I feel as if something is truly wrong with me i try to open up about it to my parents but they dont believe me and dont take me seriously.
there are times when i find myself just sitting and staring blankly or not responding to people its like im trapped in this white room and im stuck on mute. i havent said a word to anyone in over a week when i try to speak nothing comes out.
im stuck in this world where its as if we are in an interrogation room but im on the other side of the mirror where i see you but you cannot see me.
if there is anyway or somehow to get me out of this feeling please help me.
i no longer have anyone to turn to, im lost
i have attempted to commit suicide by starving and suffocating myself but i couldnt bring my self to continue it

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  • Please try to be around your parents more, or at least one of them, so they can see for themselves. Don't hide in your room. Prayers for you!

  • First of all, suicide is not the answer. If you feel the need to die, then you are beyond the help of the internet. You need to seek mental help.
    Now, if you truly do need or want advice for this problem, read carefully:

    -Meditate. Start to meditate daily. It calms down the nerves, and opens up the mind.
    -Try to communicate with others more often. Practice with your family, and talk about the things you like. If you have friends, talk with them. As long as its somebody that you wholeheartedly trust, and feel comfortable around.
    -Stop putting yourself down. If you keep telling yourself that you won't get better and that its no use, it never will get better, and you'll never improve. Having faith that this is just a phase that you need to get out of is important.
    -If you feel alone, or like your watching people from a glass box, find out WHY. If its anxiety, then see a doctor about it. If its not anxiety, look for a pattern. If you only do this when people are in the room, or after something stressful, those could be key elements that will help you figure out what's wrong with you.
    -Look for the signs and read up on your symptoms.
    -Write what happens daily in a journal. Put your feelings into it, and keep tract of how this may or may not progress. If your issue gets worse, then you can take this to the doctor/psychologist, and that will help them cure you.

    I am no doctor. But my friend had a similar issue to yours. Talking, communicating, and most of the things listed above, really helped her out. If you don't get better in two weeks, i suggest seeing a professional. Goodbye and good luck. Best of wishes to you.

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