Seeing fights at school

I used to go to high school in a rural county long ago. There were a lot of poorer whites going to this school and I saw a lot of fights.

One fight stands out in particular. A guy I knew was having some argument with another guy I didn't especially like. I didn't dislike but I didn't go out of my way to speak to him.

The guy I knew turned and walked away and the guy I didn't like shoved him a bit. The guy I knew proceeded to hit him square in the mouth knocking out two of his front teeth. The teeth were in fact stuck in the guy I knews hand. The guy I knew was kicking him in the chest and hitting him on the back while he was hunched over. The guy getting hit said "quit it" and that stopped the fight.

The guy I didn't like was standing there denying he had hit the guy who had just knocked his teeth out.

Even though I didn't care for the guy I did feel a twinge of empathy. There he was standing bleeding profusely from his mouth missing his teeth. I was wondering what he was thinking. He had to be mad and scared not to mention frustrated that he could do nothing by way of retaliation.

I found out later on that the parents of the guy who got his teeth knocked out sued the family of the boy who hit him and they had to shell out over one thousand dollars and his missing teeth were replaced by gold and porcelain.

At the time I had said nothing but twenty years later I saw the guy who had knocked his teeth out and while we shared a few beers at our pub we got to talking about it.

He sad the guy had challenged him and that he had no choice but to fight. I didn't say anything but he was lying. He shoved him a bit but he didn't hit him or threaten him enough to deserve the blow to the teeth.

I continued a friendship with him until he died of a heart attack a year ago.

The guy he hit is in Florida and he seems to be in good health. I guess being alive is a type of revenge when your enemy has died.

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