I rly need a bit of advice here

I normally wouldnt post such idiotic question but in this case I rly dont know what to do about this boy, so I have to, I have to ask for everyones opinion, its important.
I hope someone can say a word or two in honesty...

So, I went to a trip to foreign country where I met a boy. He is from my home city. QUickly we became friends so we hang out til the end of our trip, every day the whole day along with few other ppl.
He liked me and he was kind of flirty with me. I liked him back so we exchanged contacts and stayed in touch as we came back.
After the trip my life turned upside down, things got a little complicated, so I never rly had an opportunity to plan something or anything with him.
All we got to do is have a coffee with all of our friends ONCE.
I told him my life went crazy busy lately and I needed some time to put things in order. He said okay, and he was all about planing our next adventure as soon as Im taken care of my s***. Unfortunately in 2 weeks time we drifted apart a little bit. SO NOW IM NOT SURE WHATS GOING ON.
He said I should hit him up for a drink or something. I said I will, but I never did. Instead I let him know that we can hang out this weekend if he would go hiking with buuuuunch of people. He was suppose to come but he never did. I asked a friend if she knows where is he, she said he was gonna come but then he wouldnt be able to go on a concert tonight because he would be very tired. And he also had some plans for sunday, so he'd have to cancel that too. Whatever.
I know one thing: Id cancel everything for him. Or, Id cancel all my plans to be with person I like.
BUT as he didnt do that its quite clear he doesnt feel that strong about me and thats fine...

Im just wondering now...
should I text him at all? ask him whats up, where is he, why hasnt he showed up? DO I do it right now?

Or I just let it go, forget everything, and just get on with my s*** without contacting him at all...


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  • Hi I am rony
    I am from Bangladesh.
    I am quite interested when I read your story. if you really love him then propose him and merry him. this is my open mind suggestion for you.
    I am also interested to make relationship with foreign girls.
    best of luck
    all the best.

  • Since you don't give your ages, I'm going to guess your teenagers. Some people may think that saying "I'm really busy" really means "I'm not interested or I don't like you". And the same can be said, if someone says they're going to come and then flake or says they're tired or not cancel plans. But it sounds like he was game to plan something, but had to put that on hold because you said you were still busy and couldn't commit. He left it up to you and you have dropped the ball. You seem to think that his plans that he had on the day after the hike were not important and think he should have canceled them to so he could meet you. But those plans were important commitments to him. Meaning - that was his busy and you're not respecting that. Just as he could have considered whatever was making you so busy, you could blow off and meet up with him if you really liked him. Do you see what I'm saying? But I think it can still be saved with a lot of effort and honesty. Reach out and contact him. Text him, email him and apologize that this hasn't turned out as you wanted it. You can tell him you like him or just think he's really cool and want to continue to get to know him. And to just agree to make some concrete plans to meet up. But just plan it for the two of you. Talk to him and say that it would help to get to know one another if they could talk or text more often when you both have time. The worse thing that happens is he's moved on or you two end up as friends. Sometimes these things are about timing, so don't give up because you'll always wonder. But if you two really like one another, you both have to agree to really make time for one another.

  • This was a great advice. I just had to go through bunch of confessions to find this one and to say that it's been almost a year now and things with this boy have been great so far :D

    Im just so happy right now



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