Allow my daughter to smoke

My husband and I are both heavy smokers. My 11 year old daughter was smoking in her room when I unexpectedly walked in on her. After the awkward moment passed, we talked and found out she has been smoking for nearly half a year and is addicted. I told her it was OK for her to smoke. I feel a bit guilty but not too much, for some reason. My husband flat out didn't care if she smoked or not. I wonder if I did the right thing. I know smoking isn't very healthy, but at her age, I guess it isn't doing all that much harm. Besides, how can I tell her not to smoke if I keep puffing away at 2 packs per day. Neither my husband nor I are about to quit. We love smoking too much for that. So instead I watch my little girl puffing away at the rate of 1 pack a day. She smokes like it's nothing. She reminds me of myself when I was around her age.

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  • Happy Turkey day,Cate and Lola

  • Well hello Cate,
    So sorry you lost your husband,as well as Lola's father. You know whats coming next lol. how did the date go, did they smoke in the car on the way to the movies? Please don't think bad of me but I hope they made out, would that make me sound like a dirty old man... please say no because I'm not that old.
    If you say you did not ask I may not believe you lol. I do hope they had a good time.

  • Joe,
    Thank you for your condolences.
    Lola's date went really fine. Actually, I didn't have to ask much of anything. Girls like to talk, and Lola did most of the talking. She was so excited, and it was fun to just let her share, without me seeming to pry. She shared a lot, but I'm sure not everything.
    I dropped them at a restaurant near the theater about seven. After dinner, they walked to the movie theater and well, yes, things happened. Yes, they made out and maybe a bit more. Nothing to worry over, but a bit of expected youthful exploration. I would say my second grade daughter just went to sixth grade, and I'll let it go at that. No, I did not pursue a third degree with her. Yes, they smoked and talked, and smoked and talked at a nearby park, and about midnight Lola called for me to pick them up. I took Phillip home, and we went home and we stayed up talking - she doing most of the talking - until nearly three. I've never seen her so bubbly. I think she's beginning to discover a whole new aspect to life.
    I'm really happy that I said yes to the date. For her, I think it was exciting to act and feel grown-up, and it was for her, something magic.
    And yes, I will allow her to go out again.
    That's about it. Write back if you feel like it.

  • Hi Cate,
    Glad to see that your daughter enjoyed her date and that all went well. Glad she found a boy she could not only smoke with, but who also smokes as well. Nothing worse than a smoker trying to out with a nonsmoker or vise versa if the nonsmoker doesn't like or is anti about smoking. Glad this wasn't the case and that she was able to have a good time. Anymore dates in the future for her? Also glad to see that she can enjoy smoking at her age versus you when you were younger.
    For her birthday or Christmas whichever is first, what about buying her a beautiful black leather snap clasp cigarette case to hold her VS 120's and lighter? Keep us posted, and thank you for smoking and allowing your daughter to smoke. Need more girls to smoke.
    BTW, I'm not Joe here. Just another man that posted to you a few days back thanking you for being a smoker.

  • Hello Rick,
    Thanks for your nice reply.
    Lola did have a very nice time for her first date.
    Apparently Phillip was very sweet to her, and they both enjoyed the entire evening. I found out later, while it was not the first date for Phillip, and though he's 3-1/2 years older, it didn't seem to bother him in the least. I believe Lola carried off the evening more as an equal rather than someone much younger. Phillip has already called to see if she wants to go out again. She asked me, and I said yes, of course, as long as it's what she wants. I also have a feeling that other boys will be calling to go out with her.
    Lola smokes Marlboro Reds, and she already has a cigarette case and lighter. Trust me, Lola doesn't lack for much of anything.
    Again, thanks for the nice response.

  • Hi Cate,
    I apologize for getting Lola's brand mixed up. Thought she smoked VS 120s. Sorry bout that.


  • Hey Cate,
    Awesome to see that your daughter already has a cigarette case and lighter of her own. Beat me to it, that's cool. Glad you said yes to her having another date with Phillip. Sounds like a nice boy indeed. I've always thought that age doesn't matter, it's how you act for your real age. Seems like your daughter is 11 but going on 21 from what you've said. Heck I was 22 and dated a 46 year old. Way back then though. Didn't work out too good since she was a nonsmoker. I don't smoke either, but I believe that only women and girls should smoke. That's my opinion though, everyone has their own opinion. Anyways glad that Phillip wants to date your daughter again and that you gave her the green light. Will have to wait and see how this goes. If you sign up with a tobacco company to get coupons, would you get extra coupons because you let your daughter smoke? Again I don't smoke, so I have no clue how all that works. Not sure how old have to be to sign up with a tobacco company. If I had to guess I'd say 18 just like buying cigarettes legally.
    Ah enough of all this for now hope you and your daughter have a good Thanksgiving and look forward to hearing from you soon. Gotta go eat my turkey.


  • Rick,
    A sixth grade boy taking out my second grade daughter!
    In my wildest dreams, I would have never thought of this happening!
    More like 7-1/2 going on 11! Boy, am I ever glad we had the "talk"!

  • Oh 7-1/2, I do apologize again for my error. At least you had the "talk" early on rather than late. But I am glad to see that you are cool with your daughter doing what she's doing. Not many mothers out there would be as lenient as you are. Especially the dating part. But hey if it's working out in a good way, so be it.


  • Lola looks and acts far beyond her actual age. People who don't know her think she's actually about ten.
    It's a blessing and a curse.

  • Hello Joe,
    Cate here.
    I'm 33 yrs. old and a single mom. My husband was killed in a traffic accident when Lola was two. I say "single mom" because I hate the term "widow". Makes me seem old!
    We live in Arizona, where I work for the local county. My job allows me a certain security as well as flexibility to spend a lot of time with my daughter. I have no ongoing or permanent relationships at this time, but I'm not living the life of a hermit either.
    There are those who probably criticize my parenting, because it may seem I indulge Lola too much. Their opinions mean nothing to me, as I am accountable to only two people - myself and Lola. We have no other family.
    Lola and I have a warm, close relationship, but I'm also raising her to be independent and aware of her own potential. I see my little girl growing into a confident, self-assured, poised young woman, who will be a success at whatever she attempts.
    That's about it in a nutshell. Hope it satisfies your curiosity.

  • Hi Cate. I very much enjoy reading your post's. It is amazing how similar our stories are. I think it is great that Jodi will be going out with the boy. Natalee has not gotten her period yet. So real dating has not come up yet but we have had conversations about it. She totally understands and when she is ready she knows that I will be supportive. I read someone else's post about taking there daughter to a parking lot every weekend to allow her to drive. I never thought of that. I think that is a great idea. Although I think that Natalee is still a bit short in height but I think she could do it

  • Hello Cate, my name is Joe, I have been reading this forum for sometime and seem to see truth and fake.... I feel truth in you and would like to know more about you. I am A father of a young daughter that could be your daughters twin, she lives with her mom , we are no longer together but share much of the same for our daughter. I think I would like to talk to you and learn more.
    hope to hear from you

  • Hello Cate,
    Well are you going to let her go? You have met him right? Whats the deal with his parents, 11 , that was make out age when I was coming along, do you think Lola is mature enough for that,and would you be ok with that?

  • Hi.
    Yes, I've decided to let her go.
    Lola got home from school today and I told her it was OK. She was just ecstatic! She spent all evening trying on outfits to wear.
    And yes, I know the boy as well as his parents. His name is Phillip, he's 11, and he's been to our house a number of times.
    I do think Lola is more than mature enough for this, or I wouldn't even think of letting her go.
    She smokes, wears make-up, dresses far beyond her actual age. We've already had the "talk" a while ago, so she's not uninformed. I have confidence in her, and I trust her judgement. I think she'll be fine. Knowing my daughter as I do, I'm completely OK with it.

  • Hello Way to go Mom, Linda here, Jody's mom.
    Jody is a child only in age, she loved the smell of my salem 100's and was trying to breathe in my exhaled smoke at 6 , so I let her. I saw she was enjoying it so I lit a cigarette and handed it to her, I was shocked she took it right to her lips and took a drag, and coughed . I said take a little puff ,she did with no problem,and inhaled. I let her do it a few more times,I was loving that she was loving it LOL. with in a week she was smoking 3 or 4 salems a day, was I crazy? At 7 she was lighting her on and learned by me to light 2 at one time and hand one to me, One night I made margaritas and of course she ask for a taste.

    We now live on my fathers farm, its about a mile to the main road, and yes ,Jody 9 going on 29 drives herself to the main road where she parks the car and takes the bus to school.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Linda,
    It seems both our girls are growing up so quickly!
    As I said before, Lola's only 7-1/2 yrs. old, and been smoking about eight months, but she's quite experienced and really enjoys it. She smokes full-flavored Marlboro Reds, which is also my brand. Most of her friends smoke as well, but they're an older group - more middle school. They accept her because she looks and acts and dresses more in their style. Also, making them welcome in our home has really helped. At our home, they don't have to sneak.
    As far as dating, so far it's only been boy-girl groups to the mall or movies and a few parties. She's been begging me to let her go on a "real date" to the movies with a boy she really likes. He's eleven, and I really don't see the harm in it. Anyway, tomorrow is Friday and I think I'll surprise her with an OK to go out Saturday evening. Of course, I'll drive and pick them up. I don't think I'll let her drive just yet!!!
    Way to go mom. Also known as Cate.

  • To way to go mom, I have a daughter much like yours. You say she gets noticed is this by boys, or men, and does she notice back, and at what age would let her go on a date and has she hinted to this? how much age gap would you consider . My daughter Jody wants so bad to be an adult ,she is not nine yet and talked me into teaching her to drive ,I take her to a big parking lot on Sundays .She could pass a drivers test I think! am I crazy..

  • Way to go mom, here.
    It's pretty hard not to notice my daughter!
    Given her age (she looks about nine or ten), and her manner of dress, and of course, smoking, she garners a lot of looks from everyone, but especially the boys. I don't know if you'd call it dating, but I've permitted her to go to parties and the movies with boys from the group she hangs out with. The boys are around age ten to thirteen, and I have had all of them in my home. So far, I haven't noticed any issues, and Lola is quite mature for her age.
    I'm a single mom, and I know that alone can be tough for a girl, so I give her as much freedom as I think is proper. Anyway, so far, so good.
    Driving? I think that's wild! I'll have to think on that one!
    Anyway, good to hear from you! Write back with comments or suggestions! Always looking for feedback.

  • Way to go Mom! I'm in complete support of you and Natalee.
    My own daughter is in second grade (7-1/2 yrs. old) and has been smoking (and inhaling) since last spring. She smokes about a pack a day now. She has no restrictions on how much she smokes. I also permit her to wear make-up as well as clothing that is more in line with the ten to twelve age group. I also allow her to smoke in public, but not on school grounds. It also allows her to fit in with the middle school crowd she's more comfortable with. She's not dating or anything, but she does get noticed! Her maturity is evident, and she never lacks for friends, who are also welcome to smoke in our home.

  • That is cool you lat your 7 year old girl smoking If i had a daughter I would let her smoke too

  • Hi there and thank you for your positive response. I can't believe how many positive responses I've been receiving since I stumbled across this site. I had no idea how many people shared the same idea with there children as I do. I would also like to share that I did not have a goal for Natalee to start smoking. My attitude was if she ever asked I would give her the option and support her decision if she wanted to start. I just didn't expect her to ask me at 8. I gave her the option after she tried it with my support and she got better and better at it over that 1st summer. I can tell she actually was enjoying it. It was awesome to watch especially that I had to sneak it when I started. Our bonding also sky rocketed that summer too. Also when I started smoking my 1st cigarette was Marlboro 100's. I continued to smoke them for many years until I switched to Newports. I progressed down to Parliament menthol 100's until I eventually switched to VS 120's. My point is it took me a while to get used to the Marlboro's before I was full time. I really believe that with Natalee starting with the VS's it was alot easier for her to get used to them. Plus she is a very confident little girl where I am still insecure. Her confidence also helped. I will never forget watching her for the 1st time. She listened to what I told her and she was not nervous at all. She trusted me and that was always my goal from the beginning. I always complimented her even if she did something that wasn't that great. But that 1st day she did better then great. Her eyes lit up after that 1st inhale. I could tell that liked it. But I had to ask her anyway. She didn't even cough. As far as smoking in front of people, she is not afraid. She understands the negative opinion that people have about smoking especially with the looks that she gets. So she still has to be careful where smokes but overall she is a very confident young mature girl. I do not regret my decision at all. All positive.

  • So glad to see that your daughter was able and willing to take to smoking so quickly. Glad to see that you don't regret your decision to let her smoke at her age either. Glad to see that you have all positives. Thank you for smoking and for letting your daughter start smoking as well. She will enjoy her delicious habit as much as you do. VS Menthol 120's are the best there is and perfect for starting girls at a young age with.

  • Hi there. Are you a mother too? Do you have any children? Thankyou for the positive response.

  • No, not a mother. I am a man that appreciates women that smoke and really respects women that are moms who let their daughters smoke as well. No children. Can't find the right woman. Always get nonsmokers. I want a woman that smokes, and would be willing to let our daughter smoke at a young age. Just wish there was a way to thank women that do smoke, for their wonderful habit and for their sexy smoking. Glad that you and your daughter both enjoy smoking as much as you do. Thank you for being a smoker and to your daughter as well.

  • Hi, 1st time posting. I absolutely love these posts and agree with allowing our young children to smoke if they choose to. I have a now 11 year old daughter that asked me if she can try it when she just turned 8. I DID NOT want her to be brought up the way I was brought up. So from the beginning when Natalee was born I always stressed to her that she could ask me any question that comes to mind. By age 7 she was drinking coffee with me every morning and was wearing a little blush and lip gloss. One day about 2 weeks after her 8th birthday she asked me how old I was when I started smoking. I told her about your age but that was a little fib. I started when I was 11.. So I asked her if she ever smoked. She said no. I asked her if she wanted to try it and she said yes. So I told her that if she was going to try it I would show her the right way. So I gave her a quick lesson and told her that she must inhale the smoke. So I lit a cigarette for her and one for me. I told her to watch me and copy what I just did. I took a very small drag. So my little girl was about to try smoking and she did. A very small puff that she inhaled and blew it out immediately. Omg. I remember feeling so overwhelmed seeing what she just did. So cute and perfect. So I asked her what she thought and she said cool. She asked me how I did and I told her perfect. I also told her that if she wanted to start smoking I would allow her to but only in our house. Of course when we would go out in public her smoking progressed to the car. So over that summer she got better and better at it and by the time school started she was allowed to smoke outside the house but with restrictions. No smoking on school grounds or in front of her friends parents. She was allowed to smoke and walk and at the bus stop. So to make a long story short Natalee grew up very quickly over the past 3 years. She is a very mature 11 year old and we are closer then ever. Any opinions on my story?

  • Great story our girls started very early and are 10 n 11 now, both with boyfriends who smoke to and we are so proud of them.

  • Very nice!
    How much is she smoking now, and what brand? Does she smoke in front of family? What were their reactions? Has her style of clothing and the way she dresses changed? She sounds wonderful!

  • Hi there, I meant to write she looks like she could be in 9th grade but she is actually in 6th grade.

  • Hi there and thank you for responding. Yes she is absolutely wonderful. Like I said in my story, my goal when she was born was to raise her unlike my up bringing. I wanted her to not be afraid of me. I was afraid of my mother. I was forced to lie growing up. I wanted Natalee to be honest with me. To this day I don't think she has ever lied to me. I never spoiled her. I tried to compliment her no matter what she did. So my thinking when she started smoking was that there are far worse things that kids get into drugs, alcohol, and pregnancy than smoking. She is smoking Virginia Slims menthol 120's. The same brand I smoke. She smokes roughly about a pack a day, probably less on school days. I am a single mom and I haven't spoke to my mother in 6 years. My sister lives in California so I don't see her to much. She has seen Natalee smoke and accepts it but I don't think she doesn't approves it. Her clothing has changed but not to much. Very conservative. Not slutty looking. She is a t shirt and jeans kinda girl. Her friends changed a little when she started smoking because as far as I know she was the only kid smoking then. Now she is in 9th grade. Most but not all of her friends smoke. She is definitely more mature in my opinion than all of the kids in her class.

  • Very happy that you and your daughter both smoke VS Menthol 120's. They are the best out there. I would like to say thank you to you and your daughter both for smoking. Please keep smoking!
    I wish there was a way to thank women in person for their smoking, because I know of a few ladies I'd like to personally thank for their sexy smoking. Again, please keep smoking ladies and girls of all ages.

  • Single moms can often respond better to the needs of their daughters, because they understand those needs better, whether it's smoking, s** and boys, the way they dress, etc.. Good luck, it seems to be working out for both of you.

  • Are you a mom? How old are you and do you have kids that smoke,

  • Love reading everyone's comments. So many great parents on here supporting and encouraging there kids to smoke. Smoking is one of lifes pleasures, a gorgeous habit that shouldn't be supressed by any age restriction. You should all be really proud of doing the right thing :-)

  • Teen parents here and have full support of our parents. Can't wait till our kids start. Our third is on the way too.

  • What age did you start,did you enjoy when you first started, did you start with smoke kisses or puffs?

  • I started full time at 10yrs old. My folks said when they had had a drink they'd often blow smoke over us kids or in our mouths. My dad called me a man for chaining with him.

  • And would you consider started your kids sooner than you started

  • I would hope by 5 they'd be competent smokers yeah.

  • I'm married to a 2ppd smoker, and I admit it can be sexy at times. We have 2 daughters (5 and 7) and a son (2). A couple of weeks ago my wife gave our 7 year old a few puffs. I got pretty upset about it and we had an argument. She told me she started at 9 and that 7 was fine. This is crazy! But when I came home from work the next day, both the girls were sitting on the couch, and she was giving them both puffs from her cigarette. We had another argument in the bedroom later that night, and she pulled out her ace: no bedtime smoking games unless she could "teach the girls to enjoy life".

    I don't know. This is a crazy place to get advice, but I'm thinking of letting her do it. I love her and can't imagine life without her. But... The girls haven't really learned to inhale yet, so I could probably stop it if I called CPS.

  • ALLOW HER TO DO IT! I allowed my own 3 girls to smoke, starting at about the same age, and things worked out GREAT! This isn't a fantasy post-- really did! I have to agree with your wife--LET THE GIRLS LEARN TO SMOKE!

  • Perfect! We're the same too.

  • Chester the molester is trolling looking
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  • I am very proud of all you moms who allow you daughters to smoke and get hooked at a very young age. I think getting then to smoke at a younger age is better. I am not really a smoke maybe smoke a few cigs a year. I should not smoke as I had a heart attack 4 and half years ago but a few cigs a year wont do any harm. I am divorced but have no kids, I wish i did have kids and they were girls I would want then to smoke from a very young age.

  • I don't know how many weeks old I was but I started smoking in the womb. I kept burning holes in mum's organs because I would fall asleep before putting the cig out.

  • Disgusting w****. You and your husband should be jailed and your kid should not be allowed to do this. Sick people. Go get cancer.

  • You molest kids but you're calling her out for letting her kid smoke?

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  • Check out lyly__21 at Instagram. This is how all mothers should start their children on their lifetime love of smoking.

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  • Hallo I am Romanian nice to be here. It is not a problem to smoke in my home since I was 4 years same for my brother and sister. I am 19 now and in university to study nursing. I thanks my parents for giving me cigarettes at 4 years I love smoking more than anything it is why I have 2 packets every day and will never stop. For the other parents here don't be afraid to give your kids smoking pleasure. : )

  • Happy you are here! Please tell us more about yourself. Did starting to smoke so early cause you problems growing up? Did you get others to start smoking? If you have children some day will you teach them how to smoke too?

  • Jane, are you still following this site? I know you stopped writing, but I was wondering how Sophie was doing with her smoking and other things. How are you doing? Hope well. Leave a comment if you feel like it. Would love to hear.
    Another Mom like you.

  • Yes Jane...inquiring minds want to know if your daughter is having trains run on her yet by those black boys, or if your mom is molesting her, or whatever bullshìt you've come up with lately.
    -another guy pretending to be a woman

  • Our parents did never forbid us to smoke, because they're both chainsmokers, and they smoke inside all the time.

    I was the only non-smoker in our family till 9. Both my younger sisters started together at the ages 6 and 4, and yes - our mom taught them to inhale properly. At 9 I got pregnant. And if you want to know what is a real stress - try to imagine you're pregnant at 9, and your parents do their best to hide your pregnancy from all their friends. My older cousin told me smoking is a good way to get relaxed, but I resisted. She told "I chainsmoked through both of my pregnancies, and I have healthy children." But she was 14 when she got pregnant first time, and I was only 9. Later she found an interview in web, with a "very young mom" and her mother. That girl got pregnant at 10. She was smoking 2.5ppd and drinking 5-10 vodka-tonics every day (with full support of her mom), and she gave a birth to a healthy child just before her 11th birthday. So eventually my cousin persuaded me, and taught me smoking and drinking. It was really good help for my stress, I felt relaxed through whole my pregnancy, and childbirth, and breastfeeding. Every time I felt too stressed or "pressed" I knew I just need to light up, and give myself some Margarita or Rum-soda. Last 3 months of my pregnancy (when I was already 10) I was smoking about 60 cigs a day. I was always increasing since then, now I'm 19, and I smoke about 150 cigs a day. I have 4 healthy children (3 girls and 1 boy). I decided I will never force my children to smoke or drink, but if they make own decision to try - I will teach them. Now my two eldest (9 and 7) are daily smokers, and 3rd (5, a boy) smoke one or two time to time.

  • Bullshit you fantasist nonce.

  • Nonsense, utter nonsense.

  • It's great that they have the confidence they can smoke with u. It also means they will become confident meeting older people. The thing is u let them make their own mind up . Well done.

  • Nice BULLS--T

  • This is awesome! You're a great mother and I wish I could meet someone like you...I would do my best to always keep you pregnant.
    Hopefully your girls can follow in your footsteps and start having babies very young too.

  • Jane, what trailer park in California
    or you from.

  • I hope the trolls have not scared everyone away because I just found this post and really need some help. I am a single mother of one and a heavy smoker, 2 1/2 - 3 packs a day. My daughter is mine and I think she has recently started a sneaking cigarettes behind my back. I see a lot of your daughters have started much earlier than 9, so that makes me feel better, but my daughter has asthma so I am very hesitant to let her start smoking, especially to let her smoke without any limits like some of you all do. I feel guilty because I smoke around her all the time and I don't even try to limit my own smoking, so it doesn't seem fair to tell her that she can't. It's especially troubling for me because I have not been immune to the effects of heavy smoking for almost 20 years: I have a frequent smoker's and I do have some trouble breathing.
    Do any of you all have a smoker's cough or trouble breathing or any other negative effects of smoking?
    Have any of you let your child smoke even though they have asthma?
    what do you all think I should do about my daughter?
    Please help I am so worried and unsure about what to do.

  • Asthma?
    U r one stupid woman. Why not just tape a plastic bag over her head?

  • Think u need to be open with her. Discuss the pros and cons but make sure if she smoke's that she confident to do it in front of u.

  • Your daughter has asthma you are
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  • Wow, you are some special kind of rėtarded, aren't you?
    My daughter gasps for air like she's a fish out of water..I know the solution...get her smoking at an early age!
    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you exhibit A...the reason why natural selection works. Please, do us all a favor and stop breeding.

  • Jane, is that you again back with a different BS story? For the 5th time, leave and don't come back!

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  • Well hon it's up to you what you want to do. There are many smokers who have asthma and have managed very well. As far as a smokers cough I have it as well as getting out of breath easy. These are the things us smokers have to endure. So I say let your little girl smoke and let the chips fall as they may! By the way what brand do u smoke and is that the brand you would choose for your little girl.

  • Newport 100s. How much trouble breathing do you have?

  • Well, the nonsense has started again.

  • Jane, you said you we're a teacher
    you probably on WELFARE. Living
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  • Well...bye.
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  • Just a follow up here.
    Had a talk with Sophie about her gift and the boy who gave them to her.
    Turns out the boy has a sister in Sophie's class. The boy is eleven years old and one of two older brothers. He actually thought Sophie was nine years old until his sister informed him they were in the same class together, and only seven years old. Apparently, given the way she appears, her age was not an issue with him, and Sophie indicated he was nothing but very nice to her. Sophie said the gift was a sweet gesture, and she accepted the earrings as just that.
    Yes, they are African-American, but that is not an issue with any of us.
    We also talked about the earrings and the meaning behind them. I told her to keep them and wear them. She was so happy about that, because she really likes them. I think her enthusiasm stems from the fact, a boy paid attention to her, and gave her a gift for the first time.
    Others will draw their own conclusions, but that is not Sophie's problem.
    Well, that's where it all stands at the moment. All seems well.

  • Cool! Before you know it those 11 year old black boys will be running trains on her and posting it all over the internet. I can't wait to see it!
    Maybe after those boys finish taking turns on her (and getting her to switch to Newports like they smoke), your c*** w**** daughter can introduce her new friends to you and they can take turns f****** mother and daughter. With any luck, you can both be carrying black babies at the same time!
    Since your daughter is so mature now, i think it's about time you take her for her first tattoo. I recommend "black c*** only" above her p**** and a "queen of spades" tramp stamp for both of you.

  • did seems this is where Jane was going with this bit of fiction, didn't it?

  • Zeb.
    Thanks for the heads-up.
    I did a little googling and then I went and checked Sophie's new earrings. They have a Q inside a spade symbol - not the ace of spades I had thought. I also now know what it signifies.
    Sophie is asleep and I won't disturb her.
    We have no racial issues, so the earrings don't trouble me and neither does the boy. I think it was a sweet, innocent gesture from a boy to a girl, and I'll approach that way. Sophie was so thrilled that a boy actually paid her some attention.
    I will talk to Sophie so she is aware of the meaning, but the earrings were a gift, and she can keep them and wear them.
    I do want to thank you though. I was unaware of the significance, but I don't think it will bother Sophie, and it doesn't bother me.
    Thanks again.

  • Hey Jane. I've been following your posts and they're very interesting. I'm impressed with the way you're raising Sophie and allowing her so much freedom. Just a question though. Do you know the boy who gave Sophie her earrings, and do you know what those earrings signify? I'm assuming you're white and you may need to be aware of some things. I will say no more until you answer back. Zeb.

  • I dropped Sophie at he mall today, so she could meet some friends from school. They're a mixed group, some I know and others I don't, of varying ages up to about middle school age.
    All of this group smokes, so they feel comfortable together. I think one of the boys was attracted to Sophie, because he bought her the cutest pair of earrings. They were a pair of dainty little ace of spade dangly earrings, and they looked so cute on her. She really liked them, and promised to wear them all the time for him. It was her first present from a boy, and she was just thrilled.
    I'm so happy for her. Her smoking and change of style is a delight to see. She was so bubbly and couldn't stop talking about her day. I'm so glad I let off my previous restrictions, like smoking in public, so she could test her freedom. She really is becoming an independent girl.

  • She's so lucky to smoke openly in public. My daughter would be jealous...
    Does she smokes more yet?

  • I wish I could have smoked at a young age in front of mum.

  • About a pack per day on average.

  • At 7yo it's fine. I posted a message about my 13yo heavy smoking daughter who has started at 6yo 7yo she smoked only half pack daily and at home, not in public. I frightened what people could say about my wife and me. What people say u when they see sophie smoking ? How much does she smokes the more? Where are you from? I find sophie is so lucky to have mom like you!

  • Sophie is seven, but looks nine or ten with the way she has been dressing, a little make-up, and of course, smoking as a confident young lady, not a little girl. She's been smoking a little over a month now. She has no limits how much she smokes and I buy all her cigarettes.
    She smokes in public with me, or her friends, but isn't blatant about it. She is careful, and she may get looks, but no one has said anything directly. I actually think they're more interested in her manner of dress than the smoking.
    We live in southern California, so the atmosphere is a bit more laid-back compared to other areas.

  • That is cool your seven years smoking

  • Id like live in your country then! Nice smoking since one month has so many effects on your daughter. Does she smokes only cigarettes or has she try cigars or pipes? How is she dressing? Has she multiple piercings ? I'd like see her. Smoking hasn't this effects on my daughter so quickly, antoon (

  • Sophie only smokes cigarettes. Nothing else.

  • Wow, love this topic!
    I've had a smoking fetish for as long as I can remember. I won't get into that, but I remember when I was around 13 or so and I would spend my summer playing basketball in the park. There was this very pretty girl named Brandi that would hang out there in the afternoons that would chain smoke while watching us play. She was a year younger and I was mesmerized not only because she was beautiful and a smoker, but because she had told me that she had been smoking since she was 8 with her parents permission. Anyway, we started hanging out at her apartment and she taught me how to smoke. Her parents who both worked and came home late were absolutely cool with me staying over all day and smoking in their apartment with their daughter. We definitely took advantage of the freedom and spent most of our time smoking and fooling around.
    I will never forget Brandi or that summer, and even though my kids are way too young right now to smoke, I intend to get them starred just as soon as the time is right.

  • Im steph and only been a reader here but i thought now i could write something myself. i got two kids, gina is 11 and vanessa is 9. my bf and i are both heavy smokers, 2-3 packs at least and of course we always smoked around the girls.
    two years ago when gina was 9 she showed interest in smoking and we let her have puffs. a few here, a few there but never when vanessa was around... until one night at lunch mark (my bf) and i lit up and gina asked if she could have a cig too. i didnt really think about it, just gave her mine and lit up a new one, but it was too late. vanessa who had just turned 7 that time had realized that gina was smoking and if you have more than one kid you know: no matter how big the age gap is, the younger one always wants what the older one has.
    so mark gave vanessa a cig. we thought she wouldnt like it once she had had a puff. of course she coughed but she had another puff and another and another until gina said "wow its cool now were all smoking".
    yeah in fact thats what happened. the girls encouraged each other to smoke and a few weeks later they both smoked about 10 cigs. sure we could have tried to interfere but we have a very laid back parenting style in general and we didnt really mind our girls smoking. in fact we loved seeing them enjoying their smokes. gina wasnt much younger than i had been when i started. and that vanessa liked smoking that young... well its been just cool.
    being able to serve themselves at any time made them smoke about 1 pack per day after a few more weeks... and increasing.
    now they both smoke 1.5-2.5 ppd, depending if they have school or not or if theyre with us or with friends. some of ginas friends smoke too know (shes such a baaaaad influence) and vanessa just got her bestie smoking.
    we let the kids smoke in public too but they mostly spend their free time at home because here they can do what they want. we dont believe in age rules. just let them have fun and they love us for being that laid back!

  • Awesome story man, ours is very similar. Me and gf are the same with our kids. Smoking very early and no rules. Their friends think we're the best parents haha. Get back if you want to chat.

  • That is cool you lat your daughter smoking at at a young age I hope they still smoke and how old are they now

  • Hello all. Im very interesting by your experience. I believed to be alone with my wife to have young smoking child. My wife started smoking at 9yo with her parents . I started late at 16yo and smoked occasionally before met my wife. I don't speak english very well (not my born language). My wife had a smoking fetish and smoked heavy same during pregnancy. Our daughter also was always fascinated by smoking . So when she was toddler she enjoied play with unlight cigs. But a day at 6 she wanted more and asked to start smoking. She has very insistated so finally we have accepted to give her cigs believing she didnt like it and didnt ask again...but she has enjoied smoking since her first cigs. We have accepted she smoked daily but moderately and only with us. She was light smoker (unde 1ppd) from 6 to 10 and after with my wife she has started become heavy smoker 2ppd at 10 3ppd at 11... i think she smokes maybe too much but she's happy with it. I thank she was too young at 6 to start smoking but today i think maybe she should start smoke younger. Im happy to see there are other parents of young heavy smokers who are fine with it. Id like share my experience with you and maybe share experience by mail if you want. My daughter is happy homeschooled 4ppd smoker at 13yo nearly 14yo...

  • There is nothing wrong with it, regardless of what the prudes will say. Smoking is extremely pleasurable. Children deserve pleasure too...

  • Does your daughter have any effects from smoking so heavily?
    What about your wife; and how heavily does she smoke?

  • Yes she's begin at my great regret: deep voice (cool) yellow teeth (cool) strong cough ( less cool) quickly out of breath ( no cool).
    My wife smoke as many as my daughter with same effects.

  • You must be very proud. The future of your daughter smoking 4 to 5 ppd is wonderful

  • Yes

  • Do you mind if I ask more about family?
    Do your daughter or wife have asthma?
    How frequently do they cough?
    How much does it take to get them out of breath?

  • Have you smoking kids?

  • No,
    No because if they had asthma i would ask to stop smoking, it too dangerous with asthma, i know people who are die at18 because they smoked and had asthma.
    Mainly morning to clear throat and after just little some times.
    Never out of breath if she doesn't sport, but if she must run she is out of breath very quiickly, same if she must climb upstairs she is out of breath at one floor but she stop breath quietly and its ok in some seconds. If she was always out of breath i would ask her to reduce her amount...i think about it often now, i dont want my daughter dead or become really sick at young age!

  • Do you think your wife will reduce her smoking if you ask her to?
    Do you think she will allow your daughter to cut down?

  • I think yes if health is frightened

  • Nice to be back - at least until the nonsense starts again.
    Sophie is doing wonderfully with her smoking, even helping her cousins along, when they're together.
    Her new style in clothes and make-up have really boosted her confidence, even to the point I'm permitting her to smoke in public, at least over the summer. She has two months of unbridled freedom until school begins!

  • Great to read that Sophie is smoking in public now. So nice of you to allow this. She must feel very grown smoking in public. Have their been any nasty remarks about how young she is? My girls have been smoking over a month now right after their father was evicted by me. They have increased since they started and inhale properly. I will continue to help to increase their new addiction in any way I can.

  • Sophie says she feels more mature. No, no negative comments, but some curious looks at times. Not sure if it's her smoking, or the way she dresses. Could be both, I guess. Anyway, she loves the freedom, and being a bit provocative, I think.

  • Thats what we have noticed to. both our girls felt (and acted) much more mature since they started smoking. we really like that because being with two young ladies is more fun than two kids.

  • Hi steph. I agree that smoking grows the girls up faster, and that's the way it should be. I feel after 5 time to mature. I actually destroyed their kids clothes and toys which I felt we too young for them. I'm thinking of destroying more things soon. Like Xbox, things like that. What do u think hon?

  • Destroy their xbox? why? im not a gamer but mark plays xbox with the girls now n then n they always smoke when playing. but getting rid of the kids clothes is a good idea. how they dress now?

  • Perpetuate a great idea smoking while playing video games. Kids clothing was destroyed and now they wear grown up clothing that they are allowed to choose.

  • Glad you like it. our girls love gaming with mark while having a cig between their lips. in fact it trained their handsfree smoking skills!

  • Our girls really feel grown up since they've understood there's not any rules as such here. They we sitting opposite me in the living room the other day dolled up and I had to get me gf in because neither were wearing panties lol.

  • What do your girls wear if you destroyed their clothing? Do you choose their outfits or do the girls have a free say in what they wear?

  • Hi there.
    I have decided to let Sophie wear what she wants. No restrictions. No mom input.
    But I also kept her more conventional clothing for school. There are decisions we will make together in some respects to her clothing, and she's fine with that.
    She's seven, she smokes, she dresses as she pleases during the summer, or at home, or away from school.
    But I didn't destroy anything.

  • Cool she's 7 and you have decided to allow her to smoke cigarettes. I have a similar situation, my daughter is six and has been taking puffs for about a month now. She has started to inhale and now is asking to start smoking full scale. I have been hesitant because I'm afraid she will say something to someone about it. It's so tough today with people being nosy and all. S

  • Hey Jane, sounds alot like our parenting style. we let our girls also decide what they want to wear and now in summer they only wear very little. for school we have to keep an eye on them but not too strict. gina has been sent home once for inappropriate clothing but that happens. Steph.

  • Hi Steph.
    My husband and I have a very liberal parenting style, as you can see if you read my posts.
    Sophie is given a very free rein in many things, such as her smoking and her choice of clothing and styles. There are some rules, but really not too many.
    Example. A while ago, I took Sophie to the mall, gave her my credit card, and let her purchase whatever she wanted, without my input or criticism. She really did well, but one halter sundress was very short with matching undies, which she hated. We agreed she could buy a thong to wear under the dress instead. She still has some frontal coverage, but also lets her be a bit "cheeky".
    And she loves it. I was a bit hesitant at first, but I must admit - she carries it off well!
    We generally try to work things out to everyone's' satisfaction.
    Like your girls, she wears as little as possible in the summer. She smokes however much or little as she desires. In short, her limits are few. She wants to get her bellybutton and her nose pierced, and we'll probably let her do that by Christmas, if not sooner.
    I want her to be as comfortable as possible, with who she is, or who she wants to be - even at age 7.

  • That is cool you lat your daughter smoking at a young age and lat here where what she wants I hope she wears thongs and help you that's her got her belly button pierced and nose that is cool

  • Jane, i really like the way you raise your girl. we got the same attitute towards it. less rules and more freedom. so we dont count their cigs but let them serve themselves from our cartons in the kitchen. they mostly smoke marlboro reds (which is my brand too) but can also have their dads camels. and we always have some menthols in the house since i really like the taste now and then (and so do they).
    When it comes to clothes we mostly do online shopping. more choice at better prices. they have an amazon account backed with my cc and love sitting together, smoke and look for clothes. they order lots of stuff and present the pieces they want to keep. so we always have some little fashion show. usually were okay with what they buy but some pieces would be critical for everyday. gina just ordered a really short top that would show off everything when she puts her hands up. we bought it but made clear she can only wear it at home.
    piercing has been on the agenda too. gina wanted her belly button pierced for her 10th birthday and as she always wear tops that show off her midriff we thought it would be a nice idea. but cant let the one girl have something and tell the other she needs to wait. so the girls both got her belly piercing at same time. they were very brave at the piercer and love their naval jewels.

  • Steph.
    I usually buy Sophie her own cartons of cigarettes and she tells me when she needs more. She has three ashtrays in her room. One on her bed stand, one on her desk, and one in her bathroom. i tell her to just leave everything for our cleaning lady to pick up.
    As with your girls, she is wearing midriff crop tops, short shorts, and very mini skirts. She also loves wedge sandals that give her a bit more height, as well as the illusion of being older. Undies (or not) are her choice. She doesn't need a bra yet, so that's not an issue.
    She already has double-pierced ears, so I'll probably let her get the other piercings she wants long before the holidays. Most likely before summer is out.
    When she dresses up, puts on her make-up,and is smoking a cigarette, I must admit, she looks (and acts) older than her age. Your comment was spot on - a young lady, not a kid. I do believe she is well aware of the power of the image she is projecting to everyone who sees her. As she matures, she will be stunning, and her father and I couldn't be more proud.
    She's only been smoking a relatively short time now, but she inhales deeply, and truly enjoys each cigarette to the fullest. When she started smoking, I insisted she begin with full flavor cigarettes to reap the complete enjoyment of smoking. Camel Filters are my brand and hers as well.

  • Jane, now you made mark happy. finally someone else who smokes camel lol well i smoke them too now and then but im a marlboro reds 100 smoker for more than two decades. the girls have tried lots of brands but finally stuck with the reds too. and we always have menthols in the house. the girls like them as their morning cigs in bed and when mark and i go to bed we always check if they got some on their bed stands so that they dont need to get up but can smoke their morning cigs right after waking up.
    as you said sophie has an ashtray on her bed stand i take it she also enjoys smoking in bed? our girls totally do. they usually have the first and the last cig of the day in bed... and if theyre not in a hurry they have a couple of morning cigs before getting up.
    nice you let sophie wear make-up too. our girls are very much into it and even the younger one is quite skillful. they love showing me some tricks and of course there is a difference between the makeup they wear to school and how they style at home or on holidays. but even their school makeup makes both of them look 2-3 years older, together with the clothes they wear.
    of course its been fun when they were kids but nothing compared to having two young ladies at home. we rarely go out for dinner because of all the smoking bans but we love getting dressed up for bbq at home. or for mcdonalds drive through. yes true, we love to buy our burgers there and eat in the parking lot with the girls sitting on the backseat headrests. does sophie also smoke while eating? gina and vanessa love that and when they get looks at mcdonalds its hard to say if its because of their smoking or their style or just because theyre lovely girls.

  • Steph.
    Sophie usually has a couple of cigarettes before she comes down for breakfast. After eating, she has a couple of cigarettes with her coffee. No, she doesn't eat and smoke at the same time, but she smokes throughout the day.
    Sophie just started wearing make-up, and she's getting quite good at it. She has also been developing her own style as to how she dresses and the manner with which she carries herself in public. She looks two to three years older than age seven and acts more like a teen.
    God help me when she actually is a teen!!!

  • They are so lucky to smoke at home .

  • Jane.
    as my girls are a little bit older than sophie i can tell you: theres lots of fun laying ahead. gina is 11 now, so biologically not a teen but definitely a teen from her looks and her attitude. even when we go to the mall, both dressed up quite normal, shes turning heads. and she loves to flirt. so hot to see her talking to guys who have no idea about her real age.
    and vanessa is 9, looking like 11/12. does sophie also get her nails done? our girls love that, they both wear acryl nails just like their mom. and now for the summer holidays we let them have really long fake nails. a really great fit with their style, giving them an amazing look when they smoke.

  • Steph.
    Sophie and I get our nails done together, manicure, pedicure, and massage. We make a girls' day of it.

  • Is your mom still negative about Sophie s smoking? She best get accustomed to it. It too late at this point addiction can't be reversed. Jen

  • I don't think Mom was happy about Sophie smoking, and now her two cousins have started to smoke as well. Both girls turned 8 and 9 within a week of each other, earlier this month. As a birthday surprise, both sets of parents gave permission for the girls to smoke, so you're right, it's a bit late for Mom to protest. At this time, Sophie is smoking about a pack per day, sometimes more, sometimes less. But she enjoys it so, and I do believe she'll be a lifelong smoker. I guess you could say she's addicted, and I do not see her ever quitting.

  • Just a quick update.
    See my previous posts if you're not familiar.
    After our Memorial Day trip to Palmdale, Sophie's cousins, both girls, age 8 and 9, received permission from their parents to begin smoking.
    The girls are ecstatic, however, my Mom is less than happy, but continues to say nothing.

  • Hi Jane so nice to have you back, Jen here. Maybe we can post here in peace again. Great that Sophie s are smoking, you had said you thought they might start, seems you were correct. So nice to get this board back, we had such a great group of moms before it was ruined. Love Jen

  • So I have one daughter, but she doesn't smoke unfortunately. My wife is adamant that she not smoke ever, but seeing as how she is a heavy smoker, and I also smoke, seems a bit hypocritical right?
    Anyways, lately I've been trying to sow the idea in her mind that it's ok for her to become a smoker. She's 8, and the other day we were driving just my daughter and I when she asked me why her mom and I smoke because it's so bad for us. I told her that yes it's dangerous but we decided to accept the risks because it makes us happy and it feels great once you get used to it. I also told her that the longer and more you smoke, the more pleasure you will get.
    She did not say much after that, but I could tell that my answers got the wheels in her head turning. Time will tell I suppose.

  • I got the same problem, only it's my ex husband who is anti. He freaked out when we were still married and I told him i wanted to teach our 2 girls and 1 son to smoke. After we separated I ended up teaching them anyway, and it was supposed to be a secret but our youngest one let it slip. He's threatened to call CPS if he finds out I'm letting them smoke still.
    They still do, but have to quit when they visit him.

  • That's a shame. He should just get a life and you are divorced after all and you have the kids hon. So raise them the way you choose. Just tell them to keep a secret from him. How many do they smoke a day and what brand. Jen

  • I agree he does need to get a life, lol.
    My son Robert is 12, and my daughters Chloe and Raquel are 11 and 9, and they all smoke the same as me, Benson and Hedges full flavors, around a half to a pack a day each. I try my best to be a great mother to them, and I know that my choice to start them out smoking could be seen as abuse, but some of my happiest memories growing up are smoking with my mom after she taught me when I was 10.

  • So good you let the 3 kids smoke now, youre a great mom and seeing smoking as abuse is just bullshit. your kids wanna smoke and while you smoke with them you talk and laugh. smoking with kids is so bonding, ours smoke to and were much closer than all those non-smoking hypocrites. dont let society fool you, just be proud of yourself and encourage your kids to enjoy smoking.

  • Thanks for the kind words Steph!
    As some of you know, being a single mom isn't easy, but smoking has brought us closer together. Instead of wanting to get out of the house in the evening to be with their friends, they like to stay home with me to play card games, watch movies, or play in the pool because I allow them the freedom to smoke. Not having to wonder where they are or what they are doing is a tremendous help.
    My sister is taking a trip with her bf to the Bahamas in a couple of weeks and her two daughters will stay with me for a week. I am debating whether or not I should let my kids teach them how to smoke. Should I ask my sister if it's ok, or should I just see what happens?

  • Sorry forgot to log in. the post that kids will smoke anyway and that smoking is bonding was mine!

  • Yes i know, being a single mom is not easy. my best friend is a single mom of 2 and were happy to help her out with some stuff now n then. and smoking is definitely bonding, we see that too with our girls. they love being at our house and having their friends over since they can smoke here and do lots of other stuff other parents wouldnt allow. so dont let the bullshitters fool you. youre an awesome mom because what matters is the kids and you know they love you and enjoy smoking with you.
    how old are your sisters kids? i wouldnt discuss it before. because if they start smoking with your kids, it happens... and after smoking a week they might not be willing to quit. and then its not the point if your sis is okay. the kids will smoke anyway. is your sis a smoker too?

  • My nieces are 12 and 9, and yes my sister is a smoker but our personalities are very different...she is not a permissive parent like me and in my opinion is overprotective. She tries to hide her smoking from them, though they know anyway. I'm leaning towards not mentioning it, but knowing her she will probably bring it up anyway. I really don't see my nieces leaving after a week without at least having tried to smoke considering they will be around 3 other kids their age who constantly smoke.

  • Yeah i bet your neices will try smoking. guess your kids have summer holidays now? if so they will smoke even more, thats at least what gina and vanessa are doing. i guess at the moment 2 packs wont do for each of them. but we dont mind at all... but if there were other kids around they would start them smoking. and im sure your kids are the same.
    your sis sounds a strange. i mean if shes a smoker herself why does she hide it from the kids? ive always smoked around my kids. anyway i wouldnt bring it up before they leave for bahamas. and if your sis brings it up – tell her the truth: your kids are smokers and they wont limit their smoking just because neices are around.

  • She knows my kids smoke, and when she found out she tried to lecture me, but she doesn't have a leg to stand on considering she's been smoking just as long as I have. Her kids are our guests and we won't change our lifestyle to accomodate hers. Don't get me wrong I am thrilled to have my nieces visiting but if she doesn't like it she can make other arrangements.
    Yes all the kid's habits have picked up lately with no school, especially my youngest Raquel. I can already tell she will be the heaviest smoker of the soon as she wakes up she immediately lights up and finishes 3 before getting out of bed.

  • Awww this is so sweet because i got the impression my younger one is also outpacing her older sis lately. were not counting their cigs but since school is out vanessa is really into chainsmoking. here and i have sat together discussing her older sisters birthday surprise this afternoon. we talked about half an hour and i remember we had a 1/2 full pack... and after half an hour it was empty. so must have been 5-6 for each of us. but im totally fine with that!
    And im totally with you concerning your neices. if your sis has a problem with smoking (which would be really silly) she should find someone else who looks after her kids. but its your house, its your lifestyle and yeah its quite probable that the girls start smoking... which they might really like. how old were you and your sis when you started?

  • Michelle (my sister) started when she was 10, just like me, so I had to watch her smoke for 2 years before mom gave me lessons.
    Michelle is great despite our differences, a really sweet and loving mom...she is just a bit of a goody two shoes compared to me, lol.
    Raquel is also the brainy one of my three kids, and the fact that her favorite thing to do is smoke while she reads explains why she is the heaviest smoker of the three. Chloe is my wild child, she's always trying to get away with something and is also my practical joker. She smokes in fits...goes several hours without, then has a few in a row, then will go hours without again. Robert is my jock...outgoing and sometimes obnoxious, but also very protective of his sisters. I get the feeling smoking is kind of a prop for him to feel macho.
    Honestly I will be a little disappointed if my nieces don't try it, but also relieved if they don't. I just don't want a fight with my sister.

  • Oh you really have been watching your sis smoke for 2 years? without trying it yourself? wow here that didnt work. gina is also 2 years older than vanessa and when she started at 9, vanessa also wanted to smoke... and we let her. they are so close, always want to have the same, do the same, be the same. so hard to say who is the wild one or the brainy one. id rather say theyre both wild and very girly-girl. at least theyre not the sort of girls who would help mark (my bf) with the car or stuff. he would love a little macho sun but i cant have kids any more and of course mark loves his little princesses.
    did your kids start at same age or rather at same time? im sure your neices will try it. because your kids will insist that they do. i know my girls too well, they love teaching other kids to smoke.

  • They both started together. I remember how unfair it felt that Michelle could smoke but I couldn't, so I didn't want to make the same mistake as my mom.

  • Hi, well it all depends on how old they are as to whether u ask your sis permission. Do u think she will allow it or is she a non smoker?? Be definitely cool tho to teach them such a great habit that will last a lifetime. Jen

  • How old are the children?

  • Ask your daughter if she wants to smoke. If she does, encourage her and support her. No matter what your wife says, your daughter will do what she wants to anyway. In the long run, it's your daughters' decision, even at age 8. Better to support her than fight the inevitable.

  • Great story keep us posted. Does seem hypocritical of your wife I agree. Jen

  • You know I would never straight tell her she should smoke and I don't want to keep secrets from my wife, but if she asked I would let her try it and if she wanted to keep on smoking I would fight for her right. Problem is the wife was a late bloomer so to speak..she barely smoked until she met me but I told her how sexy it was and that I would love it if she became a chain smoker. She's not quite at that status, but is always saying she wants to quit. I Hate remorseful smokers, lol.

  • I have followed this topic for a long time now and even though I don't think censorship is cool, I think some of you brought the death of this confession on yourselves by not calling out those that we're sexualizing the subject. Too bad.

  • Agreed!!

  • Are you a smoker,do you have kids that smoke

  • Well kids when they started smoking. My daughters are 32 and 28 now, but both started around 10 years old. It was their mom who let them start, but I didn't object.
    My granddaughter just started smoking this year, she's 9 and loves to come hang out with the wife and I because we let her smoke with us in the house, unlike her mom that makes her go outside.

  • Good for you to allow your 9 year old granddaughter to smoke inside your house. It's also good that her parents let her smoke at 9. Too many parents today think it's so bad to allow their young ones to smoke. Jen

  • Jen, this is Shann. I have a quick question for you. On the "Smokers Chill Out Zone" board, is that really you or a "fake Jen?" I guess I'm just a bit paranoid after the troll that was in here before.

  • It's me honey, I go here and there as well. Nice if we can chat here again in peace. Jen

  • It's funny because just before our granddaughter started we were joking to our daughter how ironic it would be if she turned out to be anti-smoking considering our attitudes on the subject. It wasn't but 2 weeks later that we heard she got caught sneaking cigarettes from her mom's purse.

  • So cool, nice story! Jen

  • Yes I am I smoke 2 ppd and both my girls are smokers. Jen

  • Hey maybe the troll is gone. Maybe we can start new again! This was a great board before it was ruined. My girls are 7 and 9. Jen here.

  • Did you start earlier than 10 and what brand do you both smoke

  • Haha, she smokes like its nothing? So cool, sounds alot like my daughter. Shes 13 now, been a true smoker since 10 and now smokes about 1.5-2 ppd... of course more on weekends and during holidays. I dont see anything wrong with it, started young too and my parents also didnt mind. Jana and I really love sitting down in the kitchen or in the backyard, enjoying some cigs and talk and laugh. We do that every day and its true mom and dau quality time! Love, Nikolina

  • Hi Ladies, love your posts and your passion for smoking. Search for 'smokers chill out zone!' Its a forum.. where trolls get banned. Bex xx

  • That forum sucks even more than this one....and that's not an easy feat.

  • Hi shann, Jane, edy, Susan anyone still here. Maybe we should start this up again, just ignoring the troll posts. Why not just go on and ignore the insults. We are real that's all that counts. Nice to hear from y'all again. By the way my girls are doing great smoking, going on two weeks now. Jen

  • To the real Jen...this is the real Shann. Again, I am legit and real and so are my kids.. and I miss our conversations.

  • Yes Shann I miss our conversations as well,perhaps you can visit the forum that Bex suggests. I have visited and posted a few remarks. Love to see you there. It's called smokers chill out zone just Google it. Jen

  • Shann or as I said before we can chat here and just ignore the trolls. Jen

  • I forgot to add, I think smoking has triggered early puberty in both of them. They are now dry humping my leg constantly every time they have a cigarette. Two weeks since starting they are both up to 3 packs a day, so as you all can imagine my legs are very sore!!!

  • Still trolling man!

  • The Devil

  • A troll's work is never done!

  • Susan here.

    Glad your gone to.

  • Jane you have a imaginary daughter your right hand!!!!

  • Susan here.
    So much negativity!
    Susan gone. Bye-bye.

  • Well....bye.

  • Jane you are a FAKE HUMAN BEING. YOUR DAD.

  • Guys are so funny! According to you girls can never be crazy, have weird things that they are in to, can't love smoking!, they never ever ever fantasize or lie online and they never ever troll !! We just sweet little angels I guess.... cute :(

  • Never said that. Have you read some of the posts here lately? Some read straight out of a wet dream. A guy's wet dream. This is no different than any other fetish message board...10000 guys, 2 girls, and 1000 guys pretending to be girls. There's probably 2 guys here pretending to be 10 different women.

  • Hi Ladies, love your posts and your passion for smoking. Search for 'smokers chill out zone!' Its a forum.. where trolls get banned. Bex xx

  • By "ladies", you mean guys, right? No ladies to be found here.

  • As I stated in a previous post, this has become pointless.
    Even if I were to post photos or anything else, it would claimed to be a fake, by this creep.
    This is an exercise in futility.
    Once again, and for the last time, goodbye.

  • Bwahahaha! Another one bites the dust.

    Don't hesitate to come back under a different name with a similar story. You have been great..a real troll's dream!

  • Yes.
    I'll put photos of my daughter all over social media, for creeps, trolls, and perverts just like you.
    Don't hold your breath.

  • Jane

  • Jane still thinking of SOPHIE JUST

  • Jane I just blew my load thinking
    of sophie smoking.

  • Don't you mean "hold your breath"?

    My name is Jane, and I blog about dressing up my 7 year old daughter like a s***, encouraging her to smoke, and turning her into a nudist.

    But you guys are the creepy ones!

  • No Jane or John your the creepy one.!!!

  • Jen
    No possibility of accessing the site, I updated everything and nothing, swm success.
    Let's continue here, this crazy, will not move away.
    A quiet mouth would be to put some videos, it would have to disappear.
    Natural videos, girls' day-to-day smoking, just like the girl's 10-year-old Romanian, looks like absurd, but he would have to disappear, pous we're real.

  • Hey Jane I too agree with Edy, we can't let this mental midget ruin our time here. You know that there are very real people here. I'd love to have you continue and ignore the bogus posts. Jen

  • All over the internet, the ability of men to anonymously impersonate women is under attack. We must draw the line here and now! If you quit, the trolls win.

  • I am real.
    Sophie is real
    Our life is real.
    And nothing would convince this annoying creep otherwise.

  • Jane you are one sick individual.

  • Oh there is definitely a way. Post your FB address, and add the greeting "welcome CP friends" to your page. Or upload videos of you and Sophie to Sendspace or Mega.

    Not going away otherwise.

  • Or perhaps join me on smoking fun bravenet website, lots of moms there, and no midgets.when you google the site just click on the site at the top of the may say something like build a website. Just ignore that and click on it, will take you to smoking fun. I'd love to chat with you there.I can be there at 10 am east coast. 7 am west coast. Up to y'all hon, I'd love to chat. Jen

  • Jen, i have tried that site at least 10 times and it absolutely won't work! I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, but it isn't working at all the way you say.

  • I tried to get into that site. I upgraded the java plugin. I still can't get in.
    Any suggestions?

  • Gee guys I was there yesterday morning, sorry you can't get in, is a great site. Perhaps as I said before, I can't access it with my tablet, I have to use my desk top computer. Jeff

  • Freudian slip, much?

  • It's Jen not Jeff, typo.

  • I'll think about it.

  • Continuing to post here has become pointless.

  • Jane
    I'm also annoyed at this r*****, but he can not ruin our space if you leave and what he wants

  • Don't worry, some other dude pretending to be a woman will quickly fill the void you are leaving.
    Since your leaving anyway, what is your real name?

  • Jane, alone time with your mom might be what the doctor ordered. Perhaps the smoking turns her on as well, but she probably has trouble admitting it. Smoking definitely turns me on. Cindy

  • I always did enjoy alone time with my mom when I was growing up. Some people might find that strange, but it was how I was raised, and perhaps Sophie will also learn to enjoy "lessons" from both my mother and I.

  • Someone is posting comments using other people's names.
    Not funny, but not unexpected.

  • Hi everyone
    J. here.
    Or should I just say Jane. And my daughter Sophie.
    I've decided to come out!
    We got back from Palmdale late last night. The family gathering was great.
    Sophie made quite an impact with her new look and of course, her smoking.
    We showed up at my parents' home and Sophie was wearing her new short shorts, a skimpy camisole top that was bare midriff, and wedge sandals. You could almost hear the jaws dropping! When she lit her first cigarette, I thought my Mom was going to faint. She asked, how could I let her do all that. I reminded her, that I had started smoking at age eleven, so it wasn't that big a deal. She didn't say much after that, but she as clearly not happy. I just said Mom, get over it. This is what she wants. Do not make Sophie feel bad or treat her differently. She's still your granddaughter and nothing has changed in who she is. The other cousins were clearly in awe of her new persona. It was only a few few hours before two of her cousins, both girls, were asking their parents to let them smoke. nothing was decided at the moment, but they didn't say no either.
    Yesterday morning, Sophie came down wearing a new micro skirt and an off-shoulder midriff top. For a seven year old, she looked nine or ten. She sat having breakfast and when she finished eating, without saying a word, she poured a cup of coffee, and lit a cigarette - the first of many! The look on my mothers' face was priceless, but she didn't say a word. I'm quite sure Mom will be calling tonight to discuss what clearly is troubling her.
    Anyway, time for my next class. Back to work for now.
    Will write later.

  • I would like to see a video of her smoking in her mini skirt

  • Who cares about all your BULLSHIT

  • Jane sophie is ready to get her cherry
    popped. You can hold her hand.
    Remember she's all grown up now.

  • Jane,
    What about dating!!!!

  • Yeah Jane! How about you, me, and Sophie get together for a thrêesome?

  • Understandably her mother's attitude, to see her 7-year-old granddaughter smoking and weird, but she respected her decision and her granddaughter's happiness.
    You and Sophie caused a revolution in the family.

  • I'm sure I'll get an earful whenever she calls., but the weekend ended well. No fights or arguments. I hoping my Dad has a moderating influence on the situation. He's an engineer by profession, and tends to be more analytical. He did not seem upset or even very surprised at Sophie's new lifestyle.

  • What will the other mothers decide, the cousins ​​can smoke with Sophie?

  • I don't know at this point. I half expect a call from my sister and sister -in-law. Each is mom to one of the two girls I mentioned. One girl is seven, the other girl is eight.
    That's a family matter for them to deal with. I've already crossed my Rubicon.

  • Do your sisters smoke? If so, do you know more or less when they started? This detail can make all the difference between permitting or not. Another point and the way you deal with Sophie smoking, fear always and how people will react, seeing you manage this situation can make way for permission

  • Hi Jane nice to see you take a stand with your mom with Sophies smoking After all she is your daughter and I imagine she still wants to see her granddaughter lol.if she object on well that's on her. It's cool that she was comfortable to light up in front of your mom. Just remember you are in control not your mom. Is mom a smoker? Happy you had a great weekend! Jen

  • Mom is not a smoker. Neither is my Dad. Which is probably key to her objection, in spite of my starting at age eleven. Interestingly, Sophie's smoking seemed to trouble her more than the way Sophie was dressed.

  • Jane does Sophie wear high heel pumps and eyes shadow etc? I would love to see a vid of her all dolled up and smoking! Would you be willing to let us see her dressed up and smoking?

  • Come to think of it, my mother did have a rather lustful look in her eyes when she saw the way her granddaughter was dressed. She kept staring at her, especially at her legs and bare stomach.

  • Perhaps your mom was turned on by Sophie. She sounds like an anti smoking b , there's too many of those around. Hopefully her dress and smoking will turn her on. Cindy

  • My mom, like me, does have a penchant for little girls, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that she finds her new style attractive. Might find a way to give them some personal time alone together.

  • Oh please yes! I came so hard to this latest installment, I should be ready to cûm again soon!

  • Hi all Jen here, hope y'all had a great weekend. Welcome Cindy nice to see another mom here with the same ideas about smoking. I also feel you should start your 8 year old smoking, it's a great mother and daughter bonding thing. Also it's h****** her not to smoke when both you and your 11 year old smoke. I see no harm in it. Jen

  • Hi, Thanks to all who have responded to my post. Yes I am a smoker, 3 ppd in fact. So it's natural that my oldest daughter and myself smoke together. It's just that I wasn't sure about my youngest smoking at 8 years old. After reading all your posts I'm figuring what the h*** might as well go for it. Thank you all for allowing me to enter your conversation, hope I didn't interfere. Cindy.

  • Cindy,

    Good for You!
    I am hoping that you start her smoking immediately. I really dont think you will regret it! Please let us know how her intro to the amazingly fantastic world of smoking!

  • Well Shann my Kim has had her into into the wonderful world of smoking! She was a bit embarrassed at first but I assured her I was good with it and that she looked so grown up after her lesson I bought her own pack and a lighter. I can't wait to see how she handles having her own pack. I taught her to start slow just taking small puffs, but I did stress inhaling all the smoke.

  • Cindy sorry I forgot.

  • How old were you when you started smoking and how?
    Allow her to start today, talk to her, and there will be three happy "girls" smoking.

  • Hello Edy I was 12 when I started our great habit and honestly never regretted it. Maybe I will start her today, not sure yet, but I'm going to the store soon. So I'm thinking I'll decide soon. Cindy

  • I'm new here, my name is Cindy, I'm 27 divorced mom of two daughters, 11 and 8. I find the post from other moms here very interesting. My 11 year old has been smoking Marlboro reds for about a year now. The problem I have is with my younger daughter, she has been asking to smoke for some time now. So my point is that I'm seeing by these posts from other moms here that maybe 8 years old is not too young to start. Any comments would be appreciated. Cindy

  • If she wants to smoke - let her. She'll probably start anyway with or without your permission. Eight years old is a fine age to start. According to your post, your other daughter was smoking at age ten. That is not that big a difference.

  • To Cindy,
    Hi, my name is Shannon (or Shann for short). I'm 28, unmarried, and a heavy smoker with 3 daughters (initials: K, M, and A) ages 10, 8, and 7 in that order. All 3 smoke over a pack a day and around 2 ppd when school is not in session. They all totally love it and are happily addicted. All started smoking at barely age 7. I am very proud of all 3 of my girls for smoking. I HIGHLY recommend that you allow your younger daughter to start smoking. At age 8, she is at a great age to start. Help her learn to smoke and don't put limits on the amount she can smoke. Celebrate her smoking achievements with her and be proud of her! Let us know how things go.

  • Hello Shann, you girls have me almost convinced to start her. Don't know why but I'm still reluctant, as I said in my post to Edy I'm almost there tho. I'll let you know my decision soon. Thanks. Cindy

  • Hi Cindy, my name is Paul, i have one daughter, she is 7 yo and start to smoke about 6 months ago, she smoke about 1 pack a day and 1 and a half to 2 packs a weekend days and she is very happy

  • Hi Paul are you married or single? Was it your decision to allow your daughter to smoke, or was there someone else involved. Thanks, Cindy.

  • I married, my wife is heavy smoking too, she smoke about 2 packs a day pregnant and now she smoke about 3 to 4 packs a day, my daughter want to start smoke 6 months ago and now she is very happy, excuseme for my bad english

  • Hi Cindy, welcome.
    I'm Edy, 45 years without children, but I have two beautiful nieces that I taught to smoke when they were 10, 11 years old, today they are women with 25 happy years and smokers.
    As you can read in my posts, smoking and an art, a pleasure, allow your youngest daughter to start smoking, if she wishes to allow it. Malboro is strong, but if the older sister smokes, let her smoke that one.
    You're a smoker, tell your story.

  • Hi Cindy,
    This is J.
    I'm a 27 year old mom with daughter, S., who turned 7 on May 4th.
    Read through my previous post to get an idea of our history.
    S. just took up smoking eleven days ago, and in that time she's become quite proficient.
    We had a talk about her wanting to smoke, so I immediately started her smoking on full flavor cigarettes, and inhaling almost from the start. As of today, Tuesday, She is smoking about a pack of Camel Filters a day. Not so much out of habit, but of a desire to smoke. And she loves it.
    The bottom line , if your daughter wants to smoke, let her and help her do it correctly. That's the best advice I can give.
    By the way, do you smoke? If you do, that would be a help.
    Some of our best times are when mom and daughter can smoke together!
    Best wishes.

  • Perfect age to start! But teach her properly! Let her take her time, learn to inhale, and just enjoy the experience.

  • Thanks is it difficult for her to learn to inhale so young?

  • Not at all. Just be patient.

  • My girls are doing very well since they both started smoking, it's been almost one week already since they began smoking. Both inhaling quite well and seem very happy doing so.Jen

  • What is going on??!!
    I'm here in Palmdale, at my family's gathering, and the postings have almost become civil!
    Everything here is great!
    S. is in her glory, and the family's reaction, for the most part, has been marvelous. I post later or tomorrow when I have more time.
    Happy Memorial Day to all.

  • Hi j, glad all went well on your holiday. You said most accepted her smoking were there any exception? If so how did you handle them? Jen

  • First time poster.
    I can understand children smoking or even wanting to smoke. What I fail to understand is if why the compulsion of some parents to have your children become addicted to smoking by coercion, and quotas and the obsession with a child smoking two, three or four packs of cigarettes a day. If smoking is a pleasure (I smoke a pipe) why the obsession with the quantity. Letting your children smoke is one thing, but what I have read seems to me bordering on child abuse.
    I have no problem permitting a child say from age six and up to begin smoking
    if they want to but some of these postings are very troubling.
    Sorry for the intrusion.

  • I completely agree. I'm a male too, have always enjoyed smoking and have a daughter, and if she ever showed any interest in smoking I would let her try it and even teach her if she asked. But encourage it? Deliberately get her addicted and set quotas etc... No way! That is child abuse. There are definitely a few strange people on here who are definitely lieing.

  • OMG, someone else here that is sane?!? What is this board coming to?

    Thank you, back to trolling these fiction writers.

  • No problem with your posting and welcome actually. I tend to agree about the amount required to smoke. I'm just happy that my two daughters have started to indulge in the habit. It makes me very proud that my girls are smoking is all. You said that you smoke a pipe, so I assume y'all are male, which is fine, happy you posted. Jen

  • Did you assume the poster's gender based on smoking device? Fascist!

  • I am the first time poster and yes I am an older man. Assuming I was a man because I mentioned a pipe is not fascist. Its an assumption since most women don't smoke a pipe. If you are the person posting all the nasty things I see you need to show some courtesy and decency to others. Your self righteous postings are not going to convince anyone your right and thier wrong.

  • You lost me at self righteous...have you even read my posts today?

  • First time poster
    You are free to disagree with my term, self righteous, but I believe the dictionary supports that definition as well as my use of it.

  • Thank you professor!

    Now get back to watching Matlock or Murder She Wrote.

    Do you ever imagine when you're sucking on your pipe that it's a cöck?

  • First time poster.
    All I'm saying is, if you have a point of disagreement and you make your argument without hostility, or ridicule, or rudeness, or name calling, you will be more effective.
    I won't discuss this further as that would be pointless, as your last comment confirms what i just stated. I don't know how old you are but some of your postings are deplorable, and you have much to learn about people, and life in general.
    Sorry if I offended you.

  • Damn, looks like I picked a fight with an intellectual giant. The thing that escapes you apparently is that I am doing this for fun, not as any sort of crusade against evildoers.

    Speaking of fun, and this should be easy for you to try...have you ever tried a prune juice enema? If not, give it a try...its magical!

  • It looks as though the old bull took the young bull to the verbal woodshed!
    And probably didn't didn't even raise his blood pressure!
    Nicely done First time poster!
    Nicely done!

  • If his blood pressure didn't rise, it's probably due to the V***** he takes like Flintstones vitamins to be able to get hard these days.

  • *Viāgra

  • First time poster.
    I will have you know that I only take that drug once a day..just before I watch my SSBBW p***!

  • There you go again assuming that I'm a man. I'm just like every other poster on this board...a woman! Don't you guys know, all women get off on little girls smoking? It's science!

  • I must give you credit for on thing least you stated you were a man, unlike these other yo-yos pretending to be women.

  • Yes, but it is a lot of fun. Point taken...and dropped. Thanks for dropping by, old timer!

  • I'm not posting the nasty things hon! Jen

  • You are a saint, Jen!

  • Ty hon!!

  • Saint Jen...the patron saint of pre pubescent smoking girls. Let's all celebrate Saint Jen's day, everyday. Burn your children's clothes, make them nudists, and make them chain smoke. It's the sensible parenting decision!

  • Hi Shann how's your smoking day and how's the girls doing hon. Jen

  • Edy those videos are cool how old are the girls and what country are they from, I couldn't understand what they were saying. Jen

  • She and Romanian, these videos are from 2016, she was 10 years old.
    What I believe, smoking for liking, she is always happy, smiling, singing, at home safe, without exposition. Too bad I do not have videos of my nieces.

  • Do something about it, don't just sulk! Grab your camcorder, knock on your sister's or brother's door, and tell them you want to record your nieces smoking so you can share it online with guys who will use it to jėrk off to.

    Waiting patiently for the link!

  • 10 years old that's cool. Which video has the 10 year old I watched 3 videos. Thanks Jen.

  • Beth here Gracie is still doing great and enjoying her cigarettes just to clear she does not smoke 3 packs a day that's just were I would like to see her be right now she's smoking about 2 packs a day in a 16 hour day she's allowed to up late if she's smoking wich is helping keep her amount higher I do tell she needs to have one about 8 times a so we can lock in addition but the rest of the day she is lighting up without being told to do so

  • Poor Gracie. I suppose you are inventing the situation. Otherwise Gracie will have a very sad future. Smoking 2 ppd with 5 years old you can be absolutely sure she will have strong health problems
    I can not understand how parents can near obbly their children to smoke and are very happy if thy are addicted as soon as possible. It is very sad

  • Do you have to sometimes remind her smoke to make sure she reaches a certain level, or does she do it on her own? I think its a good idea to keep on a regular routine so that any addiction that may develop will remain totally solid.

  • She smokes plenty on her own but about 8 times a day I tell her she needs to have one to help the addiction settle in and increase her daily intake

  • Yeah I have to tell my imaginary daughters at least 10 times a day too that they must reach their smoking quotas or there will be h*** to pay. If they all don't hit 5 ppd this summer, they will have their food supply cut off!

  • I think that's a good idea and is something that you should continue to do, just to make sure it stays firm. I also worry that my own daughters' addictions will slip, even though I see no evidence that that will ever happen. It still concerns me, though, because that's something that I don't want to ever happen. So, yes, I think you are doing right to remind and even insist throughout the day.

  • Who are you? Worried that daughters addiction may slip, it would help if you sign posts so we can chat easier Thanks Jen.

  • Sorry, Jen. That was me (Shann). I still forget to sign. Sorry.

  • Ok Jen

  • Yeah it keeps me up at night too. The thought of my 2 year old dropping from 4 packs a day to only 3 is unbearable! I'm thinking of getting her hooked up to a nicotine iv drip at night so I can sleep better!

  • Oh cool, "Beth" is back! The most obvious and discredited dude here. Still keeping up the charade, huh? Good for you...dont let a little thing like being caught in a lie for everyone to see stop you!

  • Jen, J, Edy, Beth, etc. ...I'm still here & legit. Just been busy with work and a death in the extended family.
    --Shannon (nickname="Shann")

  • Sorry Shannon about the death. You had to work Memorial Day weekend? As long as you can smoke there. Jen

  • Yes, I have a job that works on holiday weekends and even holidays themselves. Unfortunately, no, my job doesn't permit smoking.

  • Hi shann what brand are you and your daughter smoking we all smoke Newport 100s. It great than my daughter's can smoke anytime they want now that Dad is out of the picture. Such a proud feeling I have now with both enjoying their cigarettes. Jen

  • I and my 3 daughters smoke Marb Reds. I would like it if they would try different brands to see if they like them . But right now they don't seem to be interested in doing so. They are all 3 between 1 ppd and 1.5 ppd, but I am sure that will increase to about ppd during the summer months. It always does when school goes out. But that's ok because they know that they have no limits. --Shann

  • Cool Shannon have they or you ever tried Newports. They are strong too. Jen

  • I will suggest that they try the Newports. I want to keep them on something strong, because that will maintain their firm addiction, I would think. I want to make sure that never slips. In my previous post I intended to say that in the summer they will probably increase to 2 ppd, but I apparently didn't type the "2."

  • Let me know how the Newports work out. Jen

  • Better yet, give them the Newports, but cut all the filters off. Try to teach them how to smoke 3 or 4 at a time. See how long they can keep this method up until they vomit. When they inevitably puke, start over and see if they can go longer next time without vomiting.

    Do this and they will be the heaviest smokers of all time. Perhaps you can submit them to the Guinness book of world records!

  • Lol....I hate feeding trolls, but gotta admit that was pretty funny. Yes...this topic is becoming silly now.

  • Open discussion should not be predicated on "keeping the peace".
    That's called censorship.
    Censoring ideas that are uncomfortable or unpopular leads to acquiescence.

  • Agreed! So please everyone start talking again about how they find their daughters sexy when they smoke, how mature they all of a sudden became, and how they started running their hands down their mother's thighs due to their newfound maturity. Please guys, I can't get hard without it!

  • Jen and all the others, see these videos on youtube, this I believe, girls smoking naturally, in their homes with friends and family:
    Enter Marlos Souza; Mary Queen and Mary Dulkita Tha.
    I want your opinions

  • Today I met my niece and she told me that she met a mother who allows her 10 year old daughter to smoke, my niece said quw started at the same age and that was the best thing that could have happened

  • That's great Edy. Jen

  • Jen, I'm here, I've written today asking for peace. I believe in some people here, but there are some reports that really sound too weird. How are your daughters?

  • You know Ed I totally agree is was getting rather wierd at time. So let's keep the peace and just chat about the great habit of smoking. Welcome friend. Jen

  • My daughters are doing quite well thank you, considering the h*** week they had. Thanks Ed. Jen

  • Carol, do you allow her to smoke in public yet? I hear it's easier to get them addicted when they start so young, because their lungs are not fully developed. Jen

  • Yes she smokes in public and smokes when her friends come over for playdates wrote more in my other reply - carol

  • Sadly J if you noticed the posts from Beth, Edy, and Carol has ceased. Perhaps the poster who called them out was right. Maybe you and I are the only legitimate posters in here. I hope I'm wrong but I'm now a little suspicious of the other girls. Lol. Jen

  • I'm still here and legit. Just been busy at work and with a death in the family.

  • Beth here im still here just took a little break hoping the trolls who did not believe us would leave no point in posting when someone's doubting you every other post wish it was not like that

  • I get it Beth. Jen

  • Jen:
    Yes, you stated exactly what I was thinking.
    I'm going to have to think on continuing, because the level of hostility that has manifested itself on this site, may just not be worth the aggravation.
    We'll be back tomorrow night, probably late, depending on traffic.
    By the way, S. had a great time shopping. She did really well, but her wardrobe has really advanced now . Some of her outfits are a bit provocative. a little naughty, but nothing lewd, but definitely a noticeable change!
    Make-up, short shorts, a skimpy top, and wedgie sandals do make for a bit of a statement! Especially at age seven! Add her smoking expertise into the mix, and she looks and acts beyond her age by at least three years. By the way, she's smoking a pack a day now.
    Anyway, gotta run now. Post back if you can.

  • I think you should think about S. starting with s**...... She is 7 but looks 10 .....Wonderful age to smoke ,make up and s**.
    I am jocking as i hope you are.
    She poor, must be like these poor girls that their parents present to beauty exhibitions looking as if they were ....
    At an age when children should be thinking about playing with dolls etc. thinking in smoking ,make up ,provocative dresses etc.
    And all thanks to her mother.
    What a kind of mother you are. Poor Sophie what a future she has. Nicotin patches being 7 years old to go to school.
    Absolutely crazy and sad very sad not only for S. But also for other little girls forced by their parents to be heavily addicted at such ages

  • A pack a day I'm sure you're a proud mom. The clothes sound like she has definitely made her statement cool. Jen

  • Well j, you and I can still converse maybe the only legitimate ones left unfortunately. I'm not a loser but you do wonder about the others .Perhaps the angry will slack off especially if he realizes that some of us are real! Perhaps he can join us and we can all chat peacefully. Jen

  • Hi its Carol I just started posting yesterday nobody really replied to me minus some random person calling me a troll hahaha I would still like to talk more about ruby's smoking- carol

  • Carol do you allow Ruby to smoke in public and if you do. where do yall allow her to smoke? Jen

  • Had to reply in 2 posts sorry forgot to reply to both questions yes i let her smoke in public she usually smokes in the house at home but in the summer she sometimes goes to the front patio as far as actual public goes she smokes in the car all the time and if I have one outside of a store I only let her have one if she really needs one such as at the mall while in between stores wish people were not so judgmental about kids smoking

  • I agree too bad people are so damn judgemental when it comes to smoking. I'm allowing my two daughters to smoke in public when I'm present to defend them if necessary. Jen

  • How old are your girls? What's there smoking backround? Carol

  • My daughters are 6 and 8 and just actually started a week ago, when my husband was away on business. When he returned he was angry and things got out of hand. So bad that I put him out, see my older posts. So now I'm allowing them to smoke anywhere because they been through a great deal recently. I love them and want the best for them hon. Are you single mom? Jen

  • That so cool you lat your daughter 6 and 8 years old girl smoking I like it

  • I just read them all sounds like its been hard yes I am married my husband loves that our daughter smokes I'm 8 months prego with my 2nd girl and still smoking 3 packs a day I have heard of people starting there babies off with smokey kisses from birth to start them early but I'm not sure if it may be better to wait till she's
    older? Any experience ?

  • Great to hear you're smoking while preg. My gf doing the same too and did with the other kids. I find it so sexy and have a smoking fetish anyway.

  • I have a couple of friends who gave the children smoky kisses early on so as to get them exposed to it as soon as possible, and they say that they highly recommend it because it helps with getting them fully used to it and help addiction come a little. I didn't use that method with mine because they didn't really need further encouragement because they rather easily got hooked on their own. But everyone who I know that has done that says that they highly recommend smokey kisses as a method. So maybe you really should do it.

  • No experience with that but if you think that's what you choose to do then it's not a bad idea. I think smoky kisses may expose her early to get her acclimated to some smoke in her little lungs. I didn't do it with my girls because as I mentioned my husband was anti smoking. Jen

  • Yea I'm not sure what to do
    ruby loves her smoking she is hooked for life wich is great she has no limits on when she can smoke or how much she can smoke she's allowed to smoke when her friends come over and they all think its so cool she's allowed to smoke I'm hoping she can hit 2 packs a day when schools out any advice on what to do when she's in school its always been h*** for her on weekdays having to go 7 hours without smoking she always has one on the car ride to school and lights up the second she gets in the car most days she can hardly even focus in class by time lunch time comes - carol

  • Carol, it's great that she addicted for life especially at such a young age. Great job! As far as school in the fall I'm thinking the nicotine patch is a great idea, out of sight of course. Jen

  • That's a great idea I have thought about taking her out for lunch every day too so she can have a few but not sure how well that would go or if its even allowed

  • That might work, but we need to do something they will need their nicotine. Jen

  • Yes she does haha she has a friend over today same age as her there in her bedroom now and doing each others makeup while ruby enjoys a cigarette

  • Is her friend. Not smoking yet? Jen

  • No she does not but she asked ruby for a puff she told her to ask me I said give me a few minutes to decide not sure if I should let her? Of course tell her to not tell her parents haha

  • Hi Carol. I would love to hear of Ruby's smoking, How old is she? I just felt that it was weird that everyone quit posting after that poster called everyone out. Jen

  • Thanks yes she's 7 and smokes 1.5 packs a day she started on her 6th birthday and it took her about a week to start inhaling every puff without issues I'm hoping her amount will go up now that schools out I smoked 3 packs a day thru my pregnancy with her and never made it a point to go away from her when I smoked after she was born always smoked while feeding her as a baby and I smoked in the car with the windows closed since she was born I think that helped her want to smoke I gave her a few puffs here when she was little but she never inhaled them till I actually started her at age 6

  • Carol, how did you actually start her at age 6? Did she ask to start, or did you just give her a cigarette and tell her she was going to start? Im not judging, just curious, as I think either way was ok, as long as the end result was to get her smoking in the first place.

  • Sorry. No time to write at the moment.
    We're leaving shortly for our family (Memorial Day) get-together, and it's a two hour drive.
    I'll catch up on everything after we return.

  • I hope we have peace today.
    J. tell us about the debut of S. smoking in the family....

  • Yes, please tell us! I'm getting the worst case of blue b**** waiting on you to finish this work of fiction

  • Thing have been quiet in here today, hope it's not because of the comments from a few antis who are destined to ruin our discussions. Hope y'all will still comment. Jen

  • Yes, absolutely!

  • Look, I am not uptight...I am about as socially liberal as they come, and while I am just as irritated by the troll as everyone else, he is bringing up some good points. You guys have clearly taken this topic in a direction it should have never gone. Fantasizing about girls smoking is one thing, but overtly trying to add a sexual aspect to the conversation is over the line in my humble opinion. Sorry to be a killjoy.

  • I agree. I think there's some genuine people on here sharing there own, real life experiences. But I also think there is a few people on here definitely living in a complete fantasy land, they aren't only lieing, it'd creepy.

  • Interesting choice of the word destined. Strange how exposing how sick and twisted your posts are has that effect.

  • Jen, Shannon, Edy, Beth, Et All:
    Well, S.' big shopping day is over!
    The girl really did a great job finding what she wanted. Right at the moment, she's giving me and her Dad a fashion show. She tried everything on at the stores and is so happy! I must admit, she surprised me with her choices, and I'm surprised at my acceptance.
    My husband is grilling, so we'll be eating soon. When things calm down, I'll fill you in on what she bought.

  • Pictures or GTFO!

  • I'm new here hope y'all are ok with me jumping in my name is Carol I started smoking at age 6 from age 6 to 8 I smoked about pack a day once I got use to the habit
    age 8 to 11 about 2 packs and from age 11 to now age 32 I smoke 3 packs a day I have a 7 year old daughter who now smokes about 1 1/2 packs a day I smoked while I was pregnant with her and never made it a point to go outside when I smoked ever since she was a baby I've always smoked in the car with the windows closed and always smoked in the house and while feeding her when she was a baby I let her start smoking on her own on her 6th birthday took her about a week to inhale without issues but she also occasionally got puffs from me since age 4 I try to not let her smoke in public monies inside the car but sometimes that does not work does anyone here let there kids smoke in public? Any advise? - carol

  • Welcome Carol nice to have you in our discussion! Y'all welcome to join in at any time hon. Jen

  • Thanks hoping her amount will increase this summer when schools out in a few weeks

  • Oh, and there is an amazing invention called punctuation. You should try it sometime!

  • Oh cool, another dude posing as a woman! Welcome Carol! You planning in turning her into a sėx object too like these other degenerates?

  • Lol not at all kids are not s** objects

  • Still at the mall.
    We stopped first to get her make-up, and the sales beautician gave her some tips on make-up and showed her how to apply it. She looks absolutely great.
    Then, S. wanted to get her sandals and wanted me to go with her. She bought four pairs - three pairs of wedges and one medium heel, sort of dressy.
    I'm at the book store right now, while she's out shopping for her new clothes. We're going to meet for lunch in about an hour, and then she'll finish her shopping.
    Everything seems to be going well, but the style of what she purchases will tell the tale. I said to try everything on to make sure it's really what you like. I also reminded her, this is your day - choose what you want and what you'll be happy with.
    Let you know later how it all goes.

  • Cool! Be sure to teach her how to properly smoke before you drop her on the street corner looking for johns. Got the h***** wear already bought, right?

  • You really are a small, disgusting, little man, aren't you?
    A previous post stated you were a disease, like herpes.
    Such a shame you give herpes a bad name.
    Is there a busy highway near the rock you live under?
    You should go play in traffic.

  • Sounds like you know just how awful herpes is first hand. Any other diseases you can personally compare me to?

  • I don't know how awful herpes is, first hand or otherwise. but I do know what a disgusting wretch you are, by your own filthy, perverted mouth.

  • Awww, am I getting to you?

    You're right, I am a wretch. Wonder what that makes someone who gets off thinking about little girls dressing like whöres and smoking?

  • Not at all. You should just recognize yourself for what your are.

  • Thanks to you, I do!

    How's it dangling? Your tiny useless cöck that is?

  • You really should get help.

  • You're my help, this is therapeutic for me.

    Keep posting, my mood gets better every time!

  • Lol not sure why people are doubting me.....I get that it seams unreal my husband and I are both heavy smokers I smoked while I was pregnant and smoke in the house and in the car with the windows up she's been around 2nd hand smoke her entire life

  • Can't wait to hear, is she taking smoking breaks too? Jen

  • Me and the other 5 guys pretending to be women can't wait either! Hurry up and tell us the next installment of your fantasy so we can continue playing with our cöcks!

  • Beth most people here don't doubt you at all, it just that some people don't understand. Especially the fact that your daughter is only 5, people have trouble understanding I think, perhaps antis or non smokers. Jen

  • No, we understand just fine...we understand that you are a man that posts in multiple sites about this subject, dating back several years. It's so awesome you have an endless supply of 5 year old chain smoking daughters! Amazing!

  • Hi have never posted to any other site what are you talking about? I was searching for forums about patents who let there kids smoke and found this lol I'm not the only beth in the world haha

  • With the email adress bethmom24@gmx? Ok, I am sure its just an amazing coincidence. Two identical people with the same email address posting about the same unique topic, is this the story you're going with?

    Give it up man.

  • Were are you seeing this? I wanna know its news to me

  • Don't be a retărd...I posted the link below and you replied to it. Here it is again little man.

  • Your right I fit it about that but in the comments I was asking for videos to see before I thought about making my daughter gracie start

  • Whatever you gotta tell yourself, man. Only a fūcking ídiot (like those that congregate on this board) would buy that story "Beth"

  • Forgot to sign haha post about being around 2nd hand smoke - beth

  • He's a f****** troll

  • Come step onto my bridge!

    What's your real name? I'm guessing Jeff, Bill, or Steve.

  • What's YOUR real name - Trump?

  • Hillary

  • Ignore him ladies-maybe he'll m********* himself to death. People who scream the loudest about an issue are usually the ones with the problem.

  • Yes "ladies", ignore me! Long enough to put your tiny c**** back in your pants.

    Not going away. Ever.

  • Vermin - your like human herpes - a disease.

  • Ooh, nice one! You're so clever, did you think of that by yourself?

  • Lol, there is probably 4 guys on this board all sitting around in their parents basement pretending to be women and jerking off to this ridiculous topic. Beth = J = Jen = Shannon = A MAN PRETENDING TO BE A WOMAN, YOU FUĆKING SICK ASŚHOLES.

  • Just spent ages reading all these great comments. I agree whole heartedly that children of any age should be free to smoke if they wish. I'm a smoker myself, I love it and will never quit, and have an 11 year old daughter. I would never force her to smoke, or even try to talk her into it, but if she ever came to me and said she wanted to try it I'd be very supportive of it and teach her. Unfortunately she doesn't seem interested in it.

    It's great to read that I'm not alone in my thoughts on smoking. It is one of life's great pleasures, & it shouldn't be restricted.

  • This is so great to read. I'd like my own 11 year old daughter to be a smoker, but I've never mentioned it to her and she doesn't seem interested in it, complains about the smell etc..

  • Perhaps it's time to ask her, maybe encourage her to try it. Welcome by the way and what's your name. Nice to see another pro smoking mom. Jen

  • Hi Jen, I don't mean to mislead you, I'm a Dad. My names Tommy. I came across this today as a friend and I were discussing this topic the other day. I kept my thoughts to myself at the time as most people are so anti smoking, including my friend.

    I have wondered about maybe bringing the topic up to my daughter, but I don't really know how to. I don't view smoking in a sexual way at all, just think it's one of life's great pleasures and I wouldn't mind her expericing the joys of being a smoker

  • Well welcome Dad, nice to see you'd like to expose your 11 year old daughter to smoking. Jen

  • I just know how much pleasure smoking gives me. Cigarettes are a friend. It wouldn't bother me at all if my daughter wanted to be a smoker. I'm just unsure how to bring it up. Have you any advice? Tommy

  • Tommy just tell her it's fun and grown up looking, that's about all you can do. Jen

  • Thanks Jen. When the times right I'm sure we'll have the conversation. If she shows any curiosity to smoking at all I'll tell her that I enjoy it, and that she's welcome to try it.

  • You mean how much pleasure you get from fantasizing about little girls? Here's some advice...drop dead, you sick fůck.

  • My name is Pedro

  • You mean a pro smoking dude? Lol

  • Jen, Shannon, Beth, et al:
    I think I've come to a decision on what I'm going to do about S.' request regarding he clothes and sandals.
    Tomorrow, I'm going to surprise her with a trip to the mall, first go with her to get her make-up, and then turn her loose with my credit card. I'm going to spend some time at a favorite book store, and let her shop on her own, to her hearts' desire. No restrictions, no criticisms, no Mom.
    I'm going to tell her to get three pairs of sandals, and half a dozen outfits or more, as adult and sexy as she desires. I'm going to insist she try everything on so she's happy with her purchases.
    Hopefully, this will allow me to see what it is she is looking for (as far as her image of what she has in mind).
    I really hope this works out as well as my decision to allow her to smoke!
    Wish me luck.

    P.S. We'll see what we do with her other clothes later!

  • To J. : I am looking forward to hearing how the shopping spree went. I really feel that it is the best decision. Let this be the first step in "taking off the leash" and setting her free. She has shown you her ability to be mature by her smoking. So now is a good time to take off the controls and let her find her own path. I think you will like the results.

  • I'm beginning to see that!
    Perhaps my apprehension is unwarranted. She is a good daughter and very comfortable with her own body. She's quite at ease with nudity around our pool with all her cousins , as well as Eric, our cleaning lady's son ( see previous posts).
    I'm going to remain as open-minded and accepting as I can. I don't want to destroy her efforts to , as you say, find her own path.
    Thanks for your support.

  • Sweet! Maybe Eric and her cousins can all run a train on her soon, now that you condone turning your pre-pubescent daughter into a s***. Be sure to take lots of pictures!

  • You must be a religious nut.
    you don't know what you're talking about.

  • I am a religious nut, good guess!

    I worship Kali, and she demands blood sacrifice! Any volunteers? How about all your imaginary daughters?

  • J., I think this is a really awesome idea! What a great way to show your trust in her and to let her make her own decisions about her style and looks. Good job! Keep us all posted. --Shannon

  • Great idea, I couldn't suggest anything any better. You are such a good mom! Let her make her own choices and see what she chooses. Then as I suggested to Beth yesterday, you and S can burn the frumpy clothes. Just because I like a flair for the dramatic. Again nice choice hon. Jen

  • Can't wait to hear what she picks Gracie is loving her new belly shirts only attire and is keeping a great 2 to 2.5 packs a day smoking rate would love to see her hit 3 packs I let her smoke in the car and at the park no one has said a word I let her have one as we walked to the car leaving Wal-Mart not sure if that's a great idea tho haha

  • Do you think Gracie is addicted Yet? If not, keep at it until she is. o

  • I think she is addicted yes she hit 3 packs just shy of 3 packs today she had one as we got in the car to go to the store and finished another as we walked to the main doors after about 80 minutes in the store she told me she thinks she needed a cigarette to which some lady gave me a dirty look haha quickly finished shopping and let her light up when we got out of the store walking to the car she told me she felt better in the car after she finished it - beth

  • Omg I have heard some bullshiť here but this is really on a whole new level. A five year old 3 pack a day smoker right after starting? Wow, you are all freaking morons if for one second you believe this load.

  • I want her to be at 3 packs a day so far its been 2 to 2.5

  • That is really fantastic! It sure sounds like she is hooked already, and that's a good thing! Even now, don't put any limits on her. Continue letting her smoke as much as she wants and as much as she can tolerate. Like somebody else wrote in here, let the cigarettes win. Everything from here on is just a matter of locking in her addiction and making it rock solid and permanent. YAY! Such great news! --Shannon

  • Yes its great she just woke up and came out to the living room smoking and is watching tv for the first time now she lit a 2nd one after she finished her first one of the day if she keeps that up we may hit a new goal today! She told me she woke up to go potty last night and wanted one but didint know if it was ok since I was not awake I told her if she needs one in the middle of the night to have one

  • Absolutely right have one in the middle of the night! Perhaps open the valve on an oxygen tank and store some gas cans under her bed too.

  • She has 3 to 4 cigarettes every hour I'm amazing so young but she keeps up with me

  • Its amazing not in amazing lol - beth

  • Ignore the random "o"

  • I also tried that bravenet site, and it wanted me to sign up, and I couldn't get to any chatroom. I'm just going to forget it.
    It's a website builder site.
    Let's just talk here, OK?

  • I agree, we continue here, we continue to exchange our experiences and a happiness of girls

  • To Jen...(Shannon here)

    Thanks for trying. It's unfortunate that that site doesn't work.

    It's also unfortunate that some people see this convo as something it is not. I personally don't see it as anything nefarious or nasty. I take it to be an honest conversation about kids smoking and the positive effects that it brings, such as self confidence, a stronger sense of self, a greater maturity, and more of an awareness of the style they want for themselves. I don't think any of us moms would tolerate for a second anyone attempting to harm or physically "sexualize" our kids. I know I wouldn't, and for the short time i have been here, I already get the feeling that none of the rest of us would either.
    Ok. I'm off my soapbox. On with the conversation...

  • Hi sweety(Shannon) totally agree some people here just don't get it. They have to criticize us, I see no reason for it. We are moms who enjoy our girls smoking and dressing how they like. We are not here to offend anyone. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone. About the website perhaps it's down now. Ill give it again in case anyone wants to try again. Just Google smoking fun bravenet then click on the top link that comes up. You don't have to set anything up. Good luck. Jen

  • Exactly

  • The above was also also meant for J and the others ( you know who you are) who I think will agree with me...from shannon.

  • Wow, this thread has taken a serious turn for the creepy. Some would call me sick for letting my kids smoke at an early age, but sexualizing them is a whole different matter.
    It was nice chatting with some of you. Good luck!

  • Anna
    Agree. Some of the posts are really suspect - a 5 year old wearing make-up?

  • Yes she does I don't see a problem with it considering she smokes haha

  • Point taken!

  • It was nice sharing experiences with similar minded parents, but lately this has seemingly become a hangout for pedophiles. Will not participate in providing mental candy for this. Thanks for understanding.

  • It would not say pedophile, but that escapes to what this space is proposed, that is to exchange ideas of how to let our children live the pleasure of smoking, only to smoke.

  • J, isn't it foolish that there is no smoking on school grounds. Things have sure changed from older days. Well I put my husband out tonight, I've had enough. The girls seem good with they see how he's been acting so foolish and childish about the girls smoking. After all they have every right to smoke. He claims they are too young and smoking will damage their health. Spook he's out. Just an update. Both girls have chain smoked since. Jen

  • Jen:
    To those who smoke, it may seem foolish. Even as a smoker, I understand, the schools and school districts are in the position of answering to the taxpayers. Most taxpayers today are on the anti-smoking side of the argument.
    I hope now that your husband is out of the picture, your situation will be less stressful on everyone.
    Has the girls' smoking increased? Has there been any sexual acting out?
    Look for unusual manifestations in their behavior. They may be outwardly happy, but they may also assume some blame for the situation. It's not true, of course, but children don't think like adults.
    Now I have a question. Please answer with your honest best.
    With our family gathering this weekend, I'm thinking of allowing S. to use some make-up for the first time. Nothing extreme. A little blush. A little eye shadow. Some lip gloss. Enough to accentuate her features. I don't want to make her look too old for her age, but her smoking has somehow changed how she carries herself.
    Let me know what you think, Jen. And anyone else who cares to comment. I really do appreciate all of your input. Also, any suggestions on how she might improve her dress, and what would be good to wear with her new persona. She just doesn't seem like a little girl anymore. Even at seven, more like a pre-teen young lady.
    Thanks to all who can help and suggest.

  • Hi J, so happy he's gone for good now I can raise my girls the way I want with no interference. I am very liberal and believe the girls should look and act older. I believe it instills confidence. Sure I think makeup would be a great idea hon, after all smoking is an adult thing and S has chosen that path, so yes by all means go for it. As for my girls I haven't seen a change yet in their behavior since he left, but after all it was just yesterday. Not sure what you mean by the girls sexually acting out. Can you explain that please because it's sounds great lol. Please get back to me. Jen

  • Jen:
    How about the way they want to dress? Nude around the pool, in private, is one thing. Out in public is another. Both of our professions require a certain decorum, and yet, I don't wish to unduly confine S.' self-expression. She's too beautiful a girl to restrict to clothing one would find in a convent!

  • J, allow her to dress as she pleases. I say let her express herself let other people deal with it, after all she's your little girl. I say burn all the little girls outfits hon, and by all means let her wear her makeup. Let her be free! Jen

  • Jen:
    i'm beginning to to think she's not so little anymore! She has really surprised me, in a very short time.
    We'll see after tomorrow!
    I'll keep everyone posted.

  • Good Point!

  • Jen:
    I have to get S. to school and then on to my own, so no time at the moment. Your comment to "let her be free" , is almost prophetic in its irony. I tell you later when time permits.

  • Jen.
    I see your point.
    I'm not opposed to self-expression. For all my confidence in her, I want to let her be as free as possible, without creating a monster! She's too sweet, but I can see she also has the potential to be very determined.
    Do I let all the restraints off and let her run, so to speak , or keep the leash on?
    How far do let your girls pursue their individuality? And how far would you let them go?

  • I know I am new here and my opinion may not count much yet. But I have been reading the posts. My opinion is this: RELEASE THE LEASH! Let her find her own direction. She will know her own limits.

  • All opinions count!

  • By the way, the above is from me (Shannon). I forgot to sign.

  • Hi j, as I said I'm very liberal so I say take the leash off completely she will know how far to go. She's smoking now so she has already shown you her maturity. Up to you but she seems like a very well grounded little girl. Now that their father is out I will be very understanding and trust them fully. Jen

  • Take the leash off completely ??!!
    So your experience is almost anything is appropriate? Do you have any issues or problems with boys (any age) showing unwanted attention? Have you personally encountered any problems? Does the manner of your girls' attire combined with smoking pose an issue? Does the way your girls dress, make the image of a young girl smoking seem more acceptable because it gives the appearance of being older?
    I'm sorry for all the questions, but I'm trying to find my way in the dark, so to speak.
    I really want S. to be happy with her own self-image, so long as it doesn't lead to unwanted situations or problems. S. has oodles of self-confidence, so I'm really not concerned about her being able to handle herself.
    At this point, your opinion will be valued and a great help.
    I promised her an answer, and I would like to comfortable with what I tell her, and what I will let her do.
    Please help me !!!

  • Gracie handles it just fine she gets more looks obviously out wearing belly shirts short shorts and makeup while smoking but she knows that she can say no if someone is doing more. Then just looking at her- beth

  • Jen & Others:
    Quick class break here.
    Last night, my husband was working late.
    S. and I were talking, and she said, "Mom, if I'm old enough to smoke, I want to dress older so if we're out in public and I'm smoking, people won't see me as being so young".
    I admit, she had a point. I asked her what she had in mind. She said she wanted to wear crop-tops, camisoles,and shorter skirts and make-up. She also wanted sandals with wedges and little heels. I said, let me think it over and we'll continue the conversation later.
    So here I am. My baby just told me she's no longer a baby. I know I've opened this door myself, but I just don't want things to move too fast, and yet things are moving fast. I do want to allow her as much freedom as I can and I'm finding saying "no" to her may appear unreasonable in light of allowing her to smoke in the first place.
    Any thoughts or comments would be welcome.
    Perhaps I'm looking for reinforcement or maybe, recrimination.
    I just want S. to be happy with herself. No matter what she wears, I know the lovely girl she is.
    Thoughts, please!!!

  • Let her wear anything she wants as I stated earlier Gracie now only will be wearing crop tops/belly shirts short shorts and short skirts started with adding make up today and she's 5 so 7 is more then old enough she defiantly stands out more for sure

  • Jen.
    By sexually acting out, I mean doing anything overtly different from what has been the norm, either by them self, or with someone else. Nothing intended or implied here, more a question of radical change - like, as an example, all of a sudden, wetting the bed.

  • Jen:
    All I'm saying, this has been traumatic for the girls. It has impacted their lives. I only hope in a good way.

  • Not wetting the bed but I did notice they were much more affectionate towards me yesterday. Like kissing me more hugging, and even my oldest placing my hand on here leg near her thigh area. I didn't realize this might be caused by what's happening with their father. Be interesting to see what happens next perhaps. Jen

  • Awesome. Maybe they will ask to lick your p**** soon. This is where you're going with this ridiculous fantasy, right?

  • They're affectionate because you are their sole protection, I'm guessing.

  • Hi, my name is Shannon and I am new here. I have been reading and following these awesome posts for awhile. I hope you won't mind if I jump in here to comment and join the discussion. I am a passionate and committed smoker and I enthusiastically believe in letting kids of any age smoke as much as they want. I am unmarried (never was married; never wanted to be) with 3 girls, whose initials are K, M, and A. In that order they are 10, 8, and 7. They are from 2 previous relationships, and the dad's are not in the picture. All 3 girls started smoking, with my wholehearted and enthusiastic support at about age 6. During the school year, they all manage to smoke around 1 pod, more on the weekends. During the summer months and school vacations, K usually does about 2 ppd and her younger sisters are at about 1.5 ppd each. They know they have no limits on their amounts. Truthfully, if they had time--and the desire--to smoke 5 ppd, I wouldn't stop them. I am VERY proud that they smoke so much! They were exposed to cigarettes from the beginning, as I smoked about 2 ppd during all my pregnancies and then never made any effort to keep them away from my smoking. As soon as they showed any interest in smoking, I let them get started. They are now all 3 COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, and FOREVER addicted to smoking, which, to be honest, is exactly what I hoped would happen when I let them start.
    (I will continue this message on the next post, so that I don't exceed the limit)

  • (Shannon here...continuing from my previous post)
    I allow all 3 of my girls to make their own decisions about the way they dress, wear makeup, and act. All 3 are somewhat more "sophisticated" than their age, as they all prefer to wear very short (and tight) shorts, very short skirts, belly shirts and tank tops, and often are barefoot, where possible, in the summer. We have a big backyard, surrounded by a privacy fence. We have a pool and they often enjoy swimming and sunning in the nude. They also have freedom of expression in their language, as long as their language never becomes racist or hurtful. In other words, except in the above situations, their speech is never censored. We live near beaches on the east coast, and in the summer they wear their thong bikinis, with no shame. I give my girls alot of freedom to be themselves and to choose their own styles and behavior. I would encourage all of you with smoking daughters to allow them to do the same, to the level that they themselves choose. Above all, make VERY sure to let your kids smoke as much and as often as they possibly can and do everything in your power to let them become totally and completely and FOREVER addicted to smoking as soon as possible, regardless of their ages. That should always be our number one priority. Beyond that, let them dress and act however they feel most comfortable. Thanks in advance for (hopefully) allowing me to become a part of your discussion group.

  • Hi Shannon Jen here. There is a chat room on the internet called smoking fun bravenet, I'd love to chat with you on there one on one this morning if you can. Let me know. Jen

  • Jen any other chat rooms we can use? Or some other form of non public convo? I use my smart phone for this and don't have a computer chat does not support the java program required for it

  • Jen...i have tried to connect to that website several times and it won't let me. I do everything it says to do, and it won't let me in. Yet I would like to discuss the topic further. Any ideas?

  • You may need to use a desktop commuter to hook up with chat rooms. It only works on my desktop not with my tablet. Jen

  • Again, I forgot to sign ( I am such an amateur!). The above is by Shannon.

  • Just put in smoking fun bracelet, than your first name is all. Jen

  • Nope, Jen. That doesn't work. That sends me to a site that requires me to sign up for bravenet and when I try, it refuses to allow me to because it says my system isn't supported. So I seem to be dead in the water.

  • Same here we need to find a chat room I think

  • Me too

  • Me too.

  • Were can this chat room be found would like a better place to talk about Gracie

  • I found the site but how do we connect on it? is my email if you want to email info

  • Https://

    Wow Bethmom, putting up pics of girls smoking 2 years ago.
    If you're a woman, then I'm the fúcking king of England.

  • I did not post any pics........

  • Yeah sorry, googling your email address definitely brings one that website, posted 2 years ago.

    Give it up, dude.

  • I will have to go there later, as I am short on time right now.

  • Yes!

  • Hey jen
    Pass the address of this chat room

  • Smoking fun bravenet

  • I passed it.. copied and pasted the address to my local crimestoppers and FBI cyber crimes division.

  • Hi Shannon and welcome! I'm happy you posted and we as moms are very similar in our ways of raising our girls. I'm a very liberal mom who believes in smoking young and girls doing more grown up thing at a young age. Even the swearing is cute as long as nobody is offended. In fact when they use the f word it's actually kinda cute. As far as how they dress, yesterday I burned all little girl things and today we are going out to buy new clothes for summer,nice revealing clothes. Now that their father is out we will do as we please. So welcome and feel free to chat. Jen

  • Thanks, Jen! I'm very happy to be here among other moms who are as liberal and open as i am. It isnt often that we get to express ourselves about such issues, is it? I have always believed in a very liberal parenting sthle with my kids, as that was the way I was raised too. I enthusuastically and unashamedly am in favor of kids being allowed to smoke at as early an age as possible. I don't advocate forcing a child to smoke--as that might have the opposite effect and turn them against it--but I definitely am in favor of freely exposing them to it from the outset and presenting it to them as being a very positive and wonderful and pleasurable thing to fully indulge in. In that way, do I believe in steering them toward smoking and influencing them to start? ABSOLUTELY! And after they choose to start, I strongly advocate making sure they smoke alot and get 1000% addicted to it and thereby never even THINK about quitting! If that's a bad thing, OH WELL!
    (More to follow)

  • (Shannon here...continuing)

    Elaborating on what I began earlier...i believe that smoking does indeed lend itself to more sophistication and "worldliness" for young girls. They become more aware of themselves and the world around them--and more "flirty." They also enjoy wearing more "provocative" clothing. As a liberal mom, I really don't see anything wrong with that (within limits, of course). I certainly wasn't the shyest of children myself. As i stated before, my girls are not ashamed of their bodies and see nothing wrong with swimming and sunbathing nude or publicly wearing thong bikinis. And I see nothing wrong with allowing them to do so. Also, linguistically, nothing they say is censored as long as they don't use racist terms or say things that will hurt or belittle someone or cause a confrontation. So "conversational swearing" has always been allowed and even encouraged in our household and always will be. Frankly, I agree that it is even cute! My girls freely pepper their everyday conversations with swear words. But they also know when to turn it off in situations where it might be inappropriate. I think their smoking is just another positive part of their lifestyle.

  • Shannon, welcome. For my part it is very good to receive more people who contribute to this discussion.
    How old are you, when and how did you start smoking?

  • I am 28, unmarried, and have been smoking since age 7.

  • Shannon, welcome. For my part it is very good to receive more people who contribute to this discussion.
    How old are you, when and how did you start smoking

  • Hello everyone.
    Being very sincere, I never spoke in quantity to my nieces, I always spoke in pleasure, how nice to smoke, what to smoke and a special moment. They at first smoked 1/2 ppd, gave a little to them when it was smoking would be by will, taking advantage, taught tricks, things pleasurable, over time were increasing the amount up to 1ppd.
    Another thing, I do not like the cigarette association and sexuality, this form of association spoils the image of the smoker, smoking becomes inappropriate. Smoking and an art, something that has to be shared, but the child and only a child who was fortunate enough to be allowed to smoke.

  • Edy:
    I agree,to an extent, but also, do you not think that a young girl, a teen girl, or woman who is smoking, lends itself to a certain image? A woman who smokes elegantly, has a certain image that cannot help but have a sexual connotation to that image? As a woman, I find that a handsome man, well dressed, confident, smoking a fine cigar, also projects a certain image. And that image does, at its heart, convey a certain sexuality?
    After all, much of what we do in life, has sexuality associated with it, even if it's subliminal, subdued, or overt.
    A girl or woman wears makeup, has her hair done, paints her nails, dresses, walks and carries herself in a certain way. It's all sexual, whether we admit or not.
    Your thoughts please!

  • Gracie (who's 5) will start wearing makeup on a daily baisis tomorrow today we tossed all her little kid clothes and now she will only be wearing short shorts, mini skirts and belly shirts she literally does not have a single shirt that covers her belly anymore now that she smokes and she loves it. It was her choice to make this change to the way she dresses

  • That's great they are chaining I think Gracie is almost ready to chain she's at 2.5 ppd today so far

  • Ya my girls are chaining now that their Dad is gone. I'm sure it will continue now. They asked if they can stay up late to smoke. I told them yes, ill keep them home from school tomorrow, they've been through a lot. Jen

  • Beth, ill bet Gracie looks great in her belly shirts and short skirts. She's quite a smoking young lady. Did you burn her little girls clothes yet? Or did you let Gracie burn them?

  • Beth, The makeup is a good idea my girls use it all the time. Jen

  • Yea we are gonna put them in a metal can and burn them all she told me she's never gonna stop smoking and will never wear a top that covers her belly ever again she looks amazing in belly shirts thinking I will have her start wearing makeup ever day now too home schooling her next term so she can keep smoking and since I don't think schools allow belly shirts she said even in the winter when its cold she wants to wear them lol she's at 2.5 packs today thinking reds may not be strong enough?

  • Good that you burn them all. What business are you guys in, if you don't mind my asking. What other brand are you considering if the reds are not strong enough? Jen

  • We own 2 express oil change shops not sure what's better for her then reds

  • I know reds are very strong, the only brand stronger would be a non filter cigarette.

  • May not need stronger ones thinking may just be smoking so much because it's something new and fun ?

  • Jen:
    Apparently, my day went better than yours.
    I'm so sorry , but your situation is heartbreaking - especially if violence is involved.
    Yes, S. had a lovely day. Two cigarettes when she got up, two cigarettes after having breakfast, and one on the way to school.
    After we got home from school, she spent most of the time before dinner working on her all-over tan and smoking by the pool.
    It's almost midnight, and S. is asleep, but before bed, I think she actually finished her first full pack of cigarettes.
    She loves her smoking, and I'm glad she has the freedom to indulge.
    I also feel badly for you and your daughters. I find it regrettable your husband is so narrow-minded and self-righteous. He sounds like a tyrant.
    If you like, I'll keep writing, but I hate to tell you how good things are here, while not very nice by you. Let me know.
    Best wishes and good luck.

  • How cool
    It can be said that S. is already part of the worlds of smokers.
    You did a fine job of letting her have access to this pleasant habit.
    Congratulations to the family

  • Thank you. I appreciate everyone's positive feedback and comments.

  • J please keep writing I need the support and appreciate it, thanks. As Susan said in another post it may be decision time for me. He actually threw the girls cigarettes out in the trash yesterday, now they are upset poor things. On another note you guys had a great day I'm so happy for you! Nice tan all over, does that mean what I think it means? If so that's very cool. Sounds like you have a lifetime smoker on your hands hon. Please write back I love to hear from you.

  • Jen.
    Yes, I'll keep writing , if you wish. I don't want to discourage you, or make you feel badly because my situation is so different.
    S. is doing great! Her father has been so supportive of her smoking, it really gave a tremendous boost to her confidence. She's only in her sixth day of smoking, and she's at just about a pack a day, at this point. Our support for her allows her great freedom to smoke as much as she desires. The only limits, are what she sets.
    And yes, her all-over tan is just what you inferred. We have a lovely home, with a pool, cabana, and it's all enclosed and very private, which permits us a wonderful leisure atmosphere.
    At about age two, when S. was out of diapers, we had a certified life guard come to the house, and teach her to swim. With a pool, it just made sense. Ever since, she has been swimming and sunning nude. As with smoking, she has great freedom. Nudity at our home is an accepted thing.
    Well, my students are filing in, and my first class is about to begin.
    If you're up to it, I'll write later.
    Good luck with your day. I do hope your situation resolves itself.

  • Are you a school teacher J? Jen

  • Yes. I teach English at a middle school, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

  • How does the school you work deal with this issue, children smokers?
    Do you know any students who smoke?

  • Smoking is not permitted on school grounds by anyone. It can make things a bit of a challenge at times.
    This is why I may have to resort to nicotine patches for S. when she resumes classes next term. She is at a different school, but the rules are similar.

  • Of course I'm up to chatting with you, I realize that everyone's situation is different and I respect that. I will handle this situation very soon. My girls are smoking behind his back for now, no way they quitting. Cool you can enjoy your pool nude. Smoking nude sounds like fun too, that's an idea we will use, smoking nude. Keep in touch hon I'm ok honest! Jen

  • Actually, S. has five cousins, between ages 5 and 9, two boys, and three girls. When they come over to swim, all the kids go skinny dipping in the pool. When my cleaning lady comes do do my house on Saturdays, she has boy, 11 years old. I told her to bring him along , and he can swim with S. or the other kids, if they're around. We make a day of it, and the kids have a blast!
    At the moment, S. is the only one smoking. But I'm wondering if that is about to change as well! We'll see after this weekend family get together.

  • Be cool if they all started smoking. Then again they just be shocked to see S smoking. Are the parents liberal enough to allow their kids to smoke? Make sure to keep us posted as the weekend unfolds. Do many kids that you teach smoke,, or is it rare in these days! Jen

  • I'm quite certain, a number of children do smoke, but it's not an open problem. The students leave campus for lunch if they wish, so who knows.
    As for the cousins smoking, we'll just have to wait and see.
    S. made me promise not to say a word to anyone, so her "coming out" would be a surprise! I think it will be!

  • And the treatment given by most schools.

    This weekend will be of news, as the cousins ​​will react to see S. smoking

  • Hi Jen
    The girls are smoking ???

  • Yes edy how could I deprive them any longer. He's out today so was easier. They looked so happy smoking again. Jen

  • That's right, and they smoked a lot?
    You're brave, you'll win this fight.

  • Yes a lot while he was out. Thanks for your support. Jen

  • J How was your day hope it was better than mine. Did your daughter have a nice smoking day? Sure hope everything is ok. Jen

  • Beth I can't remember are you married, my husband is giving my girls a bad time since I taught them to smoke. I don't really know what to do next? Any ideas hon. Jen

  • Yes I am he thought it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen

  • You are lucky to have a husband who likes her smoking. Mine does not he's anti, if you've seen my other posts you Will understand. Jen

  • Hi Jen
    I guess it must be all very confusing, but rest assured you made the right decision. This anger will pass, he will soon see the joy of the girls

  • Hi edy I'm not sure he will ever allow my girls to smoke, he actually threw their cigarettes in the trash yesterday. They are so upset now, I don't know where to turn now. Jen

  • Time to go on strike.
    Do not cook for him.
    Do not do his laundry.
    Do not clean the house.
    Do not converse with him. Do not respond if he attempts to engage in conversation.
    Isolate him from your life and your daughters lives as much as possible.
    Marginalize his life.

  • I will take your ideas and also may go further than that actually. Thanks jen

  • I agree with the last post above. Only take care of yourself and your daughters.
    Let Mr. Boss fend for himself.

  • To relax a little.
    Which one of the girls was smoking the best?
    Who was smoking the most?
    Tell details, to relax a little, to change the focus at this time.

  • Good morning.
    What a boring situation, very disgusting for family, and especially for you who was allowing a pleasant experience to his daughters. Decisions to be taken, the girls must be very confused, and every time they see you smoke the will is going to be huge in them. Now it's time for patience, and for you cigarettes to help you relax.

  • Morning edy it's a bad situation, when I smoke I feel so bad for my girls, the youngest even cried this morning. I need to make a decision soon. This can't go on my girls are so upset. Jen

  • Which one of the girls was smoking the best?
    Who was smoking the most?
    Tell details, to relax a little, to change the focus at this time.

  • My oldest was smoking the most but both did well. They sneaked a couple today while he was out. Jen

  • Very anxious to hear about Hubby's reaction! Let us know as soon as you can. Will he become angry or violent? I hope he just accepts the inevitable, for everyone's sake. Good luck and post right away!

  • Unfortunately he was both angry and violent, he was upset because he very anti smoking and also he thinks the girls are far too young to smoke. I'm different in that regard, I feel let them experience life to its fullest. I agree they are very young at 6 and 8 but I still feel it's their right to smoke if they choose to. I really don't know where this is headed at this time. Jen

  • Angry and violent? Did he get physical with you or the girls?
    If so, most unacceptable.

  • Susan here.
    If he gets violent over something such as this, you really need to consider making a hard choice.
    Is being married to a violent husband worth endangering yourself or your girls?
    Think about it.

  • Hi Susan thanks for your latest post. Yes I think it's decision time very soon, he ace threw my daughter's cigarettes out in the trash. They are very upset now poor things, they are too young for this. They were doing so good smoking and were very happy doing so. Jen

  • He did actually, now the girls feel bad and are not smoking. All my efforts seem worthless my teaching them to smoke.

  • Did he hit you?
    That is assault and battery.
    If he did, make a police report.
    If he did it once, he'll do it again.
    If he says he won't - that's bullshit.

  • And normal their reaction, no matter how much smoking they want, they do not want to disappoint their father.
    Your effort was and will be valid, they will smoke.
    Are you smoking? Smoke well show that smoking relaxes, helps to calm, another lesson for your daughters.
    I amor Here

  • Thanks edy I appreciate your support. Sure I am still smoking and ill never ever quit for him, just disappointed the girls have stopped keep in touch!.

  • Talk to us and keep the girls from smoking near him

  • I will keep you informed Edy. Keep in touch I need that. The girls need to smoke! Jen

  • Did you make a video of her smoking? Show them, to see happiness, and watch you too, to see that the effort is worth it

  • Did you make a video of her smoking? Show them, to see happiness, and watch you too, to see that the effort is worth it

  • Prevent the girls from smoking near him.
    You also do not smoke near him.
    I will be here

  • I don't agree.
    I think both you and your daughters should smoke right in front of him, and let him know, this is how it is, and this is how it will continue to be.
    Do not let him get the upper hand.

  • My girls have offered to stop smoking to keep the peace, they are such good girls. Jen

  • This is not between him and the girls, even if they quit smoking.
    This is a power struggle between the two of you.
    If you give in, he will dominate every aspect of your life, just as though he owns you.

  • Hi Jen
    I guess it must be all very confusing, but rest assured you made the right decision. This anger will pass, he will soon see the joy of the girls

  • I hope so, by the way are you Edy thanks Jen

  • Well I just heard from my husband and he is coming home today instead of later in the week. Well what he doesn't know yet is that he's coming home to a house with three smoker now instead of just me. Well what's done is done, I certainly can't reverse what is already been done. My girls are both smokers now no turning back now! Oh well we will soon see what happens. Jen

  • I agree with you, you made the right decision, your husband will respect your decision.
    How was the night of the girls, of the three girls, smoked a lot?

  • Yes Edy we all smoked a few after supper, my girls asked if they could take a n ashtray to their bedroom on the nightstand. I said yes as long as they are careful, so I noticed this morning that they had smoked a couple more after going to bed. Seems they are really getting into it. Jen

  • I always told the girls to be careful. Smoking requires responsibilities and care, it helps to mature the child. Your daughters are ready now, and support and appreciate them. Something I did with my nieces, to train inhale, I asked to smoke 2 at the same time, several times.

  • That's a great idea Edy two at once for them

  • Have you tried 2 at the same time?
    Reinforces deep inhaled.

    How did girls' day start, cigarettes at breakfast?

    I miss those times

  • Oh cigarettes before breakfast in their room

  • Actually cigarettes in their beds. Jen

    Your daughters are still are young children. I would advise no smoking in bed.
    Inattention could be disastrous.

  • Beth, How is Gracie doing hon. Hope all is well with her smoking. What brand is she smoking. Isn't it great our little girls are smoking, such a grown up activity. Feel free to chat with me. Jen

  • Thanks yes I just bought her a pack of reds lit her one and she took to it within 3 puffs she was inhaling without any issues 2 hours later she has smoked almost half a pack she just came up and told me she feels like her body wants something but she did not need to go potty and was not hungry i told her to go grab her cigarettes lit her one and she puff it down inhaling most of the puffs after she was done she said she felt "fun dizzy" and was happy! How many ppd is a good goal for her age and how many puffs should be inhaled at her age? What about smoking out in public especially when we go out of town for a few days

  • I went back to the store and bought her a carton she put a few packs in the car and the rest in her room now that she got the hang of the lighter I told her to smoke as much as she likes and I will buy her how ever many she needs as of now it's almost 10 pm and she's had a pack and a half since 7 am and seams to be shorting the time between cigs with every one she has I think she may ready be addicted lol

  • That's great news about Gracie, congrats. You are lucky she has taken to smoking so fast. Perhaps when you go out of town you can inlet her smoke openly, but I wouldn't let her smoke in your area where she is know, just be careful. Jen

  • Thanks as soon as she woke up today she had one in bed and then another with breakfast she's inhaling every puff now she told me she knows when she needs one I told her anytime she needs one to just light up without pre mission wish she could smoke more in public I let her have one at the park since no other people we there as she had her last 3 or so puffs some family came up to park and saw her but said nothing in fact the dad just looked and smiled haha

  • Hi Beth, great that Gracie could smoke at the park. Maybe that family was in shock to see a 5 year old smoking and inhaling so well. Is Gracie sticking to the Marlboro reds or does she want to try something else, like menthol perhaps. When Gracie starts school it may be h****** her especially since she will be addicted by that time. Any idea on what you might do hon. Jen

  • I have no idea what I will do haha school ends June 9th ish her I'm letting her skip pre school thru Monday so she can keep smoking and Hopefully get fully addicted asap she told me earlier she needed one so I'm thinking she may already be addicted partly is that possible on day 2? She went thru over a pack on day one and today at noon she is already about to finish a pack she got up at 7 am first thing she wanted was a cigarette

  • To Beth: What fantastic news that Gracie smoked 2 packs in a day! That is great! But I advise caution: don't be convinced that she is addicted yet; it may just be the excitement of a new thing. Keep her continuously supplied with cigarettes for the next few days. It should be easier now that you have decided to pull her out of school for the remaining days of the school year (EXCELLENT idea, by the way). I agree with the other poster that you should not allow her to slack off or slow down on the amount she smokes. If so, suggest to her that she should smoke. Try offering her rewards to continue and increase her amounts. This is the perfect time to get her addicted beyond the point of return, so that she will never consider quitting. Also, let her dress in whatever way she wants. If she associates her smoking with dressing like a teen or looking "hot," that will help with getting her fully addicted. And don't discourage the actions of the young male checker. As long as he just looks and comments, and doesn't attempt to touch her, that's ok. Let her know that he is looking at her and knows she smokes. That will make her more confident. Keep us posted.

  • Thanks yes she is obsessed with belly shirts so I told her long as she keeps up her smoking she can wear them every day wich made her very happy as far as the checker goes I told her she will be getting lots of acts attention from now on she's knwos the difference between being looked at and touched so we are fine there will prolly always buy from that 7/11 since I know she can ask for new things to try as she likes when she sees the ads

  • That's all great! Yes, teen boys will always look at anyone female of any age, and most are just doing harmless looking. It's good that Gracie knows the difference between simple attracted looks and improper acts and touching. Also, it's good that you let her wear whatever she wants. Just make sure that you keep the cigarettes going into her so that she will get hopelessly addicted FAST!
    I have an odd question: does Gracie ever say any swear words? Both of my daughter's started smoking at ages 6 and 7 and soon thereafter their swear words increased a bit. They had always been raised around swear words rather freely and had always been comfortable with them. So I never scolded them for it at all, because in our household, those were just normal words and expressions. When they started smoking, their confidence increased and with it came a slight increase in their swearing. I just let it happen. To be honest, it was rather cute! Just curious if that is something Gracie has been comfortable with. If not, no problem. Just wondering.

  • Just f work when she gets hurt or some one makes her mad she loved the attention from the guy haha

  • Beth, I agree with Jen. Now is a very crucial time in her smoking. It sounds as if you are doing everything right. You MUST do whatever is necessary to get her addiction to be ROCK SOLID right now. Give her as many opportunities as possible to smoke as much as she can. Encourage her smoking in every way. If she slacks off and goes for awhile between cigarettes, tell her that she needs to have one. You want her to be completely addicted so that she will not ever be able to escape it. Make sure the cigarettes win!

  • Wow that's so cool Beth, guess you did a great job with Gracie. If she's not addicted yet she's well on her way to total addiction for a lifetime. As far as school goes this year it's best you keep her home to let addiction set in and also you don't need the teacher smelling smoke on her. As far as next year in 1st grade be careful about sending her to school smelling of smoke. You don't need that aggravation. About the cravings at school I'm thinking of a nicotine patch or the gum. Is Gracie thinking of changing brands like a menthol perhaps. Honey you sure taught her right. Jen

  • I got her a pack of menthols to try she said they did not feel the same told her just keep them as a back up pack called the pre school said she won't be coming back cause were going on a "vacation" haha I think she may already be addicted she's at a pack and a half so far today in 8 hours

  • Wow Beth so cool pack and a half already for a 5 year old. Well at least you tried with the menthols, we like those but the reds are good as well. Good that you called the preschool tools them going on a vacation hehe. Well she's on a smoking vacation. Jen

  • Yep haha 2 packs so far now I can't
    Believe it we went to 7/11 for some drinks she saw a add for swisher sweets and asked me right in front of the 19 ish year old male checker if she could smoke some those too lol well the guy had been eyeing her since she walked in with me wearing her short shorts and belly shirt so he said he thought it was "hot" that she smokes got her a few to have as she hits goals such as 2 ppd or chaining ect did have a talk in the car about not blurting out she smokes in public tho haha

  • Are swishers like black n mild cigars, I love blk n milds. Did you buy her some cigars too. Sounds like the clerk thought she was cute. Wow 2 ppd cool. So proud hon.

  • Yes black and mild he could not take his eyes off her haha she just finished her 2nd pack wich was today's goal so I'm going to give her the swisher now I'm not sure if addiction is possible on day 2 but I think she's hooked for sure

  • Hi Beth, just checking in with you, another day of smoking for Gracie. How did she like the black n milds? They are a little stronger than cigarettes but they inhale very easily.Hope your day goes well, keep me informed hon. Jen

  • Thanks yes she just woke up and came down stairs cigarette in hand had. She had one in her room before she came down too

  • And she likes the black n milds will let her have them as a treat I was enjoying a margarita last night and she asked if she could have one not sure about that one maybe just maybe when she can do 3 ppd but I'm not sure

  • Well the drinking is up to you hon, maybe not a bad idea especially since she is so grown up and handling her smoking so well. Kinda sounds like fun actually. Jen

  • Thanks think it would be fun to see how it affects her I went it to her room and she was smoking while throwing all her dresses into a pile to toss out and told me she wants help cutting all her shirts into belly shirts I agreed and did so for her then we went to eat mart and bought her about 10 belt shirts she's already at 2 packs at 3 pm here I let her have one as we walked thru the parking lot back to the car a few people saw but no one said a word I asked her what she would do if I made her quit smoking and she said she would tell me no and do it anyways lol

  • You should burn all her silly young kids clothes. Just a nice big bonfire. Do it tonight. Let Gracie light it hon.

  • That's a really good idea all her dresses and regular length tops are in a pile for goodwill I think burning them would be fun she literally has nothing but skirts short shorts tight jeans and belly shirts to wear from now on I decided to home school her since she can't smoke or wear belly shirts at school we own our own business so I work from home doing payroll so no problems there

  • Beth, BURN THEM who cares about goodwill. In fact it would be great if Gracie sets fire to them while smoking. Burn the past hon, look to her smoking future.Gracie sounds like she quite a little girl, actually very grown up for her age. Jen

  • Yes she wants to burn them to she said she will never stop smoking and will never wear a shirt that covers her belly ever again haha thinking I may let her start wearing makeup daily too she looks amazing smoking while wearing her belly shirt

  • Yeah, definitely get rid of all her little kid clothes and let her dress in belly shirts, tight short shorts, and start her on makeup. Once you do, take her back to the store when the teen boy is there and see how he reacts.

  • Haha yea that's the plan no more kiddie clothes gonna go to store tomorrow and get her make up to start wearing daily she wore mine today that with the belly shirt tight short shorts and smoking she looked amazing

  • Beth
    Film your beautiful daughter smoking, put on youtube and tell us to see this incredible girl

  • After I left work, I picked up S. at her school. On the way home, we picked up some Chinese take-out. No cooking tonight! On the way home, S. smoked two cigarettes and chatted away about her day. I purposely did not tell her I had received a text from her Dad that he was at home already, as I wanted it to be a surprise. And boy, was it ever! When he came out of the house, she flew into his arms as if he'd been gone a month. She was so happy to see him, she was in tears. He asked her how her weekend with Mommy had been, and she literally gushed about being permitted to smoke, how much she had been practicing to show what a big girl she was becoming and just on and on as you would expect a seven year old to do.
    All through dinner, she was little chatterbox! He told her how pleased he was that she enjoyed smoking and yes, she was becoming a young lady, and was very, very proud of her progress.
    Dinner is over, and I'm sitting here in the dining area, watching the two of them on the pool deck. She's curled up in a lounger with him, smoking her cigarettes. while he is having a celebratory cigar.
    I'm sitting here typing, and crying., I'm so happy for the both of them, but especially for S. It all seems to have turned out just as she had hoped.
    Now, if this coming weekend will be just as successful!
    Gotta go now. I'm going to join them. God, do I ever need a cigarette!

  • Wonder!!!!!!
    Join them, and lots of cigarettes for you

  • Another beautiful day!
    It's just after 7am., and I can hear S. getting ready for school. I can smell the aroma of her first (or second?) cigarette. She'll be coming to breakfast soon, and she'll have a couple more. I just love watching her smoke! She doesn't rush. She takes her time now, and deeply inhales, holding the smoke in for a good 5 or 6 seconds. As she exhales, she slowly releases the smoke, usually through her nostrils. She just loves that effect! Only four days into smoking, and anyone would think she'd been doing it for much longer. She also finished her first full pack in a day-and-a half of smoking. I know once school is out, she'll have more time. She'll be spending hours by our pool, relaxing and smoking. By the new school term, I think S. will be a pack a day smoker. I'll probably get her nicotine patches to help her through the day, if she needs them.
    Gotta run. Talk to you later.

  • J, sounds like a great smoking day with your lovely daughter. It's great that she's smoking so well. My daughter's have taken to smoking as well. I'm so grateful that both are smoking and looking so grown up at 6 and 8 years old. I'm very proud of them. Jen

  • As well you should be!
    Best wishes to everyone.

  • Hi j I think the nicotine patches are a great idea, they need something to get them through school, after all she will be smoking all summer no restrictions. Jen

  • That is what I'm thinking. By the time school resumes, she is going to need some assistance to get through day.
    By the way, I just got a text from my husband - he's already home! S. is going to be thrilled when we get home, after school.

  • Just, you are so lucky to have a husband who allows your daughter to smoke. Wish my husband felt the same way. He will have to accept them as smokers too bad for him. Keep me informed how it goes tonight hon!

  • Just to be clear - my husband doesn't "allow" anything.
    We discuss matters as equals. When we decide on an issue, it's a decision both of us make together.
    When It came to smoking and our daughter, we both agreed that if S. wanted to begin smoking, neither of us would stand in her way.
    He was comfortable letting me take the lead, with no egos getting in the way.
    Isn't that the way a marriage is supposed to work?

  • Yes! Jen

  • Just an update on my two girls 6 and 8. They just got up a few minutes ago and are sitting down to breakfast, the good news is that both had their packs with them. Ill keep u posted. Jen

  • Hi Jen
    Your daughters smoked today?
    How was that day for them?

  • Yes both smoked 5 each today, and they did quite well inhaling. I'm a proud mom watching them act like young adults. After supper they will smoke more, another teaching lesson. Are you a mom too, if so how old are your little ones? Jen

  • So great!

  • 45, I do not have children (health problems), but I have two nieces, women between the ages of 25 and 28, both smokers who started early, about 11 years, I remember their first cigarette I gave

  • Edy so you started both your nieces what a great aunt. What brand do u smoke hon and how many a day. My daughter's did very well smoking today, I'm proud of them, they look so grown up with their cigarettes. Jen

  • Yes, I taught them both Malboro. Red, I think the best of them all and they loved it, they smoke that brand until today. The amount does not matter, I wanted to teach the art of smoking, how to behave with a cigarette, take pleasure and be happy, make the cigarette a mate. Today they smoke 1ppd

  • My sister is also a smoker so she was not mad at me. She liked it when she saw her daughters smoking, after my nieces started smoking several of her friends also started smoking.

  • Well Edy you are such a great aunt, was their parents ok with you starting their daughters at 11 years old? Or were they upset with you? Marlboro red was a great choice to get them addicted. Jen

  • Good you hon!

  • Jen

  • My name is Edy

  • Your husband back when?
    What did you talk to the girls

  • Edy, he's back end of week should prove interesting. He will have to accept them as smokers. Jen

  • So, enjoy a lot of cigarettes with your daughters, teach the tricks, and how smoking is nice. keep us informed

  • They had their packs with them, but were they smoking? Also, be clear, they don't need permission - just indulge when they wish to smoke.

  • Yes they are free to smoke anytime they want they have each a pack

  • Sounds wonderful!

  • Nice,
    Did you give each one a package? Smoke in front of them with a cup of coffee, show how yummy

  • I would love to teach my 5 year old daughter Gracie to smoke would anyone be willing to send links of girls her age smoking or pictures/ videos of there daughters smoking so she knows kids her age do it she is very easily persuaded by kids her age doing stuff

  • YouTube: Baby eat a smoking

  • Hi Beth
    Tell your story, how old are you? Are you smoker? If so, did it start when and how

  • Yes I'm a 27 year old woman who's been smoking since I was 4 I was caught on day two of stealing smokes from mom she asked if I was sure I was ready to start when I told her I was she went to the store bought me a carton told me how to inhale and I never looked back did 1 ppd till I was 6 2 till age 7 and 3 ppd since then

  • Your daughter does not need to watch videos, you can set an example.
    She must be accustomed to the smell and the smoke, and just start to invite her to smoke with you, offer it to her, let her puffs on the cigarette

  • Yes, let her puff to start, and then teach her to inhale! It's the only way to really smoke!

  • Thanks yes I just bought her a pack of reds lit her one and she took to it within 3 puffs she was inhaling without any issues 2 hours later she has smoked almost half a pack she just came up and told me she feels like her body wants something but she did not need to go potty and was not hungry i told her to go grab her cigarettes lit her one and she puff it down inhaling most of the puffs after she was done she said she felt "fun dizzy" and was happy! How many ppd is a good goal for her age and how many puffs should be inhaled at her age? What about smoking in public especially when we go out of town for a few days

  • How old is she. again?
    Every puff should be inhaled! Otherwise, it's not really smoking!
    And teach her to light her own cigarettes, too.

  • She's 5 so far I would say all but 3 puffs of a cig are inhaled

  • Excellent! Puffing is to be forgiven, inhaling to be encouraged!

  • Thanks she's almost got lighting her own down me smoking with windows up since she was a baby and sitting in my lap all the time when I smoked must have got her somewhat addicted day one she already went thru a back since 7 am and its now 5 pm here so proud of her going to store tonight for a ash tray and a new booster seat with a flip out cup holder for her cig butts she just told me now that she smokes like a teenager she what to wear her belly shirts every day so every one knows she's not a baby lol she's defiantly my kid

  • Hi!
    It's been a long day.
    S. got up and the very first thing, lit a cigarette while she got ready for school. She came to breakfast and after eating, smoked two more (with her coffee), and had one in the car on the way to school.
    I picked her up after school, stopped at the store and bought a cup holder ashtray so she could smoke in the rear seat (California law). We stopped for dinner at a small diner, and then onto home. After homework and a bath she is now watching TV and smoking. The girl is absolutely enamored with her cigarettes. I knew she wanted to smoke, but had no idea how much she would take to it. She's already finished nearly a full pack today, and while not chain-smoking, she has one and within a few minutes of finishing that one, she's lighting another. She seems to have a voracious appetite! Reminds me of me when I started! I know she's practicing so she can show her Dad how grown-up she has become. She so wants to please him, and I know she'll be looking for his approval. Seven years old, and only smoking for three days. I'm impressed! Anyway, time for some mom-daughter time.
    I can't wait for my husband to get home tomorrow. S. is really hoping to please him, and I sure he will not disappoint her, but will shower her with praise.
    I'll write more later as time permits.

  • Hi J
    Today and the big day, your daughter and you must be anxious, the amount will increase today, good luck to you.

  • Hi J you are so right today is the big day, especially to see if they ask to smoke when they get up. I'm hoping they will ask right off. How is your little girl doing by the way, seems great so far. Jen

  • She doesn't need to ask. She just smokes when she wants to.

  • Hey Hon congrats on your young smoking daughter I bet you are so very proud. What brand is she smoking? I just started my 2 Daughters smoking today because my husband is out of town on business. He's not going to be happy but both girls have asked to smoke. I started my girls on Newport 100s, they did very well actually. Again congrats and keep me informed. Jen

  • I would love to teach my 5 year old daughter Gracie to smoke would anyone be willing to send links of girls her age smoking or pictures/ videos of there daughters smoking so she knows kids her age do it she is very easily persuaded by kids her age doing stuff thanks

  • Jen.
    My daughter is smoking my brand - Camel Filters.
    Your husband may not be happy, but you will be and I'm quite sure your daughters will be too.
    Are you the post that had daughters, 6 and 8 years old?
    It's a great age to start , so good for you. My daughter is 7, and as you have read, she's really taken to smoking, in only three days. I am so proud of her.
    Please don't let ANYONE discourage you. Stand your ground, and do what you think is best.
    In the long run, it's for your daughters.

  • Hi J, I am the poster with daughters 6 and 8, th so much for your encouragement it is much appreciated. I really need support because I'm going against my husband's wishes. But for some reason I don't really care. I don't want to deprive my little girls of one of life's great pleasures. Do you have a husband, if so does he support your daughters smoking? Feel free to communicate with me hon! Jen

  • I would love to teach my 5 year old daughter Gracie to smoke would anyone be willing to send links of girls her age smoking or pictures/ videos of there daughters smoking so she knows kids her age do it she is very easily persuaded by kids her age doing stuff what are some good starting brands for her? Should I have her inhale from the get go?

  • Beth,

    You are definitely making the right decision to start Gracie smoking at age 5. That's a great age to start her! If she is reluctant at the beginning or if she coughs at first, don't get discouraged; just keep at it. She will eventually get into it. Susan gives great advice. As soon as Gracie can tolerate a stronger cigarette, get her started on them. Always keep in mind that the goal is to get her addicted to them as soon as possible (as Susan said, "hard wired") so that smoking becomes second nature to her and she will NEVER be able to get the idea of quitting into her head. Your goal should be that by the time she turns 6, you can know for sure that she won't ever be quitting. Don't get discouraged, and don't let anyone change your mind or talk you out of it! Keep us posted, please.

  • Hi Thanks yes I just bought her a pack of reds lit her one and she took to it within 3 puffs she was inhaling without any issues 2 hours later she has smoked almost half a pack she just came up and told me she feels like her body wants something but she did not need to go potty and was not hungry i told her to go grab her cigarettes lit her one and she puff it down inhaling most of the puffs after she was done she said she felt "fun dizzy" and was happy! How many ppd is a good goal for her age and how many puffs should be inhaled at her age? What about smoking in public especially when we go out of town for a few days?

  • Beth.
    Susan has given you some solid advice. You have nothing to lose by trying her suggestions.

  • Hi J, do you know of any sites on the internet that may help Beth show her daughter that other girls her daughter's age do enjoy smoking like our girls do? I have seen a few videos but I can't recall the site names to help her Thanks Jen

  • Try youtube, is the best I can think of.

  • Hey jen
    How are your daughters with the beginning of the world of smokers? Are they smoking too much?

  • I just started them yesterday they both just smoked a couple first day, actually they did very well I was surprised. Hopefully today they will progress further.

  • Was it your first time with cigarettes? They will discover their own rhythms.
    Congratulations on the decision.
    They coughed with the first inhaled

  • Not my first time I'm a 2ppd smoker, but it was both my daughter's first day yesterday. They are 6 and 8, they inhaled a little and did not cough much at all. Jen

  • Susan here.
    The first question is, does Gracie want to smoke or indicated an interest in smoking? Secondly, do you smoke?
    If the answer is "yes", you are probably the best teacher she'll have. Be positive and encouraging and teach her gently. Don't force the issue. Allow her to proceed at her own pace. A cigarette should be an enjoyment. As I've already stated, I'm a believer in full strength cigarettes, but for a 5 year old, perhaps something a bit lighter would be in order. You'll just have to see what Gracie likes - at least to start. Once she's accustomed to inhaling, I would suggest moving to a full strength cigarette as soon as possible, so she gets the maximum benefit of the nicotine.
    There are excellent videos on youtube, but they show experienced young women smoking and inhaling and exhaling. I didn't see many really good videos of Gracie's age that show what you're looking for.
    Also, it shouldn't matter what children her age are doing.
    Let her be the leader.
    Finally, you could start her on something like Marlboro Lights and then have her move to Marlboro Reds as her desire for nicotine increases.
    I hope this has helped, but remember, teaching her to properly and deeply inhale is key to her enjoyment.
    Be patient and do it with love.
    Good luck and keep us posted on Gracie's progress!

  • Hey there Thanks yes I just bought her a pack of reds lit her one and she took to it within 3 puffs she was inhaling without any issues 2 hours later she has smoked almost half a pack she just came up and told me she feels like her body wants something but she did not need to go potty and was not hungry i told her to go grab her cigarettes lit her one and she puff it down inhaling most of the puffs after she was done she said she felt "fun dizzy" and was happy! How many ppd is a good goal for her age and how many puffs should be inhaled at her age? What about smoking in public especially when we go out of town for a few days?

  • Jen.
    Yes, I have a husband. He's three years older than I am. S. is our only child, and he adores her, and she loves her Daddy.
    When i broached the subject of our daughters' increasing curiosity about smoking, we discussed the matter, and he and I agreed that the final decision would be up to me. I have smoked for years and he does not, except for an occasional cigar. He said he would be completely supportive of whatever decision I would make regarding our daughters' decision to smoke. I was gratified by his answer,because S. just turned seven on May 4th. Many people would be shocked and dismayed, that a second grader should be allowed and even supported in a decision to smoke.
    Anyway, the whole issue is moot at this point. My daughter appears to be a confirmed smoker, and loving it, even at seven years old.

  • By the way, S. is just finishing first grade in a few weeks. She will be in the second grade when school resumes after summer vacation. That's why I have been calling her a second grader.

  • Well hon she's doing very well for a second grader, I'm sure you are very proud mom, keep us posted. Jen

  • I agree with all parents allowing their young children to start smoking. My problem is that my husband is anti, even tho I smoke. It would be appalling to him to have me start my two young daughters. I so much want both to be smokers. It's a problem I have to deal with, because both girls want to smoke. Any ideas?

  • Tell him it's the 21st century. The days of husbands owning their wives and ordering them about are over!

  • How old are your daughters?

  • I agree with Susan.Hidden is not the best, but girls have the right to try and smoke if they want. Speak that you will allow but a secret from you.

  • How old are daughters?
    If they want to smoke - they will anyway, no matter what anyone says.

  • How old are your daughters?
    If you don't support your girls' smoking, they will probably smoke , in secret, behind your back anyway.

  • I definitely want them to start it's a great habit and a lifetime addiction. My daughter's are 6 and 8. I started smoking at 12. I smoke Two old and I started with my girlfriends. My husband doesn't know what age I started smoking but he knows I smoke now but doesn't approve. I smoke Newport 100s and yes my daughter's have had a few puffs secretly of course.

  • That's a great age to start I would love to teach my 5 year old daughter Gracie to smoke would anyone be willing to send links of girls her age smoking or pictures/ videos of there daughters smoking so she knows kids her age do it she is very easily persuaded by kids her age doing stuff

  • Hi Beth, you can try the internet for video pictures of girls smoking, that will help them see other girls their age smoke. When do you plan on starting her? Jen

  • I want to start her within a few days she likes sitting with me when I smoke and I always smoke with windows up in the car

  • Great that you want to start her Beth, but why wait a few days, do it today the sooner the better hon! Let me know how it goes. Jen

  • Yep no point in waiting haha Thanks yes I just bought her a pack of reds lit her one and she took to it within 3 puffs she was inhaling without any issues 2 hours later she has smoked almost half a pack she just came up and told me she feels like her body wants something but she did not need to go potty and was not hungry i told her to go grab her cigarettes lit her one and she puff it down inhaling most of the puffs after she was done she said she felt "fun dizzy" and was happy! How many ppd is a good goal for her age and how many puffs should be inhaled at her age? What about smoking in public especially when we go out of town for a few days? She seams to already be addicted on day one could this be so it is she just really enjoying it?

  • Hi Beth, so happy u started her today and she loves it, she should be inhaling every puff hon better for fast addiction. It's up to u on how many a day. As far as in public be careful many people don't take to young smokers these days. Keep me informed. Jen

  • Have either of your girls inhaled yet? does your husband know they want to smoke, did they ask to try or did you ask them. has your husband ever tried smoking? Guess I would be in big trouble, have you let your 8 year old lite a cigarette for yet.

  • Gracie inhaled every puff now and my husband said its one of the most amazing things he has ever seen

  • He doesn't know they want to smoke. Hubby hates smoking and the girls have puffed

  • Susan here.
    Stand up for yourself, and your own beliefs!
    If your husband does not approve, that is HIS issue. If you do not support your girls, and they want to smoke, they will do it anyway. It's really that simple.
    The ages of your daughters is the perfect time to introduce them to the pleasures of smoking.
    Good luck, and keep us posted.

  • Hi Susan thanks so much for your support hon! You sound like a great mom. I will definitely stand up for my girls, and yes they so much want to smoke. Hubby is away for business so now is the time to develop their habit for good. They deserve to discover the pleasures of smoking. Thanks ill keep you posted.

  • Once they start - don't limit them!

  • Susan here.
    Not to put too fine a point on it, but once the girls are actually smoking, it won't be easy for them to just stop.
    Also, I agree with J.. Start them on full flavor cigarettes so the get the full effect and desired results of smoking. It will also "hard-wire" their desire for cigarettes, and make the transition permanent.
    Just tell Hubby to stand aside and accept the inevitable!

  • Start today, good luck !!!!

  • Susan how old are your girls, do they smoke much?

  • Susan here.
    My daughter, Justine is age 9 and she started smoking at 7. Her sister, Nadine is age 7 and she began at 6. They have been increasing their intake, and now smoke about a pack per day each.
    This is a decision I have never regretted!

  • I would love to teach my 5 year old daughter Gracie to smoke would anyone be willing to send links of girls her age smoking or pictures/ videos of there daughters smoking so she knows kids her age do it she's very easily persuaded by kids her age doing stuff

  • Hi Susan our girls are very similar ages so thanks for your encouragement. I am going to start them on Newport 100s a strong full flavor cigarette. My thinking is that they will get addicted faster and never want to quit. It's great that your girls smoke so much at a young age, great job hon! As far as hubby if they are addicted and enjoy it too bad for him. Ill never regret my decision either.

  • Your decision to start them on a strong full-flavered cigarette at the very beginning is the right one! Susan earlier used the perfect phrase: getting them "hard wired" to smoke. Your goal should always be to get them as addicted as possible as early as possible, so that the thought of ever quitting will NEVER enter their minds. You want smoking to become second nature to them as early as possible so that they won't even THINK of quitting. So letting them smoke as many strong, full-flavored cigarettes as possible right from the beginning is the best plan. Definitely "hard wire" them!

  • Oh I will ill make sure they never quit, that's why I started them so young. If they are young they will addict faster. Jen

  • Jen:
    Have you considered using the nicotine patches as well as actually smoking to increase their desire for the affects of nicotine? Not familiar with patches but maybe would help your progress.

  • I have considered the nicotine patches especially if they will help with faster addiction. Thanks for the suggestion and your concern for my girls. Jen

  • That's EXACTLY right! The earlier the better and the more the better! The goal should always be to get them so addicted so fast and at such a young age, that there's never the slightest thought of EVER quitting. If my girls ever get the crazy idea to quit in their heads, I will do everything I possibly can to keep them smoking. But I don't think that will happen, because my kids are THOROUGHLY and COMPLETELY addicted, which was my goal from the start. And it worked to perfection!

  • Hi again how old are your girls and are you a mom, have they been smoking long? Jen

  • Hi Susan, my girls actually did very well on their first smoking lesson on Newport 100s. They were so happy it almost made me tear up!Honestly they looked so cute inhaling and exhaling of course. By the way what brand do y'all smoke? Nice to keep tabs on each other's girls because they are so close ages. Jen

  • Susan here, Jen.
    My girls and I all smoke Marlboro Reds.

  • Susan, maybe ill buy a carton of Marlboro reds tomorrow so as to expose the girls to another brand. I do enjoy reds on occasion. Do you think that's a good idea to try different brands for them? Jen

  • Susan here.
    Try a single pack first. You can always buy a carton later.

  • Thanks for the hints, I may try a few different brands, see which she likes best. Jen

  • Welcome
    Tell your story, when you started smoking, how it started, what your daily consumption

  • How old are you ,at what age did you start, did your mom want you to start young,and how old are your girls,if you did start young does your husband know what age you started. What brand do you smoke, and last have your girls had a puff?

  • Hello, how are you?
    Are you smoker?
    How old are the daughters?

  • I am not a smoker anymore, but would not give anything for the pleasure I had smoking. I started at 6 sneaking ,by 7 I was smoking like an adult with a 20 year old sitter that lived next door, she loved to smoke with me among other things ,I was her little man by 10 some would call it abuse, not me lol . By 10 she would let me drive her car to the country store to by her cigs. so they thought.

  • In my opinion, as parents, we should all make sure that we get cigarettes into the hands of our kids at as early an age as possible so that they can have a chance to at least try them and have a fair chance to fall in love with them (as we did) if they wish. I am not advocating forcing them, but i see nothing wrong with providing them for them and giving them the opportunity to try them out, with the hopes that they will decide to become full-fledged smokers very early on.

  • I LOVE these wonderful accounts of people introducing their children to smoking! I think one thing it proves is that in most cases, if a child is introduced to smoking and he or she gives smoking a fair chance, the cigarettes usually win, and the kid WILL become a smoker. In my opinion, that is a FANTASTIC thing! I wish more parents would do this! I know I was ecstatic when all of my kids decided to take up smoking long before age 10.

  • Hello How many children? Boys or girls? When did they start smoking? What is the amount of daily consumption?

  • I have 3 girls. All started being full-fledged smokers at around age 8. Their daily consumption depends on if they are in school or not. In the summer they smoke well over a pack a day each, sometimes close to two. During the school year, none smoke less than a pack a day, mostly in the evening.

  • Great seems all 3girls are well addicted now. How old are they? Jen

  • I was wondering , for all moms, what age do you think your daughters became addicted to cigarettes. When they have not smoked all day from being in school did they ever smoke 2 at one time when they first got home. do you as moms ever smoke 2 at one time.

  • My daughter's have all smoked multiples. In fact they have all smoked as many as 3 in each hand all at once (no kidding). So 6 at once. They hold 3 lined up in each hand and alternate between hands. They don't do this often, but sometimes after a long day at school when they haven't had a chance to smoke, they will smoke like this because they have been craving them so much during the day. And because I have always told them that they have no limits on their amounts, they know that I will not stop them.

  • So what age are your daughters now, you ever let them have a quick drag in public, such as sitting in a booth while eating out, guess not to many places you can smoke in public. and what age did they first smoke multiples ,and did they learn to do it on their on, or did you do it in front of them.

  • Sorry jj.

  • Hi, how's your daughter? I follow the whole story and you are a brave mother. As your daughter is reacting to cigarettes, is she happy? She smoked a lot so far?

  • Actually, she's sitting here with me now, reading the comments, and yes, she's smoking.
    She said to say "hi" to everyone who supports her smoking, and says she loves it. She is about three-quarters finished with her first pack of the day. She has taken to smoking, like a duck to water! She loves to inhale, and for the full effect, her favorite exhale is through her nostrils. She thinks it makes her look sophisticated! (I would have to agree).
    I almost fell over though, when she asked if she looked "sexy". This from a 7 year old who's been smoking for two days, no less. She continues to practice. I think she wants to impress her dad, when he gets home, Tuesday.
    I know she wants to impress the family at our get together next weekend.
    I can safely say, she is having a blast! I just love her!

  • So, how is your daughter doing on the smoking since last you posted? Did she finish her second pack? Has she started on her 3rd? I am so very pleased that her smoking is going so well!

  • Sexy ??? I laugh a lot of kids and their questions. Did you let her smoke in front of the family next week?

  • Our family get together is NEXT weekend - Memorial Day weekend.
    I'll let you know how it goes.

  • And did your consumption increase to accompany your daughter? How to share a cigarette with your daughter?

  • I have been a pack to a pack-and-a- half per day smoker for years.
    This is so new for S. It's only been a couple of days. I'm sure her consumption will level out. We'll just have to wait and see.

  • You had a historic weekend, a day to remember, the day your daughter took the first step in the world of smokers. I think you are very happy. It must be wonderful to see him with a cigarette between his fingers.
    That you smoke lots of cigarettes together and be happy.

  • Is English not your first language?

  • Good morning, my official language is Portuguese. I write from northeastern Brazil. Sorry for the mistakes.

  • Well, it's late Saturday night, and this is turning out to one glorious weekend!
    My husband left with his brother on Thursday for some fishing, and I've got the entire weekend with my daughter, S.
    On Friday, I took her to dinner at an upscale restaurant, where we could discuss whether she wanted to begin smoking or not. It was a wonderfully secluded, relaxed setting to talk. She said she would love to smoke, but hadn't brought the subject up for fear I would be upset. I explained that her father an I had already discussed the matter, and indicated neither of us had any objections. She was thrilled. We talked about certain rules, such as no smoking at school, or in public, and she readily agreed to whatever restrictions were necessary for all of our protection. Basically, she could smoke at home or with us in the car, and so forth. When we went home, I began her instruction. I showed her how to hold a cigarette, how to light it, and how to inhale. I told her I thought it would be better to start with a full flavor cigarette, as opposed to the light brands, because after a while, the lights would just lose their appeal. In a short time, it almost seems like smoking air!
    She began to practice and was quick to learn, and very enthusiastic. And she loved the full flavor cigarettes. After a few hours, I went to bed, but she stayed up until almost 2 am., practicing away.
    The next morning, she came down to have breakfast, and after eating, lit a cigarette, and for the first time, poured a cup of coffee. She didn't make a big deal about it, she just acted as though it was the most natural thing to do! We sat and talked, smoked and drank coffee. She was inhaling, holding it a few seconds, and then exhaling through her mouth and nostrils! She looked as though she'd been doing it forever, and she just turned seven on May 4th. I was just tickled.
    I will have to continue this in a separate post.

  • To continue...
    Later in the morning, I took S. to the mall, where she picked out a couple of cute outfits and some strappy sandals. We are having a family gathering this coming weekend (Memorial Day) and I think S. is using this as her "coming out" to the rest of the family. After lunch, we went to the salon for a mani-pedi and a massage. She just loves her French pedicure. I also purchased an elegant lighter, a leather cigarette pouch, and three crystal ashtrays. One for her bed stand, one for her desk, and one for her bathroom. I also purchased two cartons of cigarettes so she would have plenty to practice with.
    After we got home and had dinner, she spent the evening practicing her smoking technique in front of a mirror. I'm amazed at how quickly she adapted to smoking as well as her confidence. It's as though she's changing before my eyes, and I couldn't be happier!
    I can't wait for my husband to return on Tuesday to see his reaction to the change in our daughter. I have a feeling he will be amazed as well.
    I know there are those who will disagree with my decision to allow a seven year old to smoke, but after just one day, this is something I'm glad I did.
    It's getting late. It's almost tomorrow. Bye for now.

    P.S. The site only allows 2000 characters per post, that's why I had to break it up.

  • Out of curiosity, why did you want your daughter to smoke so badly? No judgement, just curious.

  • Actually, I didn't "want" her to start smoking, but I was perceiving indications from her that she might want to. From my viewpoint, it seemed, I could ignore the subject or confront it head-on. If S. had indicated she wanted nothing to do with smoking, that would have been the end of it, but if she wanted to smoke, I wanted to be as supportive as possible. My perceptions were correct, and it looks as though my cigarette bill just doubled.
    Most of all, I believe she appreciates the non-judgmental, no guilt approach I took. Yes, she's a seven year old, second grader, and that may shock some, but I started at age eleven. At one time, that may have been shocking as well, but perhaps, not so much anymore.
    Since she has now started, I wish for her do it correctly, as a young lady, and most of all, just enjoy herself.

  • Susan here.
    Congratulations J.
    You did it! You really did it! So happy for you and your daughter!
    Much love!

  • Thank you, Susan. I'm so happy, I could just about p** myself!

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful narrative of your daughter's entrance into the fantastic world of smoking! It reminds me of when my own daughters began smoking. They also took to smoking easily and enthusiastically, and I was so proud of them for becoming heavy smokers from the beginning. You have done the right thing for having gotten her started at a young age. It is my opinion that no child should reach the age of 10 without having already been a smoker for awhile. Smoking should ALWAYS be a part of every child's young life! Please keep us updated on her continued progress and her father's reaction when he returns from his trip. I assume he will be proud of her for having started. What brand does she smoke? How many did she finish in her first 24 hours? It is my opinion that you should help and encorage her to increase her amount.

  • By the time she went to bed, 2 am. she told me, she had smoked a full pack. She admitted, it was mostly practicing, but I assured her that she would only gain a comfortable confidence by practicing and perfecting her technique. I believe her consumption will increase as she gains experience. I will let her proceed to a level she's comfortable with. I have no doubt though, she will be smoking a pack per day in no time, especially since school will be out for the summer, and she will have so much more time to indulge. When I purchase a carton for myself, I will also purchase one for S.

  • Im new here, but i think all this is wonderful!
    Would you say your daughter is already hooked or at least well on her way to being hooked?

  • If you mean addicted to nicotine, I'm not sure. But she does seem to love smoking! It's just 9 am., and she's already on her third cigarette, and second cup of coffee!

  • I think your approach is a good one. I think a pack a day for a 7 ywar old is a good starting point, and i think you are wise to get her her own carton so that she can set her own levels as she sees fit. For my kids, I told them from the outset that they were permitted to smoke as much as they wanted, without any limits. They are 15, 13 and 11 now and have been smoking for years. During the summer, when there is no school, all of them generally smoke 2 packs a day, and on occasion even more. Again, thats ok with me because they have no limits--and never will. So if your daughter chooses to go beyond one pack this summer, by all means let her do It!
    Just my suggestion.

  • Congratulations to you and your daughter, for your narration she will have no problem getting used to smoking and will be a wonderful smoker. Her husband was proud too! Did not she cough or was she dizzy?

  • Her first cigarette was a bit of an eye-opener. It was a mostly "puffing" experience. With her second cigarette, I began to instruct her on inhaling, small at first, taking the smoke in and holding it for a few seconds, and exhaling. Then increasing as she grew more accustomed to the experience. By the sixth cigarette, I would say she was beyond beginner status, and moving with a more confident manner.

  • Great job mom! Looks like you took all the great advice here to heart. What brand is she smoking?

  • She is smoking my brand- Camel Filters. And she loves them! My advice about "light" cigarettes seems to have made an impression. After the initial few cigarettes, she understood how smoking and inhaling a full flavor cigarette is so much more satisfying.
    It's 8 am. here in southern California, and she just got up and is already having her first cigarette of the day. I've got the coffee on, and looking forward to another girls' morning of coffee, smoking, and talk. It's going to be a wonderful day!

  • Sounds wonderful! How many cigarettes did she end up having by the end of her first day?
    I think the next step is getting her to increase her daily intake.

  • As I previously posted, I will let her proceed at a pace she's comfortable with. I don't want to put pressure or quotas on her. Smoking should be for the pleasure - not just for the numbers of consumption. I'm quite sure her consumption is going to increase, as I already see it happening. I certainly do not want to turn her off from what she is discovering to be a most enjoyable activity. I told her, she has no limits and I will purchase cigarettes for when she needs them.

  • It's right, no pressure, no matter how many, more pleasure with them. Do not force just encourage and allow. She'll find your rhythm.

  • That is the perfect approach. Let her set her own parameters, regardless of the amount. A "no limits" approach makes for a happier and more relaxed child smoker.

  • Absolutely! No pressure - just pleasure.

  • Congratulations hon! Sounds like you have a natural born smoker on your hands! You've started her well, and given her an amazing opportunity to know the incredible pleasures that smoking provides at a great age. Smokey kisses for you and her!

  • I am happy beyond words. Thanks.

  • Thank you! And thanks to all, for your great comments and support. Your advice helped give me the confidence to proceed with this.
    Two things. I can't wait for my husband's return, and I really can't wait for the weekend, to see the family's reaction. I think it will be awesome - especially for S.
    Again, many thanks for your support.

  • I am so jealous that your husband is ok with his baby girl smoking! I can't wait to hear about his reaction. God I wish I could meet a good man that was ok with this!
    Glad I could help and I wish you the best!

  • Um...marry me?
    Joking aside, you sound like the woman of my dreams. I read all your posts and I love everything you have said, but it really doesn't say much about yourself. Please, tell me more!

  • Thanks Rob, I am flattered! Not really much to say about myself.
    I'm 32, divorced with 2 kids who i have already spoken about. My ex has little to do with the kids anymore, and that suits us fine. My etnicity is totally mutt...I am a mix of Mexican, Irish, German, Filipino, and Chinese. And I'm tiny...5'2" and 100 lbs of feisty.
    I was a late bloomer as far as smoking goes, but it was love at first drag. I am not even exaggerating...I honestly think I was psychologically addicted immediately, physically soon after. That was at 16, and I didn't even try to hide it from my parents, neither of which smoked. I pretty much told them that I would not quit, and if they didn't supply me, I would still get them somehow illegally if necessary.
    By the time I graduated high school I was already at a pack per day, and by my freshman year of college 2 packs per day.
    Other than my kids, nothing in this world gives me more pleasure than my cigarettes. If I am not smoking I am usually thinking about my next cigarette. I decided early on that I would pass my love of smoking to my kids.

  • I think my husband may object!
    I'm 27 years old. I met and married my husband in college. He's an attorney, I'm a teacher. We have one daughter, who is seven. We live in southern California., and in a word - our life is good. I'm a very happy woman. I can only hope my daughter will be as happy as I am. I will do all I can to achieve that for her without being the "interfering" type of mom.

  • I was actually speaking to Anna with that marriage proposal, but I would try to s***** you up too if you were single, lol!

  • Wth..i can't say "s n a t c h"? Hehe

  • My husband doesn't smoke, except for an occasional cigar, but he knew I was a smoker when we met in college. I'm so happy he's on board with this - for the sake of our daughter's happiness.

  • It will be a different Sunday for you. Your daughter's life will not be the same.
    Have a great Sunday, and enjoy a lot of cigarettes together.

  • Thank you all, and your wonderful support! And yes, I will keep you posted on her progress, so long as I don't bore you.

  • It's good to share this moment with you. You can say all the details.3 cigarettes in an hour, today will be wonderful

  • I am j not J as in jj

  • I have been reading all the postings from other parents regarding young children smoking, and this is simply fascinating.
    My husband does not smoke, but I do - about a pack a day. We have a daughter, who just turned seven, and does not smoke yet, but she is asking a lot of questions and showing a real interest in cigarettes - probably because of me. Without actually coming out and saying anything, I think she'd really like to start smoking. My husband and I have discussed the matter, and he is leaving the decision solely to me. After reading all the various posts, I'm pretty sure I'm in favor of it, and will begin teaching her soon.
    While I happen to agree with almost everything written here, I am curious as to the reaction of family and friends who see children as young as 6 or 7 or 8 years old smoking. What comments, criticisms, reactions, do they give you? Do they threaten to call Child Services? Do they accept it? Do their children want to try smoking?
    Would like to hear about any experiences, as well as any advice.

  • I would refrain from encouraging smoking at such a young age. My mother did this to me as I was still sucking my thumb at age 12. She is a smoker and thought it would help me to stop my thumb habit. Well, it didn't and now I do both. Worse, because I started at such a young age it's virtually impossible to quit and my health has paid the price in that I have chronic bronchitis and can't even laugh without coughing up mucus. I think that starting at such a young age magnifies the deleterious affects and by the time they're in their 20's their lungs are far worse off than if they started later in life, at least if I'm a typical example.

  • How old are you? At what age did you start smoking? How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?

  • If you read my post you'll see that I was 12. I'm in my 30's now. I don't know how many I smoke each day as it varies. I guess up to about 2 packs or so?
    One of the negatives has to do with dating. Fact is non-smokers won't date a heavy smoker so, in dating fellow smokers, it makes even the thought of quitting absurd in a sense anyway. Smoking couples too often encourage each other even if they pay lip service to quitting.

  • As for me, most of my close friends and family members know that I let all 3 of my daughters smoke and are completely ok with it. Most of them also smoke and have kids under the age of 10 who smoke. All are just as enthusiastic about allowing young children to smoke as I am.
    My opinion is that you DEFINITELY should teach your 7-year-old daughter to smoke as soon as possible! Get her her own pack and start teaching her how to light her cigarettes, how to inhale, how to chain smoke, etc. Let her become a full-fledged smoker as soon as possible. I consider my decision to introduce my 3 daughters to smoking when they were 8 to be one of the best parenting decisions I ever made, and I would enthusiastically do it again. My only regret is that I didn't get them started much earlier. I regret making them wait until age 8. They could easily have started by preschool age. Looking back at it now, I think introducing a child to smoking by preschool age is perfect. By the time they reach 1st grade, they should be experienced smokers. So, YES YES YES, get your 7-year-old daughter smoking immediately! And once she starts, do NOT limit the amount she smokes. Let her smoke as much as she wishes, without any limits. Feel free to answer back if you have any questions or need more encouragement.

  • Refresh the idea of ​​games, competitions, compliments, complicity. I just believe that your daughter must find her rhythm, let everything happen naturally. Important teach you how to light the cigarette, so it does not depend on you.

  • I forgot to add, make sure she learns to associate smoking not only with fun, but also with feeling pretty. Buy her cute or beautiful smoking accessories like ashtrays and lighters. Tell her constantly how pretty she looks when she smokes. And yes...keep those rewards coming for increasing her intake!

  • I agree with all of this. As you will want to get her addicted as quickly as possible, try to make it fun and exciting for her. Make a game out if it, like smoking contests about fastest smoking, best rings, longest without exhaling, etc. Give her rewards for hitting milestones like 5, 10, 20 cigarettes per day, learning to french inhale, or smoking hands free. Children of this age are eager to please their parents..if you do these things she will be a confident and heavy smoker very quickly, as all girls should be.

  • I absolutely agree with this! Reward her for smoking more and definitely think of smoking games for her. The more fun you can make it, the better! I didn't have to encourage my girls to smoke because by age 8, they were VERY ready! But making it into a fun game will get her hooked faster, which is definitely what you want to have happen. The best thing is to reward her for increasing the amount, so, yes, set milestones for higher and higher levels. Perhaps make it a race to see who can finish a pack (or two) the fastest--and of course, let her win! Then reward her with something really cool.

  • Perhaps reward her for smoking a whole pack (or two) by then buying her a whole carton!

  • J.
    Watch this video on youtube:
    Baby eat a smoking

  • I finally found this youtube video and it shows a little girl, a toddler, about two years old puffing - not smoking - puffing on a cigarette. This video is absolutely pointless except for the prurient interest of an individual with a smoking fetish.
    It has NOTHING to do with validating that I am making the "right decision".
    Sorry to so strongly disagree, but as Susan previously posted, sometimes too young is not appropriate, and how many two year old toddlers can confidently handle, light, and properly smoke a cigarette?

  • Hi J.
    I respect your opinion, but o want to place mine.
    1 - Here in this space we have the possibility to discuss a topic that elsewhere would bem seriously disapproved, so far in no post i read, It seemed to me that someone has an inadequate views of children's smoking. It is not my intention to offend anyone or share anything other than helping people who want to ler their children Smoke.
    2 - How old and how children should get started, widely discuss here, there people who think 04/05, others after 08. Some think they should start blowing Smoke on the child's face, besides giving smoky kisses. I believe in example.
    3- this vídeo shows a children at ease with a Cigarette, blowing yes, but this is How start, along with people who are encouraging, teaching, confortable, safe and protected.
    4 - anyone who sees a children smoking and does not approve of this act, whatever the child's age, Will find absurd, we Will be criticized.
    5- I Just wanted to show a children who start out this life as smoker, Here is 03 to 4 Years, but could have 6/7 or more but she is with someone who thinks the age is right to start and is supporting.


  • OK. We'll just leave it at That.

  • I looked for it on youtube.
    Those videos are about smoking p*t. What is your point?
    That is NOT what this discussion is about, nor what I am looking for.

  • Nothing please, I saw the video, a girl and her first swallows, along with two adult women, the girl handles with some tranquility the cigarette.
    I did not see anything wrong.
    The intention was to show that you are making the right decision.

  • If your intent was to show I'm making the correct decision, just say so.
    I do not require youtube videos to validate my thinking.

  • As a mother of two young smokers, the best advice I can give is that if she decides she wants to continue smoking, boundaries must be set. Hate it as we do, societal pressures can and will play a factor. Think about it carefully how you will deal with it. That being said, my daughters and mine's love of smoking has brought us closer together. I hope it will for you too!

  • Thank you. I will take your advice to heart.
    How old are your children? I'm gratified smoking has brought you closer. My husband is going away for the weekend, so I'm hoping to use the time for some serious girl talk. I'll let you know how it goes, next week!

  • They are 9 and 10, and both started at the same time about a year ago. I caught them taking butts from my ashtray and relighting them. Instead of punishing them, I told them if they wanted to smoke, they should have just asked. I took them downstairs and asked them to show me what they already knew. To my surprise they both were already decent at inhaling, so I gave them their own packs and told them to practice. A year later they both share a pack per day.
    Although like you I hate that they have to hide it, sadly it is a must in this day and age of zero privacy, unless finding yourself in the news and not in a good way appeals to you. Be sure you explain the consequences of her being discovered. Because I did, no one knows except me...and you guys.

  • Susan here.
    I just wanted to give you a word of encouragement. As long as your daughter wants to smoke, I urge you to give her all the support you can, no matter what others may say. Love will overcome any negativity, so long as she knows you are behind her. Best wishes to both of you! Hopefully, her introduction to smoking will be a joyful experience.

  • Thank you , Susan. I do appreciate your comment!

  • Welcome to our weird corner of the internet, lol!
    The only people that know I taught and encouraged my kids to smoke are my sister and my daughter's friend. It's no one else's business, imo.
    As far as my daughter's friend goes, I am kind of a secondary parent to her. Her parents are both somewhat neglectful in that they don't pay her too much attention, so she is often at my house. Of course when she saw her best friend smoking all the time she eventually tried it and I allow it as long as she doesn't tell her parents.
    As far as my sister goes, we are very close and share everything with each other. She was around when my daughter was having her first smoking lessons and thought it was cute that her 6 years old neice could smoke. When my daughter was getting comfortable with inhaling, she even gave her a lesson on french inhaling and smoke rings.
    I agree that keep those that know to a small group...people are judgemental and gossip spreads quickly.

  • Thank you, so much!

  • Hi Ana
    How old is your daughter? When did she start smoking? How many cigarettes does she Smoke a day?
    How old are you? When Did you start smoking?
    Have a Nice day

  • Please scroll through my previous posts for those answers.

  • Hi J.
    Do not be afraid of other people's reactions, what matters is whats you and your husband think. It Will be a new Phase in your daughters life, she will thank you for that permission, you will become more United to her. You are making the right decision. Start without anxiety, with calm, showing the pleasure of smoking, slowly for your daughter to get used to. So put some rules, where and with whom she can Smoke, time will do the rest, you will have beautiful moments together.
    Tell us the step-by-step experience so that others mothers have the same decision.
    How old are you? When and How do you start smoking?

    Hug for you And your daughter


  • Hi B.
    Thanks for your encouragement!
    In response to your questions, I'm 27, and I started smoking at age 11, in middle school, with some girlfriends. Interestingly, both my parents do not smoke, but they never really gave me any grief about it. My concerns in my first post is really about my family's reaction to allowing my daughter to begin smoking at age 7. I know we'll be able to keep things under wraps for a while, but I don't want my daughter to have to live a secret life because other people have issues with her lifestyle.
    Anyway, I hoping to have a nice talk with my daughter soon, and see what she wants to do. If she wants to begin, she can do it with my approval, as well as her fathers'.

  • Your concern is understandable, but i do not believe you have Will problems with your family, security in your decision Will show that you on the right way.
    As for having a secret life, at the beginning she Will have restrictions, the important thing is that at home she Will have her support and protection. Enjoy the moments that you will have.
    Keep us informed.


  • Hi J,
    It's good to hear that you "will begin teaching her soon." I would suggest that you let her smoke only in the house and do not tell anyone else, at first; then, as you all become comfortable with her smoking, decide about who you can tell and where she can smoke outside the house. There will always be those who disapprove, but you may be pleasantly surprised to find that there are fewer of them than you had expected.
    Best wishes to you and your daughter.

  • Thanks. I appreciate your comment


  • I would agree that having children actually start smoking around the time of preschool is the ideal time. But i would also say that the best way to fully assure that they will definitely want to smoke in the first place is to expose them to it from the very beginning by doing things like increasing your smoking while pregnant, blowing smoke directly into their faces while they are babies, and smoking while nursing them. I dont advocate forcing a child to smoke, but these are certainly ways that will allow the child to become so used to cigarette smoke that it will become second nature to them from the start. That way, by the time that they start actually start smoking just priir to preschool, it won't be anything new to them and will therefore be easier to start them.

  • Absolutely agree!
    Does anyone have an opinion on also using a nicotine patch on the baby or toddler to assist in getting them accustomed to a desire to eventually smoke? Has anyone had experience with this?

  • I do not believe that One should use these methods, the form should be example, show pleasure and happiness. Show the vídeos other children smoking, wich is not wrong to Smoke, that you happy to Smoke. Mothers cama play with their daughters, ler their daughters light their cigarretes, talk tô their daughters when trhey até smoking.
    The example ir ver powerful in these cases.

  • Good thought!

  • Poderíamos postar vídeos no YouTube das meninas fumando, poderia ajudar a mães que querem deixar suas filhas fumarem mas tem receios. Até para incentivar meninas a iniciarem pois irão ver que outras meninas fumam e que não há nada de errado.

  • I don't speak Portuguese, but I'm guessing that you are suggesting a YouTube channel of little girls smoking. That would be epic...for the one hour it's up before it's removed for terms of service violation. (Rolls eyes)

  • Existe vários desses vídeos já mostrei alguns, nada demais, sem conteúdos proibidos, apenas o dia-a-dia dessas meninas, são crianças normais que estudam etc...

  • Well I suppose times were different back then but when I was young my parents let me smoke when I was 7 and they were very open about it. I still smoke 60-80 a day to this day with no regrets it's one of my favourite habits.

  • You smoked at 7 and your parents were very open about it , in public at what age and did you get looks from others.

  • I didn't smoke in public not until at least 14 but I everyone knew I smoked from a very young age friends, relatives etc

  • Are you ok with your grand daughters smoking ,if so what age

  • Susan here.
    I personally think a good rule of thumb is the age they start pre-school.
    I realize it's just an arbitrary number, but it seems to be an age where the child can acquire new social skills, which includes smoking. All done under parental supervision, of course. By the time they're in first grade, at around age six, they will be skilled and comfortable in a mixed setting, enjoying themselves, as they should. I see no real issues for elementary school children to comfortably smoke an amount of their choosing, with parents enthusiastically supporting them , as my parents did for me, and which I now do for my daughters.
    By the way, since smoking at school would be out of the question, I might suggest using a nicotine patch, discreetly hidden on their body, to help them through the day, until they're safely at home.

  • Our daughter has been using the nicotine patch in school for a couple of years. It got to the point where she couldn't concentrate in school anymore because of her cravings. She doesn't take it off when she gets home from school either or when she sleeps.
    I agree that preschool is a good time to start them. Also think that keeping them exposed to it while pregnant and nursing is important.

  • Susan here.
    I quite agree.
    I especially agree while nursing. I think that helps the baby to become accustomed to the effects of nicotine which may simplify the desire to smoke as the child gets older. Good thoughts here!

  • I smoked throughout both of my pregnancies, except i cut down during my first trimester because it was making my morning sickness worse. After that passed i was right back up to 1.5 to 2 packs a day both times. Both pregnancies were perfectly normal and healthy. If i could go back in time i would have started both of them smoking right after they were born.

  • How old are your children now?

  • My daughter is 10 and my son is 8. Both of them started around 6 years old, and both smoke Marlboro Red 100's. They are allowed to smoke as much as they want, and during the summer break will both smoke a pack per day.
    Any other mom's here that let they're kids start without their husband's knowledge or permission? My ex would murder me if he knew.

  • Yes I just started my 2 girls smoking at 6 and 8 husband doesn't know he's away on business. When he returns if may all crash down. Oh well. How old are your girls now and how much do they smoke. Jen

  • Do your kids smoke anywhere other than in the house? do they have friends they smoke with, and how old are you, and are you in a relationship now.
    I really ask a lot of don,t I lol

  • They do not smoke outside the house, but if we are having a longer drive on the highway they can smoke in the car with me.
    None of their friends are regular smokers, but my daughter has a friend who is also 10 that she smokes with when she sleeps over. I am cool with it but told her that if she wants to continue doing it she cannot tell her mom.
    I'm Anna, 32 years old, and divorced for 4 years now. I would love to meet a great guy and fall in love again...but how would I possibly explain to a normal guy that I let my kids smoke? He'd probably try to have me committed, lol!

  • To be honest, im a guy whose former gf has passed away and whose kids smoke and i would love to date a woman who smokes and doesnt have a problem with kids smoking.

  • What an amazing Brady Bunch we would make, lol! Between you, me, and our kids, our cigarette bill would be astronomical!

  • Yes it would...but oh what a happy family we would have! I think its an intriguing idea!


  • Thanks Shane! Wish my ex was as open minded as you!

  • Olá, espero que o tradutor ajude. Escrevi do Brasil e aqui poucas mães tem essa tranquilidade e maturidade em permitir que suas filhas fumem, parabéns. Quanto você ter autorizados seus filhos fumarem e a decisão é sua, você e não ele (novo namorado) que deve a saber se autoriza ou não seus filhos a fumarem

  • Anna, em sua família tem mais crianças que fumam?

  • When we talked about if she would let them start early, my daughter said that she wanted to try it when she was around 5 but didn't ask me until she was 8. She said 4 or 5 would be a good age to start them out smoking. I got no say in the matter.

  • If your daughter had ask at 4 or 5 would you have let her? if your daughter does let them smoke at 4-5 will you support her .

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!

  • Absolutely I would have let them smoke at that age, but supervised of course. When my girls started i explained the rules to keep them from burning the house down and getting me in trouble with the law. After a couple of weeks they were doing ok with there smoking so I let them do it by themselves and gave them own packs ashtrays and lighters. I would not let a 4 year old smoke alone.
    If my daughter wants her kids to smoke at any age it's ok by me. H*** they're pretty much smoking already because she is always smoking around them. I saw her smoking last week while she was nursing them.

  • Oh yeah I forgot to add one night we were drinking before she got married and she told me her fiancee had told her that on the night they met at a party he approached her because he found it hot how much she smoked. I thought it was weird and laughed, but I guess it works for them she loves to smoke and he loves to watch. Is this a common thing or is he just a freak?

  • I think its much more common than most people think. I also think that people who want their young children to smoke are more common than people believe.

  • Guess I'm asking all these questions to compare my early child hood to others. I know I had puffs as early as 5, but few and far between . I lived on the out skirts of a small town. my mom and dad both worked ,I was dropped off by the school bus next door and stayed with a 21 year old lady til my mom got home,I was 7 at the time, this is where smoking really began for me.

  • I would agree with her on that. My 3 daughters all wanted to start at about age 5 but I only allowed them puffs from my cigarettes until they were 8, when I allowed them to start fully. Now looking back on it, I wish I had let them start at about age 5 when they wanted to. So, yes, I agree with your daughter that age 4 or 5 would be a good age to get them started.

  • Wow, very interesting confessions here. My daughters started smoking about when they were 7 or 8, both of them. They are now 23 and 25. My oldest recently quit after her doctor told her she had started to develop emphysema. It's because her allowance was a pack a day until she was 16, when she got caught trying to buy cigarettes and we upped her alowace to 2 packs a day, and sometimes even that wasn't enough on the weekends. My youngest just had twins, and did not quit during the pregnancy, but both of them came out fine. I can tell she won't ever quit because she is a chain smoker. If she goes more then 30 minutes without a cigarette the devil comes out in her. Lucky for her she married an older rich guy who doesn't want her to work, so she gets to stay home all day and smoke. Those twins will probably get to smoke early too because she has already said she will teach them when there ready.

  • Sorry. All gone.

  • Hello

  • Hi J!

  • Any pizza left from last night?

  • I do enjoy Susans writing

  • Susan here.
    Glad to hear you enjoy my writing. I'm doing well, as are my daughters. We're just decompressing from a busy week. Yes, we're all having a wonderful evening of pizza and smoking and just enjoying some girl time. How are you? I hope your evening is progressing nicely. Write back, please!

  • Olá Susan
    Achei interessante suas história, nos conte mais sobre o dia a dia de suas filhas

  • Susan here.
    I would love to respond, but English only, please. That is my only language. Sorry.

  • Do your daughter have friends who Smoke?

  • Yes.

  • Does the family have more children who Smoke?

  • Ok let's write in English.
    How old are you? In the family haverá more children ego Smoke?

  • See my other posts, please.

  • Oi Susan, i've Reading tour posts, it's really cool How you great this with your daughters. They must be two happy girls with the mother who has. How did they Start? I have not read this in tours posts. Do YouTube encourage other mothers to ler their daughters Smoke?

  • A bit late I know, but happy Mother's Day by the way. Hope it was good and smokey with your daughters. :)
    Thank you to all you moms out there that let your daughters smoke as young as possible. Keep smoking ladies and girls!! :)

  • My mother let me smoke a cigarette in front of her once when I was very young. Nine years old. First she held it in my mouth while I puffed and afterwards gave the cigarette to me to finish. I loved it. Had an ashtray in my bedroom all through my childhood.

  • Susan here.
    It's Friday evening, work is done. Anyone want to chat? I'll be here most of the evening if you want to. All subjects open for discussion! Hope to hear from somebody.

  • Hi Susan I would like to chat. I love what you have been writing! How are you?

  • Susan here.
    I just wanted to say thanks to all who responded to my postings. Many thanks.

  • Susan here.
    Come to think of it, I actually started developing at about age 10, and I got my first period at late age eleven.
    My oldest daughter, Justine, started smoking at age 7, in the second grade. Her sister, Nadine started smoking while in the first grade at age 6. She wanted to be just like her big sister! And yes, they both started with my complete approval and support.
    I also started smoking with the approval of my parents, who were wonderfully supportive in every way. I actually got to smoke everywhere with them, in the house, in public, family gatherings, and so forth. The only prohibition was school. They just didn't want the hassle of the authorities. The same rule also applies to my girls. I followed their rule until I was sixteen. So far, my daughters are also abiding by the same restriction. No matter what your views on personal freedom, there are people out there who want to make your life, their business.

  • My daughter just started age 7 and loves it. I see nothing wrong with it and figure she is addicted with my wife and me smoking 2 ppd each. My wife and her love to smoke in car with windows up and ac on.

  • I agree! Let her just go crazy on her amounts!

  • Good for you! Let her smoke as much as she wants with NO LIMITS!

  • Susan here.
    I'll bet she looks just darling with a cigarette! Good for you. Give her my best and enjoy!

  • This is a major rub for both my husband and I. We stress individual freedom and responsibility to our daughter, but at the same time have to restrict her's when it comes to this. She is not allowed to smoke anywhere except in the house, or when we go on camping trips. The consequences of someone finding out that we permit and in fact encourage our girl to smoke are way too much. Our worst nightmare is having child protective services knock on our door to take her away...when it is no one's business but ours!

  • How old is she and what age did she start

  • Sorry I forgot to sign my last post. She's 13 now, and started when she was 8. Sadly for her, she has a babyface so looks younger than 13. If she looked closer to her age, we might not be so paranoid.


  • Why dont you make her look older, does she wear makeup ,where does she smoke that makes you paranoid.

  • Why would I want my daughter to look older? Kind of a creepy suggestion. Also, she's not a doll, she's a human being.


  • Also we had no problem with her smoking from age 6 when she started asking for puffs.

  • Sorry, not anything creepy intended, I thought you were paranoid someone
    would see her smoking and think she was to young. My daughter smoked a pack of salem 100s a day at 9 and inhaled every puff, her mother treated her like she was 9 going on 29 ,she would drink a margarita too. One night she went out her bedroom window and took her moms car for a ride,she was 12 at the time,that was not creepy, down right scary, but no problem ,when the police officer brought her home she got out of the car smoking a cigarette,but no problem the officer said , my little girl smokes too.
    I want my daughter to enjoy all I enjoyed, she is a human being also
    Taking the car was a bit much, do you think lol
    Sit down -Kat and smoke a cigarette with your daughter and let her read this story, when shes 29.

  • Thanks J, I understand you now. That's a crazy story!
    I wish that there wasn't a stigma attached to girls that smoke that they are all bad. My daughter is a sweetheart...kind to all. I hope she won't ever change!

  • Ei porque não colocamos vídeos no YouTube com elas fumando, normalmente sem exageros, para mostrar que isso é normal, e até ajudaria trás famílias a permitirem que suas filhas fumem

  • Kat, girls that smoke are not bad, girls who smoke at a very young age do so
    because they love it and it makes them feel good.............

  • God you're so right! I hate feeling guilt about being a smoker like I'm a bad person or something. I'm a good person who just happens to love smoking, so much in fact that I refused to deny my kids the pleasure as soon as they wanted to start. I hate being judged by other parents because I let my kids smoke openly. Nothung bugs me more than hearing some kid's parents won't let their kids socialize with mine because they smoke.

  • You should never feel bad about smoking or for letting your children smoke at a very young age! Personally, I am proud of my kids for starting under age 10 and remain8ng devoted to it!

  • Susan here.
    I quite agree!
    No one - especially children - should be made to feel badly about their smoking. I think children who start smoking at a very young age exhibit a heightened advancement in the maturing process. Teach a young girl how to smoke properly and like a lady, and it will show in her attitude and behavior. I believe I see it in my own daughters. Anyone else?

  • I totally agree! All 3 of my daughter's smoked starting under the age of 10 and they also are more confident and poised than other girls their age. Allowing children to smoke at a very early age is a positive thing on many levels.

  • Absolutely. My daughter's confidence is much better since we now permit her to smoke cigarettes. By the way, she's age 6.

  • In response to the other recent comments on this thread about children smoking, I think it is WONDERFUL to read that there are so many parents who happily let their kids start smoking quite early. My 3 daughters all were allowed to start at age 8, even though they expressed an interest in doing so at a much younger age and I allowed them to start taking puffs as early as age 5. I do not in even the slightest way regret allowing them to smoke at that age. In fact, my only regret is that I made them wait until age 8 to start. I should have allowed them to begin at age 5 or 6 when they first expressed an interest. I would suggest to any parents who have kids who express an interest in smoking very early to allow them to start whenever they wish, regardless of how young. Let them do it when they want and encourage them all the way!

  • As an answer to the question about the relationship between childhood smoking and the onset of of puberty, I have to agree with the comment that the two things are not necessarily related. I have 3 daughters, all of whom started smoking at age 8 and 1 of them started to develop at age 9 and the other 2 not until about 11. Other parents I know who have daughters who started smoking as young as 6 had started to develop by age 8; others have smoking daughters who haven't started to develop at age 10. So I am not convinced that there is a relationship to it.

  • How about you Susan did you start puberty early, you started smoking when you were 8,were you more mature ,if so what age mature wise.

  • Susan here again.
    Just a question for discussion.
    As you can see from my previous post, both my 9 and 7 year old daughters smoke. The question is, does smoking affect the onset of puberty? I have noticed recently that my nine year old is definitely into puberty, with all the physical changes, including budding b****** and other manifestations. She hasn't started her period yet, but at this point, nothing will surprise me.
    Just curious if anyone else has encountered this. Would like to hear from other moms. Thanks.

  • How about you Susan, you started smoking at 8, did you start puberty early?

  • I don't think that 9 years old is really that young for a girl to start puberty. My friend's daughters started at 9 and 10, and they don't smoke. My daughter started smoking at 8 years old, and she didn't start her puberty until she was almost 12.


  • My name is Susan and I began smoking at age 8.
    I'm a single mom in my mid-twenties and I have two daughters, ages 9 and 7 years old, who also smoke. My eldest girl began smoking in the second grade (with my knowledge and permission), and very soon thereafter, my younger girl wanted to smoke as well. Together they both smoke about a pack and a half of Marlboro Reds a day. I have absolutely no regrets starting to smoke as young as I did, or permitting my daughters to start so young either. Our best times are when we all can smoke together. Our home is also a welcome safe haven for their friends who smoke. I am convinced that smoking has made us a stronger, happier family.

  • Que bacana Susan, poderíamos montar um grupo no YouTube e colocar vídeos das filhas fumando, ajudaria quem quer incentivar suas filhas a fumarem, olhando vídeos de outras crianças fumando

  • English, please!

  • Hi Susan,
    I was thinking,do you have a man in your life,or do you date . If so how did you break the ice about your daughters smoking, and has it ever caused a problem? Also is the girls father in the picture, or was he when they started smoking.

  • Susan here.
    I am a single mom - no steady man in my life or my daughters' lives. I'm a bit of a free spirit, probably due to my mom and dad being hippies from long ago. Both my girls have different fathers, and to be quite honest, I don't know who their fathers are. I only know they were both Black. I still manage some time for my own needs, if you get my meaning, but no, I don't have a steady man in my life. I've been contemplating getting pregnant again, but nothing definite. If I could guarantee another daughter, I'd probably go ahead with it. I really do cherish the closeness of my life with my girls, and would love to have that continue with another girl. Nothing against boys, but I just am more comfortable with girls. So finally, my daughters' smoking has never been an issue with anyone other than me. My parents have always supported my decisions, and I'm very open and unashamed about my life. If my lifestyle offends anyone, it's their issue - not mine. Hope that answers you question.

  • If you want another girl, I would be happy to help you conceive one. All I got are girls, lol!

  • Hey Susan,
    how old are you and your girls now?

  • Do you drink and let them?

  • I'm 26 years old. Justine is 9 and Nadine is 7. We all turn a year in July and August. I drink socially, the girls do not.

  • Susan would you let them try drinking before legal age, if so what age,has smoking made them more mature,like being around people older than their ages smoking, family members ext.

  • It would depend on the situation. A bit of wine at Thanksgiving, a little champagne on New Years Eve, a special day, I've already permitted that. Drinking as a matter of routine - no. I'm actually more concerned about permitting that, than s**. I've already had a number of mother-daughter talks with both girls on a variety of subjects, including those two. Given my liberal attitude on things, I also do not want to overly accelerate the exploration of drinking. I actually believe it will be easier to deal with the onset of sexuality as opposed to full-on drinking.

  • I guess part of that answer had a unexpected response . i,m thinking lol

  • Alright Susan, hope your day is going well. As a stepfather I did a lot of watching and not much doing. I watched my wife in many respects guide her 139 IQ young daughter into a grown lady. I came home from work early one day to find my 8 old sitting on the deck with a salem 100 in one hand and a margarita in the other . Yes I questioned what she was drinking, no need saying anything about the smoking ,and I was fine with that ,I knew how much she enjoyed smoking. I learned quick we were going to be adult to adult to each other. I think I got my first shock treatment that day when she said you are not my daddy, your just f***ing my mother. I remember one friday afternoon she came out of her room dressed like she was 25, I said is that a bit much for a 12 years old? Her answer was I haven,t looked 12 sense I was 9, That night she dated for the first time with the kid down the block ,HE WAS 16.. my confession I was ok with it. Should I have been.

  • Sounds like you helped raise a bratty little sh*t. Good job!

  • Hey Susan, do you have close friends your age that have children the age of Justine,and Nadine that smoke, and do you know anyone who does not smoke that lets their young kids smoke

  • Susan here.
    Yes, I have a few close (girl)friends with children around Justine and Nadine's age group. Some smoke , some do not, mothers and children alike. The youngest child is a girl, age six. As I said previously, our home is a safe haven for children who need a safe place to smoke, whether the parents are aware or not. And no, I'm not a snitch. I will not betray a child, even to the parents.

  • Susan, I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with your lifestyle, or with the fact that you let your kids smoke. You are doing the right THING! If you do get pregnant again, how early will you allow that child to start smoking?

  • Susan here.
    If I were to get pregnant again, I would be open to starting an introduction to smoking at the preschool age (as I stated before).
    I would also look for indications my child actually wants to smoke. No force or coercion. Also, there can be such a thing as too young. I just cannot imagine a two year old, confidently holding, or lighting, or smoking a cigarette.

  • Agreed.

  • I ABSOLUTELY agree with your post wholeheartedly!! Letting my 3 girls start smoking early was one of the best parenting decisions I ever made, and I would do it all over again enthusiastically! Smoking with my kids has indeed made us a stronger, happier, and closer family. In my opinion, kids should be allowed and encouraged to smoke at a young age.

  • Hi Susan! Thanks for sharing your story here. I wish my parents had been as open minded as you are! I also started early, but I had to hide it and because my parents didn't smoke, I had to steal them from other parents that smoked and on occasion from stores (back when you could walk up to the rack in grocery stores and take them). Because of this I didn't become a dedicated smoker until I turned 16.
    I decided that when I had children, I would not deprive them of the pleasure that smoking provides if they decided to smoke. When my daughter was five, she did express an interest and I taught her how to smoke and within a year was smoking on her own. Four years later, she is smoking a pack per day of Newport 100's.

  • I forgot to add to the below post...for those that think only ignorant inbreds would let their children smoke...I am an electrical engineer and my wife holds a doctorate degree.

  • Great to hear there are other couples like us! My wife and I are both highly educated, and like you we both love smoking so much that we didn't want to deprive our children of the pleasure. Our oldest graduates high school next month with honors and has been smoking since she was 11. She taught both of her younger sisters how to smoke when they were 8 and 6 respectively. All three smoke a pack per day of Marlboro Menthol 100's.

  • It is great to hear the your oldest daughter tauggt her 2 younger sisters to smoke. Hopefully, all 3 will someday allow their own children to start smoking at a very young age. How old are your 2 younger girls now?

  • The youngest ones are 15 and 12 now. Our 15 year old plays in her high school junior varsity soccer team, and our soon to be 13 year old runs cross country track on her junior high team. Although I am sure that their habits will eventually slow them down, it goes to show that it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle while smoking heavily.
    While we absolutely have no right to judge others, we did not force them to smoke..we just let them make the decision to start for themselves. We also fully explained the dangers to them but told them that we had made a conscious decision to accept those risks because of the pleasure that smoking gave us.
    Whether or not they allow their children to smoke or not is completely their decision to make...but yes...we would be thrilled if they allowed their children to smoke.

  • It is good to hear that your girls are able to participate in sports activities and still smoke heavily. It does indeed make a case for both being possible for a kid to do. I don't think anyone is advocating a situation in which any adult is by any means "forcing" an underage person to smoke. But I see it as an entirely different thing from providing the opportunity for the youngster to be exposed to smoking in order to have the chance to like the experience and choose for themselves to smoke. The terms "fostering an interest" and "forcing" are absolutely different things. I think you made the correct decision in allowing all 3 of your daughters to smoke and in allowing the older one to foster an interest in it in her 2 younger sisters. And we too would be absolutely thrilled if our daughters someday choose to pass on their love for this wonderful practice to their own kids at a very young age!

  • My thoughts exactly. When our oldest took up the habit, we pretty much figured that it was only a matter of time until the younger ones did as well. After all, she was their strongest role model. To her credit, our oldest did ask us if it was ok to teach her sisters to smoke before she gave them their first cigarettes.
    Oddly enough, our youngest is the most accomplished smoker of the three. She smokes like a seasoned adult. I had a feeling early on that this would be the case...she used to sit in front of her bedroom mirror for hours practicing and posing with her cigarettes.

  • That's very interesting because my youngest daughter is the heaviest smoker of the 3! When school is not in session, she can smoke a pack and a half in a day with no problem at all.

  • I'm not sure if it's true, but I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that the earlier someone starts smoking, the more "wired in" the urge to smoke becomes in their brain. They typically grow up to smoke more heavily and have a harder time quitting. If true, I'm glad so many of us started their kids early.

  • I have heard that as well. I am hoping that is true, because if so, then we all did the right thing so that our kids can continue to smoke and smoke a lot. Frankly, I don't want my kids to EVER stop smoking! I would be very sad and disappointed if they do.

  • I feel the same way, but would respect their decisions. Judging by the way they all relish smoking, I highly doubt this will ever be an issue.

  • Started our daughter on her lifetime love of smoking in the womb. Wife wanted to slow down, but with my encouragement actually increased her cigarette intake to over a ppd while pregnant.
    Wife didn't know at the time, but when she wasn't around i started letting our daughter take drags from my cigarette around 5 years old. Within a few months she was inhaling, and by the time she was 6 she was capable of smoking by herself without my help.
    At 8 years old, i let the cat out of the bag with my wife. Thinking she would be p*****, she shocked me by saying that as long as she keeps her grades up in school and gets regular exercise, she was fine with it.
    Our daughter is 10 now and smokes a pack a day despite being in school and activities. About 6 months ago she decided she wanted a stronger cigarette than my wife and I smoke, so she now smokes Newport 100's.

  • I think it's great she's now smoking newport 100's hope she sticks with that brand

  • She grew up smoking her mom's Marlboro light menthols. Apparently what made her want to switch to Newports was finding a pack on the ground which someone had accidentally thrown out with one left. She brought it home and asked if it was okay if she smoked it. After she finished it I could tell she was buzzing, and I asked what she thought. "I want these!" she said very excitedly.
    Only downside is now I have to buy three different cigarettes, lol.

  • Why don't you convince the wife to smoke Newports too, problem solved! Lol

  • Lol, tried that! She went back to her Marlboro after a week, said the Newports gave her a headache.

  • I think it is WONDERFUL that you did this for your daughter! Thankfully, there are many parents that realize that their kids can successfully start smoking at a very young age and can enjoy it just as much as adults can. In our family, we would not even THINK of depriving our 3 children (a boy and 2 girls--all currently under age 10) of the pleasures of smoking. All 3 are permitted to smoke as much as they wish, and to choose which brand of cigarette that they want. We never interfere with their freedom to smoke --as long as they do so safely--and, in fact, we encourage it! They never have to ask permission on when to smoke nor are they given any restriction on how much they smoke. They of course are not permitted to smoke at school, but they more than make up for it both before and after school. It is our opinion that ALL children should be permitted to smoke--and indeed encouraged to do so. And both of us are university professors, so the point that was made that parents that allow their kids to smoke are not limited to "ignorant inbreds." Every parent can--and SHOULD--allow and encourage their children to smoke. There is no set age at which they should be allowed to start. The earlier the better, in our opinion!

  • We won't pretend that we are parents of the year material for allowing her to smoke, and although my wife accepts our daughter's status as a smoker, she isn't really thrilled about it either. For my part, yes it's true that I wanted her to start smoking, but I never forced it on her. When she showed an interest at an early age, I fostered it, and to be honest it was a source of pride for me that she was such an accomplished and devoted smoker at such an early age.
    When I watch her smoke, it is clear to me that I made the right decision. You can see the joy in her face when she has her first cigarette after school or after dinner. You can tell she relishes it by the way she takes strong drags and holds it inside so long that you hardly see any smoke when she exhales. The only time I regret my decision is seeing her suffer when she can't smoke because society deems it unacceptable.

  • I think you make a great case for the difference between "forcing" and "fostering" the smoking with kids.
    I also feel bad for our kids when I see them having to suffer cravings when they don't have the chance to freely indulge in their beloved smoking. Our kids also have to wait until after school to smoke, of course. But they more than make up for it when they get home by chain-smoking in the evenings. And yes, ours also can hold the smoke in until very little is exhaled. Being able to do that is definitely a sign of a child who is very dedicated to their smoking! :-)
    Keep up the good work in allowing her to keep smoking and enjoying it!

  • She's is most definitely devoted to smoking at this point, having been smoking for about half of her young life. As I mentioned, I am absolutely proud of the way she has taken to the habit, but as some of you other parents know, it's not all roses all the time. Having to hide it from everyone is the greatest source of irritation. We stress that she must not let her habit interfere with her social life, but in practice it's not possible. Give her a choice between hanging out at a friend's house or relaxing in her room playing games, watching Netflix and being able to chain smoke...the latter choice usually wins.

  • What you wrote about your daughter rings true for my kids too. When faced with the choice between smoking and doing some other activity, including interacting with their friends, they always choose their cigarettes first and foremost. And for us, that's ok, because we know how important smoking is to the kids. So we have promised them that we won't ever interfere with their smoking in any way. Therefore, if they choose their cigarettes over other activities, so be it. We give them full freedom to do whatever they wish in regards to their smoking, including their amounts. Our only role is to keep them supplied with cigarettes until they are old enough to buy them on their own. And yes, admittedly, we take great pride in their love of smoking at such a young age, and we don't want them to stop.

  • We don't stress the social impact issue as much as we used to. We pretty much have resigned ourselves to the fact that she gets more pleasure from cigarettes than from just about anything, and we're not going to change that short of forbidding it, which is something we would never do.
    It's so nice to hear other's experiences with this subject as there are very few of us that feel this way. Thanks for the support!

  • Thanks to you as well!
    We also have decided that our daughters' smoking is the most important activity for them, so we just give them full freedom to indulge in it to the fullest extent that they want, with no restrictions whatsoever at home. We figure that away from home, society puts far too many restrictions on them, so at home we should allow them to fully indulge in it to any and all lengths they wish to take it. Therefore, if their other activities take a back seat to their wonderful and beloved cigarettes, so be It! Thus far they have fully taken advantage of that-- and we wouldn't have it any other way!

  • What is amazing to me is the ease with which she can smoke cigarette after cigarette. Both the wife and I have been smoking for about 20 years, our daughter has been smoking for 4 and her appetite for smoking already surpasses ours. I can smoke two cigarettes (lights) in a row, after which I start to feel a bit ill. She sometimes smokes 5-6 in a row, takes a 15 minute break, then smokes another 5 without any problem. I suppose starting so early has something to do with it. Perhaps being exposed to nicotine her entire life has desensitized her body to it.

  • It sounds as though the light cigarettes are not stimulating enough. Perhaps a stronger cigarette such as Camel Filters or Marlboro Reds would be more satisfying!

  • I guess you missed the part where the poster wrote that his daughter had already upgraded to Newport 100's and was pretty much chain smoking them at 10 years old. Hard to get more satisfaction than that.

  • I had the same experience with my daughters. All of them were able to chain smoke very early on without any hesitation, which was more than I could do at their young age. They could smoke 6 to 10 cigarettes in a row, hold off for a short while, and then go right back and chain smoke that many again. And since we have promised them that we would never put any limits on their smoking, they just go right on enthusiastically chaining as much as they wish, with our full support and encouragement.

  • You must be crazy. Poor children. Have you thought about their future. Enphysema, cancer etc. That is what you want for your children?...

  • I started smoking at age 8 by "borrowing" cigarettes from my dad. One day, my mom caught me smoking in my room. She wasn't happy at what she saw, but since both she and my dad were smokers, she could understand why and how it happened. We all had a mom-dad-daughter talk and since punishment would probably be somewhat unfair, it was decided I could continue to smoke with no restrictions. In front of them, in my room, just about anywhere, even at family functions. My parents bought my cigarettes for me until I was old enough to purchase them myself. By age 9, I was smoking a pack a day. By age 13, I was smoking 2 packs a day. I'm 23 now and still really enjoy smoking. My only regret is that I didn't start younger. I wish I had started at 5 or 6. I'm pregnant now, with my first child - a daughter due about five months. I'm still smoking, but my OB-Gyn says I'm doing great with no issues for the baby. I've already decided if my daughter wants to smoke, I get her started when she begins preschool or first grade. I know I'll be criticized for this, but I'm not a bad person, and my little girl is going to have the same understanding from me that my mom and dad exhibited toward me.

  • This is very good to hear! It's great that your parents got you started really early! Good for them!! Now that you are pregnant, how much are you smoking? And DEFINITELY get your daughter smoking early! Don't give up on it either. If she is a little reluctant at first, keep trying. She will get hooked eventually. Keep us posted!

  • I really understanding you. Oud daughters are 8 , 10 and 11 and all are quit heavy smoker now. The youngest puffs a pack a day, the eldest each 2 packs. My girlfriend and i are both very heavy smoker, around 4 packs a day. We like to see our daughters smoke so young and so much. They were all from the start heavily addicted. Maybe it helped that my girlfriend smoked like h*** throughout all her pregnancies.
    Did you smoke too during your preg teen mom?

  • That is great to hear your daughters are all smoking! They are really smoking a lot!! I am curious as to how they started, such as did they ask you if they could smoke, or did you suggest they try it? I was also wondering what were the ages they first started smoking and if they coughed and you had to teach them to inhale etc.. I think it is great you allowing them to smoke at their age. So many people in this world stereotype it is a bad move or as being awful parents for having their kids smoke which I think is a shame. I think it is great that they are smoking so much. Is there any way you could send a video of them smoking? It is not often that parents are as great as you allowing smoking

  • As an ex smoker who had a tia stroke and gum disease not to mention heart problems. You people are insane to allow them to smoke and that is without mentioning cancer which so far i dont have
    Have some guts you idiot

  • It's great that you let your kids smoke! I think ALL kids should smoke! Don't limit how much they smoke, and don'the let them ever quit!

  • I'm a young teen parent, fully support by my mum and dad. Me and my bf can't wait to see our baby boy grow into a smoker.

  • Awesome we are of same mindset as one of our daughters is knocked up right now and she's still smoking.

  • I am glad to hear that you want your kid to smoke. I assume you are smoking pregnant which is a great thing. Have you thought about how you are going to get him to start smoking or at what age? You could get him getting used to it by holding the cigarette to his lips often right after he is born. Smoke around him a lot too another way he could get used to breathing the smoke, then as you keep putting the cigarette in his lips while you holding it he will eventually start sucking on it and drawing smoke.

  • The methods you suggest here are EXCELLENT and very effective! I KNOW they will work because they are very similar to the methods I used to get my daughters hooked on smoking. And the earlier, the better. Blowing smoke into the baby or child's face gets the kid used to breathing the smoke. Also, holding the cigarette to the chikd'so mouth works as well, as the baby will indeed eventually start to suck on the cigarette. Another way is to gently give your child smoky kisses by puffing small amounts of smoke into his or her mouth during gentle kisses. This is also effective in creating a bonding experience both betweeneed you and the child, and also between the baby and the smoke. The best thing to do is to experiment with different methods to see what is most effective in your own case. Just remember not to get discouraged or to give up.

  • The smokey kisses is a great idea! That will definitely get them used to inhaling smoke, and you can start doing that as soon as they are born being then they are not able to hold the cigarette for themselves and you can insure that they actually do inhale the smoke and not just puff it. You mention that these ways are similar to how you got your daughters smoking, I was wanting to ask how did you go about getting your daughters smoking such as what exactly did you do, and at what age were your daughters when you started doing it? At what age did they actually start smoking, are they still smoking now and how old are they now? How much do they smoke now and how has their smoking progressed? I would really like to hear about it, as I think it is absolutely great you getting them to smoke!

  • I started right off blowing smoke into their faces, and continued that up until about age 1. At that time, I started the smoky kisses. You don't even have to give them much by doing that...just gentle little puffs. The important thing is that it is more direct than just blowing it in their faces. I continued that until about age 6, slowly giving them more as they got older. During the toddler age, they would actually come up and ASK for smoky kisses, which of course I never refused! So once they started asking for them, I knew they would be hooked. At age six, they started asking for puffs from the cigarettes, which again were never refused. When each one turned 8, I let them start smoking on their own IF they asked to do so (which all 3 did, thankfully). They are now 15, 13, and 11 and all 3 smoke and LOVE it!! So I know for sure this method works! I am VERY proud of them!

  • My girlfriend is 7 months pregnant and smokes close to 2 packs a day. She hasn't slacked off a single cigarette during her pregnancy. We decided early on that we would allow our kids to smoke early on, and that is still our intention. But we weren't sure of how to start them until we found this thread. We read this and think the methods mentioned here (the puffs, the smoky kisses, etc) sound like the perfect method for getting our kids into smoking early on. It sounds like the best way to achieve the right results. So that is what we will do. THANK YOU!

  • My wife would chain smoke while breastfeeding and exhale through her nose covering our daughter who loved it, she is now 8 and smoking freely

  • That is great to hear what you did and that it worked and they are all smoking! I was wondering how how often they would ask for the smokey kisses and how often once they started taking drags that they would ask for a drag from the cigarette.. Also I was curious as to how many a day they smoked when they started and how many a day they smoke now. I think that is great what you did more people should be like you about smoking

  • I am so glad that you like what I wrote! More people like it than many people would imagine. To answer your questions: they would ask for smoky kisses quite often when the would see me smoking, and I would never turn them down. The 2nd oldest girl would also ask her older sister for smoky kisses after her big sister actually started smoking. Then the youngest would also ask BOTH her sisters for smoky kisses as she came up. It was as cute as it gets! The youngest would also ask me "Pwease feed me smoke!!" They all would eventually ask for drags from my cigarettes, pretty much every time I smoked. They were never refused! Then, when each one actually started smoking, at the very beginning they would smoke 3 to 4 per day, with that amount increasing as they got older. Now their amounts vary depending in whether school is in session or not. The oldest one is at about a pack a day on days when school is in session, considerably more when it is not. On school days, the 2 younger ones are at about half to 3/4 of a pack. A little over a pack on non-school days. But I promised them that I will NEVER put a limit on their amounts. That is entirely up to them. They have full freedom on this.

  • Starting the smokey kisses at age 1 is great to hear that you were getting them used to the smoke that early! I was wondering how it worked tho meaning when you gave them the smoke from the kisses when they were that young would it go into their lungs? Would they breathe smoke out of their mouths/noses when you started doing this? Also did they cough? I was also wondering once they started asking for drags of the cigarette how many a day would they ask for and if they coughed when first going straight to the cigarette, or did they not cough since their lungs were used to getting the smoke from the kisses? I ask also if you have any videos of this or would be willing to share any of them.

  • Does anyone have kids that smoke salems

  • At age 1, I didn't really force force the smoke very hard into their lungs very much. Just little puffs into their mouths directly from my mouth. The goal at that stage was just to get them used to the taste of the cigarette smoke. There was very little, if any, coughing, because very little would go into their lungs. But as they got older, the kisses would last progressively longer and more smoke would be go into their mouths. At the time, they start to get some being taken into their lungs. But there really wasn't much coughing because they were getting more used to the smoke. Eventually, during the toddler stage, at about age 3 or 4, they started asking for the smokey kisses. That was a very welcome development, because it was proof that they were starting to crave the smoke. By then, they were expecting the kisses with every single cigarette I would smoke. They would see me lighting up and would come over to me for them. It became a sort of "feeding time" for them, and was very cute. I never refused them, and they would often come over to climb up into my lap and even grab onto my face and latch onto my mouth in a kiss, sometimes a bit forcefully, in order to get the smoke out of my mouth into theirs. Later, I would let them graduate to actual puffs from the cigarettes and that more or less weaned them off the kisses. But even then, they frequently wanted kisses because it was by then very much a "bonding time" activity. By age 8 they were all smoking their own cigarettes. And no, unfortunately, I never took pictures or videos of them doing so. I wish I had done so!

  • Or if you would be willing to share any vids of them smoking now

  • The coolest thing was when my youngest daughter, at age 8, when she had actually started smoking her own cigarettes, came up to me one day and said, "I want to give YOU smokey kisses now!" and took a big draw off her cigarette, pulled my head close to hers and latched onto my mouth in a huge kiss and filled my mouth and lungs with her own smoke! That was a wonderful moment!

  • First of all, congratulations on getting pregnant! I think pregnant teens are so cute! Especially ones who smoke during their pregnancy. It's good to hear that you want your child to smoke. Advice: do whatever you need to do to make sure he becomes a smoker early on. I think all kids should smoke!

  • Not sure what I would have done if I were in your shoes. Since I never smoked (and never plan to, though I've definitely experienced second-hand smoke) I guess its hard for me to relate. It would probably be hard for me to tell my child (hypothetically since I don't have kids yet) to stop doing something that I myself do and enjoy, so I agree with what you wrote in that sense. I don't judge you or your husband or daughter for smoking, as I realize how addictive it can be. As enjoyable as the activity may be to you all, though, you may want to think again about the pros vs. cons and re-evaluate, especially for your daughter as she is young and still growing. (For me, the closest vice I have to cigarettes would be a former chocolate addiction, and I had to re-evaluate that and make myself limit the chocolate to two small chocolate cookies per day, no more. It was hard at first but I feel healthier as a result. I hope I will have the willpower to give up chocolate for good someday). Hope you, your husband and daughter make the right decision for yourselves for the sake of health, longevity and overall well-being. Good luck!

  • I see nothing wrong with what you did. I have 3 daughters (now ages 13, 14, and 16). The youngest and the oldest both started smoking (with my approval) at age 10, aND my middle child started at age 11. I do not regret letting go them start, and I would do it again if I had the chance! I see NOTHING wrong with letting children smoke!

  • I agree. There is nothing wrong with permitting a youngster to smoke. My daughter started at 12. She's 18 now and is a confirmed smoker. We truly enjoy having cigarettes together.

  • She could have started smoking even younger than age 12! Kids under 10 can smoke successfully and really enjoy it.

  • You did the right thing for allowing them to smoke. How many a day did they smoke when they started and how many a day are they smoking now?

  • Good questions! Our kids wants to smoke more and more which is great we think.

  • My daughters smoke about a pack a day. On days when school is not in session, they smoke more than that. I refuse to put limits on their amounts. I'm just going to say it: I'M PROUD THAT MY KIDS SMOKE AND I ENTHUSIASTICALLY APPROVE!

  • That is really good to hear of the amount they are smoking. How old are they now and how old were they when they started? Did they ask you if they could smoke and did you have to teach them to inhale?

  • Amazing! Hope that there addiction is still growing

  • You did the right thing. My daughter is 12 and she is smoking and her grades at school are better for it.

  • Good for you in letting her smoke! I also allowed my own kids start young and I have no regrets. I'm glad I did it and would do it again!

  • Good for you both in her smoking. How much is she smoking in a day, and how are her grades better for it?

  • My own daughters smoke about a pack a day. On days when there is no school, they smoke even more. I never put any limits on their amounts. That is their choice!

  • Good for you and them!! How old are they, how much do they smoke and how old were they when they started?

  • I think that is great that you decided to let her smoke. She was already smoking so allowing it made it much easier on her. People act like it is so bad and that you are a bad parent for allowing her to smoke, But I commend you allowing it. Heck most of the foods we are allowed to eat now days are just as bad if not worse for health than cigarettes. Do not listen to anyone tell you anything different you are a good mother and made the right choice in allowing her smoking. That is great to hear that she was actually smoking a pack a day, it sounds like she really enjoys it. I am curious to hear if she is still smoking now and if so how much etc.. You should make another post and update us as to the progression if she is still smoking..

  • I agree that letting her smoke was a great decision. I would love to know how much she smokes now. I hope her amount has increased!

  • I am 15 and a heavy smoker. My mum found out and wasn't happy at first. She smoked too and soon gave up nagging at me. We smoke at lot together now and is happy I enjoy it and sees I am as hooked as she is on our favourite cigarettes. Smoking is the best.

  • I let my own daughter start at age 10 when she expressed an interest in trying. She loved it, so I let her continue. She is now 15 and still smoking. Her younger sister is 11 and has recently started as well. That was about the age I started too. I have no regrets of letting them start and would do it all over again if I could.

  • I also allowed my 2 daughters to smoke when they felt ready (ages 9 and 11) . They are now 13 and 15 and still smoking. I didn't regret it then, and I don't regret it now. They enjoy it, and I don't mind letting them.

  • Good on you for letting your kids smoke. All ours do and are proud of them. Our daughter is pregnant too and still smoking heavily which we've commended. My gf smoked through all of her pregnancies.

  • Good to hear that your daughter is smoking through her pregnancy. Don't let her stop, as that is the best guarantee that the baby will love smoking and will want to smoke as well, which is something that should be encouraged.

  • You should have told her she's not allowed to smoke. But, having been a smoker, I know she would have continued. A bunch of us smoked as kids, and those of us who were not allowed to still did. Once a kid is addicted, good luck getting him/her to stop. In the end, I probably would have done the same thing you did. Hopefully, as she gets older, your daughter will quit on her own.

  • Gee, I wonder if your daughter will get to pick out your coffins first; or if you will get to pick out hers?

    Basically you are saying you found out your daughter is taking a small amount of poison every day, and you are okay with that because it hasn't killed her yet.

  • To each his own.

  • While it may not be 'hurting nothing' now it will definitely cause problems for her.My dad bought me cigarettes when I was 11 ,worst mistake he made as a parent in my opinion,though he did so because he didn't want me getting something off the street.A good idea would have been punishing me for doing it in the first place.Just think,at 11 by the time she's 22 she will have been smoking for ten years! Crazy! For the sake of her health you need to make it unacceptable.

  • Lmao just pointing out it would have been 11 years but good math mate

  • Hopefully the law will remove her from your home and put you in jail for child abuse. My best friends parents did the same thing and my best friend had a heart attack and died back in 2000.

    You scum need your heads examined and I hope you die soon.

  • Your a stupid f****** idiot. Half the food and drinks you consume everyday has far worse chemicals. Just because something is FDA approved doesn't make it good or safe. Dumbass

  • *You're.

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