I feel unlovable.

No matter how hard I try, I can't find lasting love. Every single relationship I've had, no matter the length, has ended in utter heartbreak and misery. No matter how much my friends have tried to assure me that I'm a great guy, I feel like I'm just unlovable. I'm a hopeless romantic, with heavy emphasis on "hopeless". I've heard so many times that I just haven't found the right woman who can truly appreciate a kind, devoted, loving man. In my heart, though, I feel like it's not a flaw in the women I've dated, but rather a flaw in myself. I'll never find the relationship I crave, the person I can grow old with. I'm about ready to just give up, because no one will ever love me the way I love them.

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  • Quit being a big p**** couple lines into the article that looks to be the problem

  • Im sorry about what happened to you. I wish I could find that loving and romantic guy, my heart's been torn into pieces several times by men who don't know what they want but I just keep on loving. I'm a little scared now...I think I need a break from dating

  • Have you ever heard of, looking for love in all the wrong places? Try looking for someone who has, or wants the same needs as you. Try a different place, a place where you go to enjoy your hobbies and places you like to go for fun. I'm sure along the way you just might find a woman you are truly looking for.. Good luck.

  • Same here! It's weird. I think I have so much to offer, and yet I can't seem to attract anyone that would be interested in a real relationship. I don't worry about it too much. I have a very full life despite the lack of relationship. Every so often it would be nice to have someone to do the day to day stuff with. A partner in crime so to speak. You're not alone.

  • Me too. Would love to hear your self analysis.

    Why can some guys manage several wives and affairs and others one or none.

    I've got a job and a couple of houses. A wife with no interest in me

  • See, when I hear this it always makes me sad. I never understand the wives that don't appreciate their men. I am single and would love an attentive man. I would bl*w him every chance I got, and f*ck every chance we got. I'd do filthy things. S*x aside, I might even learn how to cook. I work hard and don't expect anyone to support me. I don't mind sharing all responsibilities. Husbands ignore their wives too, and that's weird too...but I am just looking from my perspective. I see wonderful men that I can't have, and yet their wives don't appreciate them. It sucks.

  • Can you elaborate a little on maybe what you think was the downfall of your last relationship? I've never heard of a woman breaking up with a guy because he's too loving or too devoted or even too romantic. But then again, there has to be a balance. Could it be you're coming on too strong with your need to please? Don't give up and don't feel hopeless. There is a girl out there who appreciates that, but mostly she'll appreciate you just being you.

  • I know the feeling. I can't help you because I failed at love too.

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