Ruined Life/Lives

I married wife 3 years ago because I thought I never would find someone that I considered 'perfect' as she was. Instead, three years later she has turned into a monster. She has physically hit me 5 times (three of those times I held our daughter). And has called police on me for domestic abuse when there was none. One example is she went to a festival without me and wanted me to pick her up outside the front gate where vehicular traffic was banned. Because she had to walk a block to meet me, she called me the "worse husband ever" and told police I forced her to ride a bus and that was abandonment and abuse. While I was talking to police about the incident she threatened to stab me 40 times with a weapon in her hand and I still went to jail. Because I did not run a police barricade blocking traffic to pick her up. That's all!

I would divorce her but I love her enough to know that if I commit suicide she can move on better as a widow. I know in either case I will never see my daughter again despite the videos and documents I have against my wife. Any time there is a divorce the child always goes to the woman and police didnt even bother to look my documents.

So I plan to find an isolated spot in some woods, dig a 10 ft hole just before first snowfall, jump in and shoot myself with a rifle/shotgun before falling into a fire at the bottom of the hole. Hopefully the hole fills itself up naturally with the free dirt before spring or summer arrive so I'm never found.

Jul 12, 2016

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