Allow my daughter to smoke

My husband and I are both heavy smokers. My 11 year old daughter was smoking in her room when I unexpectedly walked in on her. After the awkward moment passed, we talked and found out she has been smoking for nearly half a year and is addicted. I told her it was OK for her to smoke. I feel a bit guilty but not too much, for some reason. My husband flat out didn't care if she smoked or not. I wonder if I did the right thing. I know smoking isn't very healthy, but at her age, I guess it isn't doing all that much harm. Besides, how can I tell her not to smoke if I keep puffing away at 2 packs per day. Neither my husband nor I are about to quit. We love smoking too much for that. So instead I watch my little girl puffing away at the rate of 1 pack a day. She smokes like it's nothing. She reminds me of myself when I was around her age.


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  • I started smoking at age 8 by "borrowing" cigarettes from my dad. One day, my mom caught me smoking in my room. She wasn't happy at what she saw, but since both she and my dad were smokers, she could understand why and how it happened. We all had a mom-dad-daughter talk and since punishment would probably be somewhat unfair, it was decided I could continue to smoke with no restrictions. In front of them, in my room, just about anywhere, even at family functions. My parents bought my cigarettes for me until I was old enough to purchase them myself. By age 9, I was smoking a pack a day. By age 13, I was smoking 2 packs a day. I'm 23 now and still really enjoy smoking. My only regret is that I didn't start younger. I wish I had started at 5 or 6. I'm pregnant now, with my first child - a daughter due about five months. I'm still smoking, but my OB-Gyn says I'm doing great with no issues for the baby. I've already decided if my daughter wants to smoke, I get her started when she begins preschool or first grade. I know I'll be criticized for this, but I'm not a bad person, and my little girl is going to have the same understanding from me that my mom and dad exhibited toward me.

  • This is very good to hear! It's great that your parents got you started really early! Good for them!! Now that you are pregnant, how much are you smoking? And DEFINITELY get your daughter smoking early! Don't give up on it either. If she is a little reluctant at first, keep trying. She will get hooked eventually. Keep us posted!

  • I really understanding you. Oud daughters are 8 , 10 and 11 and all are quit heavy smoker now. The youngest puffs a pack a day, the eldest each 2 packs. My girlfriend and i are both very heavy smoker, around 4 packs a day. We like to see our daughters smoke so young and so much. They were all from the start heavily addicted. Maybe it helped that my girlfriend smoked like h*** throughout all her pregnancies.
    Did you smoke too during your preg teen mom?

  • That is great to hear your daughters are all smoking! They are really smoking a lot!! I am curious as to how they started, such as did they ask you if they could smoke, or did you suggest they try it? I was also wondering what were the ages they first started smoking and if they coughed and you had to teach them to inhale etc.. I think it is great you allowing them to smoke at their age. So many people in this world stereotype it is a bad move or as being awful parents for having their kids smoke which I think is a shame. I think it is great that they are smoking so much. Is there any way you could send a video of them smoking? It is not often that parents are as great as you allowing smoking

  • As an ex smoker who had a tia stroke and gum disease not to mention heart problems. You people are insane to allow them to smoke and that is without mentioning cancer which so far i dont have
    Have some guts you idiot

  • It's great that you let your kids smoke! I think ALL kids should smoke! Don't limit how much they smoke, and don'the let them ever quit!

  • I'm a young teen parent, fully support by my mum and dad. Me and my bf can't wait to see our baby boy grow into a smoker.

  • I am glad to hear that you want your kid to smoke. I assume you are smoking pregnant which is a great thing. Have you thought about how you are going to get him to start smoking or at what age? You could get him getting used to it by holding the cigarette to his lips often right after he is born. Smoke around him a lot too another way he could get used to breathing the smoke, then as you keep putting the cigarette in his lips while you holding it he will eventually start sucking on it and drawing smoke.

  • The methods you suggest here are EXCELLENT and very effective! I KNOW they will work because they are very similar to the methods I used to get my daughters hooked on smoking. And the earlier, the better. Blowing smoke into the baby or child's face gets the kid used to breathing the smoke. Also, holding the cigarette to the chikd'so mouth works as well, as the baby will indeed eventually start to suck on the cigarette. Another way is to gently give your child smoky kisses by puffing small amounts of smoke into his or her mouth during gentle kisses. This is also effective in creating a bonding experience both betweeneed you and the child, and also between the baby and the smoke. The best thing to do is to experiment with different methods to see what is most effective in your own case. Just remember not to get discouraged or to give up.

  • The smokey kisses is a great idea! That will definitely get them used to inhaling smoke, and you can start doing that as soon as they are born being then they are not able to hold the cigarette for themselves and you can insure that they actually do inhale the smoke and not just puff it. You mention that these ways are similar to how you got your daughters smoking, I was wanting to ask how did you go about getting your daughters smoking such as what exactly did you do, and at what age were your daughters when you started doing it? At what age did they actually start smoking, are they still smoking now and how old are they now? How much do they smoke now and how has their smoking progressed? I would really like to hear about it, as I think it is absolutely great you getting them to smoke!

  • I started right off blowing smoke into their faces, and continued that up until about age 1. At that time, I started the smoky kisses. You don't even have to give them much by doing that...just gentle little puffs. The important thing is that it is more direct than just blowing it in their faces. I continued that until about age 6, slowly giving them more as they got older. During the toddler age, they would actually come up and ASK for smoky kisses, which of course I never refused! So once they started asking for them, I knew they would be hooked. At age six, they started asking for puffs from the cigarettes, which again were never refused. When each one turned 8, I let them start smoking on their own IF they asked to do so (which all 3 did, thankfully). They are now 15, 13, and 11 and all 3 smoke and LOVE it!! So I know for sure this method works! I am VERY proud of them!

  • My girlfriend is 7 months pregnant and smokes close to 2 packs a day. She hasn't slacked off a single cigarette during her pregnancy. We decided early on that we would allow our kids to smoke early on, and that is still our intention. But we weren't sure of how to start them until we found this thread. We read this and think the methods mentioned here (the puffs, the smoky kisses, etc) sound like the perfect method for getting our kids into smoking early on. It sounds like the best way to achieve the right results. So that is what we will do. THANK YOU!

  • That is great to hear what you did and that it worked and they are all smoking! I was wondering how how often they would ask for the smokey kisses and how often once they started taking drags that they would ask for a drag from the cigarette.. Also I was curious as to how many a day they smoked when they started and how many a day they smoke now. I think that is great what you did more people should be like you about smoking

  • I am so glad that you like what I wrote! More people like it than many people would imagine. To answer your questions: they would ask for smoky kisses quite often when the would see me smoking, and I would never turn them down. The 2nd oldest girl would also ask her older sister for smoky kisses after her big sister actually started smoking. Then the youngest would also ask BOTH her sisters for smoky kisses as she came up. It was as cute as it gets! The youngest would also ask me "Pwease feed me smoke!!" They all would eventually ask for drags from my cigarettes, pretty much every time I smoked. They were never refused! Then, when each one actually started smoking, at the very beginning they would smoke 3 to 4 per day, with that amount increasing as they got older. Now their amounts vary depending in whether school is in session or not. The oldest one is at about a pack a day on days when school is in session, considerably more when it is not. On school days, the 2 younger ones are at about half to 3/4 of a pack. A little over a pack on non-school days. But I promised them that I will NEVER put a limit on their amounts. That is entirely up to them. They have full freedom on this.

  • Starting the smokey kisses at age 1 is great to hear that you were getting them used to the smoke that early! I was wondering how it worked tho meaning when you gave them the smoke from the kisses when they were that young would it go into their lungs? Would they breathe smoke out of their mouths/noses when you started doing this? Also did they cough? I was also wondering once they started asking for drags of the cigarette how many a day would they ask for and if they coughed when first going straight to the cigarette, or did they not cough since their lungs were used to getting the smoke from the kisses? I ask also if you have any videos of this or would be willing to share any of them.

  • Or if you would be willing to share any vids of them smoking now

  • First of all, congratulations on getting pregnant! I think pregnant teens are so cute! Especially ones who smoke during their pregnancy. It's good to hear that you want your child to smoke. Advice: do whatever you need to do to make sure he becomes a smoker early on. I think all kids should smoke!

  • Not sure what I would have done if I were in your shoes. Since I never smoked (and never plan to, though I've definitely experienced second-hand smoke) I guess its hard for me to relate. It would probably be hard for me to tell my child (hypothetically since I don't have kids yet) to stop doing something that I myself do and enjoy, so I agree with what you wrote in that sense. I don't judge you or your husband or daughter for smoking, as I realize how addictive it can be. As enjoyable as the activity may be to you all, though, you may want to think again about the pros vs. cons and re-evaluate, especially for your daughter as she is young and still growing. (For me, the closest vice I have to cigarettes would be a former chocolate addiction, and I had to re-evaluate that and make myself limit the chocolate to two small chocolate cookies per day, no more. It was hard at first but I feel healthier as a result. I hope I will have the willpower to give up chocolate for good someday). Hope you, your husband and daughter make the right decision for yourselves for the sake of health, longevity and overall well-being. Good luck!

  • I see nothing wrong with what you did. I have 3 daughters (now ages 13, 14, and 16). The youngest and the oldest both started smoking (with my approval) at age 10, aND my middle child started at age 11. I do not regret letting go them start, and I would do it again if I had the chance! I see NOTHING wrong with letting children smoke!

  • I agree. There is nothing wrong with permitting a youngster to smoke. My daughter started at 12. She's 18 now and is a confirmed smoker. We truly enjoy having cigarettes together.

  • She could have started smoking even younger than age 12! Kids under 10 can smoke successfully and really enjoy it.

  • You did the right thing for allowing them to smoke. How many a day did they smoke when they started and how many a day are they smoking now?

  • Good questions! Our kids wants to smoke more and more which is great we think.

  • My daughters smoke about a pack a day. On days when school is not in session, they smoke more than that. I refuse to put limits on their amounts. I'm just going to say it: I'M PROUD THAT MY KIDS SMOKE AND I ENTHUSIASTICALLY APPROVE!

  • That is really good to hear of the amount they are smoking. How old are they now and how old were they when they started? Did they ask you if they could smoke and did you have to teach them to inhale?

  • Amazing! Hope that there addiction is still growing

  • You did the right thing. My daughter is 12 and she is smoking and her grades at school are better for it.

  • Good for you in letting her smoke! I also allowed my own kids start young and I have no regrets. I'm glad I did it and would do it again!

  • Good for you both in her smoking. How much is she smoking in a day, and how are her grades better for it?

  • My own daughters smoke about a pack a day. On days when there is no school, they smoke even more. I never put any limits on their amounts. That is their choice!

  • Good for you and them!! How old are they, how much do they smoke and how old were they when they started?

  • I think that is great that you decided to let her smoke. She was already smoking so allowing it made it much easier on her. People act like it is so bad and that you are a bad parent for allowing her to smoke, But I commend you allowing it. Heck most of the foods we are allowed to eat now days are just as bad if not worse for health than cigarettes. Do not listen to anyone tell you anything different you are a good mother and made the right choice in allowing her smoking. That is great to hear that she was actually smoking a pack a day, it sounds like she really enjoys it. I am curious to hear if she is still smoking now and if so how much etc.. You should make another post and update us as to the progression if she is still smoking..

  • I agree that letting her smoke was a great decision. I would love to know how much she smokes now. I hope her amount has increased!

  • I am 15 and a heavy smoker. My mum found out and wasn't happy at first. She smoked too and soon gave up nagging at me. We smoke at lot together now and is happy I enjoy it and sees I am as hooked as she is on our favourite cigarettes. Smoking is the best.

  • I let my own daughter start at age 10 when she expressed an interest in trying. She loved it, so I let her continue. She is now 15 and still smoking. Her younger sister is 11 and has recently started as well. That was about the age I started too. I have no regrets of letting them start and would do it all over again if I could.

  • I also allowed my 2 daughters to smoke when they felt ready (ages 9 and 11) . They are now 13 and 15 and still smoking. I didn't regret it then, and I don't regret it now. They enjoy it, and I don't mind letting them.

  • Good on you for letting your kids smoke. All ours do and are proud of them. Our daughter is pregnant too and still smoking heavily which we've commended. My gf smoked through all of her pregnancies.

  • Good to hear that your daughter is smoking through her pregnancy. Don't let her stop, as that is the best guarantee that the baby will love smoking and will want to smoke as well, which is something that should be encouraged.

  • You should have told her she's not allowed to smoke. But, having been a smoker, I know she would have continued. A bunch of us smoked as kids, and those of us who were not allowed to still did. Once a kid is addicted, good luck getting him/her to stop. In the end, I probably would have done the same thing you did. Hopefully, as she gets older, your daughter will quit on her own.

  • Gee, I wonder if your daughter will get to pick out your coffins first; or if you will get to pick out hers?

    Basically you are saying you found out your daughter is taking a small amount of poison every day, and you are okay with that because it hasn't killed her yet.

  • While it may not be 'hurting nothing' now it will definitely cause problems for her.My dad bought me cigarettes when I was 11 ,worst mistake he made as a parent in my opinion,though he did so because he didn't want me getting something off the street.A good idea would have been punishing me for doing it in the first place.Just think,at 11 by the time she's 22 she will have been smoking for ten years! Crazy! For the sake of her health you need to make it unacceptable.

  • Lmao just pointing out it would have been 11 years but good math mate

  • Hopefully the law will remove her from your home and put you in jail for child abuse. My best friends parents did the same thing and my best friend had a heart attack and died back in 2000.

    You scum need your heads examined and I hope you die soon.

  • Your a stupid f****** idiot. Half the food and drinks you consume everyday has far worse chemicals. Just because something is FDA approved doesn't make it good or safe. Dumbass

  • *You're.

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