I want to get addicted to drugs. I'm Embarrassed about smoking

I am 16 and I want to do drugs like cocaine, smack, etc, I want to get that 'high feeling' and I don't care abut the consequences. Tobacco isn't enough I need just anything that is stronger. I want to get addicted.

However my mum caught me smoking and I was just so embarrassed about it, not getting caught but actually smoking. I don't know why. She smokes, her bf smokes, my dad smokes, my sister smokes my uncle smokes. I think you get the picture. I don't know why I am like this.

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  • Wanting to get high is normal. Loads of people do it. But there also realize that an addiction is not worth it. An addict doesn't enjoy doing drugs, they have to.

    Also want till you're older. Drugs are something that are best done after you've had a chance to discover yourself.

  • Whatever you're thinking, don't. You should care, because it will just lead you down a dark road that you may not be able to recover from. I had a friend who I had known since grade school. When we were about to enter high school, she told me she wanted to hang with the kids who were always getting high. I thought she was kidding, but it turned out she wasn't. She used whatever she could and pretty much flunked out of every class. She eventually dropped out in our sophomore year. Her parents tried everything they could to get her into rehab, but she just wouldn't go. They eventually kicked her out because she was stealing from them. Prison, prostitution and pregnancy are all parts of her story. Just really sad..My friend wasted years of her life being wasted. Whatever she would have or could have been are sadly not options now. Choices are really important in life. Everything has consequences.

  • You cannot afford an addiction! Nobody can unless your Keith Richards, or Kurt Cobain. Look what happened to Curt and Layne Staley. Get that stupid idea out of your head!

  • I guess you can fast track your demise

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