I'm Abdel Al-Wahadullah from Dubai. Today I will talk about Malaysia, THE NORTH KOREA OF SOUTHEAST ASIA.
I came to Malaysia last year because my parents sent me to here. The reason was that I have to study. Since my nation UAE is not rich for higher education, all Emiratis(people from UAE) need to go to abroad. My parents asked me to go to Malaysia. At the first time I came to Malaysia to know more, I enjoyed shopping and eating. Customers and cashiers were very kind to us. Local foods were suitable for me. So I finally decided to study at Malaysia.
But when I came here again as a STUDENT, everything was changed. Firstly, when I applied to Taylor's University, I felt like f****** s*** that school fees for international students were damn f****** expensive than locals. That f****** Taylor's claimed themselves as 'international school' and international students pay more. Even I heard that totally local universities like UKM it is damn more f****** terrible. WTF.
After I paid the f****** expensive fees, when I applied for my student visa, the f****** Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia was damn f****** h***, too. Their attitude for foreigners were damn f****** rude and has no manners. My visa was f****** rejected for 3 times and finally get at 4th time but I must waiting for 4 months. WTH.
But this one? Just nothing. Last time I thought Malaysian people were kind to foreigners, but actually NOT! When my 1st semester was started nobody wants befriend me because I'm just a foreigner. If there were any group assignments since my class has no foreigners except me I must form a group with locals. But after that the f****** locals forced me to do all s****. While they were PLAYING AND DIDN'T INTEREST ABOUT OUR ASSIGNMENT. I complained to lecturer but the f****** local lecturer ignored it. Dude, what the f*** did he say? "IF LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL ARE TOGETHER ALL RESPONSIBILITIES ARE ONLY FOR INTERNATIONAL. LOCALS CAN PLAY." What the F*** man?!
One day I absented for 3 classes due to trip. Then my f****** local lecturer warned me that international students shouldn't miss more than 3 classes without MC. If you're international students and miss more than 3 classes without MC you will be barred from taking final exams. But f****** local Malaysians miss more than 3 classes without MC, even miss 7 or even 10 but nobody get barred.
And one day I fought with a local classmate because of several reasons. I never used any violation, but only for quarreling. I tried to settle this matter with local lecturer but the f****** local lecturer only support the f****** local enemy because he's just a f****** local. Even all s**** were THE F****** LOCAL'S FAULT. I had no faults but because I'm just a international student I was the only one damn f****** been scolded. I even warned while the f****** local was not.
And what? Is it the only matter in university? NO! Every places are f****** unwelcoming to foreigners. I even went to the f****** Sunway Lagoon but foreigners must pay more and they only give special promotions to Malaysians. Foreigners are damn segregated. Even when I use rapidKL with card foreigners must f****** pay more. WTF.
Jobs? I tried to get part time jobs but all f****** rejected because I'm a foreigner. They only hire Malaysians. Even there's any foreign talent but still being rejected. Whereas f****** stupid Malaysians are just hired because he/she is 'Malaysian'.

Damn, this Kim Jong Un-like f****** s**** are happening in Malaysia. This s**** canNOT be happened in Dubai... feel like wanna go back to Dubai.

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