Allow my daughter to smoke

My husband and I are both heavy smokers. My 11 year old daughter was smoking in her room when I unexpectedly walked in on her. After the awkward moment passed, we talked and found out she has been smoking for nearly half a year and is addicted. I told her it was OK for her to smoke. I feel a bit guilty but not too much, for some reason. My husband flat out didn't care if she smoked or not. I wonder if I did the right thing. I know smoking isn't very healthy, but at her age, I guess it isn't doing all that much harm. Besides, how can I tell her not to smoke if I keep puffing away at 2 packs per day. Neither my husband nor I are about to quit. We love smoking too much for that. So instead I watch my little girl puffing away at the rate of 1 pack a day. She smokes like it's nothing. She reminds me of myself when I was around her age.


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  • I think that is great that you decided to let her smoke. She was already smoking so allowing it made it much easier on her. People act like it is so bad and that you are a bad parent for allowing her to smoke, But I commend you allowing it. Heck most of the foods we are allowed to eat now days are just as bad if not worse for health than cigarettes. Do not listen to anyone tell you anything different you are a good mother and made the right choice in allowing her smoking. That is great to hear that she was actually smoking a pack a day, it sounds like she really enjoys it. I am curious to hear if she is still smoking now and if so how much etc.. You should make another post and update us as to the progression if she is still smoking..

  • I am 15 and a heavy smoker. My mum found out and wasn't happy at first. She smoked too and soon gave up nagging at me. We smoke at lot together now and is happy I enjoy it and sees I am as hooked as she is on our favourite cigarettes. Smoking is the best.

  • I let my own daughter start at age 10 when she expressed an interest in trying. She loved it, so I let her continue. She is now 15 and still smoking. Her younger sister is 11 and has recently started as well. That was about the age I started too. I have no regrets of letting them start and would do it all over again if I could.

  • I also allowed my 2 daughters to smoke when they felt ready (ages 9 and 11) . They are now 13 and 15 and still smoking. I didn't regret it then, and I don't regret it now. They enjoy it, and I don't mind letting them.

  • You should have told her she's not allowed to smoke. But, having been a smoker, I know she would have continued. A bunch of us smoked as kids, and those of us who were not allowed to still did. Once a kid is addicted, good luck getting him/her to stop. In the end, I probably would have done the same thing you did. Hopefully, as she gets older, your daughter will quit on her own.

  • Gee, I wonder if your daughter will get to pick out your coffins first; or if you will get to pick out hers?

    Basically you are saying you found out your daughter is taking a small amount of poison every day, and you are okay with that because it hasn't killed her yet.

  • While it may not be 'hurting nothing' now it will definitely cause problems for her.My dad bought me cigarettes when I was 11 ,worst mistake he made as a parent in my opinion,though he did so because he didn't want me getting something off the street.A good idea would have been punishing me for doing it in the first place.Just think,at 11 by the time she's 22 she will have been smoking for ten years! Crazy! For the sake of her health you need to make it unacceptable.

  • Lmao just pointing out it would have been 11 years but good math mate

  • Hopefully the law will remove her from your home and put you in jail for child abuse. My best friends parents did the same thing and my best friend had a heart attack and died back in 2000.

    You scum need your heads examined and I hope you die soon.

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