Cheated on. Divorce or not?

The worst feeling in my life
Last night I was humiliated degraded and cheated
It all started last night it was mine and my husband 13 year anniversary we went to a nice restaurant. We ate and had some drinks then my husband mike whispered to me that he has something special planned for tonight.
I got really excited and nervous. When we got home he told me to got get comfortable on the bed for my surprise so I did. At this point I was so excited. I heard the front door open then close. I was on the bed and he came up stairs and said your surprise has arrived. He said first though he wanted to blind fold me and handcuff both my hands to the bed. I was a little confused but I let him. Once handcuffed to the bed and blindfold he said he's going to get my present. He came back 2 minutes after. He lowered my blindfold and I couldn't believe my eyes. There stood infront of me with my husband was a blonde woman in her bra and panties. I start to scream. He looked at me and said he was going to give me an anniversary is never forget. I started crying begging him to stop don't do this I said. He then went on to have s** this woman right infront of me while she just laughed in my face.
I woke up the next morning and I don't know what to do. Do I divorce him?
My name is michelle

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  • I'm sorry, but it's just hard to believe that you had no idea of his perversions. Surely there was something in your relationship that would allow him to believe that doing this stranger in front of you would be well received.

  • That was f***** up! Did you know you were married to an a******? What other things has he done to you? This can't be a complete surprise.. Whatever.. it shouldn't even be a question. Because sorry is not going to make up for his complete lack of judgement. Find a lawyer, change the locks, toss his s*** out on the lawn and Divorce his sorry ass. Unless this was some fantasy you agreed to, which it doesn't sound like it was the case. Or do what he did to you.. handcuff him to the bed and find a guy with the largest member and go to town..Although, your husband sounds like he would enjoy that .. better off divorcing and move on.

  • Good heavens, how on earth is that a present for you? It sounds very calculated and pathological.

  • How very odd.
    A 3some would have been weird enough. But s** in front of you?
    I think divorce is probably an appropriate response.

  • Divorce. If you have been married for 13 years, and he can't figure out that you wouldn't be into that he's a loser and a lost cause. He f*cked another woman right in front of you. I mean that's bold. While doing so he let this woman disrespect you in your own home and in your OWN BED. He needs to go. Take that mother f*cker to the cleaners!

  • Yep divorce his sorry ass. He did f*** someone right in front of you yes? What more do you need, I mean really.

  • Don't divorce him. Kill him.

  • No, you don't divorce him until you find out what was happening in his head. It's hard to imagine a non-malicious motive to his actions, but you shouldn't file for divorce until you've heard him. Perhaps you can do that just between the two of you, but if the dynamic of your relationship doesn't permit that, then go see a counselor or therapist. Make an effort to preserve the marriage -- while making sure that he understands he TOTALLY misjudged your interest in seeing him commit adultery under your very nose (and in your very bedroom). If that effort produces nothing more than you have available to you right now, or if he admits up front that he was showing you the proverbial door (which seems likely), then . . . dump him. Hard.

  • No, he doesn't deserve understanding. Dump him. In the thash bin.

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