Allow my daughter to smoke

My husband and I are both heavy smokers. My 11 year old daughter was smoking in her room when I unexpectedly walked in on her. After the awkward moment passed, we talked and found out she has been smoking for nearly half a year and is addicted. I told her it was OK for her to smoke. I feel a bit guilty but not too much, for some reason. My husband flat out didn't care if she smoked or not. I wonder if I did the right thing. I know smoking isn't very healthy, but at her age, I guess it isn't doing all that much harm. Besides, how can I tell her not to smoke if I keep puffing away at 2 packs per day. Neither my husband nor I are about to quit. We love smoking too much for that. So instead I watch my little girl puffing away at the rate of 1 pack a day. She smokes like it's nothing. She reminds me of myself when I was around her age.

Oct 22, 2014

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  • Hi Paula,
    I'm glad you wrote to us and I'm happy for Jackie that she drinks, smokes, has s** and she's got herself pregnant. If she gets morning sickness real f ucking bad give her some weed to smoke. Mum gave it to me and my twin Lilly and it really helps and we continue to smoke it. Besides mum said smoking dope calms us down a fair bit.

  • Ren and Lilly are out of order. Not only do they smoke cigarettes, drink, have s** an smoke dope but their language is putrid. Very rarely can they write a sentence without mentioning words such as f*ck c*nt, c*ck, wh*re sl*t, m*le, b*tch etc but they get themselves pregnant yet they're only 14. They need a good smack around the head.

  • I forgot to say that they f*** each too. How disgusting is that? God will punish these Ren and Lilly like no other.

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Do you walk around your house naked while you smoke. That'd be such a turn on for me to see?

  • We all walk around the house naked while we're smoking, mum, dad Lilly and me. Mum and dad hold Skinny dipping dinner pool parties at our place every couple of months and the parents and us kids are all in the pool together then we get out for dinner and drink and smoke. Sometimes we have a BBQ and other times mum pays for caters and we have food delivered. We're doing it again on Australia Day.

  • Hi, My name is Paula, and I have a 15 year old daughter. She started smoking when she was 8, and I let her start having one drink a day when she turned 13. Both me and my boyfriend smoke. My ex-husband did too. My daughter, whose name is Jackie, got pregnant accidentally about 4 months ago. The first 3 months, she said nothing, but then told me she's not having periods anymore, and for a while there, she didn't feel good when she ate, so right away I knew. We let her continue to smoke; I never had any problems smoking through my pregnancy, after all. And we continue to let her have her one drink a day. She smokes a pack a day, which I don't think is really all that much, and she should be fine with the pregnancy. She really isn't sure about the baby; she might put it up for adoption...we'll see.
    Have fun Ren and Lilly with your pregnancies!

  • That is great do u have other friends that let there children smoke

  • Oh no, tell Jackie to keep her bub. Mum said to us that if Ren and I don't keep ours we could go on through life wondering what if. We were different to Jackie coz we wanted to get preg. Mum is very supportive of us both.
    Love to you and Jackie and all the best.
    Take care
    Love Lilly

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Did you twins get laid at the party last Saturday night?

  • Nooo. Three of us girls are pregnant.

  • Mum is putting on a baby gender party for Ren, me and Oksana tonight. There will be pink and blue birthday cakes with candy cigarettes and candy booze bottles on them. We will reveal whether we are having boys or girls. Most of our 60 friends don't know what we're having until the party tonight.

  • Lilly is still in bed because she got drunk last night at our party and mum was really
    pi ssed with her. Lilly was so drunk she couldn't even get changed for bed so mum had to take Lilly's jeans off for her. Lilly asked mum for a cigarette then mum threw the pack at her and told her to sit up and smoke it before she burnt the house down.
    Apart from that the party was really good and only a few girls were drunk but they stayed over at our place. Tegan's mum called in at 2am to pick her up but she was too wasted to get her lazy ar se off the lounge so mum said shed drive her home today. Mum put Tegan in Lilly's bed with Lilly.


  • What were you young girls and guys drinking?

  • We were drinking Voddys and plenty of it. Ren was right when she said mum had to take my jeans off and put me to bed coz I was so f ucking drunk. And she made me sit up in bed to smoke my cigarette before I fell asleep.

  • What are Voddys?

  • Voddys are Vodkas for f ucks sake.

  • I just love reading what badass things the twins, Ren and Lilly get up to. Getting drunk, smoking, drinking, having s** and getting themselves pregnant. They sound so much fun.

  • I was French kissing my twin sister this morning while we were smoking. It was so f ucking hot. We lived it as we love each other so much

  • Lilly,
    Did you and Ren have s** together as well?

  • We always f uck each other when we're smoking.

  • Ren and Lilly,
    What brand of cigarettes do you smoke and how many do you smoke per day.

  • We both smoke Marlboro Gold and mum buys us 2 cartons of cigarettes each per week. There are 8 packs in a carton and each pack has 25 ciggies in them.

  • Will you people stop pointing the finger at Belinda for buying and letting her daughters drink and smoke cigarettes?
    Mothers have been allowing their kids to smoke for decades just as I have let my kids smoke and have the occasional bourbon and coke.
    For f**** sake, get a life.

  • Good on u how many children do u have what ages i have 3 children 7 9 11 smoke 1ppd each and drink burbon and coke

  • Jatin,
    Lilly and myself are going to university when we complete the Higher School Certificate and we've made up our minds to become escorts while we're at uni. We're looking forward to the birth of our babies. Mine will be born before Lilly's babies and now that we're pregnant mum is also looking forward to the births. She wasn't all that impressed though when we first told her we are preg. She wants us to cut down our smoking a bit but it's really difficult.

  • Hi Ren,

    I am glad you are both having twins. Say hello to Lilly from me.

    Can't wait till you tell us they have started smoking. You and Lilly with be the best Mothers.

    Don't listen to what other people say.

    Take care and stay safe


  • Hey Jatin
    I'm Lilly and I'm Ren's twin sister. It's a pity you can't smoke, why is that?

  • As soon as our kids are born Lilly and I are getting both our kids names tattooed on our right shoulder. So we'll have 4 names tattooed on each. One tattoo for each child.

  • We're 14 now and we were 14 when you wrote we were 13. Not only do we drink and smoke but we're pregnant too. But what had that got to do with you bi tch?

    Our mum is a great young lady. Sounds like you're a jealous c unt

  • Lilly and Ren your mother is evil. What mother in their right mind would let their 13 year old daughters drink and smoke

  • Any good mother wouldn't let their 13 year old daughter smoke cigarettes and drink

  • Call me a bad mum if you want. I'm Ren and Lilly's mother and I'd rather them smoke and drink in front of me than go behind my back. They do chores for their cigarettes and alcohol and I treat them like responsible young ladies although they're 14. Should I disallow them those pleasures and have them not only drink and smoke behind my back but beg, borrow and steal from others to get their fix?

  • Belinda
    That is the most sensible answer I've seen on here. Apart from what you've already stated, no amount of you ranting and raving will prevent Ren and Lilly from smoking.
    Smoking is enjoyable and I like the look of young ladies who smoke.

  • Huh, we twins are 14 and we've been smoking for a few years now. Mum loves having a cigarette and a drink with us.

  • Lilly,
    When you and Ren become s ex workers will you consider two men f ucking you at the same time and would you both smoke cigarettes when you're being f f*****?

  • Ren and me will charge clients $200 an hour for s ex. If they want to f uck both of us together it will be $300 an hour. If they want us to smoke while they're having s ex with us it will be $350 an hour.

  • Suppose you and Belinda know that prostitution under 18 is illegal inAustralia and can be prosecuted

  • If you read this thread, you'll see that we intend to be escorts when we come of age.

  • Those rates above are for each of us.

  • It will be delightful f****** two young beautiful blondes like Ren and Lilly at the same time.

  • I'm 22 and mother doesn't know I smoke. I have to hide behind her back or go for a walk when I need a ciggie.

  • Come on just smoke in front of her she can tell tell u not to smoke

  • You're old enough to do what the f uck you like. Smoke some weed and have a few nips of vodka. Then light a cigarette in front of your my mum. Then you won't give a f uck about what she thinks of you smoking.

  • My mother despises smoking, I'm a lesbian as well and she'd freak out if she knew I have been intimate with an old school friend of mine.

    Lilly I don't know if you're gay but I'd really like to have it off with you. You seem to be a strong young girl who knows what she wants and knows what life is all about

  • I would only like to have a girl crush if they would smoke in front of their mum. I would certainly light up a ciggie in front of your mum if I visited you. I like my partner to smoke.

  • There's no chance of you and me getting together Lilly so I can forget about getting it on with you although I prefer young girls and you'd be ideal. I probably would smoke in front of my mum if I had you by my side.
    Love 💓 always
    Maddie x

  • It is f f***** that Ren and I have to wait another 4 years to be s ex workers. Mum wants us to do it in a safe environment like a 4 star hotel and not a backroom brothel.

  • Belinda is Ren and Lilly's mother and I think every bloke would like to fvck her and the twins, who are Ren and Lilly

  • You and Ren must have the best mother in the world Lilly. I hope you let your kids f uck, drink, smoke and get pregnant at an early age and prostitute themselves when they're 18.
    Life is all about having fun.

  • Although people reading this forum know what Ren and I are having mum is going to put on a baby reveal party for for Ren and myself and also our friend Oksana. Oksana is only having one baby, not twins. The party will be held on Saturday 15th January.

  • Ren and I are each having twins and this was confirmed when we had our second ultrasound. Ren is having a boy and a girl and I'm having twin girls. Mum is excited coz at least there will be one baby boy in the family. We kept today to announce it coz Ren and I are 14 today. Everyone have a cigarette and drink and celebrate with us
    Love Lilly.

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Came back and talk to us.
    We love you.
    Brian and Elton

  • How old Ru Brian and Elton?
    I hope you're both under 40.

  • Hey cleefinders,
    What's your name, mum said I can use one of her email addresses to write to you.

    Are you still reading this forum, I just saw your post?

  • I miss the twins too. They made me so hot and hor ny

  • I miss the twins, Lilly and Ren so much. I wonder how they are getting on with their drinking, smoking, s ex and pregnancies. I wish I was pregnant when I was 13 like those two f ucking badasses.

  • I agree, I always enjoy reading their stories.

  • Absolute trash! you will regret it later in life. Not to mention the financial and medical aspect. We are suppose to do better for our kids.

  • Where's Ren and Lilly?

  • I'm smoking 3PPD now but mum wants me to cut down because it might hurt my baby. She said I smoke too much but I love smoking.

  • Don't cut down remember your smoking g for 2 now your should increase your nicotine intake and hopefully you'll have a beautiful daughter and teach her how to smoke as well

  • Yes.go to just 2 packs a day....add a patch to help you sweetheart.

  • Thank you,
    I'd really like to know your name.
    I'm wearing a patch and I'm smoking about the amount I was smoking over a week ago. I was once smoking about 60 cigarettes a day, now over the last 2 days I'm comfortable smoking 25.
    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Hi lilly, im 16 from Nottingham in the uk, if you email me i would love to get in contact with you, would love to talk to you about how you started and such, my email is,

  • Lilly,
    You're only 13 love, take it easy on the cigarettes for the sake of yourself and your unborn baby's health.

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