** would learn manners and learn to know their place.


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  • There are a lot of racist bullying cops aching for an excuse to bestow a beatdown.

    There are a lot of mouthy black people just begging for an excuse to bawl about racism, and will actively start $hit so they can.

    There are a lot of stupid naive children who can't handle at least one of the truths written above.

    This sick dynamic will keep right on happening as long as everyone involved is this devoted to acting like morons.

  • Must like trump a lot lol

  • You should have been killed in your mothers womb. You are just a useless human being full of hate. P*** off somewhere else. And oh yeah one day a black person is going to help you, you piece of shameful existance and we will see who is superior then.

  • I agree with you 100% I think they should all be beat at least once a day just for good measure I hate those black f****rs usless peaces of s***

  • Oh boo f***** hoo
    Get over it ya oil cry baby ass

  • Don't label all black people,as the same.Regardless of race,we're all human beings.
    Because of your traumatic experiences,it appears to have reinforced your racial prejudices against,all black people.

  • You are an idiot I wish the things that's happening to innocent black peopke happens to someone very close to you and sees how you would feel. Every race has bullies.

  • Moron.

  • I know where your coming from but you need to change your attitude. There are good black people and they do get profiled and beaten and killed for being black.

  • Well that makes sense. You'd make a perfect juror. You know nothing about the facts of a case [you're not a juror], yet you've got everything figured. I believe that this is called 'extreme prejudice.' This means you'll never be a juror. That's a good thing.

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