I regret nothing

For the past two days I've been having an affair with my older sisters 21 year old boyfriend and I'm only 15. So yesterday we all went to a hiking trail that lead to a little swimming hole I guess and about 30 minutes before we left ((let's call the one that's boyfriend I'm having an affair with: Ne and let's call the bf:IG)) me, IG, my older sister, Ne, and my younger brother were all sitting together in the water watching people jump from a rock to the deep end and me and my brother started to wrestle and IG joking us by trying to pull my little brother away from me. And everytime his fingers brushed against my leg I blushed. So about 5 minutes later we settled down and just relaxed. My brother went to go diving off the rocks while me, IG, my older sis and, Ne were just sitting down in the water talking. And I kept feeling IG brushing his fingers on my upper thigh. At first I thought it was just accidental. Boy was I wrong (an just so u know I've known my IG for almost a year and I've have my eye on him since we met) his fingers went around and brushed against my ass. I slowly moved my hand to his and we intertwined our fingers and he kept feeling me up with Ne (my sister a.k.a his fiancée) right next to us but damn did it feel good. Then today he kept looking at me, biting his lip and touching me. I want him to f*** me so badly he even came on the bathroom floor knowing I would find it. I NEVER want our affair to end. And I don't feel bad doing it to Ne cause we ARE half-sisters, she's a b**** to me and treats her fiancée (IG) like crap

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  • People are disagreeing with how you use it, but your sexuality gives you power AND pleasure. Knowing that power and how to use it well matters. A lot. That's a good thing. Know what's else is good? You may be preventing this young man from making a terrible mistake -- of marrying your half-sister.

    If he knows that you are his to touch in any way he wants, whenever he wants, he'll be thinking of you all the time as well, and never wanting his affair with you to end.

    If your half-sister was half the woman you are, this would never have happened. Now, you must need to be sure that you're much more eager than your sister, and learn to do it much better than she can. Then even when he IS with her, he'll be thinking about you. With any luck, you'll become pregnant before you complete high school, and have to drop out to carry his kid. He may not be so eager to keep you around then.

    Think this through.

  • You think she's using power? That's hilarious! Please, the second that pedo guy showed any attention she caved. She has no experience, no standards. And the pedo guy? He got both sisters, so he's the one with the power. Don't believe me? Wait til he dumps them both, leaving nothing but a huge mess. You understand nothing about s** and power and neither does that girl or any 15 year old. She's playing with dynamite, but I seriously don't care if you don't believe me. I like a big boom.

  • And if you actually read the post, you find the words:

    '...you'll become pregnant before you complete high school, and have to drop out to carry his kid. He may not be so eager to keep you around then...'

    To which was added...

    'Think this through.'

    Get it?

  • You're really pathetic. You may think your sister is a b****, but you are far worse. Hope karma bites you back really hard. And you will deserve the bullshit that's coming back to you, but sympathy won't be it.

  • Wow, you'd do something to your own family, not feel guilty or bad, and consider this something good? Ok, it's up to you if your life goal is "I wanna be a sociopath when I grow up," that's up to you, genius (seriously are looking for applause? To turn on the sleazy old men of the internet? Or do you honestly need it point out to you that you're acting like a bit..). But consider: you're not only easy as it gets, you're also a backs tabber. You betrayed your sister. And you're not too bright. Point is, who's going to care when this goes oh so bad? Nooooooooo.....body! Anyway, you're a big girl now, so let me be the first to welcome you to life. Real life. Yep, gonna feel real good. At first. Oh boy, wait til you see what you're in for. It's harsh, hon. It's so harsh. Get ready, life is about to whoop you. I hope I never see a follow up to this confession.

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