Reduce the Population

I am strongly desiring a virulent plague to kill 99.9% of the men on this planet. The virus also attacks *in utero* causing male fertilized eggs to abort.

Jul 11, 2016

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  • I was with you until right after the title. Humans of BOTH sexes are a cancer. And I've been raped twice among other violations, so I probably have even more reason to hate men than you do. I don't, though. Just the idiotic subspecies of human (which is about 99.9% of us).

  • I'd like that too more women to bang less men maybe fat b****** can stop walking around like they're hot s***...

  • Lol.. Who are you bro?

  • I'd like to see how you would realistically function in a scenario like that. It sounds rotten and you're a rotten person for thinking something like that. I get a feeling you'd be begging for your internet, your food that you can get straight from someone else's work, and all the other comforts and conveniences that come from your current way of life. Also, do you feel that in this scenario, you would get to judge who lives and dies? If so, you're just a shallow j*** with power issues. If not, you're just a blind dummy wishing for unpleasant things and that makes you an unpleasant person. See why I think you're a j***? Because you are.

  • Imagine the b**** sesion that would follow.

  • There would still be about 7 million men left.

  • ^^^ lol

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