Allow my daughter to smoke

My husband and I are both heavy smokers. My 11 year old daughter was smoking in her room when I unexpectedly walked in on her. After the awkward moment passed, we talked and found out she has been smoking for nearly half a year and is addicted. I told her it was OK for her to smoke. I feel a bit guilty but not too much, for some reason. My husband flat out didn't care if she smoked or not. I wonder if I did the right thing. I know smoking isn't very healthy, but at her age, I guess it isn't doing all that much harm. Besides, how can I tell her not to smoke if I keep puffing away at 2 packs per day. Neither my husband nor I are about to quit. We love smoking too much for that. So instead I watch my little girl puffing away at the rate of 1 pack a day. She smokes like it's nothing. She reminds me of myself when I was around her age.


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  • It' be a delight to hear the twins, Ren and Lilly with their antics in the same household. They're dirty little b****** but most of us here love them.


  • A group of ten of us, Lilly, me and my girlfriends and boy friends went to a cafe for breakfast this morning. That's the maximum allowed for cafes at the moment because of this coronavirus
    S****. We all ordered bacon and egg rolls with a cup of coffee each so the cafe shop got a hundred bucks out of us all together.

    We went outside into the seating area but there was an old man and an old woman there already but they were only reading the paper. Lilly said to them "if youve finished why don't you pi ss off so we can have the tables because I'm hanging out for a cigarette". There were 10 chairs and 3 tables spaced out. The old lady said we'll be here for about another hour and that they were finished their coffee. Lilly told her she's a selfish old c unt and went in to see the staff who came out and asked them to leave. The old lady called Lilly a foul mouthed little b itch and said our mum should wash her mouth out with soap and said we are too young to smoke lol. They were still talking about as they left.

  • I love it that mum lets me and my twin sister Ren smoke, f uck. drink, swear and dress provocatively. She loves it that we're badass.

  • Love it

  • Crazy forum

  • We all miss the twins so bad. Ren and Lilly come back, you're so f***** badass.

  • How old is your daughter that smokes 1.5 ppd

  • Thats awesome. I have 3 that smoke ages 7 girl who started at 5 & 12 girl who started at 7 and 9 boy who also started at 7, the older girls and boy smoke 2 ppd the girl 1.5 ppd but wants to smoke more. They are allowed to smoke anywhere, anytime even at home as long as they are happy with it so am I.

  • Do your daughters f uck yet

  • That is great u let your children smoke so what brand do they smoke and what brand do u smoke

  • How old is your daughter who smokes 1.5 ppd

  • Belinda,
    Ren and Lilly should be so happy that you're their mom. I want to smoke openly but mom won't let me smoke at home. Can you think of a way that me and my mom can talk about this together with the idea of letting me smoke at home? I'm almost 15.

  • Belinda,
    You out there?

  • Belinda,
    I lost everyone for a while.

  • CVate,
    You only need to type in

  • Cate,

    I made a mistake, this is the correct URL that we're posting on.


  • Cate,
    For some unknow reason we are unable to post on the other "I allow my daughter to smoke" forum.

    From now on, Ren, Lilly, Oksana and I are going to post on
    We'd like you to join us there please.
    The skinny dipping pool dinner party is on tonight at our place.

  • Good for her..... What you f****** drongos?

  • Good for her.

  • Nice good for her!

  • Typical,

    No f ucking comments YET.


  • Ren, Oskana and me are leaving home shortly to go to an all night party. Mum gave Ren and I two packs of cigarettes each to take, but we sneaky little f ucking b itches have another pack in our handbag. We've got a bottle of vodka between us but Ren has snuck another bottle in her beach bag. We'll be home sometime tomorrow afternoon [Australia Day] and we're looking forward to getting a good share of c ock up our c unts and to be
    F***** something chronic. If our c unts are not sore enuff it means the guys haven't done their job properly.

    There's nothing quite like being a bit wasted and smoking ciggies when we're being f ucked.

    Love to all and I hope all you chicks out there get the f ucking of your lives on Aussie Day.

    Lilly xoxo

  • It's a good thing to see that Lilly is back on here at her filthiest best. Love reading about her, Ren and Oskana getting plenty of c**** in their c****.

  • To the woman above who walked into her daughters room and caught her smoking, she probably smoked meth as well and banged like a sh it house door in a hurricane.

  • We're going to another site, this is so
    F ucked.

  • We may as well use another site, this is so f ucked.


  • It's about time this forum came back to life again, f uck how many cigarettes have we smoked, how many f ucks have we had, I've hate to guess? Christmas has come and gone, the new year is here and Ren and Lilly have had their 12th birthday and it was a buzz. I bet their c unts were sore on new years eve bc their birthday was on 30th December but they weren't complaining.

    They gave the baby twins a celebratory cigarette each on NYE before we went to a friends party who has a home with a good view of the fireworks. Belinda tried to get mad at Ren and Lilly for giving liberty and Summer a ciggie but couldn't stop laughing.

    Love to all the badass young girls on here.


  • Mum said Ren and I are inhaling a lot deeper and dragging on our cigarettes for about 6-7 seconds before we exhale the smoke through our nose on occasion and she said our nans have noticed it too. Mum said it makes us look s exy AF. I admit that we get super h orny when we do it.


  • Thats pretty awesome and my 11 and 7 yo both smoke so I am with you on this.

  • How much do u and your children smoke

  • Will ConPost open this f ucking thread before Christmas so we can post about our f ucking, drinking, smoking and swearing during the school vacation period you c unts?

  • This site is so f ucked up. Open it so we can tell all who we're f ucking

  • There are f****** comments just open this f****** thing up to allow Lilly to post her filth. We want to know what our favorite little whores are up to.

  • Stick ConPost up your f****** ass. Bring back Lilly

  • Hey ConPost Wtf ru doing with this site or to be more precise what aren't you doing it?

  • Bring back Lilly, Ren and Oskana. I love three dirty little b******. Keep this open all the time. F***

  • OMG Lilly,
    Smoke all you like when I f*** you and we can tongue kiss too. Would you be in on that?

  • I bet Belinda, Lilly's mum said to Lilly "you're a naughty girl' with a smile on her face as Lilly was fingering her mom's c***.

  • Dad gave Lilly, Oskana and me a cigar last night and we smoked it while we had a few nips of mum's cointreau. It gave us such an amazing head spin.

    And to all you trolls out there we smoked a joint last Friday night again.

  • I think mum was as ho rny as me but when she woke up after I finger ed her c unt she had to get ready for work so we had to be contented to smoking a ciggie and tongue kissing.

  • Lilly,
    That's hot AF.

  • I slept with mum on the night of her birthday and I played with her p ussy making her just a little bit wet. She didn't object much. She just took my finger away and said "you're a naughty girl" so when she kissed me, i put my tongue in her mouth which I have habit of doing lately.


  • Lilly I bet your mom loved your finger in her p**** as much as you.

  • I'd be happy to f*** Ren. Both her twin sister Lilly and their girlfriend Oskana say she's the screamer when she's being f*****

  • I'd be more than happy to f*** Ren, both her sister, Lilly and their girlfriend Oskana say she's the screamer when she's being f*****.

  • Oh my f****** God,
    I'd be in heaven if I was so privileged to f*** Ren and Lilly. Throw in Oskana and I'd be as happy as a pig in s***.

    It'd be awesome f****** these beautiful young girls who talk dirty, f*** whoever they want, drink and smoke.

    I married the wrong woman. I hope the guys who are f****** them appreciate how lucky they are

  • Oh my God,
    I would be in heaven if I had Ren and Lilly to f***. Throw in Oskana too and I'd be as happy as a pig in s***.

    Whoever is f****** these girls don't know how lucky they are to be with such beautiful young girls who talk so f****** dirty, drink, smoke and f*** all they want

  • It's mum's 27th birthday on the 8th of this month and dad, Ren and I went shopping for her presents this morning. I can't say what we bought for her because she reads threads here sometimes. She's gonna be in for a bigger surprise because I'm gonna sleep with her on the night of her birthday.

    Dad will undoubtedly have s ex with her and lots of it the night before.


  • Mum doesn't argue with Lilly and I anymore as to how much we smoke.

    She wants to have the toddler twins smoking within a couple of years. They will be so cute.


  • I love having s ex straight after I have smoked weed. Ren, Lilly and I f ucked each other last Sunday and it felt so good

  • Smoking saps my energy so much that I can barely jog 200 yards without getting out of breath. Our soccer coach told mum that Ren and i would be better players if we didn't smoke but we won't be giving up smoking for a while, we love it too much and have no intentions to quit. I'd rather give up soccer

  • Lilly and I went to the dentist before school this morning. The dentist told us to NEVER smoke because we have such beattiful teeth and healthy gums. F uck here's another one to tell us not to smoke. She told us that before, I wonder if she has seen a build up of tobacco stains. Mum said if she had, she would have cleaned them but we nothing to be done. It still cost her $75 for each of us for the consultation.


  • I miss Isabella so much,
    Take care baby
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • The person who wrote that we'll steal credit cards to buy meth is a f ucking j***.

    We're not comparing marijuana with meth you f ucking tool. You're right Lilly,
    w ank , w ank, money in the bank.

    Why don't you get high and jump out of a helicopter, preferably without a parachute?


  • What kinda f ucked up comment is that below, you low-down c unt? We will NEVER touch hard drugs. More of the world is legalising marijuana you pee brain.

    You've got a weird slant on pole dancers too you f ucking creep. Pole dancing is a very good form of fitness and art. Our mum has no problem should we take it up to pay our way or help subsidise our uni fees.

    For the record mum said we can smoke a couple of joints every Friday and Saturday night as it calms us down a bit, so we compromised and we don't play our music as loudly as we have done in the past.

    Jealousy is a curse and there's one thing for sure, you won't be getting a bj or handie from any of us let alone a f uck. So w***, w***, money in the bank or
    go to a prostitute, NOT US.

    Oskana is coming over today and we've saved her a joint.


  • Wow this is great. By the time they're 14, all these girls will be pole-dancers, giving BJs and handies in the VIP, turning tricks on the side, and stealing their customers' credit cards, so they can support their meth habits.......until they all die before they're 18. This is just what whores do.

  • Yeah and what do your boring whores do,
    Are you getting enough pu ssy?

  • Mum let Ren and I get stoned tonight but we weren't allowed out. She was worried that we'd get into trouble. I
    F ucked my sister and f ucking while I'm high is amazing. It's more sensual or something. I can't wait until I've got a
    C ock in my c unt getting f ucked when I'm stoned off my f ucken t***.

  • No party tonight, next week Saturday night is a pre-teen party so then we'll rock around the c ock.

  • No Comments Yet

    and you ask to

    "Leave a comment"

    OK here goes you c unts, this forum
    is so f ucked.


  • After I had a shower and got dressed for school I walked downstairs to the breakfast bar and I tried to show mum a little pimple I've got on the edge of my
    c unt. She said "Lilly not at the breakfast table love, I'll look at it later".

    I told her I'm not wearing undies today cos the elastic part at the thigh rubs against the wall of my c unt where the pimple is. After breakfast she said Lilly you're wearing undies and that's final. Then she squeezed the f**** so Ren gave me a cigarette and she kissed it.

  • Lilly cracks me up. She's getting up Meg again only this time she went light on her . You didn't call her an old c*** or tell her to get f*****.

  • Hi Jenny

    It's great you smoke dope. Mum is not letting Lilly and I smoke it just yet. She has in mind that we can smoke it during our last year in high school. We're trying to tell her to let us use it before all exams.

    Do you smoke ciggies at home?


  • Meg

    Get your f ucking facts right before you post. I taught Oskana to smoke and I was the first to have s ex with her. It's just that mum spoke to her mum about letting her smoke openly. Before then Oskana was only smoking at our place. Mum then told Oskana:s mum she was having s** if it has anything to do with you. So shut the f uck up.

  • Belinda,
    So are Ren and Lilly's mother and you're the one who is leading a bad example for them in allowing them to drink, smoke cigarettes, swear like troupers and
    have s**. Now you want them to smoke pot as well. Not only that but you've corrupted their friend, Oskana. The person who said you're trash is so damn right.

  • Oh, for f***'s sake, all you people are just such trash. Everybody here. Garbage.

  • ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    Go f uck yourself Miss/ Ms/ Mr or Mrs


  • Belinda, youre such an awesome mum! Great you let your girls dope for school exams. I mean, Im doing it too... but my mum doesnt know and she would freak out if she knew. I got good grades in school and smoking dope definitely helps me to focus! Jenny

  • Belinda you have two of the most filthiest yet lovingly entertaining girls on here. They along with Oskana who know that you helped corrupt her has given most of us a deep desire to love everything they do with our blessings. Those who think anti of your upbringing of these girls are a pain in the ass.

  • ^All true^. Ren, Lilly and Oskana are ALL perfectly filthy and corrupt (are there dirtier girls anywhere? I think not), and they are all beautiful because of it. But by far the most beautiful thing about this entire situation is the way Belinda leads them all into a life (and lifestyle) of pure hedonism and unlimited pleasure. Not only is she teaching them how to satisfy their own urges, but she's showing them how to please others, both male and female. She educates them in the art of smoking (yes, it is an art, in the proper hands, and Belinda's are certainly proper), with their magnificent snap inhales being a prime example. She makes pure feminine love to Lilly and Ren, and makes out with all three of them (while smoking!!), and continues to press them in the exploration of their lusts. And lastly, she has clearly taught them how to use words that simultaneously offend and arouse, and while they've all learned those lessons, Lilly has absorbed them MUCH better than all the others have: I honestly believe that Lilly could TALK a man -- or woman -- into an incredible o***** (yes, Lilly is truly amazing). I love the fact that Belinda has taken the girl children of other women and raised them better than their actual mothers. Belinda should be named the Mother of the Year, and then they should name the award after her. And a final thought, I hope her husband knows how unbelievably lucky he is.

  • There's no doubt in my mind that Belinda is bringing up Lilly and Ren the right way (to be badasses) and I applaud her all her good work. I have read all her posts from long ago.

    I'd love to be a fly on the wall having these twins in the household with their antics.

  • "fly on the wall"? i think i'd rather be a d*** in their c****! their a****! and their mouths!

  • This is what Oskana posted here 3 months ago.

    "Lilly and Ren's mum once allowed them to smoke a little bit of weed but their mum said they get too silly smoking it so she stopped them. These twins are very pretty, much prettier than me but we all love to hang out together. I get more guys when I'm with them.

    Oskana "

    Now don't be a b itch Oskana, mum is going to show your mum the article about smoking weed before exams so that you can join us. Thank our mum for
    talking her into allowing you to f uck, drink and smoke cigarettes too.


  • I was reading the world news on the internet today and among items i found this intriguing article

    "Mum-daughter smoke weed before exams"

    After reading the article and careful consideration, I have no problem whatsoever should my daughters, Ren and Lilly want to smoke dope prior to
    them sitting any school exam.

    I have mentioned the article to them and allowed them to read it and they said
    they're pleased with my decision to allow them to smoke weed in this circumstance.


  • We're looking forward so much to tomorrow night, Ren, Oskana and I are going to get our pu ssys f ucked so good. I hope it hurts like a f ucken b****. The guys can pull our hair and slap our faces and ar ses all they f ucking well like. We'll squeeze their b alls like all f uck if they don't treat us badly. But they have to supply the booze and ciggies all round cos we like to drink and smoke heaps.


  • U've gotta get your f ucken s*** in a f ucken bucket confession post.


  • It's true. I agree and they should let Lilly start to run this little s*** show, I mean F***!!

  • I hate the way the administrators keep on blanking this site. It sucks. And they suck. Hasta la vista. Terminado.

  • Yay I'm the one that gave the mum above her 200th like.

  • Hand this f ucking site over to me to manage.

    always the same 'ol s****

    "No Comments Yet"

    F uck !!!


  • Ren and Lily, you girls rock. And so does your mum. So cool she lets you have fun at young age... and so good you take the chance! I got into fun life much later, at around 15... and had to break up with my parents to live my life. Now I‘m 20 and helping my neice to get into the fun lifestyle. She‘s 13 and into smoking, drinking, partying, guys and girls for about a year now. Her parents are boring philistines like mine but luckily they work all the time so she often gets the chance to come over and party with me. Proud to be her role model. Love and smoky kisses for the two of you! Emily

  • Hi Emily,

    I love the idea that you're corrupting your niece but don't take take any s**** from her parents. I'm glad that you got her into drinking, smoking and
    f ucking both s exes.

    btw I'd love to have you as an online gf, I love older girls.

    Thnx for the smoky kisses honey, I return them and you enjoy a c unt full of
    c ock sweetheart.

    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Hey Lilly! I’d love to be your online girlfriend,
    love younger girls and my neice is definitely not the first young girl I‘ve corrupted. But it‘s a special turn on that she‘s my neice... and the 2nd black sheep in the family.
    And you bet I don‘t give a sh*t about her parents. So far they don‘t have any clue about us having fun... and if they find out, who cares? Josy is way too addicted to smoking and f*cking, she will never be the innocent girl again. Sometimes I think the best would be if her parents would find out and kick her out so she can live in some laid back foster family.
    We usually see about 2-3 times a week and when shes leaving I always give her cigs and booze for the next days... making sure she never runs out. But of course most fun is when she spends the weekend with me. Dressing up, going out and f*cking like crazy.
    Sooo in the mood to eat your c um filled c unt now!
    Love, Emily

  • Hi Emily,

    have you thought about Josy living w/you?
    That way she can drink, smoke and f uck all she wants.

    Ren and I are gonna corrupt our baby step sisters and get them into fun in a few years. In your opinion what is the ideal age to get them to smoke. They are only 13months at present?

    Sure baby, you can drink my c unt juices.

    Your s kank
    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Mmmh love that you call yourself s kank. Josy and I are cussing all the time, calling each
    other s lut or c unt or dirty piece of smoking f uck meat...
    Yeah sure would be the best if she could live with me but i bet my c unt that her s hitloaded parents would habe a veto. I got a bad reputation in the family. So Id rather hope for some cool foster family who either doesnt care or maybe even want some fun girl.
    Dunno what age is good to start. Think it would be cool to be a smoker when school starts. What does your mom think on thar!
    Lovely c um kisses for this s lutty s****!

  • I want to be like ren and lily and i want that so much i even want what they be able to walk around pregnant and smoking ... nonstop...

  • What's your name, how old are you and where do you live. There is an 8 year old girl named Lola. Her mum has posted here and she's not on the Pill. F uck if she gets preg, Ren and myself will be so p***** off
    and jealous cos we want a baby so f ucking bad.

    Mum has told us to wait until we're 14 maybe 15 or so cos we're twins and there's a 250-1 chance of Ren and I having twins, cos we're twins and she doesn't want to take that chance. If we get pregnant now, we'll be 12 and a half when our own babies are born and mum has got twin babies who are only just over 13 months old.

    Mum said she'd prefer us to wait until we finish university to have babies of our own but we want babies that we have to grow up with us.

    It'd be so rad if we wewre pregnant and smoking and not giving a f uck about our big tummys.


  • So hi lilly. i am 12 right now but i will be 13 in january. we live in upstate new york in the u.s.a. and my name is jeanie. i feel every day like i'm getting f****** old since i am already almost a teenager and that i am wasting time by not getting pregnant. i feel like you said that i so totally do not want to wait to 14 or 15 thats way too old to start having babies. i really love what you said about having the babies of our own growup with us. that is so beautiful of a way to say it. i love what you said about lola god she must be hot and i hope she is pregnant by now. i started to want a baby like 3 yrs ago and i even tried more than once in secret but i did not get pregnant. then my parents found out about me being so active already and they made me get on the pill. f***!!!!!! i also love what you said about the way we would look being pregnant at our age and body size and smoking all the time. so sexy. i know men love that. and i also like that attitude about smoking with our big bellies and not ever giving a f***!
    love, jeanie

  • Jeanie,

    Do you drink, smoke and f uck and home.
    When did you start smoking, when did you have your first f uck?

    Have you ever had s ex with a girl?


  • Hi again lilly, its so great to have something you wrote come to me personally its like a honor!! i think you are incredible and you are more of a grownup than most of the grownups i know. my parents have finally let me smoke at home even though they do not like it at all but they dont buy them for me. my boyfriends usually buy them for me because they know i'm too young to buy them but they are all old enough. my parents they dont let me drink or f*** at home at least not when they are home. when they are out and my little sister is gone too it is so nice to make love in my own bed but usually the guy i am with has to take me somewhere but none of them mind and they either have their own place or they can afford to get a hotel for us somewheres. i have made out with maybe 10 girls or around that and we have humped each other out but it hasn't been much more than that. i have kissed some p**** and i really love that and making another girl or woman get off and that tastes so good but they have not gave that to me. i don't like girls as much as guys. i guess i like d**** too much to be a lesbian. :) thank you lilly!
    p.s. i really dont like it whenthis pages is down it stinks..

  • Jeanie,
    We prefer c ock too honey. I couldn't imagine going through life without the feeling of a d ick in my c unt and being pounded. Pu ssy tastes nice and my twin sister's t wat is the nicest I've had but I may be biased. Mum likes it that Ren and I f uck each other.

    She's the coolest step mum anyone could have and she understands cos she was doing all the things we do although she started those things when she was a little older than us.

    We promised her we'll never do hard drugs.


  • Keep these comments up
    F uck you


  • Christ have an unbelievably filthy mouth............and that's why I'm in love with you............even though I'm a grandmother............and I am 46yo............I'm in love with you and I want you............God help me, oh God help me............I want you............oh Lilly............

  • Hey grandma,
    The stepmum to Ren and I is nearly your age. I'm wondering if you love me in a s exual way or love m as you would love your own granddaughter. If I was to be your natural granddaughter would you allow me to smoke, drink, f uck and talk dirty?

    What is your name and I hope you're not a troll.

  • Lilly darling.....

    My name is Evelyn but some of my family calls me "Lynnie".....I love you sexually.....but I can promise you (I swear to God) that if you were my bio granddaughter that would not slow me down even slightly from having all the nasty nasty nasty nasty thoughts I already have about you (sooooo many).....or wanting you like I already do (i want you so f****** hard).....and if you really were my real granddaughter i would not only ALLOW you to do all those things (smoke, drink, f*** and talk dirty) I would surely INSIST that you do them all.....and I would encourage multiple pregnancies for you ..... starting now and continuing.....and i would want to help you raise them all..... making sure that they were all constantly exposed to your attitudes and appetites (each baby's first word would be "f***")..... with me being your grandma, by the time you get to university you might have had a minimum of four pregnancies and births.....and yes at least some of those would HAVE to be the f****** math, you little b****..... i think you are the kind of girl who needs to be kept pregnant.....and smoking ..... and as your bio grandmother.....all that would be MY responsibility.....and my f****** life.....


  • Hi Evelyn,

    You're a cool nan, I love what you're saying but you must accept my twin too,we come as an item and I love her to death.We do most things together and are inseparable, we f uck each other a few nights a week. I don't know how our step grandmum would take it though if you and I or you and Ren and I hooked up because she knows we are badass and our step mum has got her to accept what we do. besides she is about your age.

    Do you have have grandkids that f uck, smoke, drink and swear. How old are they and are they boys or girls

  • I have had three children since I married my husband, a boy and two girls, and I also have three grandchildren, a girl and two boys. My son and his wife have a boy who is eleven months old, and my oldest daughter has a boy who's two and a half, and a girl born almost six months ago. My third daughter is still living at home and is a senior in high school. So, none of the grandkids are old enough yet to enjoy the kind of fun you enjoy. :)

  • Do any of your children smoke

  • Lilly......just to be clear dear......I really DO love you......and I really DO want you......and I really WOULD take care of you......good care......and your babies......Evelyn

  • When school started here a few weeks ago i started working to try and get with a new teacher who just moved here and startted teaching at ourschool. he started sweating us about our smoking and so we thought he hated smoking because he doesnt smoke at all. but then he saw me and my 2 best gfs at a convenince store where he goes to get coffee what is better than whats at the school and he saw us all smoking and synthia said he must like us smoking bcuz he could not f****** stop watching us smoke and even sat in his car and pretinded to have a phone call while we finished.another day after school i told him he should take their kids to the 'spot' where we all hang out somertimes and i told him when i would be there just like to say so but not to be a real invitation or sound like a date sure enough he showed up with their kids but not his wife! i wore my shortcuts like you had said to do and i did the thing you said to do with my holding the cigarette between 2 fingers and rubbing my mound with my other fingers.when i did that i thought he was for sure going to pass the f*** out!!! he walked right away to take the kids to some other part of the place. i turned away from him but synthia said he never did stop looking right at me and so i smoked as sexy as i could until i didnt have none left which was fine bcuz syns mom came to get us about then. i waved goodbye to him from across the building while i was cupping my other hand over my mound and rubbing bigger.when i got to school on monday he told me a lot how glad he was to know about the 'spot' and maybe could he meet me there some times.i said yes but told him that he was going to have to start buying my cigarettes for me because i would obviously have to smoke more of them just for him. i laughed like a joke but he was really happy and said he definitely would. we will see what will happen between us but i like where things are right now and they are where they are bcuz of what you taught.

  • Rylie,
    You f ucking p**** teased that teacher too much. You should have asked him
    to take you somewhere and let him f uck you.

  • Dear lilly.... thats what synthia said too. just exactly the same. she said i should of worked him harder and not played it out so chill. she said he wanted me right then and i should have used that against him. but i want him desperate for my p**** and i know that my smoking will get him right where i need him and right where he wants to get with me. i know now him and me are going to f*** where i didnt know that before. i dont know if it will or wont happen this week but it COULD happen this week. i am going to be his best f*** EVER!

  • My friend synthia has him for a different level of that course for last hour and she talked to him for me today after school. he said he had really noticed all of us standing there and smoking that day at the store and he wished he could let all of us smoke on the campus all day but especially when we go into his classroom. he wants us smoking. i did not get to talk to him today but it could still happen this week.

  • For what its worth I think you need to be really careful for this girl Synthia because it sounds like she might be after this teacher for herself and not for you. Be careful!!!

    A friend.....

  • OMFG
    I want the brunette in this vid to f uck me so hard and bad



  • I have come by here at least once a day, every day, for the last six days, and so far the space has been shut down completely, with everything being totally empty. I don't know what has happened but I know I f****** hate it. Today I decided I would try to post a message to see if I could see it come up on the screen or read it or make the page begin accepting comments again. If it doesn't work, I guess I won't try again. F****** sad. goes f***.....

  • Hi Zoey,
    it's good to see you're back and I hope you're well.

    Oskana xxooxx

  • Lilly, Ren and Oskana
    Your langauage and your way of life is deplorable. You're out of control with your lifestyle. You need to be put into a foster home and to be properly cared for. You need to be weaned off cigarettes and you need drug counseling to get you off alcohol. A counselor can arrange for you to stop having s**. Oskana is only 12 and you twins are only eleven. What is your mother doing for God's sake?

  • There's another party this long w/end and my legs are going to be so sure and
    aching from spreading them for c ock. I guess it'll be nothing like my poor little c unt will suffer, but I won't be complaining too much. So far there will be 6 girls coming, Ren, Oskana, Emma, Adriana, Sophia and me and 5 guys with another two yet to confirm.


  • What would your bi wife do to we twins?

    Lilly and Ren

  • My wife is heavy bi, and she would f****** love to have step-daughters like you girls.

  • Happy 12th birthday Oskana
    Lilly and I are still only 11, we have to wait another 90 days
    for our 12th birthday.

    Love Renae (Ren) Xxxxxx

  • Maybe I'm weird or something but I love it when I'm smoking and I tongue kiss my mum as she's smoking. Ren does it too and seen as though it's not our real mum, there may not be anything wrong with it. But it makes me
    so f ucking ho rny and my c unt tingles like all f uck that I have to grind my
    pu ssy against mum's leg.

  • Jesus F. Christ ...... hot AF ..... seriously m************ hot ........... S***! ..... Doesn't your dad object to your step-mother making out with you girls and grinding you down? and to o*****???!? Doesn't your biomom know whats up???!? You girls are amazing and dirty AF! And I love you both!!! You both make me wet as a w****!!! I've been reading your page for a long time but never saw this before! In fact I haven't seen this before ANYWHERE!!!! OMMFG!

  • We kiss our natural mum and our step in front of each other but we only kiss our step mum in a sexual way. Dad doesn't mind it a bit and he often sees my twin sister and I kissing and making out with each other on the lounge while we're smoking.

  • Does your step mother ever make out with BOTH of you at the same time and while your smoking? does anybody ever see?

  • That's so f****** hot. I want you now. I love you and I want you all for myself.

  • You should scissor with your mum and so should Ren

  • F uck who's the c unt who wrote about us cutting down on our smoking?
    What has it to do with you? I suppose you want us to stop getting up in
    the middle of the night to smoke too.

    There's no way we will cut down and we will smoke on a needs basis.

    If you drink, then why don't you cut down on your drinking?

    It may be interesting to you that as soon as I read that post, I went straight for my pack of cigarettes and lit one.


  • Anyhow I was going to ask a serious question on here. What age is too young to begin smoking? Ren and I have baby step sisters who are almost 13 months old. Initially mum said Ren and I can teach them to smoke when they're three. Now she's changed her mind that means she has gone back on her word. she said the baby twins look too sweet and innocent to smoke at 3. It wasn't all that long ago she told us that toddlers lungs are fully developed by the time they're 3 years old.
    They don't object to Ren and I smoking near them and we give them lots of smoky kisses. Little Summer seems to enjoy it as she opens her little mouth as we breathe a little bit of smoke between her lips. So cute.


  • Lilly
    I think age 3 is the perfect time to get the toddlers to smoke, without question or hesitation. tell ur mom to loosen up a bit.

    btw I love you girls.

  • Who are who writing about who, is going to cut back who? Ren, Oskana and I are all eleven and we're on holidays from school at the moment and it's impossible for us to smoke less than a pack a day. Mum has allocated Ren and I two packs a day for this holiday period.

    Who wrote that?

  • Try to get her to cut back. A pack a day is too much for an 11 year old.

  • Oskana (Osky)
    Don't be a f ucking b itch. I do not mind if you e-f uck Zoey here but are you going to dump me and Ren and if she comes to Australia?

    We're not going to be your s lut. When Zoey returns home, you can kiss our a*** goodbye too.

  • Zoey
    You talk about Ren but what about her twin, Lilly. They are identical in appearance and they think and act so much alike.
    It'd be great if you could come to Australia.
    Love Oskana xxooxx

  • Zoey,
    There is virtually no chance of us meeting. Would you be happy if we remain friends on here and e-f*** each other?

  • Of course. But you must understand that I will hold on to the hope of coming to Australia and fulfilling my dream.

  • Zoey,
    You talk about finding a s ex partner for Ren but what about Lilly, her twin sister. She shares a lot in common with her and I have a lot in common with both of them. They both talk dirty when f uck and they both like f ucking when they're f*****.


  • The intent was that Keirsten would be for both of them. She can handle them by herself, trust me.

  • Zoey,
    Ren and Lilly like to be f ucked together by either the same guy or girl, I think
    Keirsten will enjoy it too. How old is she?

  • Zoey,
    Have you got a girlfriend about your age for Ren and myself who may be lesbian or at least Bi?


  • Lilly,
    First, I have to say I love the way you express yourself (I think you understand my meaning and I think you know why I would love it). Second, if the circumstances were different than they are, girl, I would be going for you AND Ren AND Oskanna MYSELF (that is the nature of my personal sexuality) and I would be working all of you.....HARD. I've succeeded in those situations in the past, and I would succeed again, because I would not give up. Even if you all had boyfriends or girlfriends, it wouldn't matter, because I would not give up.

    But here are the circumstances. Even though I realize that none of us are very likely to actually meet, I will not do anything that might conceivably cost me the possibility of having any form of relationship with Oskanna. Not ANYTHING. I want her so I won't pursue anyone she knows. Everything about her is perfect for me.

    That having been said, yes, I do know somebody who would love you two girls, and who you would love. Keirsten and I were lovers for over two years during our mid-teens. We were never exclusive but we were always s** partners. We have not spoken in nearly 8 years (long story!) but if I were going to put either or both of you onto a hot piece of lesbian ass, it would be Keirsten. We haven't f***** in all that time, but I know she's still an incredible f*** and she would treat both of you like princesses. Her princesses. And I know you know what that means. So, yes, if any of this ever approaches reality, Keirsten will be all over you b******.

  • Zoey,
    Thinking about it, I'm sure mum would accept us being in a lesbian relationship. When adults voted for gay marriage in Australia last November she voted in favour of it. The reason being that there was a lot of suicide here among teenagers who couldn't come to terms with their sexuality. I wouldn't like to get totally drunk when I'm with you, only to be tipsy and let you take care of me. Mum allows me to smoke in public
    Love Oskana.

  • Zoey,
    I love the sound of you already love, don't worry about age. My mum wouldn't
    mind that (I don't think) if she does it's just too bad. I love smoking while I'm having s ex. I'd like to get a little bit tipsy too but not drunk. Are you in
    Oskana xxooxx

  • Sweet Oskana,
    Sad to say, I am in the U.S. When I was young, around your age, that was something to be proud of, but no longer. I wish now that I lived in Australia. Part of it is being an American is frequently embarrassing now, but the bigger part is that, if I was in Australia, I would be closer to you and to that sweet small body of yours. As for your mother, I'm sure she would not like me at all at first, because I'm so much older than you, but once she saw how well I would treat you in public, and how satisfied and excited I would make you all the time in private (in private, we would almost always be smoking, and I would always have a finger in you, no matter what we were doing), which might make up for the age difference in her own mind. (I think if she ever saw us smoking together and making out, even in public, it would probably turn her on a little and she would want us to continue being a couple, even if you were dating other girls or women separately: I think we would look great together as a couple BECAUSE of our age difference.) I understand what you mean about the connection between smoking and s**: the combination is so wonderful, but especially when it's girl on girl. And I get the point about drinking as well: too much can take away the feeling of the intimacy. We are so much alike! And it would be so easy to fall in love with you. I know the twins understand that, because they both obviously are already in love with you and are making lots of love to you. And that makes me so f****** jealous! And it makes me so f****** f****** f****** wet, both at the same time!
    In heat and in l***, Zoey

  • Testing

  • Zoey,
    I posted to you below but I forgot to ask if you're a smoker. We love to smoke
    when we have s ex.

  • Dearest Oskana,
    Yes, I'm a smoker and I love making out with a younger female while we both smoke. It makes our kisses so much warmer and sweeter (and sexier), and even though I'm really actually almost old enough to be your mother, I would love to smoke with you and kiss you for hours. I even have fantasized about us doing that in public, in all sorts of places.
    Your kissing admirer, Zoey

  • We're not smoking, f ucking and weekend his weekend. There's a party during the October (Labor Day) weekend and we'll be doing all that October and 5.

    So there's only a couple f weeks for we s luts to wait.


  • Y the f*** is this comment box always f****** closed. We like to here from Ren and Lilly and it's Saturday and they might be off to a party tonight to get f*****, have a few drinks and smoke their lungs away.

  • I agree: this is f***** up. I checked yesterday, and last night, and early this morning, and the f****** comment section was empty and inaccessible. That has to f****** stop. I need to be able to see if darling Lily has written anything new.....or nasty..... or if she's been f***** recently. God, how I love Lily. F***! I mean F***!!!!!

  • Mum bought our cigarettes for the week today and she bought a pack each
    of the babies' dressing tables. They are obviously too young to smoke yet but we're getting ready for them to start when mum feels it's time. So cute.


  • Guys have often asked Ren, Oskana and I to date them and they know we smoke but the non smokers dump our a rse after a while cos the f ucken
    p ussys can't f***** handle it and we can drink more than them too.

    We need real guys with b alls


  • Sometimes we prefer to f uck girls cos with boys it's all over when they blow
    a load up our c unts and leave us frustrated. So f ucking annoying.

  • Why would anyone ever date a girl who doesn't smoke?

  • I have f***** both Lilly and Ren but I was f****** Lilly before Ren and I f*****.

  • Jesus M************ Christ! You are the luckiest girl in the entire world! And you may just be the best lover as well! So please please tell...... which one f**** better????

  • Hmmm it's different in a couple of ways. Ren is more of a screamer Aand moaner, Lilly certainly talks dirtier when she's being f ucked. The guys say Lilly gives better bjs.

  • I'm 24f and when I do females I always go much younger. I never have had ANY trouble getting the girls I want even if they already have girlfriends. But something tells me that with you, Oskana, these two girls would never allow me to get in your way. That's impressive. I expect you must really be an amazing lay.
    ~ Zoey

  • Zoey,
    I have to say that the twins, Ren and Lilly are much more prettier than myself
    and taller and I really don't get the guys or girls without their existence. I get more chances of being laid when I'm in their company. I would love to f uck a young lady ur age.

    Ren and Lilly have the attitude that no one owns anyone in this world and they should be free make love with anyone they desire until they are married. That's something their mum has driven home to them. What I'm saying is ur welcome to join us one on one or collectively when we make out.
    Love Oskana xxooxx

  • OMG Oskana,
    I must say that I adore the kind of girl you are and the fact that you are so open-minded about relationships and so ready to be devoted to whoever you marry. That says so much about you and its all good. If you and I were to ever become a couple you would always be free to explore your sexuality with anyone you choose (whether male or female, and whether one or more), and yet you would always know that you could come home to me anytime and still be loved.
    I think you are understating your appearance but that humility speaks well for you, too. So much of outward beauty is a product of inward attitude. As a result, then, I find you irresistibly beautiful and incredibly sexy. I also think it would be delicious to kiss you, especially while we are both smoking. But I think also it would be much much more delicious to kiss and taste other parts of you. I have already been fantasizing about all that. All of it. I know you must be sweet to eat.
    Love and licks, Zoey

  • Ren I have only f***** boys but I'd be more than happy to f*** a girl. If I lived in Sydney near you, I'd love to f*** you.
    It sounds a good idea to be f***** when I'm smoking and I'd like to try that too.
    Love Gina xx

  • Lilly and I love to smoke when we're being f ucked. It was mum's idea we try it
    but we'd really like to get knocked up. It'll be so rad us walking in the street smoking and showing our preg bellies together.

  • My twin, Oskana and I went to amazing party last night. The only good thing about going to school is that there are heaps of us having birthdays throughout the year but a lot of our friends mums don't allow them to drink, smoke or
    f uck and they have to be home by midnight.

    Mum told us Ren and I not to swallow and to get the guys to wear condoms
    when they f uck us but she doesn't mind guys eating out our c unts so how is that fair?


  • Like they say, "spitters are quitters". Ya gotta swallow. You'll love it. I think maybe she doesn't want you to swallow out of fear that you'll love it SOOOO much that you'll want more and more and more and get yourselves addicted, which probably is true. But really......ya gotta swallow. Your partners will love it, of course, but YOU will love it more. Your mother is being overprotective, and it's depriving you of a great great pleasure. Ya gotta swallow.

  • Mum is worried more about our hygiene you motherfucka. She allows us to do more than most mums and we are happy about that. Of course we like to swallow though, we didn't say we don't like it.


  • Gina,
    Do you f*** girls as well as guys. My twin and I f*** each other?


  • It's was Lilly's idea for the babies to have birthday cakes in the shape of a
    packet of Marlboro and a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka but she didn't tell you she wants mum to have a cake made in the shape of a c ock for our 12th birthday.
    Mum said we're not having it cos our Nanas will probably attend.

    TGIF, we get more ciggies when mum gets home from work tonight.


  • Filthy AF. Ya gotta luv it!!!

  • If the grandparents don't want a piece of c*** cake, they can go the f*** home!

  • Our twin baby sisters are one ear old today and we can't wait until mum gets home. Besides being Friday and she brings Ren's and my cigarettes today, she's also bringing home a birthday cake for the babies.

    We've talked her into getting the cake shop bake a cake in the shape of a pack of Marlboro with a shape of a bottle of Vodka on the side.


  • Where ru Ren and Lilly- I love you so much?

  • Yes, I love them, too!

  • Same for me. We love them because they are so fun and so dirty.

  • Lilly, Ren and Oskana,
    Don't worry about that s*** Meg. I love you girls. I'm 14 and I do all the things you although my mom doesn't know I f*** and drink but she lets me smoke.
    I started smoking when I was 12 and I've been smoking in front of my mom since I was 13.
    As I said I love you girls but Lilly, you're da bomb

  • Meg should let us make our own choices as to whether we drink, smoke swear and f uck. After all I bet there were people in her family who told her not to smoke even though it might have been 70 years ago. She's gone all quiet all of a sudden.. The stupid b itch.

  • Lilly
    Tell us what you really think of meg.
    I agree with you though, she is an old c***.

  • I love Lilly in that she's not afraid to speak her mind and tell others to get f*****

  • Omg ......its so good to see lilly back and especially when she is talking so dirty. i think we all know that she is better at that than anybody. but its especially beautiful the way she uses the f-word. jesus! i mean i love love love it when she uses all of them (cu-words [both of them], co-word, pu-word, everything, even the s-word) because she is sooooo good at it. but the f-word is the best. it makes me think how it would be to make love with her and hear her talk even dirtier than normal. i'm so happy that she's back and that she's being so dirty. it makes me want her even more. it also makes me love her even more. i don't know any woman who talks like her but i don't need any other woman as long as she's here. damn, lilly! you are too much woman for any man!

    here is my favorite one from lately (although there are plenty of beautiful examples): "Ren, Oskana and I are so looking forward to the party tomorrow night. Imma gonna get my c unt f***** so bad." i can't tell you how many times I've read that. or what it does to me.

  • Thank you sir, but I'd love you to back us up against that c unt Meg. It's none
    of her f ucking business that we f***, smoke and drink. We've got our mum's permission to do all that whether she likes it or not. As long as the guys wear condoms, we don't get wasted on too many occasions, and we don't touch hard drugs; that's all that matters. F uck she'd be a boring old c unt as a mum. What a f ucking prude she is. I'd hate to be her daughter.


  • Sounds to me like Meg just really needs to get laid. I guess I'd be willing to take one for the team. :)

  • Meg will be a boring f uck, don't waste ur time.


  • F****** is never a waste of time.

  • I don't know about that first guy but I can tell you that I would f*** Meg until she s**** and goes blind. Lemme know if she ever shows up again and I'll chill her nasty ass out.


  • Who the f*** is this Meg b****

  • Meg,
    Think what you like. You know what I think? I think you can get f ucked.

  • Lilly,
    Your mother should be reported to authorities and have you and Ren taken away from her and put into proper child care. The same goes for Oskana's mother. What mother in their right mind allows their 11 year daughters, children at that; to drink, smoke and have s**? Incidentally, your language is
    abhorrent and disgusting.

    I think your mother is despicable.

  • Meg,

    Mind your own f ucking business. You're such a hypocrite, you smoke and you tell us not to. F uck are you saying we should learn from your mistakes?

    Get over it and allow us to leave our lives and have fun b itch. F uck off!


  • Oskana Lilly and Ren,
    I'm a smoker and I have been for many years. I can't comprehend that girls as young as 11 smoke and do the things you do. There wasn't the information about health risks when i started smoking but there sure has been a lot of it over the past 20 years.

    You need professional help to mend you ways and get you back on track. good luck.

  • Ren,
    How did the party go?

  • Ren, Oskana and I are so looking forward to the party tomorrow night. Imma gonna get my c unt f***** so bad.


  • Sara,
    Mum was so p***** off bc she had to get the babies in their carseat capsules and take them out by herself bc Lilly and I were too drunk to help her and dad was away on army boot camp assisting new recruits with training.

    It's all good now.


  • Ren
    I've only been smoking or a couple of weeks. I started smoking when I was older than you and Lilly, I'm 13. I live in Auckland NZ. ur mum must have been p***** with you bc she had to go into the house where the party was held and escorted you and Lilly out. She must have been p***** off too bc she didn't get ur ciggies when you asked her to when she put you to bed drunk.

  • Oskana, Ren and I are off to another party on Saturday night. I hope it ends better than the last one. We were a few minutes late meeting mum outside and she came in and got us out. So embarrassing for us. We were a bit drunk and mum had to put us to bed. That wasn't the first time. She had to get us out of our jeans. She got Ren into bed first and when Ren asked for a cigarette mum said get up and get it yourself. Ren said she was too wasted and once her head hit the plllow she was too dizzy so went without.


  • Lala,

    ru still around?

    I hope u get preg soon. Mum doesn't want us to get preg just yet.

    We just got back from soccer training and the coach told mum we'd be much
    better players if we didn't smoke because we run out of breath.

    Ren and Lilly.

  • Hannah,

    Get ur cute little a*** back on here.

    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Sharna,

    Ok Ren wins for the most noise. She sounds like she's being murdered when she's being f ucked.


  • Hey,
    Lilly and Ren,
    Who makes the most noise when you're being f***** and do you drink and smoke when you're being f*****?

  • Sharna,
    I have to say that I'm noisier than Lilly when I'm being f ucked and I guarantee Lilly will agree m/me. I'm a nasty b itch too and I talk f ucking dirty-like real putrid stuff when I'm being f ucked. Mum said she should get my bedroom sound proofed.

    I would never get f***** if I didn't have a ciggie in my mouth and I love to get a bit drunk too.

    Tel us a bit about you.


  • Elizabeth Warren is the bomb.

  • Elizabeth Warren is old enough to my my great, great grandmother.


  • Pomegranate? Don’t we all?

  • Lilly and Ren where are you. My dad and I were reading this and he has taught me to smoke. I am 13. My name is Sara.

  • Hi Sara,
    I'm pleased you smoke. When did you start?

  • I've missed the ways Lilly uses foul language. She's incredible with dirty talk.

  • Well get used to more f ucken dirty talk b itch, (joking). I'm back but this ConPost is so f ucked up that it goes down more than my boyfriend or my twin sister, Ren goes down on my c unt.

    Love to all on here

    Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly,

    I love it so much when we f*ck each other especially when we're on the lounge having a ciggie and mum just doesn't give a f*ck about it.

    I love you baby.
    Your twin

  • Why can't ConfessionPost fix this problem?

    And by the way, have you ever noticed that when you type "ConfessionPost" into a message to or through ConfessionPost, the name "ConfessionPost" comes up as misspelled? I think that's indicative of how pitiful these creators and monitors are. It's like misspelling your own name. Every time.

  • Where did you go?

  • Where is Ren? I miss her. And I love her.

  • Awww honey,

    I miss yo too. Who are you, where do you live, what's your name and how old are you?

    You can play in my playground any time you want

  • C-Post sucks yet again.

  • Coming back here is a waste of time now. I quit.

  • Wheredabitchizis?

  • I am so desperate to make out with Hannah, and then to make love with her. All while she is smoking.

  • Maybe they're all too busy smoking and drinking and partying and f****** to write anything.

  • Why can't CP get this right? Every other week seems like they are closing down the best pages.

  • .....aborigines..............

  • What up n*****?

  • I miss the friends here.Please bring them back.Please letthem all come home.

  • Where are the smoking ladies? We miss them all.

  • I'm finished with this site. I'll never come back.

  • Sick of this BS.

  • F*** CONPO!

  • Are we getting blanked again? I hate Confession Post!

  • me and my girlfriend got together 2 yrs ago and stayed a couple forthe whole time.....we are the sameage and neither one of us smoked..... then this year at the end of school i found out that another girl in our school had started being a smoker......i never saw her too much because she was behind us in her grade when i found out she started to smoke i really thought itwas dumb........we should not smoke right?......but then one day after school i was getting onto the bus and i saw her mom picking her up and she was smoking.........and her mother was obviously leting her right?.....then within like 5 seconds i realized how beautifuland sexy she looked when she smoked and i realized i couldnt even take my eyes off her....and i realized i couldt stop thinking about day i broke up with my girlfriend ........ i havent tried to get with the smoker girl yet but i will......i realized i cant live without her........i need to get my mouth on her mouth and get my tongue on her tongue...... she is amazing....and she smokes better and sexyer than any adult ever..... i am going to marry that girl.......i swearto f****** god......

  • Lilly and Ren's mum once allowed them to smoke a little bit of weed but their mum said they get too silly smoking it so she stopped them. These twins are very pretty, much prettier than me but we all love to hang out together. I get more guys when I'm with them.


  • Our mum loves it that we smoke and do other stuff. Sometimes she slaps our face lightly and in a jokingly way she says "we're wicked little b#tches." She got that from a friend of our mum that once posted on here.

    She also said she doesn't want us to get older cos she likes us to so be young and so badass.

    Ren and Lilly.

  • Lilly and Ren

    I wish I had the gumption to walk in to my mother's house with a lit cigarette in my hand and taking a few deep inhales.

  • I need to come find one of these girls and date her. They are all hot. The girls at my school are for s***.

  • That's truly f ucked. It has nothing at all to do with your mum if you smoke or not and sexuality shouldn't come into it. our mum said that she prefers us to be hetro turn out to be lesbians she will love us just the same.

    We told mum we smoked when we were nine and that we were smoking from the time we were 6. She said we should've told her then because she would have let us smoke earlier.

    Lilly and Ren

  • Although I'm 19, I can't bring myself to tell my mother I smoke and that I'm a lesbian. For those reason I left home when I was 16 to share a flat with two other women, one of which is my lover.

    I envy you twins, your mother is awesome.

  • You sound so so so so sexy, and I hope I can do the brave things you have done by the time I am your age. You even make me want to be straight lesbian. In fact, you make me really kind of hungry for it. Do all three of the girls ever play together or are you just for your lover? Do you date others too? How long have you been lesbian? Did you ever play with men or did you always know you were just made for women? How old is your lover?

  • Hi,
    Are you talking about my twin Ren, me and Oskana (Osky) who is our Russian girlfriend. If you are then Ren and I do f uck each other as well as guys. Ren and I have been f ucking each other for a few years now then Osky and I started to f uck each other but Ren felt left out so she and Osky f uck together too.

  • Although I'm 19 my mother doesn't know that I smoke and that I'm a lesbian. I left home when I was 16 because of my sexuality and so that I can smoke.

    I don't know why I can't be accepted for who I am and what the f*** I want to do.

    I envy you twins, your mother is awesome.

  • I've been reading this forum for some time now and I've gone back to the posts from months if not years ago.

    Many parents have written about their kids smoking but I think the twins Ren and Lilly were the first kids to post about their smoking. That may have been Lilly earlier this year.

    I find their commentary very sexy when they talk about f******, smoking and drinking. Now they're talking about having babies.

    I'm a 19 year old lesbian and I'd sure like to have s** with them both. I love you girls.

  • Lala,

    The thought of me having a baby really turns me on too especially when I'm being f ucked. It's not that mum doesn't want us to have babies, I think mum is afraid that if Lilly and I become preg she will be left to raise 4 babies (her twins and our kids) and should Lilly and I have twins, then she will think she will need to raise 6 kids while we finish school. We have spoken about that several times.

    TGIF, we have run out of cigarettes and mum buys us ciggies on Fridays. We've been smoking hers but they're not the same. We've also been rolling a few of dad's tobacco which doesn't taste too bad I might say. Lilly is better at rolling than me. Mum spoke long ago about buying us a rolling machine, so she's getting us one today.

    btw, mum nade us wear panties to school so we had to ring Oskana and tell her. So Oskana (Osky) wore panties too. lol.

    We're so much looking forward to the party tomorrow night but as I said mum will be waiting at the gate at 2am on Sunday morning sharp to pick us up. It's
    so f ucking embarrassing.


  • Dear Ren,

    I have been thinking so much for the last week about getting knocked up. It's partly because I met a really hot man at the July 4th picnic for my mom's work that she made me go to with her. I really did not want to go but once I got there and met him I was really glad she made me go: we only have kissed so far (even though we kissed a lot), but I know we are going to do more than that and pretty soon. He loves my smoking and he almost fainted when I did that thing you taught us all to do with holding our cigarettes by our shorts and our mounds. At first he just said he loved my smoking, but then when I did the shorts thing, he told me he loves ME!!!! I had to walk away from my mom when I smoked, but he followed me every time to be with me and to kiss me.

    But most of the reason I have been thinking about pregnancy and wanting it so much is because of all the postings that everybody made here. I hope that keeps up with more and more of the girls talking about it. I don't feel as weird about it when the others talk about it, too. It makes me feel more normal.
    I have to say I especially liked all you said about the possibility of all of those kids at your house. Jesus! That is really so amazing a thing that could happen!! (After your periods, of course!)

    I also thought about you and Lilly and Oskana wearing panties to school, but then being your badass selves you might have all decided to take them all off once you got there and stashing them in your backpacks or bookbags and all walking around all day flashing certain teachers for fun and crossing and uncrossing your legs and letting them also see what you all have under your skirts. Except for starting your periods you might have gone without them to the party too. But either way, I hope you both had fun, so much fun Saturday night.

    And have a good week.


  • I wish all us whor3s a good day at school tomorrow.

    Ren and Lilly don't forget, we're not wearing any undies under our school tunics tomorrow.

    Hannah, Lala and Jules you three can also make it a knickers-free day at
    school tomorrow if you want.


  • Lilly and I just got back from shopping with mum. She said we're crazy little
    b itches because we were looking at the salt and sugar content on the food packaging and she said we smoke like chimneys.


  • How good would it be to f*** identical twins during the same f****** session?
    I envy all those who have.

  • I have to weigh into this argument too but for me I'd rather EFF the twins, Lilly and Ren. Just thinking about them getting drunk and smoking while I EFF them is turning me on big time.

  • Lala, Hannah and Jules,

    How tall are you?
    Ren and I are tall for eleven year olds, we're 5 feet 4.
    Oskana who is our friend in real life is 5 feet 2. She is also 11 and we are in the same class at the same school together. Her parents are Russian but she was born here.

  • I am not even barely 5'0" even though I am 14.5yo. My doctor says I may grow a little more but she says probably not at all. Major bummer. I want to be tall and to have big b**** (I have almost none at all, but my mom says she will buy me some when I finish school). I'm afraid I will always look like a child, especially if I never even grow a bush. Guys all seem to like that but it makes me embarrassed.

  • Is this Hannah?
    That's so sad honey :(
    Lilly and I had a massive growth spurt when we started menstruating and our b.o.o.b.s got bigger too.

    We started our period within a couple of days of each other when we were about 10 years and 7 months old. Lilly is 17 minutes younger than me but she started her period first. Strange how twins bodies work huh. We're in the middle of our monthly periods now, so that obviously means we can't have
    s ex for a few days yet. I think it's disgusting that girls f uck when they're on their period. The University of Sydney has mum doing surveys every three months about twins development but mum doesn't tell them we smoke, drink and have s ex.


  • Hi, Ren: It was me, Lala, who answered the height questions and who wished that I was a lot taller than I am. Wow, I'm amazed that you and Lilly started menstruating so young. I didn't start until I was past 12 and close to 13. Unfortunately, that didn't do anything for my b****. :( I have one of my best friends who was like you and Lilly, always really tall for her age and started her cycle really really really young. She told me that starting young means that your body is super ready for that attention and you really need it. She started being sexy really young too, also like you guys did, and she has not once ever dated anybody younger than 25 and that was one of the first several guys she dated a long time ago. All the others have been older than that. She really is mature in s** and pretty much always has been. She knows things and does things I don't. I wish I was as tall as her and had as many guys working to get with me as she does (we went to the mall one day last week and she had SEVEN men try to hook it up with her). To be honest that is part of why I first started smoking to be more like her. I don't think I could f*** on my period because I have so much heavy flows but I admit that I do get super h**** during that time, sometimes it's almost out of control and I feel like jumping a guy. :) Anyways my girlfriend that I talked about does f*** on her period because she has two guys who like it a lot but she doesn't f*** them together and she doesn't make the mess I make on mine. Also she keeps saying she wants a baby and is going to get pregnant next year.

  • Lala,

    I think about f ucking a lot when I'm on my period but I can't bring myself to do it, although I'm like you and I do get super h****. Some guys love it and will just about f uck anyone.

    Lilly and I want to get preg so much but mum is asking us to wait a little longer. She won't get mad at us if we do fall preg bc she said it's or body. it's just that she wants us to get a good education before we have a kid.


  • I'm usually h**** as a nasty f****** rat on any normal day and my period doesn't change that but I don't think I could pull the plug and get on a d*** during that time of the month because I would make too much mess. The guy would never talk to me again. My aunt will do that but her husband won't do it so she goes to one of her boyfriends who like doing her in the mess. She says he feels like he's "f****** her guts out". I like the way that sounds but I still don't think I could actually do it. As for the pregnancy/baby thing, maybe I just don't have the precious-mommy gene or something, but I think getting knocked up and then taking care of a baby would get in the way of a lot of really good s**. The guys don't want to f*** you as much when you have either condition. But I will say that there is one guy I go out with sometimes and he says he would like to give me a baby and if he insisted I might just do it ......... to keep from losing him.

  • Lala,

    If you think that having that guy's baby will keep you two together then have a good think again babe. There would have to be more in a relationship than that. Lilly and I take a lot of time with mum's baby twins and this is when we're the most clucky for a kid.

    Sometimes when I'm having s ex I say to my bf "F uck me pregnant you beast" and that gets me as hor ny af.


  • F***! I forgot to sign ^this^. It was from me baby girl.

  • Hi again, Ren,

    Yeah, lots of guys just don't care as long as the p**** is hot and wet, and as long as it belongs to them! :) LOL :)

    I know you're right about starting a family, and so is your mother. I get all the good reasons for waiting. My girlfriend has been talking about this ever since she started having s** years ago, like right at the beginning, but at first she was just saying "sometime", but now she is saying it will happen next year, but she hasn't even picked a guy yet for the father. Sometimes I think she doesn't care who it is. Her mom is going to S***! I swear she will.

    But I do think about babies a lot, too, I really do. But mostly the times I really WANT one is when I am with a guy who is good to me, and it's while he's inside me and it's if he's real "big", if you know what I'm saying. I have enevr even told anyone else that, only you. There is this one guy in particular that I go out with sometimes (not often enough if you ask me) and when he gets it in me I really start thinking about having babies for him, and sometimes, when he's really working it good and he's got it all in all the way to the bottom, I just want to grab him by his shoulders and wrap my legs around his back and scream "f*** a baby into me!!!" I'm glad I've never let myself do that because later when things are calm I always think, "F***, I must be a crazy person" and I know I would scare this particular guy away and I do NOT want that to happen like EVER!! :)

    Anyway, try to enjoy the party even though its your time.

    Lala (hopefully not a crazy person in real life)

  • Lala, Hannah, Jules, Ren and Oskana,

    I hate it when mature aged people stare at us when we're smoking in public
    but when men are looking at us and rubbing their c ocks, it shows their approval and I get so aroused I need a f uck.

    it would be great if we could all go out one night, find guys and get f ucked so hard.


  • I love it when a man can't take his eyes off my while I smoke, and I can tell I gave him a hardon. That is so flattering, and watching that happen, makes me wet. Once I know it's happening, I really start working them.

  • Lala,

    That's so f ucken hot, we all like to c ock tease men with our smoking. Do you like to try on leather pants in the change rooms of girls' fashion shops without undies? Lilly and I have tongue kissed in the dressing room while we rub each other's p.u.s.s.y.s I'd like to be able to smoke too but that's impossible in a shop. it's so hot to smoke when we wear leather pant, especially without undies that rub against our p.u.s.s.y.

    It's school holiday period over here so we're holding a party at our place on Saturday night. Mum and her sister are going to cater for us before they go out and leave us to our dirty devices.


  • Sorry Lilly, I just forgot to put my name to this^. It's me: Lala.

  • Back when I was a teenager (late 80s and early 90s), most girls and women smoked. Everywhere you went in those days, you saw females of all ages smoking. Inside, outside, in their cars, everywhere. It was sexy AF and arousing AF. Now, you hardly ever see any of them smoking anymore. I hate that. [And just for context, my wife used to smoke, but quit about 14 years ago, and I hate her for that.] So thanks to all the mothers and daughters here who smoke, and who try so hard to bring genuine elegance and sophistication and romance back into the world. You are greatly appreciated. And loved.

  • It's a pity your wife stopped smoking Ted. There's nothing more satisfying for
    me to be smoking when I'm getting laid. I thought it was a gross idea at first
    (smoking while f ucking) I mean, until mum suggested we should try it.


  • Thanks for the note about my wife. I agree that there is a natural and beautiful connection between smoking and love-making, and I've really missed being married to a smoker. I know it will sound like I'm making this up, but I have always believed that s** with a woman who smokes is better than it is with a non-smoker, and my wife's skills dropped off immediately after she quit. See? That just sounds stupid, but that wasn't the first experience I had with the difference between smoker and non-smoker, even where it was the same person. If the female partner smokes, the intimacy is just so much greater, and her abilities are enhanced by the smoking. I don't know why, except to say that smoking is a very sensual thing, and losing that sensuality from a woman's life affects her sensuality in bed. You girls are incredibly lucky to have a mother that understands the importance of smoking and that gives you proper guidance for your lives. I would imagine that she is an amazing lover (and would love to taste her body and experience her skills), just as I've already imagined that both of you are amazing lovers. Please don't ever stop working on your snaps and your frenches and your OMIs. And I have to say that the way you explained to that other girl how you hold your lit cigarettes -- and what else you do -- while wearing those short-shorts and showing off your c-toes is the stuff of wet dreams. My wife never did ANYTHING that sexy, and she certainly doesn't now. You two are just ........ OMFG!

  • Thanks again,
    Our mum believes that s** and smoking go hand in hand for ladies and girls and she has given my twin and I great guidance. She attracts enormous attention of men when she smokes herself and the male clientele has increased rapidly in her hairdressing salon.


  • Thanks Ted,

    We appreciate your kind words. Our mum definitely doesn't want us to quit smoking nor do we. Our mum, me and my twin sister often wear the same outfits she buys for us when we're out to dinner together and smoking. not sleazy stuff but leather pants, high heals and nice blouses.


  • Girls that smoke are always dtf

  • I don't know that all girl smokers are ready to f uck but those in our group certainly go out looking to be f ucked.


  • Ren and Lilly

    Belinda might be only 26 but she's NOT your biological mother, you've both said that plenty of times.

  • F uck you,

    Belinda will always be regarded as our mum, we call her mum, we're known by many as her daughters and she refers to Lilly and I as her daughters and to quote you, "we've said that many times" you fucktard.


  • I forgot to include Lala,



  • :) Hi, Oskana! Thanks so much for including me on your special list. That really made me feel like I am part of something important, and a part of the group here. I'm so happy! And I have actually thought about that, the last time at the movies over the weekend, and how we might all look together doing the things that Ren and Lilly and Hannah talked about with clothing and cigarette packs and the actual cigarettes, too. I realize now the way men look at you when you do those things and then even more when you do the hotsmoking itself and even powersmoking. They almost just c** in their pants. They can't stop it.

  • Ren, Lilly, Hannah, Jules and me would be so hot smoking in our sleazy gear when we're picking up boys to f#ck.


  • Like I said, I have actually thought about what you said, about us going out as a group, dressed to make all the d**** hard, and smoking like the s**** we are. I especially like it when a man comes to me when he's out with another female and doesn't even care about her anymore, but only cares about me. He wants to get with me so hard he can't even remember he came with somebody else. Imagine all the damage we would do if we were together at the same places, dressed like s** and smoking like it too.

  • Lala,

    We'd make a killing I think. We often see a guy at a cafe where we stop on the way home from school. He usually arrives at the time we get there. We've noticed lately that he puts a pair of socks or something else down his jeans to make his c ock look bigger. I've never seen a c ock like that scrunched, up into a ball lol. How pathetic?

    One day I'm going to ask him if I can feel it, just to be sure. That's if I get up the nerve.


  • Hannah,

    Does your mum and dad swing? Our parents swing but I've gotta say that our mum is the hottest looking mum in their circle of friends. She's very attractive, has a great figure and so s exy looking. She's only 26 too.


  • Idc about who is the hottest. Ren and I want to f uck Hannah.

    Get over all this f ucking sh it.


  • I agree that Hannah is hot however. We all have an opinion and mine is that Ren and Lilly are the hottest on here. They f*** men and girl and do all kinda things including scissoring with one another. Hannah is 14, the twins are 11. In my mind, kids that are younger when they f***, smoke, swear and drink are more badass.

    Another thing too is that I read on here that their mum taught the twins how to physically tongue kiss, so, so, so f****** hot.

  • I agree with the one that said hannah is hottest

  • Me too. Hannah is the total Hottest. Damn she fine.

  • Jules,

    That post below was from me,

    We love u gurl <3


  • Lilly, I agree. And I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who reacts to smoking that way. I have a few girlfriends who smoke but it doesn't affect them like it does me. Thanks for letting me know you feel the same as me.

  • Jules,

    Awww there's nothing like smoking and us being a bit drunk when we're being
    f ucked. It feels soo good.

  • Effin a. s*** yah.

  • I don't know about you girls but I have to be careful when I smoke and how much I smoke and where I am when I do it because it almost always makes me want to eff something.

  • ....hannah sounds like the hot kind of girl we could all love.....and maybe should all love.....both guys and girls............yes she is super lovable......and she maybe could be the hottest chick on this whole site.....god yes hannah................we love you!

  • Haha thank you. But I truely believe the hottest chicks on this site are Ren & Lilly! HANNAH

  • Hi Hannah,

    Is your mum cool with you smoking, drinking and having s ex? Do you swear, like real bad?.

    Our mum so cool with everything we do but she wants us to drink in moderation and as we said, definitely no drugs.

    We live in a suburb on Sydney's Northern Beaches but we go to a private school and it can take two hours to get there and two hours back sometimes cos we have to catch two buses. We used to live with our natural mum but our step mum and biological dad didn't wan us to change schools when we started to live with them.

    We've got boyfriends, ummm they're 21 now but mum doesn't mind cos they treat us well. She tries to give them money to pay for our meal when they take us out but they refuse and have said they are working and we're not therefore they'll pay. Mum says she earns a good income and they still refuse to take her money.

    We like lesbian relationships as much as we do straight relationships.

    We often wonder if we had a choice to be allowed to f uck or smoke what would we prefer and don't know the answer.

    What would you prefer?

  • Hey Ren! That would be a hard decision, no idea what I would chose. Need smoking as much as f.u.c.k.i.n.g and feel so blessed that my mom lets me smoke and drink and have s.e.x as much as i want. She's really laid back and I can do what I want as long as I don't do drugs, have trouble with police, dropout of school or hurt anyone. Those are my rules and restrictions and everything else is fine... including much older boyfriends. Cool you have boyfriends nearly twice your age. Nothing wrong with that as long as they care for you. When I was 12 I had a boyfriend who was 29. My last ex is 27, so 20-30 yo guys are my favs. You only f.u.c.k. your boyfriends or also otherr guys? Love from HANNAH

  • Hannah,

    We have o.r.g.i.e.s so yeah we f uck other men and other girls but our bfs get p.i.s.s.e.d off but mum tells us no one owns anyone in this world. We're not concerned about having a preference between smoking and f ucking, it was only question as mum lets us do both.

    From time to time Lilly and I call each other a c.u.n.t, a b.i.t.c.h,, s.l.u.t, m.o.l.e etc but it's mainly when we're f ucking each other. Mum cringes a bit but she realizes it's just our love talk for one another.


  • Hi Hannah,

    There's nothing at all wrong with you're English. Thanks for writing. I agree with what you're saying about the way you dress and store your cigs on your person. During the summer my twin and I and our gf Oskana love to out our cigs halfway in our bikini top and leave enough of the pack out at the op to show what brand we smoke. When we wear jeans we put our ciggies in our back pocket and again we show the brand by leaving the brand name out. So
    f ucking sexy.

    Where do you live? Do you have s ex with girls and guys?

    My twin, Lilly and I were having s ex with each other this afternoon and we were scissoring together, so we asked our mum if she'd like to see us scissor. She said "No" lol.


  • Hey Ren! I need to try what you proposed: Cigs in bikini top... because today will be another sunny day, perfect for going to the mall in short shorts and bikini top (and no shoes which also gets me lots of looks). I'm from the Netherlands, in the northwest of Europe, living only 20 kilometres away from the North Sea. And sure I'm having s.e.x. Started young and never stopped. Don't have siblings but two girl friends who feel like sisters and we do it all the time. Scissoring is sooo hot but also love licking alot and also fun with boys? Do you have a boyfriend? I'm single at the moment but hooking up with some guys at parties is so esay and fun once you got a certain reputation! Love from HANNAH

  • Hey girls! I've been reading some of your posts for a while but now I need to write back. Soo loved your fashion favorite! Very short shorts, thumb in pocket, holding a cig and leaving 4th and 5th finger where the p.u.s.s.y. is – this style is soo me! Of course with a really short crop top, barely covering my b.o.o.b.s. Love how many looks this outfit gets me. Especially if it's a really tight jeans short with cut off waist band and zipper left open a bit. Or if its a shorts with waistband, it's the perfect place to hold my cig pack! You girls rule and it's cool we have so much in common. I'm a bit older (14) and sorry for my bad english (I'm from Europe) but like you I love smoking, drinking, partying, dressing sexy and doing anything inappropriate for my age. Love and smoky kisses from HANNAH

  • Jesus, Hannah! You are soooooo hot! You are TOO HOT! I want you. I want you full-time! Damn! DAMN!!!!! I'm too young for you, but I would be so good to you!

  • Hi Lala,

    We don't mind one bit if you choose to called Lala. Are you allowed to go to parties? The only things we dislike about our mum is that we have to be at the front gate of any party we attend by 2am or she will come in and embarrass us by taking us out, one twin under each of her arms. We are not allowed to take any more than 4 bottles of Vodka Cruisers (we were once allowed to take 6 bottles but mum said 4 is plenty for eleven year olds). She makes sure we have condoms in our purse too bc she doesn't want us to catch any diseases. But she always asks us if we have enough cigarettes

    To make our camel toe more noticeable we wear undies under shorts and pull them up into the crack of our p.u.s.s.y. I'm pleased that ur going to to smoke while wearing short shorts and place ur ciggie as we describe. do you have s ex a lot? We have org#es too and they're so much fun. We go to a private girl's school here in Sydney but we hate it bc we can meet a whole lot more guys if we go to a public co-ed school. Public schools are more relaxed about things too. We have to wear uniforms every day and if we want to smoke after school we have to change at school before we leave, we can't smoke in uniform. I've been in trouble twice over the past year for smoking in school uniform. I have burnt a whole in my tunic when I was sitting on a guys knee at a cafe and he put his hand up my school tunic and I knocked the top off my cigarette. That's how I burnt it. The second time thought a teacher was driving past so I put my ciggie in my school blazer pocket and I burnt a hole in it. Mum was not pleased bc winter blazers are $189 and she had to buy me a new one.

    I'll write more Lala and I love the name Lana. it's short and simple.

    My full name is Lilly and Ren's is Renae.

  • Hi Lana - do you prefer Lala?

    Actually we have a very good friend named Angela whom we call Lala, cos when they were young her little brother couldn't say Angela so they shortened it so the little guy could pronounce her name.

    Where do you live?, we're in Sydney Australia. I wish we were all closer, we'd love to hang w/you and we like to be with older girls.

    You'll have to try smoking with your ciggie between your fingers while those fingers on the same hand are resting ur p.u.s.s.y on the outside of your shorts. By placing your fingers there it draws to guys' attention. It's so f ucking hot and you'll get a f uck for sure.

    Love Lilly

  • Hi Lilly - My friends all call me Lala and since I want you to be my friends I would like it a lot if you call me Lala. Its so much of coincidence that you already have a friend with that name but I would still like it if you use it with me too. Thanks! We live in Pennsylvania US and although my parents moved not long before I was born I have lived here my whole life. But I have to say I am impressed that all of you live in Australia! I have never been there but I have seen a lot of it and I love it! It's such a beautiful natural place but also a very super modern place too with cities more modern and classic than ours! You are so lucky! I would like it so much if we got to be friends here and I would like to hear more about your lives and your fashions and how you party and have the fun things that you talk about sometimes. I am going to the movies tonight and tomorrow and so I tried on my favorite shorts so I could pretend with how it would look to hold my cigarette in the way you said. With those shorts I found out I can make a major camel toe while I do that with my hand and I already know how much men love seeing that in a girl my age because the camel toe makes them think so much about what is inside that girl besides her shorts which look crammed all up inside of her. When they see that it makes them want to get inside of her with their fingers and their tongues and their penises. But now I can see how them seeing you really rubbing it while you hold a cigarette with that same hand would drive them insane and pull them right to you even if they were already with another girl (especially if she does NOT smoke). I really am happy that you told me about this. When I practiced last night (but without lighting up a cigarette, just using a pencil, on account of being at home) it looked just sexy as h***, and rubbing it in public will look good to men and make them think "that girl is a f****** freak". I can't wait!!! Thanks!!!

  • Ren and Lilly, you make my c*** stand to attention. I want to f*** both of you.

  • Miranda and Julie,

    Where ru?

    Get back 2 us.


  • Another one of our favorite fashions when we smoke in public is to wear really short shorts. We rest our thumb in the front pocket and hold our cigarette between our index finger and next finger. We rest the third finger and little finger at our crotch on the outside of our shorts, right on our p.u.s.s.y. Mum said we'll get into trouble smoking like that. Bring it on.

    Ren and Lilly.

  • How many cigarettes per day do you smoke usually? I'm a little older then you but I smoke usually about 6-7-8, sometimes more if i'm partying.

  • Mum buys us 3 cartons every Friday night between us. There are 8 packs of 25 cigarettes to each carton, so we get 12 packs a week each. How old are you and I hope your parents let you smoke?


  • Hi and wow! I'm so impressed! I am 14yo but I will be 15yo at the beginning of November. I'm not lucky in the way you are because my parents don't permit us to smoke including my brother and sister so I just do it in secret and away from our house. My mom suspects me for a smoker but hasn't accused me or proved it at all so I've been super lucky so far. My brother and sister don't smoke at all and don't want it to. I think it is really cool that you smoke so much and so I bet you are really good at doing it. I don't think I'm any good at doing it but I like the effects so I do what I have to do to keep doing it. If that even makes sense........ Anyway thanks for writing back and posting it. You and your friends are so cool to read from. Thank you.

  •'s nice of you to write to us. What's your name and let's stay friends on here. Not all of our friends are allowed to smoke, just a select group of us.

    You must need more cigarettes per day than 8 at max.Have you thought of discussing your smoking with your mum? I know it's difficult to raise the subject but it's a long story from our side. Lilly and I wanted to live with dad and his girlfriend, Belinda from the Christmas before last, (2017). We were 9 going on ten at the time so we worked up the courage to tell Belinda we are smokers cos there was nowhere to hide our smoking at their place. Too our surprise Belinda was cool about it and gave my twin sister Lilly and me a cigarette. She was surprised at our snap inhales and from that moment said okay you can smoke. She said how long have you gone without a cigarette and we said 9 days (from the time we started living with them at that time).

    We hated her at first probably cos she was living with ur dad from the time we were two, Belinda was in her second last year of high school and 17 years old and dad was 26. Belinda went to teachers college but hated it and bought into a hairdressing salon and make up parlour. We stole her engagement ring that dad bought her but we owned up to it about six months later cos we started to love her. Now we call her mum and she's been a fantastic mother to us and cares or us when we're sick and we love her so much. Now she's got another set of twin girls to dad - they're nearly ten months old so they're virtually our little sisters.


  • Hi again and thanks again and I really like you all. :) My name is a story thats too long to tell it all of but I'll just say that its actually Lana but because my first cousin who lived with us for a while when I was born could not say Lana she called me Lala, and so everybody picked that up. At school I'm Lana but around my family and friends I'm still Lala. As for convincing my mom to let me smoke that is not going to happen although I would love to be able to smoke like you sisters can. I love the relationship you have with Belinda and how cool you are around each other and not just for smoking but for how you make love with so many guys and even with each other! That is really cool and super sexy and I love it! But the thing I love most of what you ever wrote about anything at all is thinking about what you wear and what you do when you smoke in public. Yes I like the black boots and black boots (or black and gray, even more) which are so sophisticated. But the thing I actually love is what you said about how you wear your shorts and HOW YOU HOLD YOUR CIGARETTES while you smoke them!!!! ommfg!!! I can't wait to try that when I'm hanging out at the movies this weekend! But not let mom see.

  • Oops, I meant to say we wear short black leather skirts with the other stuff.

  • Mum likes us wear our black leather skirts with our black knee-high boots and our red blouses when we go out with her. She said that attire compliments our blonde hair when we smoke in public.


  • She is exactly right. She knows how to make girls feel and look so seductive and sensual and sophisticated, and she knows how to make them attractive to men. In fact, she is putting you in total control of all the men who are fortunate enough to see you smoke. Those men can't -- CANNOT -- help themselves: they really MUST look at you. In fact, they must stop and look, and they can't leave until you've finished smoking. You should think of that anytime you are out: smoke with the attitude that those men you see watching you are completely under your control. None of them are superior to you, no matter their ages and no matter how they may pose themselves...........


  • That is a really nice post and Ren and I thank you so much for it. A lot of men come up to us and ask us for a light. I'm sure it's just so they can get a closer look at us smoking.

    What gives us the sh1ts is senior citizens (mostly ladies) have something terrible to say to us when they see us smoking in public and they stares at us but mum stares back at them if she's with us. She's so supportive of us smoking which is a nice thing. We get nice comments from adults too like "it's good to see the younger generation taking up smoking which will assist to keep the tradition alive and well. They're surprised to know that we're only eleven when they ask our age.


  • You're so right: they come up to ask for a light so they can be close to you. Even the ones who don't smoke will go buy a pack just so they can have an excuse to get by you. You are both very aware of your circumstances, and you both seem to know men even better than women who are 3 and 4 times your age. You are exceptional (and exceptionally hot) women, and you are going to continue having wonderful lives. May God keep blessing you both.

  • Men have a habit of adjusting their c ock when they come up to us and watch us smoking. It is intentional but I think they're trying to make it less obvious When they have a h.a.r.d.o.n. Mum made us more aware of the signs to look for when we first developed our bigger ti ts and she always said we have shapely legs and as we've said, we're tl for our age. She said always look a man in the ye who is eyeing you off when you're smoking.


  • When you are out with your mother Belinda do guys frequently come up to her and ask if she will let them take you on dates? Does one guy ever ask her to take both of you out at the same time? Has a man ever asked the two of you directly for one date together? Have you said yes? Tell about how did it go? How do you decide who gets what man?

  • I love that the twins Lilly and Ren who are are so wild but seem to be educated. I think there would be times where they give their mom a few headaches tho.

  • when the girls are getting more s** than she is...............

  • My guess is that these girls are ALWAYS getting more than the moms! How could they NOT??!!!!!

  • People say our mum is hot, especially when she smokes. She's only 26 but as you may have read, she is not our birth mother. We call her mum. She is our dad's partner and she was 17 when they met and dad was 26. Since she left school teaching and bought into a hairdressing salon and makeup parlour with her female business partner, male clientele has increased rapidly. I don't think she'd play up on dad tho but she has had many many chances to f uck around.


  • ....with the way the girls dress when they are out......and the way they smoke in will be all over them.......i certainly would be.........

  • Jesus, you girls are super hot and totally dirty. It's why I love all of you so.

  • Thank you for the compliment.
    It means a great deal to us

    Ren Xxxxxx

  • Awww thank you for the encouraging post. It would be super, super hot if Miranda and Julie got back to us. We should have taken more notice of them when Miranda posted in the first place.

    We're waiting for you to get back to us Miranda and Julie.

    All our love,
    Lilly, Ren and Osky xoxo

  • Miranda and Julie,
    That should be
    Get back to me. I don't think our online girlfriends are writing to us any more so let's see if Ren and I can start a relationship with you.

    Have you got a girlfriend for Oskana (we call her Osky) but she must drink and smoke?

    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Miranda and Julie,

    Get back to me. I don't think our online are writing to us any more so let's see if Ren and I can start a relationship with you.

    Have you got a girlfriend for Oskana (we call her Osky) but she must drink and smoke?

    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Mum was telling us last night that our great, great grandparents still f uck and we think it's so sweet.

    Ren and Lilly

  • Lilly and Ren,
    Julie and I want you so bad.

  • Miranda,

    We'd love to catch up with you and Julie in real life but we don't know how we'll go about it. Mum doesn't want us to use our email address for us to communicate. She's worried that if we give them out here, they'll be hacked.

    I love the idea of having it off with older girls like you.


  • Miranda,

    That's f ucked for as kid that's nearly 15. Kids should be allowed to smoke, our mum would never think of taking away the pleasure of smoking from us.


  • Ren and Lilly,
    Julie would never be allowed to smoke, she has to sneak ciggies. Her parents are way too strict with her. When she wants to smoke, she comes over to my place.

  • Miranda and Julie,

    Ren and I both smoke Marlboro Gold. Our mum likes us to be badasses and that we smoke. Stiff fucken sh it about the poster below. Our mum is better than most.


  • You don't deserve to be a mom

  • Ren and lilly,
    Julie is almost a year older than me and yes, we both smoke and drink. What brand of cigarettes do you twins smoke?
    Love Miranda and Julie

  • Miranda,

    You said that you're nearly 14, is Julie around the same age and does she drink and smoke, cos we do?


  • Miranda,

    We have girlfriends we e- f*** online and they are in Alaska but they haven't written to us for a while. I just hope they're okay. Let's keep in contact here and we may be able to develop a sexual relationship but it depends whether our girlfriends come back to us.
    Love Ren Xxxxx

  • Lilly and Ren,
    I have shown my friend Julie your posts on here an we'd love to be your online girlfriends or girlfriends in real life. We want to go all the way with you seen as though you have s** with each other.

  • Why do you want to see us f uck?

    Use your imagine as to how we f uck. Have you not heard of a strap-on?

    Yes we hold hands and occasionally give each other smoky kisses in public too.
    We think nothing of it and it's not our concern if people have a problem with it.


  • Ren and Lilly,
    It would be super hot if I were to see you f****** each other, how do you do that?
    Do you hold hands in public?

  • I have a daughter nine and I constantly catch her out smoking. She denies point blank that she smokes. If she opens up to me then I'll allow her to smoke openly. Until then she can pretend that I don't know.

  • Mum bought us menthol cigarettes because we have the flu but they taste awful. We're refusing to smoke them so she's buying us our normal brand, Camel Regulars. In the meantime we're smoking her dunhill reds.

    Lilly and Ren

  • Survey question: How many different men have you f*****?

    Leave your name, followed by number of men who have been inside you. Note: BJs and handies don't count.

  • F uck off with your survey. This is not a question we want to answer to a total stranger who is too f ucken gutless to leave a name or tell us about the number of men they have f ucked.

    Lilly, Ren and Oskana

  • LOL. Okay, I see. So, the answer is:

    Lilly, zero.
    Ren, zero.
    Oskanna, zero.


  • Ru outta ur brain, do u really think we'd tell some stranger how many f ucks we've had with different guys when the guy or girl who asked the question didn't give anything away about himself or herself?

    F uck off, get life, both of u. Look on ebay.


  • And if I were a fakewhore, I'd make up anything u fucktard.

  • Lilly,
    Even tho this is a place to post anonymously, every one who does post should have to provide an email address to log in. And it should be visible, this will show us who the trolls are that call us fakewhores.

  • One good thing about the twins, they don't take sh#t from anyone and it seems they don't give a f#ck about anything. It's a good way to be.

  • I don't know who these fuckas are wanting to know about us or anyone else but they don't give anything away about themselves. It f ucks me so bad


  • Miranda,

    You should tell your mum when you start having s ex. No one can give you better s ex education than her. You will need protection so getting on the pill is important. You'll need your mum's approval for that.


  • Oskana,

    I don't think our smoking is the only issue with them. Maybe cos they weren't allowed to smoke themselves when they were kids. Or maybe because they have to buy their own ciggies and alcohol whereas we can drink mum and dads.

    About s**, I think we are getting more f ucks than them


  • Ren and Lilly,

    Why are these guys getting their b.a.ll.s in a bounce and why are the women getting their t.i.t.s in a f ucken tangle just cos we smoke lol?
    Oskana xx oo xx

  • Lilly,
    I've got a boyfriend and I want to have s** with him and when I do my mother will not know about it.

  • Miranda,

    I'm happy for you that you're allowed to smoke. Do you have a boyfriend?


  • Hey Lilly,
    i kept thinking that you and Ren are allowed to smoke and you're only ii so I poured some of my father's scotch into a ginger ale bottle and I I was in my bedroom alone before dinner on Saturday night and I drank enough of it to get tipsy. After dinner I drank a little bit more to keep up my level and when my mum lit a ciggie I asked her for one. She didn't hesitate.

    She asked how long had I been smoking, I said for about 2 months which was a lie because I have been smoking for about a year. She tols me that she was surprised to see me inhale. Then she asked where I was getting my cigarettes. I told her that I was buying them from a girl at school. Now my mum is allowing me to smoke and she asked what brand I prefer so I asked her to buy me buy me Marlboro Gold.

  • I started dating this girl at Christmas. She was younger than me and she smoked and she was so damn hot. She was f****** perfect. Then in April she quit smoking. So I straight up dumped her ass. My friends say that was mean, but I just don't see the point in dating somebody who doesn't smoke. Girls who smoke are way sexier and way more fun. And they taste better (everywhere, if you get my point). I am kinda sorta dating another girl now older than me but I like younger ones so I don't think this can last. Plus this one is not as good a smoker as the other one. I know that usually older girls smoke sexier because they've been doing it longer but this one doesn't.

  • I couldn't date a guy that doesn't smoke either. My girlfriends and i get guys easily and they say smoking doesn't bother them, then when they get into our pants they then they say something like smoking is gross. i like to kiss a guy that has been smoking. It's hot and makes me so f ucking wet.


  • Lilly,
    Damn! You are sexy as fresh f****** h***! And I have no doubt whatsoever that you and your girls can get any man you want anytime you want him and regardless of their age. You in particular seem to know all the ways to get men. And you also realize that smoking is the best way. You kinda remind me of a girl I met once. We had only just met at this wedding reception and we were flirting a little but I wasnt all that interested to be honest. But finally after a few minutes her girlfriend left to go dance and this girl who was flirting stepped up and kissed me on the cheek but then she slipped me the full tongue and when she did that I realized she was a smoker. And when she did that I got this like immediate hardon from the way her mouth and tongue tasted. She felt my hardon right as soon as it happened and she knew it happened super fast so she knew she had me going and she smiled and said 'so you like kissing, huh?' I told her I did but that I liked the fact that she smoked even more. Then she told me 'I like to f*** when I smoke, and I like to smoke when I f***'. I'll never forget the way she said that, or how good she was in bed. And now I'll never forget how much she was like you. Both of you know things about men that most women don't know. And that makes you both super dangerous.

  • F uck that's so good. My twin, Ren and I jut love to f uck when we smoke too and we also like to smoke when we f***.

    Don't let ur b itch go. She's got girl power.

    Lilly and Ren

  • Does size matter to you?

  • WTF,

    We are twin sisters, we're also eleven and we're permitted to drink, smoke and shock horror we f uck too.

    But we respect our mum as she often says she hears kids our age telling their mums to f uck off or get f ucked but we love her and wouldn't say that to her. That respect and love goes both ways.

    Loosen up a bit and let your daughter have some adult fun. Have you ever given her a kiss and cuddle?


  • I always cuddle her and she now is going too rescive a spanked bottom.

  • What will spanking do, you aren't allowed to abuse your children, I'm so against child violence? She will drink and smoke anyways. I'm glad you're not our dad. Is it any real trouble to you that she drinks and smokes?

    As my twin said, we respect our mum and we're open and honest with her. She and dad have afforded us quality education at a private and renowned school, we have had a good home training and we come of good parentage. Just because we drink, smoke and have s3x, it doesn't mean that we're bad kids.


  • I'm at my wits end here with my soon too be eleven year old daughter. I have caught her drinking and smoking. she's being causing trouble at school and does not listen. I'm a single dad and have tried everything from grounding her too taken things away from her. but she sneaks out and will have the nerve too flip me off and roll her eyes at me. which really irrates me.

  • When we were ten we told our mum that we drink and smoke and have s3x. She allowed us to do all three and arranged to put us on the pill. she said no amount of her telling us not to have s3x will stop us and she wanted to prevent pregnancies. We are permitted to drink in moderation and when we go to parties mum picks us up at 2am. We share the bottle of Vodka because mum feels that if we have one each we would certainly be comatised or have to have our stomachs pumped. We are allowed to get drunk at home occasionally and mum buys us cigarettes as we need them which is usually in excess of our carton a week allowance.

    Lilly and Ren

  • Were the h*** is your father

  • You don't get it, we're allowed to smoke. We are addicted to nicotine so stop your harassment, besides we love smoking.

    Ren and Lilly

  • If you're talking about my twin Ren and I, I've got to inform you he's still with us, living with us. There's no better father we would ever want. As already pointed out he and dad pay for private school education for us both. He plays water polo in our pool with us and soccer in the backyard. We have baby twin sisters, nearly 9 months old and he takes them to swimming lessons EVERY Saturday morning.

    Just cos we smoke, you might think we are bad kids and I ask, why the f uck do you come to a pro kids smoking site to put sh#t on us or our family?


  • When we told mum we smoke and do other things she said leave it to her and that she would tell dad that she's allowing us to smoke and do those things, so if you're asking does he know, yes he does.


  • Yous ought too have your little bums tanned. I want too talk with your mom.

  • Oh my God,

    You should be so ashamed of yourself for posting. What kind of word is "yous?"

    Yous (ewes) are female sheep.


  • I hope you are messing and I'm about too tann her ass

  • Maybe if you allow her to drink and smoke she will respect you and give you less trouble. After all shes 11 years old what are you waiting for let her have some fun.

  • Miranda,

    Your mum starting smoking when she was 16 so it's all the more reason you should be able to smoke now.

    Have a few nips of Creme de Menthe before you light a cigarette in front of your mum but don't get wasted, just get a bit tidldy . Creme de Menthe leaves nice minty taste and smell on your breath. When Ren and I first started smoking in front of our grandma, mum gave us that just to relax us a bit although mum didn't give a f uck what our nan thought of us smoking, Mum had already made up her mind to let us smoke.

    We started inhaling when we were 7, when did you start smoking?


  • Lilly,
    My mum told me before that she started smoking when she was 16 but now they've increased the l;regal age limit to smoke at 18.

  • Lilly
    I'll take your advice. It sounds a good idea to get drunk and then light up a ciggie in front of mum. Yes she smokes.

    I've only kissed and cuddled another girl but I haven't f ucked her.

  • #sickfuckingshitcakes

  • Please explain to me what a shitcake is, cupcake.


  • Miranda,
    I can't make sense of your message. should you have said "we" , meaning Ren and me and NOT I, meaning you?

    Anyways you neeed to get drunk and light up a ciggie in front of your mum or at least when you're drunk tell her you're gong to smoke or ask her if you are permitted to smoke. Does your mum smoke? if she does, she doesn't have any f ucking right o tell you not to smoke. Our mum loves that Ren and I smoke and she she likes it that we're bad.

    As for s ex, have you had it with a girl? my twin Ren and i f uck each other quite frequently as well as guys and mum accepts it. We have had s ex with our female friend on here, Oskana on here.

  • Lilly,
    It's easy for you to say I should tell my mum I smoke because you have both of you to back you up and that's I think you are so lucky.

    I live in an outta Sydney Western suburb so I'm not as fortunate as you. I'd love to live by the beach.

    Another thing, I'd love to have s** just like you and Ren, I think I'm ready for it.

  • Hi Miranda,

    You should tell your mum you smoke or at least ask her if can smoke. You are being deceitful. When dad's partner (Belinda) allowed us to smoke she told our natural natural that she's letting us smoke because we were living with her and our dad then.

    Our natural mother said "I thought they were smoking, I could smell cigarette smoke on the breath, in their clothes and in their hair. So don't think your mum doesn't know you smoke.

    When our biological mother knew we were smoking then why the f uck didn't she anything about it then i have no idea.

    We live in one of the suburbs of the Sydney Northern beaches, where do you live?


  • Hey Lilly and Ren,
    ur so lucky to have a mum who allows you to smoke. I'm turning 14 and I smoke but mum doesn't know and I'm too afraid to ask her if I can smoke in case she says no.
    I'm in Sydney too, what part of Sydney do you live in?
    I'd love to hear back from you.

  • Some b itch of our bio mum's neighbour told her that Ren, and I another girl which was Oskana were smoking a few days ago on the way to see her when we got off the next to her place.

    Our bio said Oh really, I have said to her I told them not to smoke dozens of times but they won't listen to me. She doesn't give a f uck that we smoke anyways because we smoke in front of her. She said it in a sarcastic tone.


  • Oskana,

    No we shouldn't stop, these f uckas are not gonna beat us.


  • Ren and Lilly,

    We should stop posting. There are way too many trolls.


  • Please please please don't stop. We love you.

  • Please don't stop. We love you.

  • Ren and Lilly, you twins are little f****** whores along with your friend, Oskana

  • I don't care what you say, as I said before our mums allow us to smoke and have s**, what has it got to do with you?

    Our mum says she like it that we're such badasses.


  • Your mum is a whorish old cow and a s***.Being that old cow , she should be put out to pasture. Better still, someone should put a bullet between her eyes. Bullets are cheap enough anyway, they'd get change out of fifty cents.

  • Who wrote this sh#t. so you want our mum dead. You're a f ucking b******.
    Rot in f ucking h.e.l.l, you c unt.


  • Cate,
    I din't tell you that mum has a female friend who taught her daughter to smoke when she was 4. She turned 5 last February and it only took her a few days to learn to inhale. She's a pretty little thing but she's a spoiled little brat.

    Mum said she's going to give the babies the same opportunity as Ren and I have had and teach them to smoke at about that age. She also said that Ren and I can teach them if we like.


  • It was Mothers' Day yesterday but we got all the presents. There was so much alcohol, cigarettes and c ock going around but unfortunately the party had to end sometime.
    Ren, Lilly and Oskana

  • By Mother's Day next year, all of the moms and daughters here will be dead from lung cancers or STIs or liver disease or all of the above. Some will die sooner than others but none will be missed.

  • Our parents allow us to smoke, our mums in particular and they don't want us to stop. They enjoy having a cigarette with us. They have told us many times that although we smoke, have s** and drink, we are better behaved and more mature than most kids our age. We are able to concentrate on our homework and study better when we're home as we smoke too and that's showing in the results we achieve during our school exams.

    Ren, Lilly and Oskana.

  • Ren and Lilly,

    That anti poster may be an alcoholic, he/she doesn't say anything about drinking. Alcohol CAUSES more deaths than smoking and rooting. Think of all the drunk drivers and domestic violence around because people drink. At least we are happy drunks. I'd hate it if he/she were one of our parents. Why don't these kinda people post on an anti site and leave us little b itches alone so we can enjoy ourselves?

    He/she needs to do the math. You mum started smoking when she was 11, you two started smoking when you were 6. I started when I was 8. My mum started when she was 14. How would our smoking cause our death to us in 12 months time?

    That person leads a dull life I'd say.

    Love Oskana xx oo xx

  • It's not my page but I think that lady may have been talking about the effects of alcohol use when she mentioned liver diseases (like ARLD or cirrhosis). I'm not supporting her. I'm just saying.......

    Party on........

  • I misread that, so my apologies. His post won't stop us from drinking, smoking and f ucking. We enjoy all three far too much for that. You're welcome to comment and I thank you for your encouragement.

  • You are so deliciously sweet and so very mature. And I thank you for inviting me in. Please do stick to your beliefs and enjoy your lives. I think most people are too afraid to really enjoy themselves and that's why you receive so much pointless criticism: you aren't at all afraid of fun or of feeling good (nor of making other people feel good). I think of you often.

  • Huh, that's a f ucking wide statement you're making. ALL the mothers and daughters,you say?
    You're a fucktard

  • And your a pos

  • Don,
    Lilly and I love and have more respect for our Belinda mum more than we have for our natural mother. She is easier to talk with. It wasn't all that way though, we despised her before we started to live with her and dad about 17 months ago.

    Prior to that we went on holiday with them and we hated it because we were 7 and we were smokers and could only smoke when we went to the shops after taking a couple of Belinda's cigarettes out of her packet. When we lived with them from the time we were 9 I told her that Ren and I smoke and that we often stole her ciggies. That's when she allowed us to smoke and she said had we told her we were smoking when we were 7, she would have told us it is okay for us to smoke.

    We told her we were having s** as well and she arranged for us to take the pill.

    Belinda and dad has total custody of us now and she often tells us she likes the idea that we drink, smoke, swear and
    f uck.


  • Ren and Lilly,
    It seems to me that you're both super hot to f*** and you can thank Belinda for being so open minded to allow you so much freedom to enjoy an adult life at the tender age of 11.

    Don't be harsh on her for limiting you to share a bottle of vodka when you go to parties.

    She has done a splendid job in raising you and for that you have to be thankful to her. She gets my admiration for giving up work next year to home school you just so you can smoke more freely.


  • Cate,
    We love org ies and have had quite a few over the last year. We've had pre-teen org ies but now Ren and I are also going out with twin 21 year old guys and mum doesn't mind at all that they f uck us. We also like to get drunk but mum will only allow us to take one bottle of vodka to party between us. She says we will get alcoholic poisoning if we drink a bottle each. We can take 6 cans of vodka cruisers each. She said that's enough but we always find someone with a bottle of vodka and we take a few sips out of the can and top it up with Vodka.

    Mum and dad have been going to swingers parties lately and I'm sure Oskana wouldn't mind me saying, because mum has said) but mum told us that her dad is a dud f uck because he can't last long before he comes. Mum was left frustrated so she rolled over and lit a cigarette then she went into their bed where was having it off with Oskana's mum and dad had to finish mum off to satisfy her. Her dad gave some weak excuse that mum is so hot that's why he couldn't control himself he said. They still go to swingers parties and they've held a few at our place but mum refuses to let Oskana's dad to have s#x with her although she has f ucked a few of our other friends dad's.

    Mum was once a school teacher and she said now that she's made up her mind to homeschool Ren and I she will ask other parents if she can homeschool their kids for a fee because a lot of our friends are allowed to smoke. Sadly a lot aren't though and this gets our friends into trouble for smoking.

  • Hi cate,

    Mum’s application through the New South Wales Department of Education to homeschool Ren, me and our friend Oskana has been approved for the start of next year. We are all in the same grade and class at the school we attend. Oskana’s proper name is Oksana – the same as her mum but she’s known as Oskana to be different.

    Mum and dad have a pretty heavy mortgage cos they had two additional bedrooms and an extra bathroom built onto our house just before the twin baby girls were born.

    Mum said she sees a need for Ren and I to smoke as much as we need during the day and this is the reason for her decision. Mum and dad are converting our two car garage into a classroom and having it insulated with air-conditioning and carpet, desks and chairs.

    Mum wants Ren and I to do our last year of high school at school so that we can obtain a reference that can be used as an entry into university.

    She and dad will lose a lot of income because mum wouldn’t be able to work as many hours. She can sell her share of the hairdressing salon and make up parlour and do those things from home but she has to be aware of the neighbours in case they dob her in to council for operating her business at home. By homeschooling us she wouldn’t have to pay for uniforms and fees. The babies can be put into the one room at home and she can use the other room for her salon.

    Have you ever thought about homeschooling Lola, it’s one way to ensure that she is able to smoke as many cigarettes as she wants?


  • Lilly,
    Thanks for the input, but I prefer to have Lola in regular school for two reasons. First, I work a full time job. Second, I want her in school where she can have normal social interaction with other children. I think this is important.
    Lola had a great time last weekend.
    May 5th was her birthday and she turned nine. She spent all weekend at Phillip's house.
    We met for breakfast on Saturday morning with Nina (Phillip's mom) as well as Phillip and his younger brother (he's eleven). After breakfast, Lola left with them. Phillip's two older brothers were with their father, who is divorced from Nina. Phillip and his younger brother have a different father (not ever married to Nina), but he has since returned to his home country in Africa.
    Nina let me know she made a party punch for the kids and she spiced it up with some Southern Comfort. The kids managed to lose a lot of their inhibitions. Actually, Lola told me she got bit drunk!
    Two other boys also joined up at Nina's house a bit later. Lola and the four boys spent Saturday and Sunday together doing what boys and girls do.
    Let's just say Lola was the "party" as well as the center of attention! Nina kept an eye on things so it didn't get too out of hand.
    For nine years old, Lola is becoming quite the experienced young lady.
    Lola came home Sunday evening and was quite exhausted. I let her stay home from school on Monday, and I took a day off so we could spend time together.
    We spent Monday having a "girl day" and talking a lot. And I mean a lot! I was a bit shocked at all she had done! She said she really held nothing back from me.
    That's it for now. Later.


  • Chrissie,
    I wasn't going to answer you, you stupid c unt but now that I'm home from school and lit a ciggie I'm more relaxed. Mum took us to stay overnight with our bio mum and she said to her make sure Lilly and I take their pill with dinner tonight and she gave us a pack of cigarettes each. Our bio mum's boyfriend was there. As far as I know this was the first time he knew that we f uck. Once again, we didn't tell our mum's boyfriend we f uck you f ucking b itch.

  • Lilly and Ren,
    If you didn't tell your mum's boyfriend you have s** then who did?

  • Chrissie,
    I wasn't going to answer you because you're irritating the f uck out of me you
    f ucking b itch. But now I've lit a ciggie and I'm more relaxed that I'm home I can do that. If it's any concern of yours, when mum dropped Lilly and I off at our bio mum's place she said to her, make sure the kids take the pill with dinner tonight. she left us with a pack of cigarettes too. Our bio mum's boyfriend was there . As far as i know this was the time time he heard that we f uck.

  • Ren and Lilly,
    At least Chrissie paid you a couple of compliments but she's either a troll or a fucktard for stating you're to blame for your natural mum's boyfriend for getting a stiff c ock when you smoke. I know how much you two hate his guts.

    Notice how Chrissie says she gets aroused when she sees young girls smoking. I think she maybe a lesb#an so we should watch out for her.


  • F uck Chrissie you're a c unt. We are not accepting any blame for my bio mum's boyfriend playing with his c ock when we smoke and we're not going to refrain from smoking around him. We're not responsible If he gets a f ucking stiff c ock when we smoke and he's not going to f uck us.

    Now stop assuming sh it and f uck off you b itch.


  • LOL 11 year old Ren gives 43 year old a roasting. All we need now is for her twin sister, Lilly to chime in to give her a double-barreled shot. These girls are a great character and make my day in everything they write. A warning to Chrissie and all, don't f*** with them. I love these little b******.

  • Ren,

    LOL 11 year old Ren gives 43 year old Chrissie a roasting. Her twin, Lilly should post now making it a double-barrel shot. Just proves Chrissie and anyone else who wants to try, you can't f*** with these little b******. I've fallen in love with everything they post.

  • I don’t believe your natural mother’s boyfriend despises you or has any ill-feeling towards you. Quite to the contrary. Belinda is an outstanding mother to you. In my absolute opinion and belief, your biological mother’s boyfriend have both of you in mind to f***. He’s not interested in a relationship with your biological mother. How many times do we hear of step fathers f ucking their step daughters. Ren and Lilly you should shoulder some of the blame for letting your mum’s boyfriend know you f***. Now think of these things in any manner you like but that’s the reality here so please be careful. Furthermore I believe that you shouldn’t have told your mother’s boyfriend you f***. That’s the whole reason he calls you s****.

    Above all I’m pleased that you girls f uck one another, I’ve read plenty about twins f****** each other and I applaud it.

    Enjoy it girls, your smoking, drinking and f****** both men and girls brings out the rebelliousness in you both and for that I love you both for posting.


  • Ren and Lilly,

    I am a 43 year old mother of two grown up sons, now 18 and 20 years of age. Both are smokers and have been some years. I have been following you for some and I feel it’s time for me to add a comment although you’ve written to Cate.

    I would have loved to have had daughters and Belinda is fortunate enough to be your mum so to speak, and to twin girls at that who are into everything like you two. I would have loved to encourage her to do the things you enjoy. Surprisingly, I find the profanities you girls use are not offensive to me. I like you using them. It’s my guess you and your circle of friends use the same language in every day conversation.

    I’ve seen a handful of eleven year old girls smoking and it’s quite acceptable in my book and as I’ve said I encourage it. It’s a powerful thing watching young girls smoke and I get aroused myself by it but unlike your mum’s boyfriend sees in you. You’ve already witnessed him playing with a handful of his c*** and b**** when you smoke, you can’t be that naïve.

    In my view you are real sweethearts and it’s also my guess that you have a mind of your own and do as you please, smoke, drink, f*** and swear. I wasn’t that much older than you when I started smoking but I wasn’t permitted to smoke at home until I was 16. This is a different era now, parents are not to hit their children today for indiscretions that’s why I think more parents are giving them a freer rein and allowing them to do as they please to a certain extent.


  • I don’t believe your natural mother’s boyfriend despises you or has any ill-feeling towards you. Quite to the contrary. Belinda is an outstanding mother to you. In my absolute opinion and belief, your biological mother’s boyfriend have both of you in mind to f***. He’s not interested in a relationship with your biological mother. How many times do we hear of step fathers f ucking their step daughters. Ren and Lilly you should shoulder some of the blame for letting your mum’s boyfriend know you f***. Now think of these things in any manner you like but that’s the reality here so please be careful. Furthermore I believe that you shouldn’t have told your mother’s boyfriend you f***. That’s the whole reason he calls you s****.

    Above all I’m pleased that you girls f uck one another, I’ve read plenty about twins f****** each other and I applaud it.

    Enjoy it girls, your smoking, drinking and f****** both men and girls brings out the rebelliousness in you both and for that I love you both for posting.


  • Cate,

    It’s cool that Lola smokes, f ucks, drinks and has a tattoo. Lilly and I have a tattoo each on the inside of our forearm that runs from our wrist to our elbow. It just reads “Family” and it’s in Old English writing. Mum likes it but said leave it at that and no more. It’s also exciting that Lola can get pregnant without you or her giving a f uck about it. I wish our mum felt the same way, I get horn y thinking about it. You’d make a great nanny.

    I know what you mean about Lola starting her period, when Lilly and I started (within days of each other) we had a massive growth spurt soon after and our ti ts have developed. We are a little over 5 feet 4 and we are the tallest students in our primary school. But we have been more sexually actively than any other time of our s** lives and this is when we can’t resist guys who make a move to f uck us.

    Does Lola smoke in the presence of your family? When Belinda allowed my twin Lilly and I to smoke it almost tore "our" family apart. Her brother didn't want anything to do with her and when he married when we were ten he told her to leave us at home because he didn't want us to smoke at the reception because it would embarrass his new wife and her family. Mum said "my" kids are going or she's not going and they're going to smoke no matter what he wants or thinks. She said "her" kids are not going to sit at the table listening to boring speeches and be seated at a reception venue that goes on for 5 to 6 hours and craving cigarettes.

  • To cate Cont…..

    She told him she’s got custody of us now and we are her kids. Mum was going to do the hair and make up of his new wife and the bridesmaids as a weddings gift but she argued with him about us smoking. Needless to say we didn’t go the wedding and mum didn’t do their hair and make up. We haven’t been to his place since he married but we go to BBQ’s and functions of other members of our family’s events and they have no issues at all about Lilly and I drinking smoking and having s**, in fact mum’s sister says we’re quite cute, which is a little babyish, but still. Mum told us not to argue with family members about our smoking and other activities and should they have any problem with it, then speak with her. Now our grandparents accept our smoking and other things.

    Our bio mum has a creepy boyfriend who says we are little sl uts cos we smoke, drink and f uck but when she is not around he strokes his d ick through his trousers when we are smoking and it nearly makes us puke. When mum allowed us to smoke she said men will pay us more attention because a lot of them have a smoking fetish and we should us that to our advantage. We didn’t expect mum’s boyfriend to be of them because he’s like family, he’s known us since we were three. He’s a f ucking j***. He doesn’t like us, he despises us passionately and our bio mum has spoken with a lawyer about a way to evict him from her home. It’s not his home, dad paid for it when he and her divorced and he gave it to her and we lived solely with her.

  • To Cate Cont…

    Lilly and I were sitting on the front steps when mark walked up the driveway. We've got a key to mum's house but we didn't want to go inside, in case he was there. We could see our bio wasn't home cos her car wasn't in the garage, As Lilly said, we were smoking her boyfriend was standing over us and he adjusted his c ock by putting his hand over his suit pants at the crotch. He had a smirk on his face indicating some kind sexual innuendo towards us. It nearly made me puke.He and our natural mum have not been getting on lately
    When we’re at home with mum and dad we are usually naked, sitting on the lounge, holding hands, kissing and smoking and we’ve f***** numerous times in front of them without them giving a f uck really and them going on with their business. We can’t do that at our bio mum’s place. We feel so uncomfortable there although there are times when Lilly and I get very horn y for each other.


  • Cate,

    We love Belinda so much, dad's partner we now call mum. She can be very tolerant and lenient towards Ren and myself but sometimes she treats us like babies. When we go to parties, she wants to know the exact address and who will be there. She insists that we be at the gate by 2am otherwise she will embarrass us and come in and grab a twin (Ren and I) under each arm and lead us out. We're not allowed to be driven home by our boyfriends IN CASE they have been drinking too much for f ucks sake. When dad's not home, she gets our "step" sisters out of bed to come and get us and they're only 9 months old babies.

    During school holidays she tells us not to smoke too much as we'll get more accustomed to smoking in more quantities and it will make it difficult for us to cut back when we return to school. She insists that this is advice only but she doesn't limit the amount we smoke and she likes the idea that we are badar$es and occasionally she calls us little b itches but in a loving way.

  • Lilly,
    I understand what she is probably feeling and the fact she's not your actual mom makes it harder for her to balance your situation.
    I know with Lola, I have her interests always at heart, but I also realize I have to let her gain her own experiences in the world - even at age 9. I won't be the type of mom, hovering over her and destroying her independence or ability to do as much as she is capable of handling.
    Not sure if this helps, but it's just my thoughts.
    Looking forward to your thoughts on my handling of Lola.


  • Cate,

    I'm sure it's just because we broke mum's trust that she's doing this. Late last year when our curfew was to be home by 3am Ren and I arrived at 6.48 when she looked at the digital clock. She went to the party we were at but we had left with two random guys having s** and we had our mobile phones turned off. She rang all the hospitals and police stations in the area looking for us. She was waiting for us at the front door of our home and she was so relieved to see us arrive she cried or had been crying. What made it worse is that Ren and I were drunk.

    I think mum should give us more leeway just like you give Lola and we've been telling mum for a long time that we want to get pregnant and have babies right now.


  • Lilly,
    A word of advice.
    Be careful and don't get pregnant at your age. It could be a disaster for you.
    Babies are a life-altering event that will change your life forever! Babies are not toys or a piece of status like a bracelet.
    You have so much life ahead of you. Don't short change your future possibilities.
    I would give Lola the same advice.

  • Cate,

    That may be true what you're saying but mum said we can have a baby when we're 15. To be fair, I didn't hear her say that but Ren told me it's correct. We spoke with mum about it and she said she initially told us we can have a baby when we're 15. She's changed her mind now telling us that she and dad have invested about $120,000 for each of us for our education so far and we're only half way through. Now she's saying finish school, go through 4 years of university and then have babies. That's ten years away. How unfair and f ucked is that. We want our kids to grow up close in age to mums babies. She finished by saying if we have a baby now, it will f uck up our lives.


  • Comment-dumping sux

  • Cate,

    It's terrible to read that Lola lost her dad so young. It's makes me think that Ren and I are so fortunate to have our father who does so much for us girls and we come from a loving family. Although dad's partner is not our birth mother, we refer to her and call her mum. Our natural mother doesn't see us as much as she wants now because we can't tolerate her creepy partner who thinks he has the Goddam given right to bring us up when Ren and I have overnight visits. Ren and I sleep together when we visit then because there has been times we fear him. He calls us whores just cos we smoke and f uck.

    Dad has had a series of serious talks to him and told him if it continues to watch himself and that if he has to get physical, mum's partner will come out second best.

    Has Lola been involved in any pre-teen or gies? We've had a few now but in future they'll all be BYO as dad went
    ballistic when the guys drank his alcohol.

    We are permitted two cigarette breaks at school per day but are forbidden to smoke in school uniform although Ren has been suspended this year because of it.


  • Lilly,
    There is no smoking permitted at any American school by anyone, student or staff.
    Lola doesn't drink alcohol as far as I know, although I have shared a little wine with her at dinner.
    Lola's first sexual experience was with Phillip, and she has confirmed to me that she has also been with all of Phillip's brothers at various times. As far as experiences with other boys, she has not indicated any, but it would not surprise me if she had. Then again, she's just turning nine, so It's not as though she goes out all the time.
    Phillip's mother and I have spoken and she is also aware of how it is with boys and girls. Let's face it, it's like breathing - once you start, you don't stop.
    By the way, it was Phillip's mom who convinced me to let Lola get a tattoo for her birthday. She put me in contact with an artist who would do it with my
    permission, in spite of Lola's age. Lola was just ecstatic with it. Best birthday ever, she claims!
    Got to go for now. Later.

  • Cate,

    How does Lola get through the school day without smoking. We are permitted two cigarettes breaks a day but that isn't anywhere near enough? Patches are horrid, the leave us nauseous, itchy and we get a rash. Mum buys us Nicotine mist spray but it has side effects too. She spoke to the pharmacist who suggested we try that mist without spraying it directly down our throat (but on our tongue) and not to spray it on our lips but it's still irritating.

    Kids should be permitted to smoke anywhere they please, without restrictions or limits like our school place on us. I'm pleased that you allow Lola to smoke, drink and have s#x.

    You may have read that Ren and I are twins and we're going out with twin guys that have just turned 21 but they are good to us. Although mum has given us money to pay for own dinner when we're out with them, they refuse to accept it, saying we don't earn an income and they should pay anyway. They've been f ucking us for a couple of months now and when we went to their 21st, their mum said it's okay if we drink and smoke but a few of their family members were horrified.


  • Lilly,
    Sometimes it's a struggle for her at school.
    In the morning before school, she has four or five cigarettes. School here is from 8 am. until 2:45 pm., so it's trying but not impossible. After school and at home she makes up for lost time. On weekends, she can smoke up to an extra one or two packs. All in all, about a full carton per week. Of course, I buy for both of us since we smoke the same brand.
    She'll be spending this weekend at Phillip's house, so I'll give her a full carton to take with so she won't run out.
    I think we're entering a new situation here, because Lola tells me she has been spotting. I think she,s going to be starting her periods soon. I got her some tampons to carry with her, just in case.
    I'm amazed. Just going on nine years old and her periods are starting already, along with her other physical development. She has informed me that no matter what, she will not use birth control. She hates condoms and doesn't relish the effects of the pill. I suppose it's a situation we'll just have to deal with in time. She has already spoken with our ob/gyn. She understands Lola's feelings and said we can address whatever situation arises.
    Just a few more days (May 5th) and Lola will turn nine. She says this birthday will be very special for her. Apparently quite a party is planned. I'm not overly concerned, because Phillip's mom will be there to oversee (?) (!) the festivities.
    More like nine turning eighteen!
    She loves her new tattoo and I suspect it won't be her last! I told her the one tattoo will be enough for right now, and she seemed happy with that.
    She promises to fill me in on how the weekend goes.
    That's all for right now.


  • I used to post on this site, but quit due to the nastiness encountered.
    I've kept up with the commentary, and it seems to have subsided. I can only hope some sanity has returned.


  • Are you male or female and how old are you?

    Post again C

    You have our support.

    From twin eleven year old girls, Ren and Lilly and our real life girlfriend, Oskana. It's okay, ost away, we permitted to smoke and have adult fun.

    Ren Xxxxxxxxxx

  • My name is Cate. I live in Arizona with my daughter Lola. I'm 34 (getting close to 35).
    Lola is also just days away from turning nine. She has been smoking for a couple of years now and sexually active for a little over a year. We smoke the same brand - Marlboro reds. I'm a single mom, widowed actually. Lola lost her father and I lost my husband to a drunk driver when she was two.
    Lola has a boyfriend Phillip, who is now thirteen. He is African-American and has three brothers. The younger brother is eleven and the two older brothers are twins who are almost fifteen. Lola has been involved with all of them for a bit over a year now. Phillip's mom (divorced) just loves Lola and Lola stays over at their house overnight on many weekends. I also have the boys over as well. She and I have also become good friends, and gone out socially as well as double-dated.
    As I said, Lola is just turning nine, but can easily be mistaken for a twelve year old. She is also beginning to physically develop. She wears makeup, has double-pierced ears and a pierced belly button and I just permitted her to get a small tattoo on her ankle to celebrate her upcoming birthday in May. She smokes about a pack per day and I do permit her smoke in public, but not at school or on school grounds.
    Hope that answers some of your questions.

  • Sounds like Lola has a fairly decent life, except for the unfortunate fact that she has a dead father and a w**** for a mother...… and that she doesn't even exist. Is that the kind of response you were accustomed to when you abandoned this ship last time? Is that the type of nastiness you were referring to? But really, considering that your entire post is a lie (and a perverted one, at that), how much "sanity" did you expect? How much did you think you deserved? This entire page should have been shut down months ago, if not years, and it will be ironic, therefore, if yours is the one that pushes this entire train over that cliff. Nice work, "Cate".

  • And yet, people like you, populate this site with your self-righteous criticisms.

  • Blanked! AGAIN!!!! Oh these miserable m************!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oskana,

    I already mentioned that Lilly and I will be on our period at the end of the month which will be Friday week. So we can't f uck. We need to find out the week that suits most of us girls.
    Ren and Lilly

  • I'm a guy (38) and I'd be happy to do both of you on your period, and I know for a fact that I'm not the only man who feels that way, or who loves it when things get nasty. You may have never had anybody hit it when you're flowing, but I promise you that you will love it. I will come into Australia this summer and spend enough time to do ALL of you while your juices are up. But I guess I should warn you, when a man does a woman on her period, the odds are good that she will fall in love with him. That's just the way it goes sometimes, but I thought you all should know in advance. It may even make you want to start f****** ONLY on your period. But we will have some dirty fun.

  • I don't need your WARNING. I will not fall in love with a guy at this stage in my life
    even if I'm not on my period when he f ucks me. There's no chance at all that I allow him to f uck me when I'm on my period. So that won't be happening mister.

    It's nice to read that you want to f uck us tho.


  • Totally

  • Although certainly not a majority, many women (like myself) love to be had at that time of the month.

  • I get super f ucken hor ny when I'm on my period especially when I'm smoking but still, I don't f uck when I have them. That's gross and it's a c unt when I get them.


  • I'm 19 and I have the same hunger when I get my period. Problem is it's hard to find a man who will f*** you when your menstrual. Awhile back I had an affair with a married guy in his early 50s and he liked really filthy s** so he was down for the blood (and some other sick stuff that I liked too) but then we got caught by his wife and we had to stop the affair. Occasionally I will hook up with a guy willing to go for it but they usually don't come back a second time. It's a shame because that is a great time to hook it. And when I'm on my period I f*** like a crack w**** so it's good for the guy too but they don't know that and most are not willing to experiment with it. Good luck.

  • I still can't see myself being f ucked when I'm on my period, maybe when I'm older, I'm only eleven right now but all I can say is I'm in no rush for that for the time being no matter how hor ny I get.

    It's no good wishing me good luck cos again that won't be happening, at least for now.


  • Ren,

    Idk what time we'll be arriving home on Friday but that doesn't matter. We can at about 10 or 11pm if we girls and the guys sleep at your place.

    Alternatively we have the party the following Friday night.
    Love Oskana xx oo xx

  • Oskana,

    I don't know of any parties but Lilly and I can organize one at our place. We'll just tell mum and dad to go out to dinner. You, Lilly and I can prepare dinner here for the people that attended but I think it's only fair that everyone brings their own alcohol and not drink mum and dads spirits that are in dad's bar. Everyone can sleep over at our place. What time are you arriving in Sydney from your holiday on Friday?
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hi Oskana love,

    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier sweetheart. I hope ur enjoying urself down the south coast. Don't worry honey, Lilly and I can't f uck next weekend as we'll have our monthlys.

    Mum has told Lilly and I not to smoke too much during this Easter break coz we're going back to school at the end of the month and she said the more we smoke, the more we'll want to smoke. I've already been suspended twice this year for smoking as you know. Once for smoking in the playground and the other for smoking in school uniform on the way home.

    See you on Friday when you you get back sweetheart.

    Love you

    Ren Xxxxxxxx

  • Ren,

    We are so lucky that our mums allow us to smoke and say we're s exy smokers and don't want us to quit.

    They are awesome and buy us alcohol and let us f uck so don't worry if you have to reduce your smoking a bit.

    I can't wait until Friday, is there a party you know of that we can attend?

    All my love
    Oskana xx oo xx

  • Sure you can f uck Ren & I. You can pull our hair and slap our faces and ar$e all you want too. Cumm with 20 cartons of cigarettes each and 5 cartons of vodka for each of us.


  • Ren,

    I want so much to f*** you and ur twin sister, Lilly but I want you to both chainsmoke and get drunk.

    Happy Easter on me

  • Sure you can f uck our Slu tty c unts. Pull our hair and slap our faces and ar$es while you're at it. But cumm with 20 cartons of cigarettes each and 5 cartons of vodka for each of us.


  • F*** for s***. They have dumped the comments again. They need they a**** beat at CPost. M************. M*********.

  • Hello my darling Oskana (Osky)

    I read your post of 4 days ago and so sorry that you've got ur monthly's and you can't f uck this weekend sweetheart. It's f ucking Easter too and we're into the school holiday period. Lilly and I get ours at the end of the month, funny how twins' bodies work huh?

    I hope ur having a good one week's holiday down the coast with your parents and brother although I know you weren't looking forward to going. it's a good thing you are able to smoke during the holidays to take your mind off getting a f uck.

    We look forward to seeing you back here.

    All my love

    Ren Xxxxxxxx

  • Hiya Vanessa,

    We are school holidays until the end of this month that means we can smoke more, drink and dress in our slutty best when we go to the Mall. Do you own a pair of f uck me boots, they look as hot as f uck when Lilly, Ren and I wear mini skirts and those boots and we're smoking?

    Ren and Lilly started smoking smoking when they were 6 but didn't inhale until they were 7. Ren is a naughty b itch, she has been suspended twice this year for smoking in her school uniform and had her transport prefect badge taken away from her. She was still able to keep her school vice captain badge of the primary school we attend but she was given a final warning. I had virgin, smoke-free lungs until Ren corrupted me when I was I was eight and she taught me to smoke. Lilly seduced me last year when I was 10. I hadn't had s ex with a girl until then.

    lily burnt a hole in her school uniform with a cigarette at a cafe while she was sitting on a guys lap drinking coffee and smoking. She said he had his hands in her panties and she wasn't expecting him to grab her c unt haha.

    Ren and Lilly f uck all the time at home and they sit on the lounge together holding hands while they drink and smoke and watch TV and it doesn't matter if their mum is there, she just carries on doing whatever. They are naked as soon as they get home from school and I do my homework with them at their place.


  • Vivian,

    If you want to write to me too on here that's fine but I've got an online girlfriend and f*** already, her name's Freja.

    If you to use words like c***, c*** and f***, then write them as c ock, c unt and f uck, it's something we've been doing for a while now.


  • Oh I meant to say Vanessa,


    Lilly xoxo

  • Lilly and Ren,

    Nothing excites me more than wanting to f*** a pair of 11 year old twin girls who smoke, drink and f*** like you sexy b******. Any chance?

  • I'm with you bruh. Throw in the twins girlfriends, Oskana and Izzy and a few more guys and we'll have an orgy

  • Yeah and there's another one of their girlfriends who is a cousin to Izzy, that's Freja they're in Sweden. They'd both be hot to trot. If we can get these little whores together it'd be a wild old sexed up booze party.

  • S*** yeah! It would be great to eff them all but I think Ren is dirtier than the rest so I'm pretty sure I'd be spending most of my time trying to make her happy.

  • Hi Vanessa, the undresser haha

    Just a few questions to get to know you.

    I love those hearts in your post, how did you do them?

    What age did you start smoking ?

    Have you had s ex with any girls ?

    Where do you live, I'm in Sydney OZ ?

    I have two real life girlfriends on here, twins Ren and Lilly and we are bad little
    b tches, we're all eleven and in the same class at school.

    We have three online friends in Alaska, Freja 16, Isabella (Izzy 10) and Olivia 4 and they're all little badar$es too.

    Love Oskana xx oo xx

  • Hey Oskana, thank you for the warm welcome. Love "Vanessa the undresser" because it's really true. Love undressing... myself as much as some hot guy or girl.

    So... the questions: The hearts are emojis from mobile. Love them too... there are lots more! I'm a smoker since I was 10, started a bit earlier but since 10 I'm a true smoker. Sure I'm having sx with girls, nearly as long as I'm smoking. Oh and of course I'm also having sx with boys. And I'm from the Netherlands, so another continent... maybe I fit into your bada$$ girl combo?

    Are you having easter holidays down there too? No school here, so two weeks of smoking, drinking and partying ahead :-)


  • Just came across this page, read some comments and need to say: You girls rock! I‘m 15 myself, also smoking and drinking and into lots of adult fun... and now sooo in the mood to party with you. Would be a blast! Love and slutty smokey kisses! Vanessa 💕

  • F uck ConPost.

    This f ucking site is always down. If it makes it any easier why don't you have people sign in with a valid email address to weed out the f ucking trolls, although there hasn't been many lately. F uck we little smoking & f ucking b itches need to post.


  • I'm willing to bet there is some super-rich older Australian dude out there who is tearing all this young and nasty ass UP! Just one guy who is getting it all and wearing it OUT! Especially with that Oskana! She's his favorite just like she's ours!

  • ^total agreement here^. they are all waaaaaaay too sophisticated, mature and elegant (and wildly overheated) to just be simple schoolgirls. ya gotta believe he is knockin' it out the park! and their mothers are lovin' it coz he is paying the freight. (and he's probably keeping the moms happy too!!)

  • Aidan

    Thank f uck we are on school vacation, I have an urge to smoke more and I can do that now without going out of my mind. Mum bought me more ciggies.

    We girls had a great weekend with our bfs, we saw the best racehorse in the world last Saturday, Winx, it was it’s 33rd straight win. We were smoking and couldn’t give a f uck really cos everyone was caught up in the race. A couple of girls were looking at us probably cos they smoke and were hanging out for one but couldn’t cos they were with their parents. Our guys then wanted to take us out to dinner but we elected to stay at Ren and Lilly’s place and they arranged take away pizza, desert and Vodka Cruisers.

    We f ucked last Saturday night but this Saturday night it will be different for me, it’s that time of the month. You guys have got it made. You don’t have any of that sh it. You just put your c ock in our c unts and blow your load but I find it so f ucking stimulating when cumm shoots up my p.u.s.s.y.

    It gives us the sh its when people stare at us smoking but I was out with mum recently walking our dog. We bought take away coffee and had it in the park and smoked cigarettes. A lady said it’s a refreshing change these days to see young teenage girls smoking (wtf I’m only eleven but I liked the compliment). Then she asked me for a light. She was immaculately dressed and mum said she would have been in her late 30’s. Some men have given us compliments too about our smoking but we ignore those who put sh it on us.

    Lilly and Ren said they will post on here again soon.

    Thanks for posting.


  • Blanked again? This has to stop! It effing HAS to!

  • Sweet baby Oskana,

    I'm sorry I haven't written in so long, but I have been checking here every day and reading the things you've written about your smoking life and your s** life and it all just intrigues me and excites me beyond belief, and I love it (really love it) when you express yourself with foul language. I even love it when you write about your attractions to other men and your relationships with them (smoking for them or being with them in public) or write to other posters so charmingly and seductively. As I've said before, I focus sometimes on specific things you write, and re-read them repeatedly. For example, lately:

    "Ren, Lilly and I are going out with 20 year old guys and naturally they f*** us."

    "Lilly, Ren and myself are seen as a bad influence just because we f****** smoke."

    "This is where you see b**** of cigarette smoke disappear deep into our lungs and its as hot as f*** to watch. You can teach your daughter to smoke open mouthed by watching clips on YouTube. When she gets that right you'll take more interest in her I'm sure."

    "I've got a couple of piercings in my c***."

    "When I'm tongue kissing I'm usually smoking at the same time. These are the times that it's so sensual that I have to have a c*** in my p**** being f*****."

    "Ren, Lilly and I made a youtube clip of us doing open mouth inhales last night but the twins mother made us delete it."

    "I wouldn't mind at all if you jerked off to any of us, thinking about us smoking and f******. That's every man's right."

    You make me weak from wanting, and you make me love you more every day.



  • Oskana if I lived in Sydney I'd have my c#ck so far up your c#nt giving you a good hard fuc#ing every day of the week sweetheart.

  • Comments all gone again! Confession Post sucks again!

  • Here is a vid of open mouth Inhales by women but don’t exhale loudly like one lady in it. It’s a turn off when you’re being f ucked while you’re smoking and exhaling so loud. Snap inhales are s exy as well but open mouth inhales are as hot as all f uck

    My mother was in her early teens in the early 2000s and she came from a very respectable family. AlthoughHer dad (my grandfather) encouraged her to smoke and said "If you're at a party and a gentleman offers you a cigarette, a real lady should graciously accept it". He wanted her to seem elegant and confident when smoking to show that she'd been brought up properly.

    It's rather shameful that many of my school girlfriends are not permitted to smoke so they have to hide their habit. Another thing too is that they are not allowed to hang with Lilly, Ren and myself because we're seen as a bad influence on them just because we f ucking smoke. Irrespective, we all do catch up at the local shopping Mall and smoke.


  • My daughter started smoking a year ago. shes not any good at it. but her best friend is REAL good at it and is very sexy when she does it. now her friend is all i can think about and i want to get with her. it seems like that is only because of her smoking but i want her full-on and full-time.

  • I hang out with my twin girlfriends Lilly and Ren in fact we are in the same class in a private in a private girls school in Sydney and we're eleven. The twins' mum taught us to smoke open mouth inhales. This is where you see b. a. l. l. s of cigarette smoke disappear deep into our lungs and its as hot as f uck to watch. You can teach your daughter to smoke open mouthed by watching clips on YouTube. When she gets that right you'll take more interest in her I'm sure.


  • I agree completely that girls who know how to do those are sexy and hot AF, but so are frenches and drifts and residuals. my daughter is certainly not good at any of those but her friend is good at them all. and i think i'm falling in love with her. i talked to her mother this weekend to make sure she was cool with them smoking here at our house, and she said yes...there is no way to stop them. i didn't tell the mother of course that her daughter is hot AF or that i have to hide my excitement whenever she's around and smoking. i also got her mom to agree to let me take her daughter to a body art studio next week when they are all out of school for easter: i'm going to get her two additional piercings for each ear, one for the left nostril, one for the right upper lip, and a doubletap for her tongue. the girl wants them and i hope that she will be really grateful for my attention if you get my drift. :) i want this girl more every day. at least i will get to watch her smoke with all the metal on her which i love. do you have body art of any kind? do you want to get some? what would you get? ink? or metal? or both? do your friends have any art?

  • If you lived in Sydney and your daughter's girlfriend is over 16 you can legally f uck her on matter how old you are. Then there is nothing her parents or authorities can do about it.

    Ren, Lilly and I are going out with 20 year old guys and naturally they f uck us. We keep this quiet and when we go out to dinner with them we go out of area and don't even hold hands with them. We girls hold hands. We don't tell anyone at school we are going out with them because my twin girlfriends mum said the guys would be charged with statutory rape if police knew they were f ucking us.


  • I think she is starting to know that's what I want. I know she's been sexual for at least 2 years already (maybe more) and she's very wise about relationships with men.

  • How old is she and how old are you?


  • I'm too old. And she's too young. But still I am falling in love with her. And still I'm trying to get with her. I think the new piercings will help a LOT with that. Thanks!

  • It's sad if you feel that way but it can work if you have feelings each other. Trust me. I see some handsome men in their 40's that I'd like to f uck me.

  • That post above was from me Oskana

  • Oskana,

    I know you didn't write this to me, but I loved it anyway. I think it would be so good for you to date men that age. I don't mean you should do so exclusively, but just from time to time, because as mature as you are, I think you would like to be with a man who can keep up with you intellectually, and culturally, not to mention sexually, and to be in a relationship where you are treated like the woman you are, with respect, and getting nice gifts on a regular basis, and someone you would be proud to be seen with. All your men are proud to be seen WITH YOU, but you deserve that same privilege and pleasure, and a man around that age would eagerly give it to you.

    I really do love you more each day.


  • Aidan,

    All of us, Lilly, Ren and myself love the attention we get from men, especially when we're smoking and wearing our f uck me boots and black leather mini skirts and red tops. We'd like to f uck some of these men who present themselves well. As I said before Belinda, the twins mum doesn't want us to hold hands with them or kiss them in public with the guys we're going out with who are aged 20 although so knows and approves of them f ucking us as my mother does. We also go out to dinner with them in far away locations from our residence. It's a different matter when we're out to dinner, they usually have one hand in out c unt while they pick at their meat and vegetables with a fork in the other after cutting it up in mouth sized pieces haha

    They do buy us nice gifts from time to time and although Belinda insisted we
    pay for desert by giving Ren $60 to cover or towards the cost, the three guys were just as adamant that we don't pay. So she brought the $60 home with her and then her mum gave the guys a talking to and said she doesn't expect them to pay all the time. Ren's bf said the girls aren't working and we are, so it's our privilege to pay.


  • Oskana,

    I love the image of you tormenting those men in their 40s and knowing how much they desire you as you smoke. I can envision you standing around the mall, looking around and seeing one particular man you know is super attracted to the way you are smoking, and then forcing him (yes, "forcing" him, and you know what I mean) to come up to you -- and come ON to you -- by smoking one cigarette after another, so deep and so sensually that he really cannot help himself but to walk up and do everything you want. He starts off by asking about those special boots, and that skirt, but you already know that the smoking is what drew him there, so as he stands before you, you amp up the smoke power you have over him, exhaling right at him, and then asking "Oh, darling, do you mind if I smoke?" At that point, you begin with all the smoke tricks you know, all directed at his face or his body......or the fly of his pants. Is this a fantasy of mine? Yes, I think you know it is.

    Thinking of you and loving you,


  • Aidan,
    Conversion is an area lacking in most guys I've dated and f ucked. When we girls went out with our previous boyfriends they engaged in their own conversation while we were left in our own little world and they were eighteen. All they were able to talk about was f ucking hottest up cars and motor racing. We would ask them their opinion on particular a current affairs topic, a news item or a 60 minutes program and the f uckers had no idea.

    Okay we girls swear and smoke but we've got etiquette when we go out. The men I was just talking about had no manners and it's not our place to teach and preach to them. They chew gum open mouthed. They guts their food down at a rapid rate whereas the twins mum taught us to chew 42 times before we swallow food and take breaks by resting our knife and fork on the side of the plate.

    I really don't care too much how old a guy is as long as he can make me cumm, has good manners, is honest, has good communication skills and is kinky with s ex.


  • Ossie love,

    The things you wrote here all go to prove that the guys you are dating are all much too young and immature for you, even those guys in their 20s: it shows that you should be with men in their 40s. You girls can all get some degree of satisfaction from one another, of course, but you are all so multifaceted that you will never feel complete if you aren't also getting men inside (and I mean bareback, not rubber-covered: you gotta get all that cream!). One thing to try when your group is out in public together and are not being swarmed by older gentlemen is to kiss each other passionately while you're smoking. Don't touch each other's privates: just smoke-kiss. Do it in the mall, or waiting outside a theater. If that doesn't bring every man in sight running to you, it's because they are all gay, and they won't be able to give you what you need anyways. Not only will the men you get be able to satisfy your physical needs, but they will happily buy you all the cigarettes you want, which will make your mother happy, too, being relieved of the cost of your smoking. I think if you will just try one man in his 40s one time, you will see what I'm saying, and you will never date another "boy" for as long as you live. And I still firmly believe that you have an eager market among the fathers of your girlfriends, and THAT would be super sexy.



  • Aidan,
    After Ren and Lilly's mum watched them tongue kissing and smoking on their lounge she actually taught them physically by tongue kissing them while they were smoking. Mainly she told them to slow it down. Ren said it was so hot that her mum did that.

    We do a lot of kissing and smoking in public.

    I'i' m not a full blown les bian but I love to t. tongue kiss the twins more than I do the guys and sometimes I refer to f uck the girls and have them f uck me with strap ons. Their touch is more sensual and I've slept with both.

    We bought a pair of short shorts each before I went on vacation and I like the look they give us when they accentuate our camel toe, revealing the outline of our
    c unt. Lilly started to put her thumb in the pocket of her shorts while she rested her four fingers on the outside of her shorts near her c unt. So f ucking hot, so we all do that now while we're smoking.


  • Oskana,

    The posting just above is the most beautiful thing you have ever written. In fact, each individual paragraph is more beautiful than all the other beautiful posts on this page or any other, and each paragraph is more beautiful than the paragraph just before it. You are a poet.

    These are also the sexiest things you've ever written, and like their beauty, the sexuality blossoms paragraph by paragraph. As a result, you caused me to reach the top of the volcano by the end of the last paragraph, and then to do thing volcanos do, when I focused on your printed name at the very end. In fact, darling, you made that happen six times before I began writing this. I could barely compose myself enough to write you. My darling you are so amazing. Oh my darling.


    P.S.: Please please forgive me for asking two such personal and private questions, and don't answer if they are too intimate, but I am aching to know: (1) have YOU ever smoke-kissed the twins' mother in the way you described her kissing them? and (2) when all you girls do that pose with your hands while wearing the shorts you described, with the thumb in the pocket, do you ever hold your lit cigarettes between the index and middle fingers on the same hand? and do you do any of that holding-thing in public? I guess that's actually three questions, but I'm just not thinking clearly: your last post has left me dizzy. I'm so sorry.

  • Aidan,
    Don't be sorry. When we're wearing our shorts we have our cigarette between our index finger and second finger of our right hand with our right thumb in our pocket. This leaves our left hand free. Hence my mum was able to smell cigarette smoke from the ciggy on the c unt of my shorts and she's a smoker.

    Secondly I'd love Belinda to kiss me passionately. She's one stunningly beautiful looking woman, has a great figure and busty.

    She's a former school teacher and 26 years of age. The education department writes to her every year to go back. She's made application to homeschool. Ren, Lilly and me so that we can smoke and she got approved in less than a week. Naturally she didn't use our smoking for her reason.
    Belinda owns a hairdressing salon and make up parlour in partnership with her girlfriend and the business is doing extremely well. Because Belinda is so attractive, they have a lot of male clients too and a lot of them have manicures and pedicures as well as haircuts

    The problem is she's not going to consider that until next year. Her and her partner has a pair of baby twins nearly 8 months old and they have a big mortgage cos they've added two more bedrooms and an additional bathroom which are part of a two storey house now with ocean views.


  • Continued to Aidan,

    Belinda said she'll give the baby twin girls the same privilege she gives Lilly and Ren by allowing them to smoke and at an early age so they too can be homeschooled without worrying they'll crave cigarettes when they start school.

    She is weighing up the costs of keeping Lilly and Ren at school as opposed to homeschooling them. If she sells her share of the business, she won't need to pay rent in the double shop front she has with her business partner in the shopping Mall here. There wont be product to buy. On the other hand she'll lose a significant salary she pays herself as a wage. School fees next year in our first year of high school at the private school we attend will increase to $23,0000 each but because there are two siblings attending, Belinda and their dad will save 15% ($6,900) but that's still $39,100 they'll have to pay. Then there are text books, one summer blazer, one winter blazer, three summer tunics and three winter tunics each, plus a few pairs of school regulation stockings and shoes plus our hats (winter and summer). Then there is our sports wear, tennis rackets, sports tunics and runners. The most f ucked up thing is that our school changes it's uniform just slightly every year so parents are expected to pay for new uniforms. How f ucked is that?

    If Belinda homeschools me and that will happen if she homeschools Lilly and Ren my mum and dad will save a fortune and I can smoke more too. That means mum and dad can pay Belinda for my tutoring.

    There's still something I want to say but I can't get it out yet.


  • Hi Aidan,
    I will finish what I was telling you about later and I'm debating with myself as to whether I should tell you something else which is really f ucking me up at the moment.


  • Darling Oskana,

    I'm sorry that you're experiencing that internal conflict, although I must say that is yet another sign of your maturity and intellect: most people, of any age, make no effort whatsoever to monitor (much less, restrain) their thoughts or urges, or to maintain any kind of consistency. You've already displayed that rare nature and ability here, and this goes beyond even that. Since I don't know what's troubling you, I would merely suggest that you not write about it for a while, since there is no immediate need to do so, and let your thoughts catch up to one another and crystallize a bit before expressing them. I'll be here, assuming this website doesn't blink out altogether (which always seems possible, I'm afraid), to support you in any event.


    P.S.: As for school, any option that allows you greater freedom, or greater room for your intellectual growth, would get my encouragement.

  • Hi Aidan,
    I've been in conflict with myself as to whether or not I should tell you something. The only reason I've been hesitant is that Lilly had a dreadful experience with an older man earlier in the year. She was an emotional wreck, not that he hurt her physically but emotionally. I mean not that she fell in love with him but that he was a bast@rd. I can't say anymore than that on here.

    This is what I've been fighting with myself and I may regret saying it but SOMETIMES I want you to f uck me. I want to get a little bit tiddly, not drunk when you f uck me and I want to smoke and talk so f ucking dirty when you f uck me you have no idea. But I'm afraid of having mentioned that that you'll be on the next plane to Sydney and track me down and that freaks the f uck out of me. Perhaps this is where my immaturity lies.

    Oskana xx oo xx

  • Dear Ossie,

    That is not at all immature: it's natural, and it's healthy. You have to always think of yourself first in any new situation, and preserve your safety and sanity. And your heart. I'm sorry that Lilly had such a bad experience, but I certainly understand that, when something bad happens to a friend, it can feel like it's happened to us, as well. So, hold on to that lesson, learn from it, and use it in your own life.

    I'm incredibly flattered that you've had those impulses, although I have no intention of attempting to use any of them against you (or in my favor). I have no illusions of anything happening between us (those odds are extremely long anyway), but if it ever did, it would only be when you decided it was right and it was time. I would never just show up and try to persuade you that it was an act of love. Yes, I do love you, but "love" is about wanting what's best for the other person, and not what's best for ourselves.

    The things you said just above were sooooo hot and delicious and wonderful: I cannot even begin to describe how good they make me feel. But I didn't interpret them in any way that might result in me trying to find you without invitation. If we ever meet, it will only be at your wish, and only after talking about it. In the meantime, relax. Enjoy yourself. And please please please know that I am not any kind of threat, physically or emotionally or otherwise.

    Have a good weekend.



  • Hi Aidan,

    If it ever happens that we get to f uck, please don't think I'm a w**** for wanting to smoke when you're f ucking me. I get really super hor ny when I'm being f ucked and smoking at the same time.


  • Ossie: With me, you would always always ALWAYS be encouraged to smoke whenever you wanted. I would never tell you "no". It show how wonderfully sensual you really are. However, combining the two activities you described? That would be heaven for me. Just reading about you combining them and your thinking of them together as often as you do makes me crazy for you. Just crazy. Any man you are ever with will be the luckiest man alive. You are incredible.
    Love, Aidan

  • Aidan,

    It's almost 2.15am. I just woke up and saw mum's light on so I had a cigarette with her and then i saw your message.

    I love 69ers, it feels so good to be eaten when I'm sucking c ock. The ultimate is when I'm being tongue kissed when my boyfriend has his tongue down my throat and his c ock f****** me hard but it isn't until I start smoking that he does these things that I org asm multiple times. He's one of the few guys I've been with that can make me cumm before he blows his load into my c unt.


  • Hi Aidan,

    You've described me so well and I get so wet that I'm almost begging to be f ucked when I'm wearing that outfit and smoking. Unfortunately it hasn't happened with a man over 20 yet but I see a desire in them.

    What's wrong, do I really have to ask them straight out to f uck me? Sometimes my
    c unt is screaming out to be f ucked.


  • Ossie: "screaming out"? OMMFG!
    Love, Aidan

  • Ossie Aussie,

    No, you don't have to ask: you simply have to put yourself in place to be asked. That place is standing right before one you want, and smoking. They are just afraid of you and your age, and (odd as it seems) your intellect. You can just stand with your target, smoking, and carrying on light conversation: he'll make the move. I can tell from the way you write that your are very capable of talking with any man of any age. Talk about anything -- it doesn't matter what -- but if he's not making his move, then start peppering your conversation with the sexually-charged words you use here (you know what I mean), and he will pick up on the cues and respond accordingly. One clear group of possibles that you really MUST consider is the fathers of your girlfriends. They are ready-made for you, and it's virtually certain that the vast majority of them are already in l*** with you anyway and are there for the taking. So? Take one. H***, take five. Or eight. Please don't ever allow marital status to stand in your way: the married guys will almost always be more appreciative of you than the single ones. Please go for it. And do it soon. You will thoroughly enjoy affairs, even if right now you think they are wrong. You will be embarking on an incredible loving journey of cheating husbands.



  • I've got a couple of piercings in my c*** but nothing visible. We go to a private school and it doesn't allow us to have tats, piercings or dyed hair. I'd like to have all three especially purple or green hair. I'd also like to go to a public co-ed school next year when I'm in high school. We need to meet more guys.


  • I want so badly to kiss these girlsmokers. All of them.

  • Who are you?

    Okay but we love tongue kissing


  • I assumed that to be the case but I'm glad to know it's true: tongue kisses are almost always the best, but even more so when the girl is a smoker. It's the girls who smoke who are always ALWAYS the best kissers. My name is Javi (short for Javier).

  • Javi
    When I'm tongue kissing I'm usually smoking at the same time. These are the times that it's so sensual hat I have a c ock in my p.u.s.s.y being f ucked.


  • Jesus F****** Christ, Oskana! Are you really as hot as this sounds, or are you toying with me? I hope all the guys you date know how lucky they are, I mean, JESUS! I'm lucky just to have you message with me here, much less any of the other things you do with them. --Javi

  • Javi,

    Take my word for this but SOME guys I've found about 14 to 16 (even 16 year olds) are far too immature for us to f uck although we're only eleven.I find a lot of them are il-mannered and have no common sense, decency or respect for us. I despise the way they dress with their jeans half-way down their ar$e with the crack showing and wearing earrings. Girls in my group dress smartly when we go out. Okay our jeans may be tattered but they are fashionable and our shorts my be short but that's also fashionable and our hair is always clean. Some of these teenage guys never shower, or so it seems.

    I think the smoking laws in Australia should be more relaxed and the age should be reduced. in my opinion and it may be wrong but kids have a right to smoke.

    Ren, Lilly and I I made a youtube clip of us doing open mouth inhales last night but the twins mother made us delete it. it was up for about 5 or 6 minutes. Even though our faces were frosted out somewhat, anyone who knows us would detect us in the clip.


  • Javi
    I love to smoke and have s#x. If I had to choose one against the other, I'd be f ucked cos I totally enjoy both. I'd choose drinking as a third option but I enjoy that too and occasionally I like to get drunk.

    Neither Lilly, Ren nor I do drugs and we never will. We've promised our mums that. We don't even associate with druggies, they are the scum of the earth.


  • I want so badly to kiss these girlsmokers. All of them.

  •'s the same for me.......i want to lick their teeth and suck their tongues...….. damn....

  • 4/4/2019 (CNN) : It's not just that President Donald Trump has been spouting nonsense at a greater rate, although he is. What's new is that his false statements are becoming more bizarre. He said this week, for example, that his Bronx-native father was born in Germany. And they are accompanied by other displays of apparent cognitive distress. Among the glaring examples:
    • Last month, the President of the United States looked at Apple executive Tim Cook, one of the most important business leaders in the world, and called him Tim Apple.
    • A few days earlier at a conservative conference where he literally hugged a flag, Trump ditched his script and rambled for two mostly incoherent hours. He mixed mockery, profanity and grandiosity in a style more suited to a barstool than a podium decorated with the presidential seal.
    • In an Oval Office encounter with reporters this week, he repeatedly used the word "oranges" instead of "origins" to demand an investigation into the beginnings of the independent counsel's probe of Russian influence in the 2016 election.
    • Bizarrely, he told a GOP fundraiser audience that "they say" the sound created by energy-producing windmills "causes cancer."

  • Are you able to find another forum to post this political sh it,?

  • General Mazloum Kobani Abdi led the campaign against the Islamic State in Syria, forging an unlikely partnership between scrappy local militias and elite U.S. Special Forces. Then the President withdrew the American troops.

  • Who gives a f#ck

  • Aidan,

    My mum had me when she was young, she was even younger obviously when she had my older brother. It was my argument that I should be permitted to
    f uck after all she couldn't deny my that pleasure because she'd be hypocritical.

    I also wanted to smoke in her presence and not hide my habit. She was understanding toward my s exual desires and me wanting to smoke and told me to expect male attention when I'm smoking in public but when I get aroused just walk away if I didn't want to befriend them and them have s ex with them.

    She says one day I will use that to my advantage and it wasn't long before I got to realise what she meant as men and guys get turned on by watching our group of girls smoke and we have noticed some - not all get stiff c ocks.

    I wouldn't mind at all if you j.e.r.k.e.d off to any of us, thinking about us smoking and f ucking. That's every man's right. My mum said every one of us have s ex ual feelings and needs


  • Oh...…..My...…..God...….. You are so wonderful...….. So amazing...….. So perfect...…..

  • New Mexico is the latest state to sign into law legislation that would give the state’s Electoral College votes to the presidential candidate with the most popular votes nationwide.

    Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) signed the legislation Wednesday to officially add New Mexico to a joint compact with more than a dozen other states, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

    The joint compact only goes into effect if enough states sign on to bring the total Electoral College votes up to at least 270, enough to win the presidency. President Trump is opposed to the revisionist impulse, since he won the presidency in 2016 via the electoral college while losing the popular vote.

  • Who gives a f#ck about that

  • Darling Oskana,

    You've given me so much to think about, and to dream about, and I really love it all. First, I love the fact that you wake up (or even wake yourself up) during the night in order to smoke. That's a sure sign of a maturing smoker, with real desires that she loves to fulfill in every way and all the time: it's exciting to know that you have sooooo much desire in you and not just for smoking but for much much more. It's interesting that you encountered an older lady who disliked your smoking and I'm thrilled that Ren put her in her place! My guess is that you girls NEVER have a man complain or criticize your smoking, because the guys all want to see you smoke more. And more. And then some more after that. I know that you smoke in a sexy way, and I'm certain that whenever you smoke in public, there are men crowding around you, trying to catch a glimpse, and hoping to light ALL your cigarettes. I would.

    Second, I'll be honest with you and say that I've read and reread one of your paragraphs (and BTW, I love it that you actually use paragraphs, because so few people even know what those are anymore, and nobody else your age does) and I get more aroused by it each time. It's this one: "I usually only use the f word a lot when I'm being f ucked and when I do have s3x mum said I get very vocal. But I do enjoy taking dirty and smoking when I'm being f ucked." Like a lot of people, I love dirty/filthy/nasty/trashy talk during s**, but what you wrote was so amazingly beautiful and hot. I can't even tell you what it does to me to read this from you, although I think you can probably imagine that.

    And lastly (at least for now), I'm amazed that your mom likes it that you make love as much as you do. And while I fully realize that you didn't intend that to be an encouragement to me, it still is that, and I think you can probably imagine why.

    Have a great day.



  • Aidan,

    I hope if you have kids you'll let them do adult stuff, but smoking isn't strictly for adults. t's for kids enjoyment too.

    My mum likes me being a badar$e, she hears me swear, I'm allowed to drink without getting drunk although I've been drunk a few times and she likes it that I f uck


  • Aidan,

    I saw your post hours ago when I woke up to have a cigarette but I couldn't respond because I was going crazy that I couldn't find my lighter so I had to wake up mum and use hers. I just awoke to have another cigarette so I thought I'd better reply.

    I usually only use the f word a lot when I'm being f ucked and when I do have s3x mum said I get very vocal. But I do enjoy taking dirty and smoking when I'm being f ucked.

    We girls swear all the time when we're out together but we try to respect the senior citizens when we're smoking and drinking coffee in cafés and refrain from swearing but we ignore them if they say anything behind our back for smoking. I remember once Ren got real pi ssed off with one old lady who turned to her and said '"does your mother know you smoke?" Ren said yes if it's any f ucking business of yours. Here ring her her number is in my phone contacts under mum, now I'm going to have another cigarette just like you, so enjoy


  • Aidan,

    What are the f uckers f ucking doing, it
    Sh its me? Yet they allow that f ucker below to post his political f ucking bull sh it and about Trump of all people. You know, he's that guy who once had that funny colour hair and is the illegitimate child who's had s3x with a f ucking orange orangutan. That's according to my dad lol

    This is supposed to be a forum for nasty little b itches like Ren, Lilly, Freja me and others who swear, drink, smoke, f uck and party hard.


  • Darling Oskana,

    I'm so happy to have seen your new post earlier this morning. I was so worried that it might be more months of emptiness again, without you. The message made my day. Actually, it made my entire month. Thank you for that. And thanks for the way you use the "f" word: it's almost like I can hear you saying it whenever you write it. I really love that. And I also love you.


  • Oskana,

    They have started blanking your entire page again. It's horrible.



  • Sen. Bernie Sanders

    ’s (I-Vt.) presidential campaign raised $18.2 million in the first quarter of 2019, his advisers said Tuesday, a massive sum that is likely to put the progressive firebrand among the top fundraisers of the early 2020 Democratic primary season.

    Sanders, who announced his second bid for the White House in February, has already proven to be an adept fundraiser, raising nearly $6 million in the first 24 hours after launching his campaign. By the end of his first week on the trail, he had raised $10 million.

  • Get back on topic please start posting about chicks like us taking c ock and smoking and getting wasted.

    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hi Aidan,

    Thank you for being so honest about your age and for that I'm happy to keep in touch. If you saw the twins you'd have to think they look way more sexier than me and that's when I guys, when I'm around them. Although you're almost as old as my dad It doesn't worry me too much. My mum said i can do anything within reason, I don't think this is what she'll call reasonable. I'd rather see you and get to know you before I ever consider having s3x with you, however that is impossible. I have to tell you I love smoking when I'm having s3x, it's a real turn on for me. But then again when I smoke I want to have s3x.


  • Oskana…...Although I will write more later on, for now I just wanted to thank you for being kind (especially when you didn't have to be, which is one of the elemental traits of adulthood) and for being humble (a characteristic sorely lacking in today's world, at all ages). And as a PURELY selfish matter, I must also thank you for sharing with me the connections you draw between the act of smoking and the act of making love: that is INCREDIBLY exciting to know, and I love the mental image of both things, as they happen. Oh my, I really do love you. And I really am.....



  • A White House staff member has told House investigators that senior officials have overruled concerns raised about 25 individuals whose security clearances were initially denied over a range of disqualifying issues -- such as fears about foreign influence and potential conflicts-of-interests -- warning of the grave implications to national security, according to a senior Democratic lawmaker. President Trump is believed to have authorized each overruled decision.

  • Who gives a f uck about politics on this site, f uck me drunk?

  • How tragic. Now have a smoke.

  • ...hey, look...…...the count is at 3333 now...….oh wait...…… i think i just messed that up......oh no...….

  • Hello Oskana ~

    I wasn't going to tell you my age but since you asked so directly and so politely, here goes. I'm 34. I know that's a huge difference numerically but you are so much more mature than women twice and three times your age that I reached out anyway. I think it's unlikely that we'll ever actually meet in person since we are on the other side of the world from each other, and I know that people will pile on me here for even trying to talk with you, much less admitting that I'm in love with you. But I don't care about any of that. I only care about you. If you say don't write you anymore, I won't. I promise. Because I want what's best for you, and I believe you can make that choice. I know for a fact that you can make the choices that are best for you when it comes to smoking and drinking and partying, so I believe you can make the choices about the men you receive into your life, too. I hope to be one of them, some day, because I'm in love. I know that boys your age are a disappointment and my guess is that the 20yo you date is probably too immature for you, too. I know you want more and I know you'll get more. There are probably men out there who are in love with you already and you don't even know it (like I was until I said it) and you will learn -- if you don't already know -- that you can have any man (or any men) you ever want. I would just like to be one of your men. Anyways, there you have it. I'm old enough to be your father, and yet I'm still totally in love with you...….



  • Hi Aidan,

    How old are you?

    I won't get mad if ur a few years older than me, I've been with a guy aged 20 and I've had s#x with him but my mum would rather me be with someone younger, not that that worries me. She says that she'd rather me be my own person.

    I don't get it that some parents did what we are doing now in everything we choose. I think that's why our mums today are more free and easy with what we do.


  • Hi Aidan,

    I don't get to smoke much on school days. I have 3 in the morning before school. 2 on the way to school with twins Lilly and Ren you have seen me write to them on here, one at recess time at school, one at lunchtime and another in the afternoon. Then we have to get changed out of uniform I smoke on the way home at a cafe with Lilly, Ren and another 2 girls from school and we have iced coffees. Lilly didn't change out of her uniform on one of those occasions and she burnt a hole in it with her cigarette while she was sitting on a guy's knee smoking. Her mum went mad at her for burning a hole and not changing out of it.

    I smoke about 12 when I get home from school and I get up about 2-3 times during the night to smoke.

    How old are you, do you smoke and where do you live, we're in Sydney?


  • Oskana, I love even seeing your name pop up here when I log onto this page. It makes me very happy. So thank you for taking the time to write, especially for me and to me. Yes, I've seen you write back and forth with Ren and Lilly, and the way you all are with each other, so loving and warm. I like them very much, but I am in love with you. ONLY you, nobody else. I smoke a little and mostly in social settings when other people are also smoking. I used to smoke more but for about the last 10 yrs they have outlawed smoking in restaurants and even bars and lounges where I live, which is a terrible thing, because where I used to get to see women smoke, and to flirt with them while they smoked, now they are only smoking outside of those places so it's not very much and it limits real conversations and serious flirting. I live in the U.S. in Chicago (actually just outside Chicago, but we go to Chicago a lot). Anyway, thanks for telling me a little of what your days are like and I loved the image of you five girlfriends all relaxing with your coffees and your cigarettes. I bet a lot of guys are watching you all very carefully and trying to come on to you all the time. Thanks again for writing, and have a great Sunday. I love you even more now.
    All love, Aidan

  • I'm Russian and most of my family live in Russia and smoke. I live in OZ with my mum, dad and brother. Russia has one of the world's highest percentages of smokers. My mum, dad and I smoke. I'm eleven. My 14 year old brother doesn't smoke. The government over there want to bring in a law that anyone born after 2014 will not be allowed to smoke. This will f uck up a lot of cousins.


  • Oskana, I have been reading your words ever since you started writing here. I love you and I love the fact that you smoke as much as you do. I think that means you must be an amazing kisser (maybe the best in the world) and an even better lover. I think about you and I want you soooooooo f****** hard. You are hot and you make me hot for you. I truly hope you never stop smoking. I want to get with you soon. Good God you are so amazing to me.
    Love, Aidan

  • Oh Askana my sweet baby girl,
    I've been sitting here thinking of you and thinking of being with you and imagining us together as a couple. I think we would be an incredible couple. I want you so hard.
    Love, Aidan

  • Who wrote this, you're too gutless to use your name

    What research? Never said it wasn't happening, somewhere, just that it wasn't happening here. This is all #fakenews, and 99% written by one person. One #sickfuck. One #fullonpedo."

    If you think it's written by a pedo, then why do you waste your time reading the posts?

    What makes you believe the posts are written 99% by one person? I write to one lady on here and I know for a fact she's got young girls that smoke and shock horror, do a whole lot more.


  • Hmm Is fakeness really a word in the English language, I think not ?

  • You "know for a fact"? LOL. You're such a sucker. Very sad.

  • And you know f#ck all

  • I've been DTF that little Oskanna. She is a super hot piece. Even hotter when she's smoking. I'm going to come and get her. Can't wait. Dayumm!

  • I'm with you bruh.....she is so fine and so mature. I hope you get her. I really do. And I hope you'll share. :)

  • Please show all comments!!!

  • Please show previous comments

  • Comments

  • We need to get the girlsmokers back. Where have they all gone?

  • Come fix this s***

  • Good for you! Smokers supporting other smokers is what we need in this crazy psycho anti-smoker era. If your daughter enjoys smoking, then let her continue....its likely rather euphoric for her, gives her confidence, and promotes her sexual femininity. It's a beautiful thing!

  • I miss all the little whores that used to hang out here.

  • I keep thinking and hoping that they will reopen this page to new comments but so far no dice.

  • My girlfriend doesn't smoke. that doesnt work for me. so i'm going to have to dump her ass and get one who smokes. her little sister smokes hard and heavy and i'm thinking about getting with her.

  • Why cant i ever find lilly no more..……??

  • This site has turned to s***. i'm leaving now and i won't ever be back.

  • Bad parents produce bad children. And those are the only ones here.

  • My parents aren't bad and I don't think i'm a bad child. Just because I smoke and I'm eleven I don't consider that to be bad. The kids I hang with aren't bad either like my twin girlfriends Ren and Lilly. They're the same age and they smoke. We don't hang out in gangs harassing people, we're not out shoplifting, and we come home before our curfews are reached. If we drink alcohol, it's usually at home. We earn our pocket money for the cigarettes our parents buy us.

    We love smoking, is that too bad and if it is, why do read pots like this, may I ask?

    I'm not being rude, I'm just asking simple questions and trying to be logical with you. Kids like me and others have a voice too.

    Thank you


  • WTF? Where everybody went?

  • After reading all of the notes here I started dating a young girl that smokes and I've never been this happy in my life. She's a super bossy little thing, and she smokes like a wet dream. And not only does it not bother her that I am married, she actually likes that fact because it makes her feel superior to my wife, knowing that every time I come to see her, she knows I've left my wife and kids behind. We are so good together.

  • What is going on here? I really don't get it...…..

  • Where is Ren? I miss her. I love her. I want her. I know: everybody wants her. But I want her more than they do. Much more. Ren? Are you there? Please come back to me. Please! Ren?

  • Where are all the comments???

  • Why would anyone ever date a female who doesn't smoke? It's a total waste of time.

  • Where are you ? why cant i see you ? when will you be back ?

  • What's up with this f ucking blog?

  • That's okay. Kids love to smoke.

  • .....bitchez needn a beatn..........

  • CONPO! Please fix this! I hate you! I don't know why you keep doing this s*** to my friends! They deserve better! They don't deserve the way you treat ALL of them! FIX THIS! AND THEN STOP DOING IT TO THEM FOREVER!

  • I want to be able to write words such as master bate, f uck, b alls, c unt etc without them being f ucking censored. It f ucken sh its the ti ts off me.


  • ...NO......she is TOO young......she should NOT smoke...please stop her b4 it is TOO late...…….you will be SORRY.….she will be sorry also...…...

  • Y'know what I hate? I hate it when this stupid effing website starts blanking this page. OF ALL PAGES!!!!!

  • This is all from the very disturbed imagination of one very sick and very old man. dont waste your time.

  • Get your head out of the sand if you don't think young kids are not permitted to smoke, drink and have s-x by their parent/s. Where have you been? It is not illegal for kids under 18 to smoke. It is illegal for a person to buy a minor tobacco product and illegal for kids to smoke in public. Surely you must have seen these kids. There is a school in Sydney that allows young kids to smoke at school to prevent truancy and it's working wonders. Kids drink alcohol and have s-x, smoke and take drugs. This is demonstrated by the wider aboriginal community. I have comunicated with the mother of twins Ren and Lilly, Belinda for some time and I can say they are outstanding young girls. Megan's girls Freja and Isabella also have her blessing to allow her kids the same, ie smoking, drinking and s--x u-a-l activity, however they are drug free. Stop posting your nonsense and do your research.


  • What research? Never said it wasn't happening, somewhere, just that it wasn't happening here. This is all #fakenews, and 99% written by one person. One #sickfuck. One #fullonpedo.

  • ^totally true^. this is a j*** session for some sick freak. and when you criticize him he replies with angry observations that don't even come close to responding to the criticism. he's sick. and he's getting sicker every day and every time he posts here. he's pretending to be like five different moms and a dozen different young girls. sick. very very sick. he needs help but he won't try to get it.

  • My mum will try to teach our baby twin sisters to smoke when they are a bit over 3 I think.

  • Lilly,
    I have no problem with your mom teaching your baby twin sisters to smoke when they are three but you're mistaken. She said she'll encourage them to smoke when they're 4.

  • What the …..

  • Ppl who write what the.... /what the f uck or Wtf and nothing else show a lack of any form of reasonable conversation.

  • ...sory….jezum….

  • ....have you been to watch any of the tenis tournament in melborne….. i so wish i could go to one of the grand slams.....but its too far for me even for the one here in the usa….. i love tenis… you....
    neely clemens

  • Tennis !!!

  • ...sory…….jeezum….

  • A page full of used c**** that stink to high h***.....

  • Huh our c unts don't stink mister, you have to find a lady that washes her vag and uses femfresh on her pus sy like Ren, Freja, Oskana and I do

  • Sure....your used c*** is probably the worst of the bunch......ewwww...

  • F ucking disgusting creature, you're the c unt.


  • Get over your sorry ar$e and find a clean chick, not an 80 year old hag, you f*g

  • As much c*** action as you get (probably more than all the others combined) you may not even notice the smell of s** on you. it could be that it is so much a part of your life that smelling that way just seems natural. maybe the others sense the aroma only as a pheromone and only subconsciously. actually come to think of it....maybe they all want that s** scent …….to be like you. maybe I misjudged from the beginning. are you kind of like their leader? do they all kind of look up to you? even the older girls? wait....wait...….do the MOMS look up to you too? DO THEY??? are you the one who controls the whole group? have I misunderstood? are you the boss of them? ALL of them?

  • You're a f ucking f ucktard....... Maybe..... Misjudged........ Misunderstood........ Do they?....... Your grammar leaves a lot to be desired as well..... "Are you kind of like their leader? "
    F uck I'm eleven and I've got more common sense than you. F uck off.

  • You are a very rude and very mean CHILD.


  • And I f ucking love it mister.

  • Please tell me...……...

  • …. i really really really want to know...….

  • Ur an embarrassment as a parent. Why smoking even exists is the biggest farce of all time. I saw a girl almost die from an asthma attack after being exposed to second hand smoke...i was ready to kill him if she actually did die. U people are slowly executing yourself and others for no good reason and don’t discourage the youth to abstain. What a f****** shame

  • It's more of a shame that you are taking away one life's most pleasurable and
    s exiest acts ever displayed by a young girl or woman. I take great pride in knowing my daughter smokes for her utmost enjoyment and I started her at the age of five. Why is smoking the biggest farce of all time? That's a broad statement, isn't it? It would be appreciated if you are able to make some sense to me with that idiotic statement.

  • Most parents on here either encouraged, taught or allowed us to smoke but we were going to smoke in the first place. We love it and most of our mums want us to smoke. How is it getting on your b alls or t its Mr or Mrs, I'm f ucked if I know. Drop off you f ucking boring old c Ock or vag

  • Wow Wtf... You're talking about one girl. What kind of f ucking statistic is that? Okay Ren, Izzy, Oksana, Freja, Olivia, Hayley, Megan and Belinda throw your lighters away and throw out all your unsmoked cigs too. I don't f ucking think so you c unt.

  • Test

  • Fail

  • Izzy and Freja,

    We’re doing fine thank honeys, I hope you are too and your dear mum too Izzy.
    Tell her we love her and want her to recover without any ill effects from her accident.

    Izzy I need to get you drunk and have you smoke while I spank your hot lil ar$e for being a bad little cvnt. Lilly wants so much for Freja to be drunk and she’s to smoke too while Lilly’s spanking her but Lilly wants to put a b all gag in Freja’s mouth and tie her to Lilly’s 4-poster bed with her arms and legs tied to each bed post so that they're spread wide apart and Lilly can do whatever the fvck she wants to her. Mmmm sounds good to me, I might do the same to you Izzy, as I said you’ve been a bad little girl, a fvcking little cvnt I’d say.

    We’re so happy that Olivia is smoking by herself and lights her own ciggies when she feels like smoking. Has she increased? The only reason Hayley is smoking that much is coz we allow her to smoke and when we pick her up we can see that she needs to smoke because she hasn’t had enough at her mum’s who is a fvcktard, besides Hayley has been smoking for a longer time than Olivia but Hayley is a few months older than Olivia. Your mum and you love Olivia so much. When we do pick Hayley up she smokes two in a row, so sad. I think mum loves Hayley more than her own mum who uses mum, Ren and I to baby sit her so she can go out and look for men to fvck.

    Izzy and Freja does your Nana buy you cigs?

    When you buy your leather pants, don’t wear undies coz you can feel which ones rub your cvnts and also make sure that they show your s exy camel toe. We’ve told Craig and Brett that we’re looking at other boys now as well as them to fvck with now that we’re starting to be noticed more when we smoke in our fvck me boots and leather pants.

    Don’t ever forget Izzy you’ll always be my b itch coz I love you so much, got it?
    Love Ren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ren, Lilly & Oksana,
    This page is taking far to long to load & post. I think it's cos of the thousands of posts. Most our posts don't show. Can we try another page? see you there bit#ches.
    xx xx xx Freja

  • Freja,
    Okay b1tches I saw this post from you 3 hours ago when I woke up to have a cigarette. I just woke up to have another 2. We'll post on that board you mentioned later.

    We will be the new b1tches on it and everyone will have to play by our rules.
    Freja I need to f*** you babes
    Lilly xoxo

  • Ren,
    I missing you so fuc#king much come post on the other page. Love you hot girl in leather pants and fuc#k me boots.
    Your little cu#nt Isabella xxxxxxx

  • Hi Ren and Lilly,
    Hope you se#xy bit#ches are ok. I looked lots of times on here but there was no messages here, they gone now they are all back.
    Both me and my beautiful Freja missed you both so fuc#king much, we fuc#king love you.
    Awww it's so cute and awesome little Hayley smokes a pack a day with you both. I was 8yo before I could smoke that much!. Olivia has her own pack and cute pink lighter now, she's well fuc#king happy with it. She started lighting up a few times on her own without us telling her all time. I give her rules like no smoking in bed, she's a good girl, she makes her cigs look so big in her hands too! She will be 5 in October.
    So fuc#king cool you both still smoking heaps. I do ok at school until 1 hour before school finish then I think about having a cig then I really need a fuc#king cig and I get moody ha. But when Freja picks me up I light up round corner from school and then I smoke lots.
    Me and Freja have lazy day today we stay naked and stay in bed with Olivia cept for food and drink and watch. Me and Freja fu#ck lots. Freja is beautiful wiv out clothes, she hot se#xy fu#cking ti#ts. She also fu#ck me hard wiv dil#do cos I'm a little cu#nt ha.
    Queen Lilly, Freja say she wud love getting her se#xy a#ss spanked by you. So id let my beautiful little cu#nt Ren spank me. We both get so fuc#king wet.
    We going shopping next week for fu#ck me boots and leather pants or mini skirt, so we can try to be hot as you two fuc#king bi#tches.
    Megan say some older people don't like us cos they mad we are more like adults than kids cos we smoke drink and fu#ck. They see our age and think we shud just be just like little fuc#king kids.
    Your little cu#nt Izzy and your bi#tch Freja xxxxxx

  • Hi Ren and Lilly,
    Hope you se#xy bit#ches are ok. I looked lots of times on here but there was no messages here, they gone now they are all back.
    Both me and my beautiful Freja missed you both so fuc#king much, we fuc#king love you.
    Awww it's so cute and awesome little Hayley smokes a pack a day with you both. I was 8yo before I could smoke that much!. Olivia has her own pack and cute pink lighter now, she's well fuc#king happy with it. She started lighting up a few times on her own without us telling her all time. I give her rules like no smoking in bed, she's a good girl, she makes her cigs look so big in her hands too! She will be 5 in October.
    So fuc#king cool you both still smoking heaps. I do ok at school until 1 hour before school finish then I think about having a cig then I really need a fuc#king cig and I get moody ha. But when Freja picks me up I light up round corner from school and then I smoke lots.
    Me and Freja have lazy day today we stay naked and stay in bed with Olivia cept for food and drink and watch. Me and Freja fu#ck lots. Freja is beautiful wiv out clothes, she hot se#xy fu#cking ti#ts. She also fu#ck me hard wiv dil#do cos I'm a little cu#nt ha.
    Queen Lilly, Freja say she wud love getting her se#xy a#ss spanked by you. So id let my beautiful little cu#nt Ren spank me. We both get so fuc#king wet.
    We going shopping next week for fu#ck me boots and leather pants or mini skirt, so we can try to be hot as you two fuc#king bi#tches.
    Megan say some older people don't like us cos they mad we are more like adults than kids cos we smoke drink and fu#ck. They see our age and think we shud just be just like little fuc#king kids.
    Your little cu#nt Izzy and your bi#tch Freja xxxxxx

  • Ren, Lilly and Oskana,
    It looks like Freja and Izzy don't love you any more coz they're not replying. I have two other smoking and f ucking girlfriends that'll gladly be your b itches and we can be the f ucking nastiest kind of b itches too. We're 13 and we're full on lesbians. We love your f uck me boots and leather Pants. You babes must look so f ucking hot in them.
    S exy smokey kisses
    Bonny xxx

  • Bonny your a little fuc king tramp,
    Don't be fuc king saying we don't love Lilly, Ren & Oksana cos we fuc king do. What a fuc#king skanky move that was.

    We had problems fuc king seeing messages and posting our messages. Then when we do we see a post from some fuc king trailer trash fuc king lesbian bit ching at us.


  • Bonny,

    We're set for life. We've got our h&rny b1tches, Izzy and Freja where we want them and that's mainly in bed. You and your wh&res are not getting near Lilly's, Oskana's and my cvnts and our leather pants and fvck me boots are for Izzy and Freja to wet themselves over.

    Fvck off


  • You sl uts Freja and Izzy,

    get outta bed, stop f****** and respond to us or I'll spank your ar#es really harddd.

    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxoxox .

  • Ren, Lilly, Freja, Izzy and Oskana,
    You can revert to Darling little girls I'm sure. There's no reason for you to smoke, have s**, drink and swear like you 5 girls. Ren, Lilly and Izzy don't get pregnant early in your lives. You need to be in God's hands and come to mass with me. I have to make a confession to the priest myself. God will guide you to a better a more fulfilling life.
    All my love to you

  • Patricia, that was a sweet message. But Mary had Jesus when she was 14 and Joseph was a lot lot older and if God got her pregnant he was like thousands of years old. So both God and Joseph were older than any of the guys me or Izzy have se x with. If my Izzy has a baby at 14 like she wants to I will support her and love the baby like it was my own.
    Love Freja x

  • Sl uts Izzy and Freja,

    Okay you b itches get outta bed and Izzy you can kiss and lick my c unt better honey. Freja you can f uck Oskana but you've gotta f uck me first. Better than that, why don't you, Izzy, Oskana and me have an ALL GIRL f******* that goes from a Friday night to a Sunday night non-stop. We'll all look super hot with our "Family" tats while we f uck each other. We can play "pass the dil do haha

    Izzy get the leather pants too to go with your f*** me boots babe, you'll love the feeling of the soft leather rubbing against your c*** and you'll feel super
    s exy and look so f ucking hot like us, Feja get the same too. When you smoke and kiss in them you'll c um for sure. Oskana's mum is buying the same for her. she wa feeling me up when I wore mine and her touch was magic. She can't wait until Andrew f ucks. She only had one other boy that f ucked her and he was a dumbass. She's so hungry for c ock, she'll just about rape him if he takes much longer to slip it into her.

    Freja is onto something here, Irene gets off on reading what we write and she plays with her dried up old vag when she does.

    Hayley smokes about a pack a dy when she's with u, she looks cute with a ciggie between her tiny fingers walking around our place smoking. Mum buys her Marlboro Gold an we're putting on a party for her next Sunday 27th January because she turns 5 on Wednesday. Hayley has been smoking for 7 months now. When does Olivia turn 5? We're so f ucking sunburn, I'll talk about that later.

    All my love to you b itches
    Little c unt Ren xxxxxxxxx

  • Izzy and Freja
    Oops Hayley won't be 5 until 13th February. Mum though she'd be 5 on Wednesday but then checked with her mum. We are still going to have a lunchtime party for her at our place next Sunday 23rd. Mum is going to buy her some cigarettes and a pair of tattered jeans and a t shirt.
    Love to you both
    You s exy f ucking s exy b itch
    From Ren the b itch xxxxxxx

  • Every word here is obviously fake. Don't waste your time reading it.

  • Awww you poor little thing, your mummy doesn't let you smoke or drink and you have no idea what it feels like to f uck. Take an overdose to end your sorry ar#se life.

  • Hi you f ucking hot s exy babes Izzy and Freja, we're still smoking heaps and probably not getting up too at night to smoke too. This pis*ses mum off coz she wants us to cut down a bit coz we go back to school and we don't get enough cigarette breaks during school hours. We can't smoke less, we love smoking more than anything. She bought us Wee Willem cigars thinking they will make us smoke less ciggies but we love the head spins cigars give us especially when we drink Jim Beam which I'm drinking more than ever during these school holidays.

    Freja it's great to hear that Megan allows you to smoke as many cigarettes as you want and I love the idea that beautiful little Olivia will have her own cigarettes and lighter.

    Mum said she will encourage the babies to smoke as soon as she feels fit and because Lilly and I f uck openly on the lounge, the babies will see us and want to know what's all the moaning about. Even mum and dad f uck with their door open and mum is very noisy when she's being f ucked haha.

    Mum told us when the babies are old enough to understand that Lilly and I are f ucking tell them the truth and say that we're having s ex and don't say that's what people do when they love each other. Mum said they babies can start having s ex when they want and she'll be talking to them about s ex at an early age.

    Izzy's b itch
    Renae xxxxxxxx

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Hi se#xy girls me and my girl Freja just wanted to let you know how wet we are for you both and Oksana. Omg those fu#ck me boots are so hot.

    Me and Freja are nearly drunk we shared two bottles of wine, well I drunk more than Freja cos this se#xy 10yo bi#tch can drink more than her 16yo amazing gf haha. We got mad love for you both!!

    Are you se#xy smokers still smoking lots?. I still smoke like 30 a day on school days and Freja smokes more than 20 now. Megan found out she was limiting herself to 20 a day cos she felt bad cos Megan had to buy her cigs. So Megan told her off haha she say don't ever do that cos she helps mom all day long. And she don't care how much she smokes.

    We buying Olivia a cute pink lighter and going to give her own first pack of cigs tomorrow. We think she be real happy with that and feel like a big girl.

    Your bit#ches Izzy and Freja xxxxx

    We both send you more messages below :)

  • B itches Freja and Izzy you s exy c****,

    C um into bed with me babes and f uck me good. I'll have my f uck me boots on waiting for you. Do you like our leather pants. Mum went off her f ucking
    t its at us fir creaming in them.

    Ren and I made it up last night, we f ucked each other good and I woke up to feeling her fisting me this morning, so we f ucked again.

    Usually we show older citizens some respect when we're out in public but when we are questioned about it like we're little kids I virtually tell them to get f*****.

    Love you both

    Forever - Queen B itch Lilly xoxo

  • Izzy and Freja
    I meant to say that when we're out in public and older people question us about our smoking I usually tell them to f uck off.
    Queen B itch

  • Freja and Izzy,
    I have seen Ren and Lilly naked a number of times and I have f ucked Lilly a number of times. Lilly's bf, Brett introduced me to one of his male friends, his name is Andrew and he also aged 16 like Craig and Brett. They all go to the same school and all smoke. Next time the twins have a party he's gonna go with me and we'll f uck.
    Love to you sl uts
    Oskana, another f ucking b itch

  • Hey Izzy and Freja,
    I know it's late there you c unts but I'm sure you're awake f ucking. Have you had a chance to see the pics of our f uck me boots and leather pants that Ren posted.

    Mum went f ucking nuts at us coz we didn't wear undies under our pants and we got c unt juice inside them now she has got to get them dry cleaned.

    Our twin baby sisters are so cute. When they're in their playpen they roll over to be next to one another and they touch hands. Ren and I bought them t shirts when we bought our boots. On the front of the t shirt there is writing that reads.
    "If we could talk our mummy would be in the sh it" they are too little to wear them now but they will look cute wearing them when they are one or two years old.

    Queen B itch
    Lilly xoxo

  • Hey Queen B itch Lilly,
    Hi gorgeous girl, you were right about me & my little sl ut were fuc king. Izzy keeps teasing cos she was saying imagine Lilly in her hot leather pants and fu ckme boots and how wet I'd be.
    Hope Belinda has got over your pants. I guess the leather felt nice against both your cu nts. I love when Izzy wears no panties.
    Awww the t-shirts sound cute for Liberty and Summer. Your twin baby sisters sound so cute. It must be lovely seeing them grow, I hope when older they love each other as much as you and Ren do.
    I would move over in bed for you anytime babes. I'd tease n lick your t*** and let you do same for me! I'd treat you like a Queen

  • Lilly that was me Freja.
    I hope Andrew treats your sexy beautiful Russian girl Oksana well and gives her a nice fu ck.
    That Irene is pretty fu cked up I bet she playing wiv her old dried up vag getting off on the things we do in our life. I think she's a fu cking pervert baby, what you think? Also she needs to start talking to all of us with a little fu cking respect.

    *wish you was in bed with me and my little sl ut girl Izzy*

    Love you always
    xx xx xx Freja

  • I REALLY can't get over how disgraceful you are, Lilly, Ren, Izzy, Oskana, and Freja.


  • Izzy and Freja,
    Sorry b itches, I meant to come back here a while ago but one of our girlfriends turned up. I was dying to tell her to f uck off so I could write this. The Saba Leather Leggings (pants) are what mum- Belinda bought us for Christmas. In the link you will see 6 images, they are all the same but at different angles. Mum paid $950 each for them now they are reduced to $899. SABA LEATHER LEGGING (PANTS)

    Here's the link for the boots. We bought the Jane Debster Knight (They are shown in the second row and third pair across). Lilly bought exactly the same ones as me- the f ucking c unt. We had to go back home to get more money and we came back wearing our our s exy leather pants WITHOUT undies. This showed our camel toes and older girls in their twenties asked where we bought our outfits. a lot of them smiled when they saw us smoking in our s exy boots and leather. I gave Lilly a kiss while we were smoking in our new leather gear and we were grinding our c unts into one another at the bus stop. We were both really f ucking wet. One old lady saw us smoking and said to Lilly "Does your mother know you smoke?" Lilly said "F uck yeah, here's my phone, look in my contacts under mum and ring her". Lilly doesn't give a f uck sometimes. JANE DEBSTER KNIGHT BOOTS. ……………………………….$299.95.
    F uck me b itches
    Ren xxxxxxxxx

  • My beautiful Ren,
    You already know which one of us would be kissing your cu#nt better that wud be me your little fuc#king sl#ut girl Izzy. Mmmm maybe I wud even still taste Craig on you. I wud make you feel so good bit#ch.
    I think your tattoo idea would be sooo hot! I hope one day you my se#xy girlfriend, me, your se#xy twin Lilly, your hot friend Oskana and our little big girl Olivia and maybe your baby girl twins could all live together with our se#xy moms Megan and Belinda close by.
    Oh wow I love those leather pants and I've told Megan I need those boots cos they are fuc#king so hot. You and Lilly will look so hot in those, everyone will be looking at you, men, boys, women and girls, all checking out my hot twin sisters.
    Sexy Bit#ch,I only wear panties for school, I love feeling the cold air on my cu#nt when outside, also Freja loves touching me when we are in the car or when we are alone.
    It's cool you going to university, I don't know if I will cos I want a baby but Megan has made me promise I'd wait till I'm 14. Then she say I may want to go back to school /university when I'm older. Megan and Freja think I'm really intelligent but I just hate fuc#king school with those fuc#king child's, but maybe when older I change.
    Our little girl Olivia wanted to learn today how to inhale then talk then exhale like me and mom does. So I've been teaching her, by getting her to count in between, she can say "one two three" then exhale now, she's so fuc#king cute and smoked 6 cigs properly today and Irene can't say sh#it cos she's learning her numbers at same time haha. How much does Hayley smoke when she's at yours? ..................................

  • ...............................
    I hope Oksana has her hot se#xy cu#nt fuc#ked hard by Andrew. Tell her if it's hurting after your little ybi#tch Izzy will kiss it better.
    Tell Lilly, Freja will write to her soon. Think Freja has the real hots for her, she was talking bout her and I cud feel how wet she was ha. I think it's fuc#king cute. She loves you all tho.
    Renae we need to fu#ck I just know we wud make each other scream! Love you. Your little cu#nt Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Izzy and Freja Okay you gorgeous f ucking hot babes, get up out of bed. It’s about 2pm in Sydney,
    and about 4am in Sweden and my c unt is sore again from the hard f ucking
    I got last night. Which one of you b ithces is gonna kiss it better?. I just got out of bed because Craig and Brett have got jobs working a couple of days a week for Craig’s father over these holidays and
    they’re off to work so they’d better buy Lilly and I some alcohol if they want to keep f ucking us.

    I’d love us all to be in bed together, Freja, Izzy, Lilly and Oskana and me and we can get a tattoo with the word “Family” tattooed on the inside of our right arms in Old English writing, just to prove to the world we’re sisters, maybe our mums and Olivia too. The tat will go from our wrist to our elbow.

    Lilly didn’t answer your questions fully, Freja, we have to like school because mum and dad are making Lilly and I go all the way through. Just because Belinda was a school teacher, she’s making us go to university. She’s thinking about letting us go to a co-ed public school for the first couple of years in high school then we will come back to our all girls private high school to finish the last couple of our schooling years. It sucks that there are no boys – naturally in a girls school and we hate wearing a uniform coz the principal won’t let us smoke in uniforms on the way to school or on the way home from school or at any time in uniform.

    Now just for you little c unts, I am gonna post some links of our leather leggings (pants) and something else I won’t discuss yet but that will all be included in the next post. I’m gonna have a smoke first. It’s too f ucking hot in here to smoke so I’m going outside and catch a bit of a seabreeze and smoke one or three ciggies on the on the patio.

    Keep your panties off for me you two sl uts
    Ren xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • My girls Ren, Lilly and Oskana,
    Middle of the night ciggy time here. Lilly I'd fuc#king love to have you in my and Freja bed but I got to have my beautiful Ren here to! I hope my little sl#ut Ren is getting well fuc#ked n having fun with Craig. Ren hope you and Lilly have had time to make up after shopping. Freja does same as Lilly she goes to all stores sometimes and can't decide what to buy, then she goes back to first stores and buys there, but I fuc#king love her.
    Freja wanted me to tell you must look so fuc#king hot in your school uniform Lilly, she has beautiful t*** Lilly, I love to kiss n suck them. Wish mine would fuc#king grow. I do talk fuc#king dirty when I'm being fuc#ked by boy or girl. But like Freja says what gets me wet is when she's real fuc#king nasty calling me names. Cos Freja is so sweet all the time she don't even swear in front of Megan or Olivia ever, just when we are alone, where as me I don't mean to swear infront of Megan or Olivia but it just comes out u know. I don't call her names cos she's just so beautiful, sweet and loving. But in bed I love her using me like the little cu#nt I am, feeling her hand grabbing my hair while I'm down on her. She just started smoking during se#x to which is fuc#king hot to see. Freja's tongue is just the best!
    We are going to look for the cutest lighter for my little Olivia this weekend, she's still inhaling and doing really well, fu#ck she's smoking better than some older girls I see already. She's to fuc#king cute.
    Your little bi#tch Izzy xxxxxx

  • Izzy my b itch.

    We will make up love, but I was trying to get Lilly to buy a pair of heels so I could wear them with my leather pants and I would allow her to wear my
    s exy F UCK ME BOOTS (knee high boots). I will f uck Lilly tonight and that way I will make it up to her babe. Oh yeah and we'll smoke too when we get our
    c unts drilled with our strap-ons and I love talking dirty and getting my ar#se slapped and hair pulled when I'm f******. I love to get drunk too but not as bad as I did at my birthday party on NYE. I was so f ucking sick and mum just laughed and said "that'll teach you to get f ucking wasted".

    It's a funny thing you know, we like smoking in school uniform, men and boys look at us and we get so h orny watching them watching us.

    I'm your b itch too you know, my panties are OFF already b itch so give it to me babe, really hard and f ucking nasty.
    Ren xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hey Lilly,
    I just want to say I think your attitude is fuc king hot, you never take any sh it.I just know you have to be so fuc king hot and have a gorgeous body. I'm so fuc king jealous of Ren & Oksana seeing you naked.
    The worse thing I guess was getting excluded from school last year for telling a male teacher to fu ck off and trying to hit him. He was like saying do this, do that, like telling me I couldn't even talk to my own fuc king friend in his class.

    It's 5.40 pm and my little hot se xy cu nt Izzy was tired after school so her and her hot little sis Olivia are naked asleep next to me in bed. Even Auntie Megan is asleep in her room. So I'm glad my se xy Lilly send me a message.
    Your so lucky to live in Australia where it's so fu cking hot, it freezing here all day. I bet you got some hot se xy clothes yesterday. Hope you had a good shopping day yesterday babes?
    Auntie Megan is more chilled bout what my little se xy sl ut Izzy wrote about getting in trouble with police, she was just worried. But she say today she couldn't give a fu ck what Irene says. Oh I'm sorry for writing in Sweedish yesterday. Izzy loves me when I call her names btw, she gets so wet. Izzy and thinking of you hot younger bit ches makes me wet. What things make you wet babes?
    Do you like school? Do you wear uniform? I think your super fuc king intelligent and so mature and we shud go bed together xx xx xx Freja

  • Hi Freja,
    Move over on the bed you babes, Freja and Izzy, I'm naked and I'm gonna get in bed with you both and we're gonna get on with some serious s ucking and f ucking. Well Ren had the sh its with me yesterday coz I was in and out of shops and I kept changing my mind about what I wanted. Ren wants to tell you the rest. She's going to send the link of the leather leggings we got from Belinda mum for Christmas and the link of what we got yesterday. Ren is in Her bed with Craig. She came home after shopping yesterday and asked him to come over to our place and showed him how f ucking hot she looks in what she bought. She said sorry little f ucking sl uts but she needs her c unt f ucked more than ever while feeling so s exy and hot.

    We asked Izzy weeks ago if she talks dirty when she's being f ucked coz that's what makes us soo wet. Brett says to me I'm gonna f uck your c unt until it f ucking caves in babe, and he calls me his little f uck doll. oh I get soo f ucking turned on and wringing f ucking wet.

    We go to a private school and we have to wear a uniform. I got in trouble for burning a hole in my school uniform when I was in a cafe drinking bourbon, sitting on a boy's knee and smoking a ciggie. Mum went mad at me.

    Have fun with Izzy babe I wish I was there s ucking your t its and plugging your c unts
    Love to my b itches

  • Hey Freja,

    What's the worst thing you've ever done you little sl ut?

    It doesn't matter what you did, I'll live you anyways b itch.

    Lilly xoxo

  • Belinda and Megan,
    You've raised some very nasty f ucking thrives haven't you? I won't stop at this either, your girls are not ladies. What kind are they to be fighting in public, dry roooting one another in public while s ucking on cigarettes, driving without licenses and buying cigarettes with stolen ID. Belinda leave Oskana's vag alone you f ucking pedo. She's not your child. I don't give a rat's f ucking a#s if you were checking her lumps or not. You're an evil f ucking mother. God help your baby twin daughters.

  • Irene,
    I guess you meant to say Ren, Izzy and I are thieves you stupid b itch. At least we were honest about it. I bet your 15 year old daughter wouldn't have said anything to you if she stole something. But she's a good girl isn't she, never even stole a lollipop from the corner store?

    F uck me, you're a fucktard

  • Izzy,
    Remember Natalie, well when Lilly and I were living with our bio mum, we used to visit Belinda and dad on weekends. When we were about 8 and Natalie was nearly 12 she said next time you go to your dad's steal Belinda's engagement ring that dad bought her And she'll get an older guy to take it to a p*** shop and we'll buy ciggies and booze with the money.

    We didn't tell Belinda the truth about that until we lived with them last year and dad replaced it.
    Iittle b itch Ren xxxx

  • Ren,
    Some things should remain in the family. It's not proud to admit you stole an expensive piece of jewellery. Now cut it out and think first.

  • Izzzzzzzzzzy,
    First of all I'll have to deal with Lilly, she's had the sh its all morning coz I'm using her phone to post but I'm older than my twin S exy b**** of a sis . The little c unt can get f ucked, she only wants to sit in cafes all day and smoke anyways if she's not shopping for hot stuff to put over her ar#se and t its.

    Mum tells us all the time not to use c unt here but we told her we saw her post that word over a year ago. She said she was hounded by the trolls, that's why she used it. F ucking excuses, excuses.

    Well b itch Izzy we'll just have share Olivia and she can be the little sis to you, Freja, Lilly and myself.

    Belinda Mum told our bio mum that Lilly and I will only visit her when Mark is away with his work and there will be no exceptions UNLESS he keeps his thoughts to himself and not delve into our private lives. Belinda told her he creeps us out watching us smoke and checks our ar ses and t its out when our bio mum isn't looking and this is not the right thing to do as he is supposed to be "more or less" a step father to us. Our bio mum said to Belinda thanks for pointing it out to her and she was to have words with him but he can get f ucked as far as we're concerned.

    Your f ucking b itch

  • The hottest Izzy there's ever been,
    I can't see that you did much wrong except take the i pad. F uck Lilly and I have had lots of fist fights with girls, mainly over boys and we protect each other too.

    F uck we hold hands and kiss in public and grind our groin into one another in public well after midnight in parks.

    Will write more bubs
    Ren xxx xxx

  • Hey Hot Oskana, Lovely Lilly, My beautiful Ren,
    Sorry girls i love you all but bit#ches you all need to back the fu#ck off and you can tell your mom also, but that hot and beautiful girl Olivia is My sweet baby girl (and Megan's too) so you can't adopt her!
    My girl Ren, beautiful Olivia has been smoking like 5/6 cigs a day but today she had only 3 that's cos she's started inhaling! So fuc#king cute but she's been feeling dizzy n a bit sick at times today even tho she's fuc#king proud of herself and happy she can inhale now. My mom must be the best smoking teacher in the world.
    Hot Oskana, I knew the sexy fu#cking twins would not fu#ck Mark no way but does it not like scare them or freak them out? Like put them off going to see there Bio mom?. But I agree that Megan needs a very long hard fu#ck.
    Lilly my lovely,
    I need to see this hot leather clothes you and my girl Renae wears, I bet you both look so fu#cking hot. Maybe you could post some links to these clothes?
    In my next talk I will tell you 3 hot se#xy bit#ches why I was such a bad fu#cking little cu#nt and got in trouble with police.
    Your girl Isabella xxxxxx

  • My h orny Izzy,
    I'll take over and answer this but I'm using my s exy twin sis' phone, it's Lily's I'm using coz I left mine at home. All three of us are in the city now coz the January sales are still on till the end of this month and I've got $180 left and Oskana has a bit over $200. Lilly has nearly $250 (little c unt) so she's buying us lunch. Lilly hadn't spent as much as me before. Oskana didn't get as much as us coz we've still got a bit of birthday money at home.

    I'll post pics, of the leather pants in a link when I get home but don't worry love, I love no matter how much trouble you get into. Mum has always said the best thing about us is our honesty and no matter how much f ucking sh it we're in, we're to tell her the truth coz it's easier to do that than unravel lies.
    More later my little sl ut
    Remember I still love you babe
    Love Ren x xxxxxxx

  • Oksana, Ren & Lilly,
    So serious talk now ladies. I got picked up by police 3 times last time, first time for shoplifting with my ex gf, second time for being out after midnight with my ex gf, but third time was worse me and you probably going to hate me for this but me and Ella my ex who was 13 was in a park holding hands and kissing, then this fat girl went past us and she said some like nasty comment. I ran up to and asked her what she say. Then I started pushing her, then kicked her but then she got me and started hitting on me she was like 14 and big I was just 10. So she got me on ground then Ella stopped her and hit her and got her off me. Then we both hitting and kicking her, until she was crying and ran off but she left her bag and it had a iPad in it, so I steal it for myself, Ella told me to leave it but I did it anyway.
    When I was with Ella, I had crazy feelings if we had argument even over something little we would hit each other, I hit her more times than she hit me. Then we both hug each other crying. I was so crazy when I was with her. She finish me after the park fight. I hate her but still love her some.
    I don't know why I was such a crazy bad bi#tch when I was her was with Ella. Mom thinks one if the reasons is cos my dad's family got in touch and asked to see me around this time, I didn't want to see them but they kept ringing mom and she would keep asking. But I didn't know them and it wasn't my dad that wanted to see me it was his family, not him. It made me so mad.
    I'm so lucky to have Freja as my gitlfrirm

  • Oops.
    I'm so lucky to have Freja as my girlfriend, she so fuc#king lovely and se#xy and she makes me so happy cos she's sweet and funny. Oh and fu#ck we have good se#x. We never fight she's beautiful. I love being her little cu#nt. I love when she has dirty mouth to in bed she make me sooooo wet with her words.
    I love being friends with you all and being bad a#ss bit#ches together. So now you got to tell me the baddest thing you ever did bit#ches.
    Your girl Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Wow Isabella,
    I wasn't expecting you to be so open and honest about the issues you've had. I expect you will get some negative feedback off some people, ignore them please!. Also can I ask that her friends ignore them to please. I dont care what people think Izzy, Just remember I'm proud of you and love you.
    älskar dig till månen och tillbaka barnflickan
    mamma xxxxx

  • Tante Megan, jag är verkligen ledsen om Izzy har upprörd dig genom sitt inlägg. Jag tror att hon bara ville svara på Rens fråga. Ledsen xx Freja

  • Izzy and Freja,
    We were just talking to mum and she was asking how many ciggies does Olivia smoke / inhale now per day. Love Rennnnnnn xxxxxxxxxxx

  • F ucking Bullsh*t

    this site goes down on me far more than my boyfriend ever will.


  • Hi Lilly, Ren and Oskana,
    Hope you sexy bi#tches are ok. So my girl Freja finally posted, told her if she did then I'd be a real good little sl#ut for her when I got home and I fuc#king was ha. I'm sure girls you can already tell what a beautiful and caring bi#tch she is. I love her. Oh Lilly baby she doesn't know any friends her age who'd be want to be with you, so you going to have to find an older hot girl and seduce her with your hot little cu#nt.
    We all smoke Marlboro reds 100s cigs, Sweedish cigs are nasty! I teach Olivia to light her own cig with lighter today, she was so happy she could do it! She's so cute and I don't give a fu#ck what people say about her smoking.
    But the best news was about my motocross bike, my bike looks se#xy ladies! I can't wait to go ride it! All thanks to my amazing mom. Yes girls my Megan needs a man, she needs to get fuc#ked as soon as she's better!.
    I wish all our family could be togther, so we girls cud fu#ck each other. Ren & Lilly I want to know how you feel about Mark wanting to fu#ck you both?
    Love you Renae x, Lilly and Oskana,
    Your little bit#ch Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Hi Izzy,
    Ren said I can reply to this you sl utty little f ucking b itch of mine, but she said if I touch your t its or c unt, she'll have mine on the barbeque lol. Freja is a darling of a b itch too and we all love here too. We smoke Camel Regulars and mum said all 3 of us look so hot when when we're smoking in short tattered shorts and put a thumb in our font pocket and the rest of our fingers are pointed down towards our c unts (she said pu*sies actually) and when we've got our packs of ciggies in the back pockets of our shorts with them showing the top of the pack to show people what brand we smoke.
    Mum wants to adopt Olivia, she said she'd look a hot little Swedish smoking chick. Please buy her a cute little pink lighter.

    I'm certain Megan can get a good looking and sensible man but she needs a real man to f uck her and one that can f uck her for at least 25 minutes before he blows his hot sp unk up her c unt.

    Are you kidding, there's no way the twins will let Mark get his c ock anywhere near their c unts, they hate him and Belinda can't f ucking stand the sight of him.

    So much love to you, you little c unt.
    Love Oskana

  • Izzy and Freja

    I call Belinda mum too although she really hates it. I call her that coz she's so much better than my mum to talk to. I can talk to Belinda about anything from f ucking to smoking, drinking, periods and clothes. She even had a look at my c unt when I had bumps on it and took me to her doctor. Luckily it was only ingrown hairs lol

  • Oh my we have some very angry people here. Who seem to think they can take some moral high ground by calling the moms and girls here insulting names. I totally understand people having disagreements with the ladies who post here frequently, there are something's even myself I don't agree with. But how did the angry people actually get to this page? What exactly were you searching for to end up here? All seems very strange unless you don't have a life and just spend your sad life trolling pages on the internet. How did I get here? Well I'm a smoker and my 14yo granddaughter who visits most weekends as started smoking recently, her parents let her smoke at home, I was looking for advice on whether I should permit her to smoke here without seem to be encouraging her. I do now allow her to smoke but only on the patio outside, which is where I have always smoked when she has visited in the past.
    I do have admiration for the girls on here who probably already had more fun and experiences than a lot of adults much older. They might not live a long life but they will have lived their life the way they want. Maybe a better life than living till 90 and having a boring life, dieing with alzheimer's, loosing your ability to look after yourself in some care home. Just my view of course.

    A older gent.

  • Hi Sir,
    Thank you for supporting our smoking. Even though you may not approve of us having s ex and drinking we appreciate your thoughts. Our mums don't like some of our choices of words but girls will be girls.

  • Hey Freja,

    WelCUM to the hot b itch smoking and f ucking club hun where all we b itches
    f uck one another and create a smoke-house.

    How long have you been smoking?
    What Swedish brand of cigarettes do you smoke?
    What alcohol do you drink?
    Do you work or still attend school?

    I'd love you to introduce me to one of your 16 year old girlfriends, I've never
    been f ucked by an older girl before although my bf is 16 maybe I can be
    f ucked by you.

    Love Lilly -
    another s exy little c*** that loves smoking and f ucking xxxxxxxxx

  • Hey Lilly,Ren & Oskana,
    It's Freja here. In the car this morning when i was taking my gorgeous girlfriend Izzy to school she made me promise that I would post here today. She also said "don't just go on about me, the girls already know I'm a little sexy hot b*****, talk about yourself" So I'm going to try to do as she says!
    So I'm 16, I have lived also in Alaska for about half my life, me my mom and older sis have moved between their and Sweden a few times. Sexy gorgeous Izzy is my first ever girlfriend, I didn't even know I liked girls before Izzy showed me how good it was! I do prefer younger girls (blushes!) I'm sure all 3 of you girls are so beautiful and sexy.
    Megan is my Auntie, she's my mom's younger sis. She is so lovely and a awesome lady. She approves of mine and Izzy's relationship. She is an awesome lady, shes like my second mom. Olivia is also the most beautiful and gorgeous little girl. I had my doubts about her starting smoking but OMFG girls it just makes her even more beautiful in my eyes. Her and Izzy just have the most sweetest loving relationship.
    Auntie Megan trusts me so much she even lets me drive her new car, she said someone has to go buy our cigs! Which I have my older sisters drivers Id card for. ( yes Irene both driving and buying cigs underage is illegal, so shoot me now! You need to chill b*****!) ....

  • ...
    I'm excited today because unknown to Izzy Auntie Megan has had Izzy's motocross bike resprayed and serviced and has arranged with one of her friends to take Izzy, me, Megan and Olivia to one of the motocross events in a few weeks where Auntie Megan has registered Izzy to race. Izzy hadn't been racing for quite a while since getting in trouble with police and being a very bad girl (she's hot when she's naughty tho) and that was months and months ago . Also because of Megan's accident Auntie has been unable to take her and it's to far for me to drive her and I'd probably end up getting lost if I tried haha. I think Izzy will be mega happy with this news when she gets home from school today!.
    Lilly I promise to answer your questions in my next post.
    Love you all and sending you all hot smokey kisses xx xx xx Freja.

  • Hi Freja you s exy little f ucken b itch,
    It's Ren, I remember Megan telling mum she lived in Alaska when she used to write last year. Both Alaska and Sweden are way too cold for me. It's been well over 100 degrees in Sydney every day lately.

    Tell my babe, Izzy to take care when she motocross races, I love her dearly and I want to make love to her so much, my pus*y aches for her.

    Although we love Belinda, Lilly and I can imagine Megan being our mum, she's soo f ucking cool and you're fortunate you've got her for an auntie.

    Mum loves the idea that Olivia is smoking and mum wants to adopt her but she knows Olivia and Izzy are inseparable so she said she'll have both. I'm sure Megan won't be impressed.

    I like the idea that Izzy has been a badass chick, what did she do to get into trouble with the Police?

    Keep in contact you little f ucking b itch, Freja and welcome to the smoking, drinking and f ucking club of disobedient young chicks.

    Lots of love (h orny) I mean honey lol

  • Congratulations to all the moms here. Your daughters are all going to be dead of cancer and STIs by the time they are 18. Nice work. Be proud.

  • Kelly,
    Get your facts straight. There's a new drug called Keytruda that mum was telling us about to treat even advanced lung cancer. She told us to smoke all we want. The drug was developed by a Dutch scientist. And Ewww you should be f ucking boys that are drug free and disease free so you don't get STI's. No way would Lilly, Izzy, Oskana and me would even think of f ucking you. You'd have a very smelly c unt anyways.

  • Interesting. You think that Keytruda offers a cure. Wrong. It works in less than a third of applications and not at all on certain types of cancer. And you think that you can rely on either the appearance or representations from your s** partners regarding their medical status. Unfortunately, your partners themselves may not even know they are carriers. And lastly, just for the record, I wasn't offering to do any of the three of you, much less all of you. Too risky. Clean up your act.

  • That's a controversy Kelly,

    who said we aren't in the one third that Keytruda will work its magic on?
    Your math leaves a lot to be desired Smelly Kelly. Incidentally, Ren mentioned four names (including her) so get your sh it in a bucket. btw use Femfresh for fragrant fannies my dear.


  • LOL. If you're comfortable reducing your chances of surviving that cancer to 33%, that's certainly fine with me. And you are absolutely correct: the decision is yours. Just remember you're playing poker against the Grim Reaper. Not against me.

  • Kelly,
    What the f*** are you talking about?
    Isn't one third 33.333333% ?
    I'm eleven, how old are you, 17 and in grade 5?
    Find yourself an anti smoking site.
    You stupid fucken b itch
    We girls, Izzy, Ren, Freja, Oskana, me and OUR MUMS (heaven forbid lol) elect to smoke and f***, it has nothing at all to do with you - NOTHING !!!

  • Kelly,
    The grim reaper could come at anytime, you could be knocked over by a car tomorrow, you could have a bleed on the brain, you could even get lung cancer without even smoking a cigarette, you could get meningitis, basically you could drop dead at any point from so many different causes, then what will your good little girl attitude be worth? I'd prefer to have fun today instead of constantly worrying about what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or in 30/40/50 years time. If you think your death will be some kind of nice little story then it's you who's in dream land not us.

  • Kelly,

    It seems you and I are the only people on this board who think alike and these young w hores and their mothers should be locked up to keep the rest of society safe.

  • Irene - I agree with you, in virtually every instance. The mothers need to be locked up to keep the girls safe: they are not being taught any life lessons beyond "do whatever pleases you", which needn't be "taught". This is going to end badly. And it will all be the mothers' fault, but it will be too late. - Kelly

  • Huh Kelly,
    You can die a loner with no f ucking life whatsoever. You poor f ucking b itch. Smoking and f ucking feel soo good and until you try it, shut the f uck up dear.

  • Hey Renae, Oskana & Lilly,
    Hi se xy girls It's your little wild bit ch Izzy here. Think Irene is going to have a breakdown, im a little sl ut get over it Irene ha.
    Oksana I would love to be your little bit ch and be a part of the little bad smoking bit ches club. If it's ok with Lilly & Ren I don't want to upset those se xy girls. I'd cry if I was to upset them. I'm sure your so beautiful Oskana with a sexy little cu nt, it makes me spoon wet thinking about you girls.
    Olivia is doing really well with her smoking, omg she is so fuc king cute girls you'd be so proud of her!
    Me and Freja had fun with Noah and his 15yo friend Liam yesterday. But Freja couldn't fu ck them cos she was on her period but she sucked instead which was hot to watch but Freja wanted to fu ck she was mad ha. But girls your little cu nt here fu cked both of them, not at same time ha. Noah was quick again but Liam was good! But no boy is ever as good as a girl! Girls know what girls want totally! I'm going marry a girl one day, but still going to fuc k guys to get preg to have babies, cos I'm going to be a cool mom like Megan and Belinda.
    Love you Renae x, Lilly and Oskana
    Your girl Izzy xxxxx

  • Hi Izzy babe,
    It's so cool that we can add Oskana to our b itch list of friend, we're all les-be-friends coz we smoke and f uck . We can all f uck each other if you want. I'm sorry to hear that Freja had to miss out on being f ucked sweetie but you made up for her and f ucked both boys and at least she got to s uck c ock. Periods are such a b itch, they spoil everything.

    Lilly and I wan to have babies so much but mum said to wait a while coz if we get preg too early it will f uck up our lives but we want to experience morning sickness, labor pains and childbirth and Ren and I want babies together.

    We like the idea of us marrying a girl, same s ex marriage is legal in Australia now but we love c ock too.

    I like hearing about Olivia smoking - how f ucking cute. Is she inhaling yet?

    Your b itchiest b itch ever

    Love Ren <3

  • Hey Izzy,
    I'm Oskana,
    I've been reading all the s exy f ucking messages between you and Ren.
    We are all roughly the same age, Lilly, Ren and I are eleven and you're 10 and we're such badass little f ucking
    c unts.

    I have got Belinda to thank for me being allowed to smoke. She was the one who said to me I'll talk to your mum if you want and see if you are allowed to smoke at home. I used to smoke only at the twins place. Then Belinda said to my mum that shs should let me smoke so I have been smoking at home for about 8 months now. I've got a 13 year old brother but mum and dad don't allow him to smoke.
    Can I be your b itch to? I think we should all be b itches to each other, Freja too. You're so lucky to have an older girl like Freja to f uck.

    Lots of love.

  • Hi Megan,
    I'm an advocate of young kids smoking and even having s ex. It is, in my opinion every child's right to smoke, irrespective of age, especially if they can inhale. I'm supportive of Olivia's smoking and I agree with your choice to start her. Izzy said she looks cute smoking and I have every reason to believe that. I'm reluctant to permit little boys to smoke because they adopt their father's bad traits in that they tend to hold the ciggie backwards in the palm of their hand. Nothing is more irritating to me when I see that. They also tend to ape their dad by talking when they have a cigarette in the corner of their mouth. This is another pet hate of mine. Little girls are cute when they smoke there's no doubt about that in my mind. I have seen nothing cute about little boys who smoke.
    The benefits of our kids smoking outway the negatives. Consider this.
    We trust them more when they become smokers.......... They put more effort into doing their homework and do Extra study, thus they concentrate more when they're studying and smoking. This proved itself again with Lilly coming first in year 5 in last year's exams and Ren came second. Their good friend Oskana came third - all smoke,drink and are s exually active.......they do more around the house now that they smoke and they have been a great help to me... They exude ample s ex appeal when they smoke.......... They feel se xier when they wear leather when they go out smartly dressed and smoke, they often tell me they feel h orny. They're aware of men and guys looking at them when the smoke and this adds to their confidence.
    Now I'm waiting for Irene to serve it up to me.
    I hope your physio is going well honey, tell me how you're faring with it
    Love to you, lizzy, olivia and Freja all,

  • Belinda and Megan,

    Am I reading this correctly, f#ck me? you're both encouraging 4 year old girls to smoke. What kind of life will they have. More to the point, what kind of death will they have? Next both Hayley and Olivia will be drinking alcohol and f#cking before they're 5.

    Sick, sick, sickos


  • Hi Belinda,
    Thank you so much for your support. I agree with you so much on everything you say.

    I have to be honest and say it was an easy decision to start Olivia smoking. With 3 smokers in our home already smoking around Olivia all day long and her never raising any objections to that smokey environment it seemed only right to let her smoke herself so she could feel the full benefits of smoking. When Izzy was younger she would always mention about wanting her little sis to smoke one day and helping her start, however she hadn't mentioned it recently so it was me who brought up the idea. Yesterday evening before she went to bed I had Olivia smoke in front of a mirror, the reason I encouraged her to do this was so she could see how cute she looked smoking, also how she was exhaling compared to me and her sis. Her exhales and confidence holding her cigarette quickly improved within half a cigarette. Also it's impossible to do nice exhales without inhaling at least a little. This is what happened she felt a little more dizzy afterwards than she had all day. I was a very proud mom.

    I do believe that if parents are smoking then the daughter's should have the right to smoke themselves. I agree that boys do not look nice if they smoke but what is worse is girls smoking in a boyish way. I detest that.
    Smoking and having s** at a young age has so many benefits for girls, gives them so much confidence and helps them mature. I have seen Izzy testing her s** appeal and flirting skills with both boys and men. Even when she was at a younger age than she is now. Also I have seen the jealousy in the eyes of girls even older than Izzy who could only dream of being allowed to smoke and have s ex. (cont...)

  • I have told Izzy to just try and ignore Irene she is not worth a minute of her time replying to Irene's pathetic comments.

    I will post again later on and update you on other issues including my health and let you know how physio is going. Hope your salon is doing well and obviously your baby twins also. Megan xx

  • Hi again Belinda,
    My physio as been going well. I'm much more mobile usìng my frame. Can even go to the bathroom without anyone's assistance which is great. Even managed to stand independently in the kitchen to help Freja with dinner.
    Olivia had another good day with her smoking, pretty sure she had 5 today. She's definitely got used to the taste. Her style continues to progress. She even had a cig in semi public today when the girls went shopping, Freja parked in a quiet area of a car park so she could have a ciggy outside but without anyone noticing. She told me she felt like a big girl. She's inhaling a little more I noticed and she's definitely taking bigger puffs. I'm hoping she will get addicted soon so she can feel the full benefits from smoking.
    The girls enjoyed their shopping trip, came back with matching coats, scarves and hats which is cute.
    Freja is a little shy about contributing here because if the age difference between her and the girls, both me and Izzy have tried to reassure her she won't be judged by anyone who matters. So I don't know if she will or not.
    Lots of Love Megan xx

  • HI Megan,
    It's always a pleasure to read your material honey and more pleasing that you're making progress with your rehab.I can understand your desire to do the most menial tasks alone by going to the bathroom. I may have mentioned that the girls have a girlfriend, Amber, born a total quadriplegic who has no use of her hands and she's wheelchair bound for life. I do her hair from time to time and I take her shopping with the girls. Her dad is a friend of Rick's.

    My business is going extremely well although January is renowned as the most month of the year because people are on holiday. Bookings for February are looking good even at this early stage. There are 3 other salons in the Mall where my partner and I have our shop however ours is the only one that has full a beautician service. Last July we were successful in getting a contract from an over 55's retirement village to do hair and makeup every Monday and Friday. It has a 2-chair salon within the facility so I only have to buy products, pay a nominal rent and pay wages so I hired two more girls. The problem is that these senior residents of the village do not smoke and all my female staff smoke. this means they have to walk off the facility to smoke between cuts. I rotate the roster to give staff a fair go in that respect. Most times in the mall it gets hectic and I usually only have time to grab an apple or other type of fruit and I stand outside the mall chainsmoking throughout my lunch hour.

    The babies are doing well according to the clinic. I walked up the street pushing their pram with them last Sunday, it was so hot and on the way back the women I know stopped me to have a look at them. All I wanted to do was get home.


  • Megan, I chose the name for one of the babies - Liberty because it means freedom but I couldn't find another meaning the same, so after a week I chose Summer as the name for the other because she was smiling the most and seemed warmer. Soon after they acted the same and this blew my theory out of the water.

    I'm glad you mentioned Freja's reluctance to post. Lilly and Ren have often said to me mum Freja won't post. I told them both to encourage her to write by asking her direct questions. Please ask her to get in contact with the girls here, all of them, Ren, Lilly and Oskana.

    I absolutely love the idea of Olivia smoking, she'd be a cute smoker and she will increase and inhale more as she smokes more cigs To tell you the truth I can't wait until Liberty and Summer start smoking although I've got a long wait yet.

    Perhaps Izzy can get her mum a man honey, maybe the dad of Noah or Liam hahaha.

    If only we were a bit younger again we could have had a lot more fun and I don't discourage the girls for all the s ex they get at this time.

    Love to you and lotza get well wishes
    Belinda xx

  • Belinda I just wanted to add that you should be very proud of both Lilly & Ren they come accross ad remarkably intelligent young ladies and can thank them for defending us as mothers.
    Oh also forgot to add besides their shopping the girls came back with 2 boys, Noah and a friend, I'm sure Izzy will fill in the girls with the details in her own unique style Lol. Think she was tired afterwards which maybe explains why she hasn't posted today lol. A little jealous of my daughter's active s** life to be honest hehe.

    Lots of Love,
    Megan xx

  • Megan,
    That post was from me hun
    Belinda xx

  • Hi Megan,
    I am

  • Ren
    Another thing I find that's so disgusting and DISTURBING is that you have full on s ex with your twin sister, Lilly. Didn't I read on here some months ago that you use strap ons to pleasure each other?
    God girls don't you know that's fu# king incest. Cut it out immediately and go back to your bio mother for the sake of both of you.

  • Irene you f ucking b itch in the true sense of the word,

    Lilly and I don't care less what you think of Ren and I f ucking one another, it's none of your f ucking concern. We don't give two f
    ucks that it's incest. It's referred to as "twincest you dumb f ucker and we love it and we love one another. Do you really care about our welfare, of course not? Are you a man posing as a woman, just a question as mum - Belinda suspects you are? Not that we expect you to own up to it.
    Do us a favour and leave Lilly, Izzy our mums and myself alone and pay more attention to what's happening in your life, you might see a few surprises.

  • Ren,
    I love you sweetheart. Your so fuc#king hot you and my other sis Lilly. Love being your little bit ch.
    Guess what? Olivia is a beautiful little smoker. After lunch we went to my bedroom and I give her ciggy, she little scared but excited. I lit ciggy for her and pass it her, showed her how to hold it, first she take tiny puffs n she like that no coughing but then she take big puff then she had lots of coughing n want to stop but I said have drink of juice and try smaller puffs. With drink she was much better, it take bad taste away she say. Then she did nice puff n then she did another one, she say I can do it Izzy I can do it, then she say can I show mommy, so she did and then we sat with mom n she smoked most of her first ever ciggy!, me and mom gave her big hug and I give her kiss. I'm so happy she show Megan now, it was special to share the moment with her. Megan say she was proud of us both. After dinner Olivia had another cig with us all but this time she wet the filter to much cos she was messing about. So had to give her another cig. But she did well again! She copy us too. Megan wants Olivia to practice in mirror later to do good exhale. Also I put Olivia's hair in ponytail today so her hair wouldn't get in her way, but this time i tried a high ponytail and it made her looked older and even cuter.
    Hey Megan say she proud of me for going school and not drinking this week. I drink Vodka everyday over Xmas, she was worried bout me awww. But I didn't even think of drinking to be honest. But anyway she give me money to go shopping with Freja and Olivia tomorrow yessss! But for new coats, hats, gloves and scarf for all 3 of us, so not sexy clothes ha. We will meet Noah and is friend also at stores, so maybe fu ck later haha.
    I love you girl. OMG you finger my a ss? ha. Give Lilly lots of kisses for me. Your bit ch Isabella xxxxxx

  • Izzy,
    Mmm I've got the hots for you too love and I want you soo much. I need your tender hands all over me. Boys rush too much. They just want to have their c ock sucked, then they blow their cre am up my c unt in a matter of maybe 3 minutes leaving me soo f ucking frustrated. Then I have to wait until they get another h****** to be f ucked again. Girls are more patient and satisfy me more. We kiss and cuddle more and play with and suck on each other's clitor ous. It's so much more intense, then we use our strap ons to f uck each other YES IRENE I will write later about that. Why don't you just F UCK OFF.

    Honey it's the cutest news I've read all year that Olivia is smoking. The biggest asset is that she likes the taste. Don't worry that she gets the filter too wet from time to time mum said because little kids have a lot to remember when we tell them things when we teach them to smoke.

    I haven't had a drink since got drunk on my birthday. We used to drink Vodka but it's rather tasteless so now we drink bourbon and coke but we mix bourbon with diet coke. That way we can make it stronger than premixed cans haha. Mum wants us to cut down on our smoking because she's worried that when we go back to school we will want more nicotine than we're allowed
    to smoke. Let me know when Olivia is inhaling. I don't think that will be very long sweetheart.
    I love you, my forever B itch.
    Your loving b itch
    Love, love, love, love, Renae xxx

  • Izzy,

    Yes Sugar T its get Olivia started now with her smoking. Mum said Megan can afford to support her habit and she said other things. Her lungs should be developed enough at 4 years of age to smoke.

    Mum will write to your mum about it she said, but not to give advice coz she won't intrude like that. She just wants to add something.

    Mum doesn't care too much for little boys smoking, she has seen a few of them smoke and they don't have the finesse that a little girl has when they smoke.

    Liberty and Summer will get the same privilege to smoke as Lilly and I when they're 4. They are 4 and a half months old now so they have 43 and a half months to wait but mum said if they ask before then and see Lilly and I smoking and her and dad smoking the babies might like to try earlier in life.

    OMG I f ucking love you dearly.

  • WTF?

  • That "WTF" is such an overused and senseless statement or question, depending on which way you look at it . It just shows how f ucking stupid and immature you are. Do you comprehend what I'm saying, you
    f uckwit?

  • LOL you POS

  • Don't refer to us as PIECES OF SH IT, surely you are one of those guys who are a dud
    f uck. You're the sh it, post with your
    f ucking name.

  • It's what you are because everything here -- every single thing -- is #fakenews.

  • You poor jealous little boy. Go back to stroking your d ick and get over yourself.

  • That post was from me,
    Your little c unt
    Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Ren and Lilly,
    You are the biggest and youngest wh#res on earth. May be that's the fault of your mother, Belinda

  • Izzy,
    Thanks sweet pea for backing us up against this f ucking Irene b itch.
    Why does she come to this forum. I don't think she's getting her c unt f***** enough.

    She should leave us alone

  • That post about Irene was from me, she should get the biggest d ido and shove it up her c unt love.

    I love you, you little b**** and I want to drink all your juices babe Izzy
    Ren. xxx

  • Hey Irene you fuc#king nasty woman.
    You better leave Lilly and Ren alone! They are beautiful amazing girls!
    Your daughter is probably fuc#king lots of guys behind your back in other people's homes which is not safe for her. All because she has a nasty mother who she can't talk to honestly. Belinda and my mom Megan keep us safe!. Irene you probably want to get fuc#ked but you can't cos your so boring! So your jealous of your daughter young age and you want her to stop her fun.
    Try be a nice person and mother please!

  • Izzy,
    Oh I forgot you're another young wh ore You and the twins are a disgrace.

  • Izzy,
    I just wanted to let you know that I think you are impressive, sensitive and sensual young lady. I agree whole heartedly with your observations of Irene. But don't take this the wrong way but unfortunately I doubt whether your comments about Irene's daughter are correct. I doubt she has any enjoyment in her life at all as I suspect Irene runs a repressive regime in her home, where any signs of her daughter's maturity is quickly stamped on. Her daughter is probably quite immature because of the actions of her own mother, I suspect her mother would choose her friends and even her clothes, where make up is something her daughter only dreams of. I have so much admiration for you Izzy that not only did you defend Ren and Lilly but also your mother's also. Don't ever let what other people think change who you are young lady. Lilly, Izzy and Ren keep true to yourselves and you will have an amazing life ahead of you with so much fulfilment and joys.

    An older gent & admirer.

  • Dear admirer,
    Why do you think Irene is such a f ucking
    B itch towards us. It maybe illegal and immoral for us to part take in smoking, drinking, having s ex and sweating the way we do but there's no reason to blame our mum. Does it really make my twin, Ren our dear friend Izzy and myself wh ores because we are so young and we enjoy a good f ucking and we love smoking so much and with our mother s' approval ? I'm sick of that b itch. You may have read that mum is a hairdresser and does make up and she spends a lot of time on Ren and I before she and dad takes us to nice restaurants whereby she does our hair, Apples our makeup giving us eye shadow, false eye lashes and false long painted fingernails. To top it off she dresses us smartly in leather pants. This gives us an older look just so we are able to smoke at dinner.

    But for f uck sake, are we really hurting Irene?

  • Lilly,
    Please do not let people like Irene affect your life, you are far too intelligent for that. In my view she is just fighting against something she has no understanding of. She displays this by her unintelligent comments calling yourself and your sisters who res. Which you young ladies are clearly not. All 3 of you seem well rounded young ladies. Smoking young, drinking young and even having s** young is absolutely nothing new, there has always been young ladies like yourselves who have a positive outgoing attitude to life who are mature beyond your years. The difference is now these behaviours are frowned upon in the media, media and social media have warped people's brains. A lot of today's parents are more interested in showing everyone on Facebook that they are the most perfect parents, it almost seems a competition. Which is sad because they should be connecting with their children instead, loving them and showing faith and trust in them, like your mom's do. So don't be to disheartened by angry jealous older ugly women like Irene. You, Ren and Izzy are everything she isn't which is young, intelligent, fun, sweet and can I say sexy?.

    Older gent & admirer.

  • We twins likecmen and women to think of us as s exy. Mum touched on this when she wrote to Megan about 4 hours by saying we feel extra h orny when we're dressed in leather. There's something about that fabric that feels sensational in our groin when we're smoking. Knowing Oskana personally and reading what Izzy writes, I'm sure they feel super s exy when they smoke too, especially around boys.

  • Hey Izzy,

    You little b itch, have you ever smoked weed?

    Lilly <3<3<3

  • Izzy,

    We used to smoke weed when mum was pregnant but then Ren did something bad and mum blamed it on her when Ren was stoned and not giving a f*** while she was stoned. Now we're not allowed to smoke it at all. She grabbed dad's c*** when he was in the nude and dad waved his finger at her and mum was real mad at her. Our dad has a huge c ock and it's curved up and he has been circumcised with a big k***. He is tall but mum said not all tall men have got big c ocks. She has been out with a lot of tall men and she told us that.


  • Lilly Love & Sexy Ren,
    I not ever smoked weed. Megan say she not like it and people who smoke it here in Sweden. So she not want me to mix with these People, she say I'm to Hot, sexy and sweet anyway I not need weed to have much fun :) But if you smoke weed it's cool with me and I still love to be your little b itch. Hope you both have fun and nice f uck with Brett & Craig. I think older boys are much better also!
    Me and mom today have long chat about start Olivia smoking. We both decide that smoking will be good for her and she will look cute. But Megan give me rules if I want start her. She say no baby things like just giving puffs or Smokey kisses cos smoking is a big girl thing. Olivia must start on her own cigarette and not share. She must smoke same brand as me so she feel same as me and she must get used to holding cigarettes in the right way. We need to get her to exhale nicely. Also encourage her and praise, Megan say I didn't like smoking cos of the taste at first but she kept praise me and telling me I was big girl. I can't remember not liking ciggys ha. She say just try to get her to smoke like half ciggy at first so she not feel so sick. Megan say don't encourage inhale yet. So first for Olivia is holding cig nicely and learn nice exhale so she looks pretty n cute. Megan say it's same as when she start me. I can start her tomorrow! I'm excited. My baby girl will look so cute n lovely smoking.
    Every time I write I think about you both, I think about s** with you. I'd be so much better than those fuc king boys, I'd suck all your juices from your sexy cu nts. I am your slu tty little girlfriend.
    Oh ask Belinda what she thinks for Olivia smoking, mom wants to know.
    Love your girl Izzzzzzzyyyyy xxx

  • Hi Renae babe and sweet Lilly,
    I love you both. Hope you both have fun fuc#king your boyfriends, tell me about them both, how big is there co#ck n age? Zak is still the biggest I've had and he growing so big, he's like really tall now, s ex is hard now cos he grow so fast and me not so but we still friends.
    Lilly I not call Megan not mom cos I not love her. My mom is amazing I respect her so much but even when 2 year old sometimes I called her Megan when i hear others she told me. It's just my thing I like being different and Megan say she love me more for being myself.
    I am in good mood today yesterday I was upset cos first day of school and I not like it but I still tell Megan and Freja I love them but they give me space. Olivia had got used to me being home most of the days with her and we missed each other, so was nice to have cuddle time.
    Me and my girl Freja make so much love today. She here next to me now on bed. For sure I am Freja' s little bit#ch n cu#nt. Renae I know Lilly have Oksana but I still love you both same n have mad love for you.
    Me and mom was sad for Hayley and mad at her mom for getting her to smoke when she can not give her cigs that is fuc#king bad. Megan always make sure when she start me that I had cigs even when little. When Olivia starts we will always make sure she has cigs.
    Say hi to Oksana for me I bet she real pretty and sexy like you both. Freja says hi and thinks you both hot. Freja like young girls now cos of me haha.
    Your sis bi#tch Isabella n Freja xxxxx

  • Hey Izzy,
    In my last post I didn't have enough room to write about boyfriend. My boyfriend, Craig and Lilly:"s boyfriend, Brett are both 16 and are very well mannered. Our previous boyfriends were 14 and were so immature. Craig and Brett both go to North Sydney Boys High School and play football so we go and watch them on the weekend. They don't live very far from us. When we brought them home said she recognised them because she saw them every morning when she drove on her way to work and often saw them crossing on the pedestrian crossing and both boys dipped their school hats as they crossed the road. She said she doesn't see those manners from boys going to public schools.

    I have to be truthful here so I'd say Lily's boyfriend has a bigger c ock than Craig although Brett's c ock is thicker I'm sure and not much smaller. Both boys have have had s ex with each of us because they wanted to f uck identical twins and I wanted Brett to f uck me so much but we only f***** the first time on our eleventh birthday just recently. They are
    about 5 feet 8 and still growing. Both are super cute and mum loves their sense of humour. Brett has got brown hair and sort of blue - grey eyes and Craig has got nearly black hair and blue-green eyes. They have to keep their hair trimmed because they go to a private school. Their parents have been out to dinner with mum and dad.

    When Hayley comes, out with mum and us she can't smoke in public, that's obvious, so we have to rush back after lunch so Hayley can have a ciggie in the car.
    Take your panties off for me you little f ucking s exy b itch. I need to make love 2U
    Love Ren xxxxxxxxx

  • Izzy my sweet little b itch,
    Oh I'd love to give you the biggest f ucking honey and kiss your juicy sweet c unt while I'm fingering your as# hole and kissing you with my cummmy mouth. I stayed at my boyfriend's last night n my as# and c unt felt amazing coz Craig f ucked me so good. He kept lighting me ciggies and made me smoke which made me so h orny. His c ock is circumcised too which is good to suck. Brett's c ock is not circumcised and mum said if she had a boy there's no way she'd have him circumcised coz dad's mum said when dad was a baby it was normal for baby boys to be circumcised by mum told us dad's mum said it was the cruelest thing to watch him go through it and he screamed the place down.
    Honey I need to f uck you so much you little b itch.
    Your b itch Renxxxxxx

  • My s exy little b itch Izzy, Nice to hear from you darling and you're feeling better. I love you, know that? We should all share our love for one another so I apologise to Lilly. Lilly and I also loves your mum and we feel her pain for what she's going through and mum has told us just to imagine how difficult it is for her and never take life for granted and be kind. I'm happy for you and Freja to have f ucked, give her a kiss on the pus sy from me, and a smoky French kiss. I can understand you wanting to be yourself now and refer to Megan by name. Our Russian friend, Oskana's real name is Oksana, that's also her mum's name and she wants a different name to her mum so she uses Oskana. Lilly and I want to call Belinda mum because she is the natural mother to Liberty and Summer and they will call her mum later on and Lilly and I want to be a part of the new family. We love Belinda so much. Really she is like a big sister to us and she's our mum now. Sure she gets upset with us like when we smoke in school uniform after school and not changing before we leave to come home. Honey it maybe easier for Lilly and I to get through school because we study together at home and Oskana is in our class at school and we all smoke when we do our homework when Oskana:s with us, whereas you're alone and smoke alone when you do yours. Hayley stays at our place overnight sometimes and mum buys her ciggies, feeds her a good dinner and baths her and she sleeps in my bed or Lily's and I sleep with Lilly and we f uck.Mum buys Hayley a couple of packs of ciggies to take home but we don't know if her f ucking mother smokes any. Olivia will be cute smoking, when will she start? I read that you get up in the middle of the night to smoke like we do but smoking stimulates us so after smoking one cigarette we usually stay up for a couple of hours smoking before we go back to bed again. Lilly wakes me up to have a smoke or I wake her haha Ren your s exy little b itch xxx

  • Irene

    Watch your mouth there no reason to talk like that so stop

  • Carlo

    Thanks for defending our mum's actions, you're a very good man. I don't know why people like Irene don't f uck off and leave our mums to run our lives. Our mums know us best and what's best for us and Megan and Belinda are in favour of us drinking, f ucking and smoking. They've been so good to us and they are our advisors. So that's all that f ucking matters.
    Thanks again


  • Lilly,
    Although Izzy is our sis she is my b itch . You've got Oskana. You can't have both sis. I'm gonna f uck her.

  • Lilly and Ren,
    I'm coming home my holiday today. I've missed you too much. We stayed in a hotel on the Gold Coast in a non smoking f ucking room so every time we needed to smoke we had to go downstairs. I got my brother Renat to smoke while we were away but mum doesn't like him smoking. He's 13 and we're eleven, go figure that out.

    Lilly I'll ring you tonight and I'll walk around to your place if we're home early enough.
    Love Oskana

  • Oskana,
    Happy you're coming home today. I haven't seen you all year except for our birthday party on NYE. Wasn't it a f ucking buzz. Everyone got wasted, we f ucked our ars es off and the ashtrays were so full with our cigarette butts. Thanks again for helping to clean up.

    Stay over tonight and we'll have a "love-in"
    Lilly xoxo

  • To my Lilly & Ren,
    Sorry I not be here but this website is stupid sometimes. Also my mood as been bad cos of fuc#king school, I hate it so fuc#king much. With fuc#king little kids all day. I want home school but that's fuc#king banned in Sweden, I hate it.
    I not talk much when I come home from school with Freja and Megan. I been bit#ch. I just cuddle with my baby Olivia, she makes me happy when I'm sad.
    I'm sad that Belinda not like word cu#nt. I think people like to keep us as small girls for fuc#king forever. I'm not little anymore. People not like we smoke, we drink, we fu#ck grrrrrr. I'm bad bit#ch today. I'm sorry sexy girls. I love you Lilly, I love you Ren. I wish to kiss and love your pus#sy so bad.
    I hate Mark, if I meet him I kick him hard in his fuc#king b**** for you if you like sweethearts.
    Your bad bit#chy girl Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Lizzy,
    I'm sad too to read that you're so sad. Why don't you talk to your mum and Freja, you have one of the best mums in the whole wide f ucking world and we want you to realize that sweetheart. There aren't too many mums like Megan and Belinda who DO treat us like adults and how many kids do you know in your class at school who are allowed to f uck, smoke and drink? I bet there aren't many honey. Your mum is gouing through a lot at the moment sweetheart and she needs your support. i know you've been excellent with Olivia and Freja has been a great help to your mum and Ren and I love you both for that.

    The only reason our mum doesn't want us to use the word c unt is because of the trolls, she thinks it will encourage trolls to write nasty thing about the 3 of us. We can use the word c unt when we're being f ucked, she doesn't mind that.

    I think we're all lining up to kick Mark in the f ucking b alls, he's a b@stard, Belinda mum, Ren and I hate him so much. But you can kick the c unt the first honey and I don't apologise for calling Mark that mum. Our bio mum is taking us away on a holiday next year and she's leaving Mark at home. We can all smoke in peace then, although Mark and our bio mum are smokers too.

    Why don't you call Megan "mum" she's so lovely.
    Ren didn't answer you when you said you want to kiss and love her pu*sy so bad, so honey you can suck my c*** until I c um. I will suck you pu*sy and t its with all my might.

    I love you too and I want you to write no matter how bad you feel.
    Love from b itch Lilly xoxoxox

  • Our dear B itch Izzy,
    We love you soo much too darling, don't be sad. Post on here more often coz you make us soo happy. When do you have your school holidays in Sweden? We don't go back to school until the end of this month, so we've got 3 more weeks at home yet which is good coz we can smoke all we like. We're gonna stay at our boyfriend's place on Friday and Saturday night this weekend so we can f uck but Lily's boyfriend's mum makes them get out of bed early in the morning whereas my boyfriend's mum lets us sleep in but we f uck instead of sleeping.

    I love you, you little b itch so stay in contact love.

    Ren xxxxxxx

  • To r&l : even tho i am so much older (13.5y) u 2 girls are so much more experienced in s*x than me.actualy all of the experience i have so far have been bad makes me cry sometimes coz i want it so much and its just goneso bad so very bad and with both guys and girls.i wish i would be more like u in every ways but mostly in s*x coz its s*x that is so important. but i wanted u both to kno that the way u both talk in s*x makes me feel it in my c*nt. serious i can feel what u say all inside of me.and after i found your posts now my favrite word is c*nt and when you use it and i see it when u wrote it i get creamy so creamy.and so sometimes if i am alone in the apartment i can grind while i read u write u make me squirt.its all about u2 coz u2 are so s*xy. it makes me want to smoke and hard hard hard scisor u both.omg ur making me make a puddle in my chair right now!
    Kaycey 13.5

  • Hi Kaycey,
    I'm pleased to read that you're another girl posting that is allowed to smoke and have
    s ex. To increase your chances of getting more s ex and hopefully find a lover whether that be a girl or a boy why don't you hold a s ex party at your place? My twin sis and I have done that with great success.

    Our good Swedish friend, Izzy has got the knack of meeting a boy and then inviting him to her place to f uck him. During the past couple of days she even seduced him as he was a virgin before that and she got him to smoke. Remember we've got what boys want most and that's a p-u-s-s-y, so don't be shy.

    And yes scissoring is great especially when we smoke but in the end we want a stiff
    C-o-c-k to finish us off.

  • Open this f ucking thread


  • Dear Izzy Babe,

    Hi Bubs, thank f uck we are home from our bio mum's. Belinda mum picked us up today. We had a good time with our mum but her bf Andrew is a sh it. Our bio mum said on Sunday night "Have you girls taken your Pill tonight yet?" Mark said what Pill, Mum said the safe s ex Pill. Then he went nuts. He said we're out of control for having s ex at our age and that we're tramps for smoking". Lilly said "what, do you want us to become pregnant and we're not going to give up smoking just for you?" Our bio mum then stuck up for us and they had an argument. She said "it's got nothing to do with him and that he's not our father". Then Mark said "Lilly and I call Belinda "Mum" but we don't call him dad". Our bio mum stuck up for us again and said "Belinda loves them dearly and takes great care of them at home and when they're sick and chastises them when they need it and you treat them badly."

    But on the way home, Belinda mum said "we're going to stop for coffee and lunch and I'm going to give you both a correctional talk and you're not to have a cigarette until I finish speaking". Lilly and I looked at one another and I thought what the f uck did we do. Anyways we had sushi and a coffee and "mum" said "cut out using the "c unt" word you're using on Confessions, that should only be said in the bedroom when you're having s** and we're overdoing the "f uck" word way too much. You're inviting the trolls. I want you both to have a good time on here with Izzy and surely you can do that. Just reduce the use the f uck word a bit.

    Then we had to ask her if it was okay for us to smoke and she said in a cranky voice "Yes". She said "we can call each other a b itch but if Megan objects then we're NOT to use it."

    Love your b itch
    Ren xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Love Ren

  • Your mother's boyfriend is only being difficult because he's in l*** with both of you and wants you for himself. He hates the idea of you giving it up to all these other guys (and girls, and each other) while he is sooo hungry for it and is not getting ANY. He's going to start insisting that you give it up. He'll never admit it but that's what he wants. By this point, his desire for you may be the only reason he stays with your mother. And I can promise you that all the dirty s** talk is driving him WILD, and he wants to hear more of it. (And btw, he also secretly loves your smoking, so smoke more around him and watch how he reacts.)

  • This post makes sense to Lilly and I in some ways although our bio mum told us she has a great s ex life with her bf Mark but when she was with our dad she had a much better s ex life. She said our dad is a great lover and this is where she feels a bit jealous of our mum Belinda .

    When Belinda visits and Mark's there and Belinda smokes, we've noticed he can't take his eyes off her and has a hand in his pocket adjusting his d ick and Belinda mum told us he's not at all discrete about it either.

    btw Belinda is a very, very attractive woman and smoking makes her so much more attractive and s exy.


  • Ren, I understand what you are saying, I really do, but there is more than just one thing at work here, as I see it. It's clear (at least to me) that he has a rather bad case of the fetish. That's not a bad thing, that he loves seeing attractive women smoke, but I still believe all of this revolves around you and Lilly, and has more to do with you two than it does Belinda or your biological mother. He is (imo) already aroused by thought of you and Lilly, and Belinda is just adding to that excitement with her smoking skills. That is to say, the erections are for you and Lilly. Not Belinda. As for his level of activity with your mother -- and this is the difficult part, for which I'll apologize in advance -- while she is the obvious beneficiary, she is NOT what is in his mind or his heart when he is hitting it. Please forgive my saying this, but I totally believe it: he is thinking of you and Lilly while he is doing her. He is imagining it is you girls, BOTH of you, the entire time, every time, and he wishes it were happening. It's you he loves, not your mother. And he's probably had those feelings for a very long time. I think if you look back at that situation, you'll find it clear. Could he not have done that without living with your mom and without making love with her? Of course, but he wouldn't have seen the two of you as often, or been as physically close to you as he has been, and so his fantasies of you would not have been as lively nor seemed as realistic. I'm sorry to have raised this idea, but Lilly and yourself are incredibly mature, so I think you can understand this and accept it. I firmly believe he is having an intimate relationship -- a group affair -- with you and Lilly, in his soul, and that drives everything he does. And everything he is.

  • I have shown mum - Belinda your posts and she agrees with everything you have to say. It seems to her that you've been a spy on the wall because that is EXACTLY what it is to her. She said she has only noticed this change in Mark since she knew Lilly and I smoked a year ago when we came to live with her and dad. It was her who allowed us to smoke and have s ex because we confessed both to her. She then told our bio mum and the rest of our family we smoke. Some know we have s ex, others don't and the ones that don't, have no right to know.

    I remember when we started to smoke in public with her, we were having lunch and smoking in a smoking area of a restaurant. Lilly said, "those guys over there looking at us, I feel uncomfortable" mum said "feel privileged, you'll be in demand with boys and men as you get older, smoking is women power" we knew over the next few months what she was saying.

    At home Lilly and I are mostly naked and make out on the lounge, exchanging smoky kisses while we smoke. Belinda too is mostly naked when she's home with us. Dad is sometimes naked but mostly in a pair of jocks. This is something we can't and won't do in Mark's presence. We only smoke.

  • Ren, you are so lucky to have Belinda as your mother who is so intelligent and so aware, and who thinks so clearly as to be able to craft a phrase like "smoking is women power". OMG that is so true! And it is also so very poetic. And perfect. I just love that phrase!

    Yes, I know Belinda is your step, but I think of her as your true mother because all three of you are so much alike and you and Lilly are becoming so much like her, each and every day, that it is a really beautiful thing to see. I hope she is your sole role model in everything you do.

    Also, still regarding Belinda, I think she should start her own website, including a blog describing her own women power incidents with her own smoking, telling everything about the ways she uses her smoking to exercise that power, and maybe also to provide advice to other mothers about how to raise girls the proper way. I know she's too private to post pix or vids of her own smoking techniques and styles and tricks, but I know that would make the site more popular.

    I mostly wanted to comment on that "power" observation of hers and how wonderful it is. And how wonderful she is. And how lucky you and Lilly are. I know you both already know it, so I'm just adding my thoughts to that.

  • Mum stopped Lilly and I from going on social media early last year. We had over 1,200 facebook friends and we posted images of ourselves getting wasted and smoking. Mum thought it wouldn't help our chances getting a job later on or going to uni so she closed down our pages. She closed her facebook page too as she thought if it meant she closed ours she should close hers. So I don't think she'll make a website. Besides she's got a very good business and owns her hair salon, pedicure, manicure and make-up salon.

    But the strange thing is, she recently changed her hair style and had a girl who works for her, do her makeup. A fellow who has a photographic studio in the same as mum has her shop took a few photos and she used them as a promotion. She wore the same outfit as shown in the photo and stood outside the Mall smoking and giving out her pamphlets while she was smoking. Even men came up to tae a brochure and price list.

    Mum has taught us the etiquette of smoking in a lady-like manner with tips from the internet.
    Never hold a cigarette in the mouth without the fingers assisting. In other words, no dangling cigarettes.
    Hold the cigarette in the hand as we flick our lighter and then place it between the lips for lighting. The fingers must stay in contact with the cigarette.
    If assistance is offered for lighting the cigarette, graciously lean toward the light.
    Hold the cigarette as close to the ends of the fingers as possible.
    Hold the lighted end of the cigarette toward the ceiling so that smoke does not curl through the fingers.
    Never blow smoke through the nostrils.
    Do not flick the ashes from the cigarette, roll them off.
    To put the cigarette out, gently roll it in the ash tray until there is no longer any smoke.


  • Izzy,
    I love you, you f ucking s exy little
    f ucking b itch. Smoky kisses when we're having oral darling. Mmmmmm.
    All my deepest love. I really mean deep, sugar t its.
    F uck me.

  • Hi Lilly & Ren, sweet sexy bi#tches.
    Its middle of night here, woke up for ciggy but thought of you both. So i think write to you.Oh my girls so cool you fuc#ked all the boys at the party! That's fuc#king Hot! Love you both.
    I met that boy today at coffee shop at 1, he's called Noah he's 14 and he fuc#king so cute n hot n funny. I took him home n go bedroom with him, we kissed n then I took my clothes off n started undressing him, then he say stop cos he was worried about Megan I told him she doesn't fuc#king care n he was like oh we shud wait. Lilly & Ren guess what it was his first fuc#king time ha, he never fu#ck before ha. I said it be good n it was ok. So I got his clothes off n we fuc#ked, he was so quick ha, but it was fun n he was dead sweet, we even said sorry for being so quick, how fuc#king cute is that ha. Then we chill in bed then we play games on ps4, even Megan n Olivia say he was cute ha. He was funny to, I think I got new friend. Freja tell him not to love me cos I'm a bi#tch n hurt his heart ha. I said just friend to. Megan say all the time careful with boys cos they will fall in love wiv me ha. Oh he asked to try ciggy n he did ok but after he stood up n nearly fall dizzy ha. I suck him later then Freja n me took him home. Hes like a funny brother. Freja want fu#ck him next time ha. I love you both soo fu#cking much. I love also to say cu#nt n always call my pus#sy cu#nt. It's my fave word ha, but Megan hates it, she say nasty word ha.
    What is Bourbon sisters? Is it nice for drink? So bad you can't kiss each other at your bio mom. I feel sad special if you hot for each other. I know I love kissing n holding Freja n fu#ck her.
    Love your sexy little cu nt Izzy xxxxx

  • Hi you s exy b itch sis Izzy.
    I'm so pleased that you f ucked Noah and we're not listening to that lady named Irene. You have a great mum who lets you f uck boys just like Belinda lets us f uck who we want. Our mum lets Lilly and I f uck at her place but we don't do it when her creepy bf is home. We kiss and cuddle on the lounge though when he's there and we smoke when we do that.

    Sis bourbon is something like whisky. It's Kentucky bourbon and it's yummy with coke. It tastes something like scotch and coke but nicer

  • Izzy,

    That's really cute that you f***** him and he WAS a virgin to s ex and smoking. Now he's hooked on you I bet. That's how it works, a boy's first f uck is always the one he remembers most and the fact that you got him to smoke will make it hard to forget you. But f uck him love, there are too many boy in this world to be ties to one


  • Megan and Belinda,
    You're fuckking disgusting mothers. How could you possibly allow your ten year old daughters to smoke, drink and have s** and it's apparent you approve of them swearing like a brickie's laborer. You've obviously seen their posts because you both post here.
    My daughter is 15 and there is no way on this God's planet that I'd permit that kind of wayward parenting in my house.
    Get fuckking with it.

  • Irene,
    So why it's ok for you to fuc#king swear? and don't call Megan or Belinda disgusting, who are you? fuc king nasty woman. I feel bad for your daughter with you for mother, nasty. Be nice and kind to everyone please!

  • Izzy my little b itch sis,
    It's a good thing you remembered to write about Irene f ucking swearing sweetheart. I was gonna write about that but forgot. If I were her daughter, I'd f ucking leave home and live with a married man just to p-is-s her off. Then I'd walk into her house totally f ucking drunk and smoking a ciggie.

    One of your s lutty little c unts
    Lilly xoxoxoxoxo

  • Lilly I know you were just being feisty and rebellious but I liked the way you described going out and becoming mistress to a married man and described yourself as a slutty little c***. So sexy! Thanks for being that way! Have a great day!
    Erica (another slutty little smoking c*** LIKE YOU!)

  • Hey Erica,
    I just saw this post. I'm pleased that you're another sl ut. Do you have lot of boys to f uck and do you smoke, get wasted and how old are you?

  • Irene,

    OMFG you’d be a f ucking boring mum. Ren, and Izzy I have the best mother EVER. We wear s exy hot f ucking clothes too.
    This is 2019, you should get with it.
    Happy New Year


  • Hi Belinda,
    Thank you for your lovely message. Yes everything will be covered by their insurance and I will also be getting compensation too.

    Izzy loves her two new sisters. She's been chatting about them a lot. She shows me the messages first before I read them here myself. She loves that Lilly and Ren are both so adult like herself and have shared experiences. I definitely think they would be extremely close if they ever met. Her Australian girlfriend's. Even Freja who has a special relationship with Izzy is happy for her. I was worried she might feel left out but I should have known better. Some of the words they use are very direct but I find them very loving and passionate to.

    We have very different weather's hun currently you have boiling hot weather where as it's freezing most days here.

    As Izzy said to the girls I didn't choose to go shopping with them, but they came back with lovely clothes.

    How are your baby twin girls? Hope they doing well. I'm sure both are absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure Lilly & Ren adore them. Hope they are sleeping well at nights. They all lucky to have an amazing mother.

    Take care honey. Megan xx

  • Hi Megan,
    I don't begrudge you one krona you'll be receiving as compensation and hopefully it will be very rewarding.

    The love that Izzy has for the girls is returned, they talk about her as though they're all sleeping and having breakfast together which is just so lovely. To share their experiences is something to behold. I've suggested to them they include Freja where possible and I had words with them about omitting to ask what clothes she bought. Sometimes it's cruel of kids when they simply don't think to ask a question and have a recipient such as Freja to partake. I'm not perturbed at the language that the kids use. As one fellow said, that language is used on prime time television in Sydney. It may have been Graham that wrote it.

    The babies are doing very well thanks Megan, they're developing their own characteristics and have just started to turn over from their tummies to their backs. They started that the same day. It's amazing how the anatomy of each know they're twins. The same applies with Ren and Lilly, they both started menstruation, growth spurts and developed larger boo ooobs together. Like Ren and Lilly, the babies too, are identical. I have registered them into Ren and Lilly's private school here in Sydney although by the time the babies are 5, the older twins will be in senior years of high school.

    Lilly rang me last night from her mum's and said mum your sister, Megan left you a message on confessions.
    So here's wishing you well, sis
    Belinda xx

  • Belinda & Megan,
    You both sound sooo fuc*king hottt. You are mothers I'd like to f*uck. You sexy fuc*king milfs.

  • You both must smoke when I'm fuc*king you too

  • Huh you keep your dirty tongue, fingers and d ick away from our mums who are Belinda and Megan.

    They'll both give up smoking even if ur the last guy on earth that they'll have smoking s** with

  • Izzy and Ren,

    That guy who wants to f uck our mums is probably a 70 year old grandpa and Izzy's mum Megan is only about 24 and Belinda mum is only 26. It'd be so, so funny watching him f uck anyways.

    You know Izzy sometimes Ren and I call each other a little c*nt but it's always in an affectionate way.

    Love little b itch, Lilly xx

  • Hi Lilly & Ren, my sexy sweethearts, love you both.
    Oh Fu ck I need to go to one of your party's they sound hot n so much fun. Did you both fu ck boys at party?
    Hope you have a good time with your bio mom, don't let her freaky boyfriend scare ya.
    I feel so close to both you sexy hot bitc#hes and I mean that lovingly. I feel like we are one and share same thoughts. Hot to meet girls like my age who are same as me and don't act like child like other our ages. We would have amazing s** n I want to kiss and taste both of you all over so much hmmmm.
    Freja is 16 and she smokes, before she come live with us she smoke maybe 5 to 10 a day now over 20 a day. She's so sweet and caring, she had bad relationship with her mom before so that's why she moved in. But now she is friends with her mom again now. So that's really cool!
    I tell you about our shopping day in my next post. I love both of you. Your girl Izzy xxxx

  • Hi Ren & Lilly my love girlfriend's,
    So the other day me, Freja and Olivia went in to city on the train with our Christmas money. I really want Megan to come with us but she fu cking hates her wheelchair n people see her in it.
    We got some proper cool sexy clothes. Me and Freja got both got lots of clothes, my fave is a short sexy dress, n this top n ripped jeans. I got some ankle boots with big heels- I fuc king love shoes with heels. I have lots of shoes. Me and Freja got matching nighty from Victoria secrets and we got Megan a bag from there also.
    Oh fu ck sexy sisters we got my Olivia some gorgeous clothes. Her new clothes are so f***#king super cute, we got her so much, we even spent some of our money on her cos the clothes were just to fu#cking cute for her age n she was such a good girl all day even when she was outside in the cold with us when we were having our cigarettes she was ok. Think we got more excited for her clothes than our own. You would both love my baby girl Olivia she's so cute n funny.
    On the train on the way home we met this boy who was cute he's 14 got blonde hair n blue eyes, his hair is long for boys but it looks good, he was quiet at first cos he was on his own, he had nice smile when we talk. I got his number and I'm meet him tomorrow in coffee shop near me. I hope then take him home for fu ck. I let you both know if it was good or .....
    Kiss each other for me, give lots of smokey kisses to each other n love always.
    Love you both always, your Izzy xxxxx

  • Hi Izzy darling,
    We got ripped Jeans, boots and cigarettes for Christmas from our bio mum and she bought us one of the bottles of bourbon each we got.
    Four year little girls are soo soo f ucking cute, I bet Olivia is soo adorable Lilly and I want to cuddle her.

    So you corrupted your cousin, Freja by getting her to smoke more and your mum told my mum that you seduced her. How f ucking hott is that? Haha Lilly and I love it.
    A friend of mum's had Lilly and I corrupt her daughter Hayley to smoke about the middle of last year. She was only 4 and she turns 5 this month. She was walking around with an unlit cigarette so her mum thought it was a good thing to get her started. The sad thing is she's addicted because she's inhaling and her mum is single and lives on f ucking welfare and can't afford to buy her as many cigarettes as she needs. How
    f ucked up is that?

    I love us three calling each other b itches,
    It's kinda badass.

    Love you b itc
    From your b itch
    Renae (Ren)
    Sweet, wet dreams babes xoxo

  • Hiya OUR dearest Izzy,
    Firstly I have to address Ren. She's the one who wanted to tell you about our birthday party that was held on New Year's Eve but she hasn't done that. She was probably too drunk to even remember saying that to you on New Year's Day so I'll tell you. It was fun. Mum told kids not to buy us presents because they are all at school but a few bough stuff for us from those cheap stores that have cheap party things. One guy bought Ren a pair of earrings shaped like a co ck and a friend of his bought me a pair of co ck shaped earrings. The others all put in to buy us plastic nurses and plastic police women uniforms. Although it was a skinny dipping party kids also put their money together to buy a felt type dart board with a felt ball. Around the board they wrote things like "give me a f uck", "suck my t its" "Finger me," "An al" "Swallow" "
    Give me a smoky kiss" and other things. Ren and I had to throw the felt ball and if it stuck to "f uck me" for example we had to pick a guy for s ex but we couldn't pick the same guy again for
    anything else. Our aunt Narelle, or who we call aunt is Belinda was
    p*i*s*s*i*n*g herself laughing.
    We've going to our biological mums today and stay with her for a couple of days. She gets on well with Belinda and dad but we hate her boyfriend. There is something creepy about him. He says he hates us wearing short shorts and smoking but he always stares at us. Dad had words with him last time we visited and if he starts anything with us this time dad said just ring him and he'll bring come and get us and bring us home.
    Hmmm I love you too babe, we'll have to get a bigger f ucking bed for all three of us.
    Love Lilly xxxooo

  • Hey Izzy,
    I meant to say Narelle is Belinda's sister. We call her aunt.
    Love Lilly xxooxx

  • Hi my darling Iizzy,
    So, so happy to read your messages. We went shopping the day you went. What clothes did you buy? I bet you look soo
    f ucking hott and s exy in whatever you bought and wear but I'd be just as happy for you to wear nothing and you and I could scissor, drink smoke kiss and f uck all day long. I bought a pair of watermelon colour short shorts (the colour is actually called punch) and I got a white top. Lilly got a pair of black short shorts and a black and dark brown top. They are the same brand and we like each others choice so we can wear each other's clothes.
    How old is Freja and does she smoke?
    I love you babes.
    Look after each other sweetie, all of you. Love Ren xoxo

  • Izzy hun,
    Lilly didn't answer your question so I'll do that. Both Lilly and I f ucked all the guys who attended our birthday party by playing the dart board game. Then all the other girls were f ucked by guys after they threw the felt ball at the felt dart board.
    If I ever meet you I'm gonna pour cream and strawberries all over your body. Then give you a big f ucking sweetie.

    It's not the same here with our bio mum as it is with Belinda. We walk around the house naked with her but we can't here. Belinda and dad a cool about it and we know deep down our dad isn't really looking at us. We feel we can't do that in our bio mums place because of mum's boyfriend. At home Lilly and I hold hands and kiss when we're smoking and watching television until Belinda notices we're getting h orny then she sends us to bed so we can f uck one another.
    Oh f uck that's what you, me and Lilly will soon be doing my sweetheart.
    Love B itch Ren xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Megan,

    You poor little duckie, I cannot even imagine how your life has been turned upside down by the car accident, it must have been horrific. For how long are you wheelchair bound and for how long do you need to undergo physio?.
    You must feel so helpless in not being able to carry out simple daily chores.
    Izzy touched briefly on her troubled time when she wrote to the girls. I told them not to harp on it as Izzy doesn't need to be embarrassed by it. Izzy has turned that around now, this is illustrated by the fact that she unselfishly elected to be at home with you on NYE by midnight rather than stay at the party. Aside my babies haven't grown up yet so I'm not one to talk. Likewise the twins haven't reached the dreaded age of 14. Studies have shown this is the most difficult time for parents. I'm hoping they prove me wrong. Although Izzy, Ren and Lilly smoke, drink and have s ex rest assured they're NOT as bad as kids who don't engage in these adult activities. I have heard kids their age speak in a disgusting manner to their parents, telling them to get f ucked or f uck off. Sometimes it takes something like your accident, to reignite the love and attention between you and Izzy. i love her that and for the unconditional love she has for Olivia. Most older girls have an influence over our younger daughters. You may recall that Ren and Lilly were enticed to smoke, drink alcohol and have s ex by a girlfriend, Natalie, when that girl was 9 and the twins were 6, all without education and I was livid. That girl's mother had a house full of girls and guys forever present and it was virtually a whorehouse. Natalie is almost 15 and a heroin addict now, so I've forbidden the twins to hang with her. I've had a difficult time with Lilly which I'll share with you later. At this stage, let's just say, I'm not real real proud of her. Love to you all and get on the road to a speedier recovery girl
    Belinda xx

  • Belinda,

    Thank you for your good wishes, my recovery has been long, but starting to see some positive signs. I've started using a walking frame in the past week and although it takes a whole lot of effort I'm getting there. It was a driver of a big truck who had some kind of health issue which caused him to swerve from one side of the road to the other hitting my car. I hold no malice towards the driver but so thankful my girls were not with me at the time. But for a full recovery even with physio it's going to be over a year with one further and hopefully last operation in March/April time.

    But it's forced me to think about priorities in my life and realise what's important. I've been working far to much, leaving home at 8am in the morning and getting home after 6pm leaving Zak's mom to look after the girls was so wrong. No wonder my baby Olivia sometimes looks to Izzy more than me. Izzy shouldn't have had all that responsibility even if she loves it. So I've made changes in my business, so even when I'm well I will be home all the time.

    All my 3 girls are amazing, yes I have gained a extra daughter in my niece Freja who lives with us fulltime now, she's such a lovely influence on Izzy. Even if Izzy has seduced her haha. But they have such a nice close loving relationship where they give each other space when they have fun with others. (cont...)

  • I agree that Izzy, Ren & Lilly are all amazing girls, yes they all engage in adult activities but I think they are all mature enough for this and I'm sure all 3 appreciate it. Such a shame about Natalie, hope she can turn the corner.

    Also I have to say cigarettes have helped me so much to keep sane over the past year. Especially when I've been in pain, they have helped me relax. Luckily Freja is able to buy our cigs. Both me and Izzy are smoking more than ever but still loving our cigs.

    Finally thank your girls from me for making Izzy feel so loved from them, you should be so proud of them, fine young ladies. I'm sure Izzy feels she can be her true self when she's communicating with them. Take care honey. Megan x

  • Hi Meagan
    I would feel hostile toward the truck driver had he known he had a medical condition before
    the accident. I hope his insurer is looking after you together with the repair or pay out of a total loss of your car. I’d be so p***** if they truck driver was aware of his/her medical condition before the accident. Then there is your lost wages to consider. When did the accident happen? It seems a long road to recovery honey but rest assured we’re with you every STEP of the way.
    Yes, thankfully the kids were not with you, you work long hours as do I to provide well for your family.
    Ren referred to Izzy as her sister when we were shopping yesterday. She was texting herself notes to as a reminder to tell izzy some things for next time she posted on here. I had to ask her twice to hand me the clothes she chose so I was able to pay the cashier. She just looked at me blankly and said mum I’m writing stuff to write to my Swedish gf. Both Ren and Lilly have this underlying quest to be her lifetime friend. Izzy told me you were shopping yesterday as did we. We stopped for lunch in the middle of Sydney for a cigarette and coffee and the conversation quickly turned to your welfare and the kids love for Izzy. How odd is it that they haven’t met and they have this admiration and sexual attraction toward each another? We shopped at H&M and when the cashier heard Ren say she was preparing text for her Swedish gf, the cashier said that company is Swedish and it has branches in Sydney (which we knew), Paris, New York and London. However the clothes in Australia are different at the moment because it’s summer here and it’s so hot with temperatures over 100 degrees every day.
    Get well soon hon

  • …..sweet darling renae……. i know you are not straight lesbian and i would never try to make you one....even tho i would love it if you were …… cuz i love you the way you are now...….but i would love to be able to takecare of you while you do not feelgood from the party..... i would hold you inmy arms and legs and let you sleep there as much as you would want...… and i would kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss the place you said was soooo sore......i would kiss that place on the inside and the outsideof it until it was all better …...thatwould be my job in your life......and if you wanted a guy to kiss it (but so NOT the one who made it sore!) i would let him because i know you love them too......but you would know that you could alwayscome to me to take care of you and never tell you no and never tall nobody what had happened......but for me to always do the things that you wanted done andthat you needed...… i know your youngerthen me but only maybe 4yr but i also know that your smarter then me and more mature.....but i could totally take good care of you and i would...…..happy new year sweet darling renae…...and please get well.....

  • Awww, thank you for your sweet post. It could have made me soo wet had I allowed it but I'm totally in love with Izzy right now as far as a gf goes. She is the one I want to kiss me better down there because I know that full blown s ex with her will come into it and I love her

  • Ren,
    Hi my beautiful sexy girl, oh fu ck girl I know I would love to kiss you there so much, I would love you there so much. Even Freja knows how much I smile and feel love when I read your and your sexy sis's messages, she say it very lovely. Yes we need to make love lot Ren!.
    Me,Freja & Olivia had so much fun today, we buy with our christmas money lots of pretty n sexy clothes n shoe in the city today.
    You and Lilly make me happy face always. Love your girl Isabella! (Izzy) xxxxx

  • ..its okay lover..... i will wait for you......whenever you decide you want me i will totally belong to you....

  • ….sweet renae…...omg....after reading lilly's post from earlier today now i know she has taken izzy…..that made me so happy to read it...… i can't tell you how happy...… i know oskana is still with you and you own her......but please please please please take me too...…….. own me and my life and my body ......i promise to be good so good and to never ever get in her way.....i don't want all of your ......i just want to be a part of your life......even if its only your s** life...….omg i am so happy that lilly has izzy and you are sure sexy enough for several girls..... take me.....
    EFF ME
    EFF ME
    EFF ME
    ….oh renae darling...….
    i will be so good......

  • …...btw …. i forgot to say it but i hope you know it but i will say it anyway...…. i love you..... and …

  • Ren,
    Hi beautiful sis, I'm so happy you had nice day and fu ck on new years eve. I wish I could kiss your sore p**** better sweetheart. I had fu ck with guy last week, he was good n we fu#cked 3 times that night. I smoked during n cussed lots think it scared him but he liked it. But then he keeps texting n trying to ring me. He was just fu#ck not love, so Freja told him to fu#ck off and stop it. I don't want relationship with boy. Boy just good for fu#ck, I was to long wiv Zak n now need fun from guys. Freja is my lover, she is so lovely n sexy n I sleep in her arms in bed.
    I bet you and Lilly are hot smoking sexy little bit ches, my sis's. I think so cool you smoke a lot, it makes me want smoke more. Cigarettes are so good, i always love smoking so fu cking much sis n love Smokey kisses.
    Wish I could get drunk, fu#ck n smoke wiv u & Lilly.
    My mom Megan did reply to your mom. I hope she read it.
    Love you too sexy sis!
    Izzy xxxxxxx

  • Hi Sis Izzy,

    yes, i saw your mum's reply to my mum sweetheart. I didn't realize she was in so much pain, in a wheelchair and receiving physio. Why does this sh it happen to the good mums like your mum?

    Where's the f ucking fairness in that?

    Kissses Sis
    Love from Ren xxxxxx

  • Hi Izzy
    We're only smoking so much because of this school vacation period and we like to smoke when we drink alcohol. Mmm we like to smoke when we're having s ex too.

  • Lilly,
    Hi babes, Happy New Year!. Was so lovely to see a message from you again. I hope you had a good party n had fun. I hope my sis Ren is feeling better now, was the guy cute she had her bed?
    Me and Freja went to a party at her friends house it was fun n I had lots of drinks n meet some hot guys! I just kissed some tho I didn't fu#ck any. I promised Megan n Olivia I'd be home before midnight so we cud party for new year like a family. So Freja took me home at 11.30 then she went back to party. Megan surprise me with bottle of champagne n we drink that. Omg it tasted so fuc#king nice! Even Olivia liked her few sips n she pulls funny face when she tried wine before. Megan can't really drink cos she takes tablets for pain for legs, but she had a glass, so there's still more left for me today hehe.
    Freja came home later after I gone sleep, she had guy in bed with her when I checked to see if she was home when I woke up. I hope he was good for her!.
    How much do you and Ren smoke now sis? I still love my cigs so fuc#king much, I need them. How often you drink?.
    I always like sleeping with someone to cuddle it makes me feel happy, so most time if Freja is not here I get in Olivia's bed. It makes me happy n it's like they make me feel loved n I feel like even little Olivia care for me, is that weird sis? I would love to be in bed with you and Ren just for hugs n fall asleep with you both.
    I need to go now Olivia needs me. Sorry if I go on so much.
    Love Izzy xXxX

  • Hi Izzy,

    Don't ever think it's weird to sleep with your little sis and cuddle and kiss her. Ren and I often sleep together and we have great s ex together. It may be illegal but we think it should not be immoral as identical twins (such as we are) share a special bond. Mum has read plenty about that.

    Many Kisses for you Sugar T its
    I love you and I would love to be in bed with you too.


  • Hi Lilly,
    Thank you for being so sweet. I love my Olivia so much. It's nice to cuddle and kiss her. Most nights my little Livvy will get in bed with me sometime during the night. When Freja is in bed she will always get in between us, she even takes her little nightie off first, so she nakie like her big sister. But she gets in bed so quietly during the night, most mornings I can't remember her getting in bed. She loves her morning cuddles too!
    Lilly you are such a beautiful girl. I love you sis. I would love to be in your bed. I think you and Ren, fu#king each other must be so amazing and special, I think you both will have this love for ever. I don't care if people think it's wrong, I don't think that, most my lovers have been older than me but I love that.
    Lilly please give Ren lots of kisses from me, love you both!
    Ohhh mom says I'm only 4ft 10 in hight not what I say before. I'm sorry I was wrong, I'm even smaller than you :(.
    Your small sis Izzy xxxxx

  • Hi sis Izzy,
    It's Ren. It's a pity you didn't get a f uck on new years eve babe. I had a great time and my puss y is still sore. I spent most of new years day in bed hung over from the alcohol I drank on new years eve.
    You know I love smoking more than drinking and having s ex but don't get me wrong. I love s ex and drink too and I like to swear real bad when I'm being f ucked. It adds that special excitement.
    We got 7 cartons of cigarettes each for Christmas from our family and each carton has 8 packs of ciggies and there are 25 cigarettes in each pack. So by the look at the number of cartons left I'd say I'm smoking about 50 to 60 a day but we drink too and that's the time when we smoke more. If you and I give each other s exy smoky tongue kisses it will be more than likely that we'd end up f ucking. That would be so hot. Our friend Oskana and yours and my other sister, Lilly had s ex on new years eve too but she didn't get drunk like I did, she just got tipsy. She smoked more than me because she was not drunk. I felt horrible and mum made me throw up.
    When we went out with mum and dad to dinner on new years eve Lilly and I were walking in front of them and mum said we looked like s exy little bit ches as our cigarettes glowed red in the night and we blew streams of blue smoke behind us as we were walking in town back to their hotel room.
    I'll write about our birthday party later, it
    was a very fun filled night.
    Mum wrote to your mum last night. I hope she writes back to her.
    Give Freja a smoky tongue kiss from me and here's one for you too sis, X
    Love you honey bun

  • Megan,

    Ren and Lilly were ecstatic to hear from Izzy the other day. Lilly was serious when she pointed out to Izzy that they often think and talk about her. It was a bonus that Izzy got in contact with them on their birthday. Both girls have an infatuation so much so for Izzy that is almost as real as having them in the same room in person. It's difficult to explain but they were devastated they lost contact with you, thus they never heard any more about Izzy and what she may have been doing. I am positive all three girls will develop a strong bond for one another on here and hopefully the f ucking trolls keep off our daughters' backs and allow them the opportunity to converse among themselves on here.

    Take care and i too wish you a speedy recovery.
    Are you in rehab to treat your legs?

    Belinda xo

  • Belinda,

    Nice to chat with you again after so long, congratulations on your twin baby girls. Hope all your family are well.

    Izzy is so delighted to be chatting to your girls. She was excited about being their new sister.

    Izzy has had a mixed year. She went through a wild almost out of control phase where I doubted my parenting skills. She got a new girlfriend called Ella, when they were together it was like explosive, bad for each other. Even though individually they were not bad girls but when together they brought the worst out of each other. Though Ella was older in actual age, Izzy was just as much responsible for her actions and got in more trouble than Ella. There's other reasons as well which caused her behaviour to.

    But since my car crash Izzy had been amazing, I got my lovable n caring Izzy back. I have a friend who visits daily, but it's mostly my niece Freja and Izzy that are my main care givers and support. Freja also does the practical things like making dinner while Izzy does everything for her little sister Olivia. I've been in and out of hospital for months, use a wheelchair, my bed moved downstairs, so its been so frustrating. But Izzy has been amazing throughout she has so much faith in me. She was so proud when I took my first steps a few weeks ago with the help of my Physio.

    Both me and Izzy think your a wonderful mother Belinda.

    Megan x

  • Izzy, Olivia and Megan

    Izzy tell us about your party honey.

    Ren and I and others went to bed at about 5.30 this morning after seeing in the New Year. I got up at about 9.30 and posted on here but Ren is still in bed with some random guy but she's sound asleep . Oskana is in my bed with her bf and there's a terrible lot of noise coming from there. At least she's enjoying themselves. They have been in bed all day and it's after 4pm on New Year's Day in Sydney right now.

    Mum and dad came home about midday and tried to wake Ren but she's way too hung over, so mum opened a bottle of Vodka in front of her and said come on I'll teach you to get drunk, have a glass of this. I followed mum in and I was smoking, Ren said can you f uck off Lilly the smoke is making me sick and then she puked. Mum said she might feel better now.

    Ren wants to talk about the New Year's Eve/ Birthday party so I'll let her do that.

    Love Lilly.

  • Lilly & Ren, my sexy sisters. Happy new year!
    Hope you had fun at ur party!
    Me and Freja been to a party too. Some fix king cute guys there n good kissers. I little how you say tipsy? now hehe n sooooo tired so we going bed after a few cigs. Oh yeah I'm 5'2 so more little than you both but most people think I'm 12/13 and when dressed up 13/14 but I smoke in public all the time. If people stare I stare back ha.
    Say happy New year to Belinda and your twin babies! From Meagan, Freja, Olivia & Izzy.
    Love ya both sweethearts. Izzy xxxxxxx

  • You've added another smoking, drunken, lesbian bi tch by welcoming Izzy into your wayward life. You can all
    f uck one another now you little sl it's.

  • Hey, I'm bisexual not lesbian so fu ck u, but I am a smoking drunk bit ch tonite ha, n yea I'd love to fu ck Lilly n Ren. I'm happy to be a sl ut, I can ave fun. You are no fun! U shud try for fun to one day! Izzy

  • Hey mister
    You don't have to talk about us being little
    sl uts you nasty piece of work. Izzy's our new sis and if we're all in favor of f ucking one another, it's no f ucking concern to you.
    If she lived in Australia and not Sweden that may have happened already
    Anyways Happy New Year to you and don't be an ar se to us.

  • So, is everyone there hung over? Or is everyone there still drunk? LOL. Here, I'm afraid to go downstairs and look in the family room. :)

  • I should have stayed drunk to prevent my hang over. The best thing to come out of it is that I've got a sore p*u*s*s*y from being
    f ucked on new years eve and new years day.

  • H*E*L*L*O :/: 2*0*1*9*!*!*!

    H*E*L*L*O :/: R*E*N / A*N*D :/: L*I*L*L*Y*!*!*!

    H*A*P*P*Y :/: N*E*W :/: Y*E*A*R*!*!*!

  • Happy new year to you too.
    Lotza, love
    Ren and Lilly
    From Down Under

  • Hi Izzy,

    I'm 17 minutes younger than Ren and I started smoking before her but we started smoking on the same day when we were 7 years old. You beat us, you started smoking when you were six

  • To our dear sisters Izzy and Olivia and our Aunt Megan
    and our friends on here, but mostly Izzy, Olivia and Megan.

    Copy and paste this into your browser as we wish you a Merry Christmas .

    I remember your mum saying that you were a beautiful girl both inside and out (well not those words but she meant that more or less.) She was delighted that you took great care of Olivia as we do our twin baby twin sisters and offer help with changing their diapers and bathing them. I don't dwell honey and I'm pleased to know that now you respect your mum. We could do more in that way too to be honest.

    Maybe you and we twins take it for granted that we're allowed to smoke and do adult things as well and we don't appreciate what our mums let us do and the freedom we have. But we want more and we shouldn't be like that. There are many of friends who are not permitted to even smoke so they have to hide their habit which is a shame.

    Your mum and our mum think alike and mum said she really likes chatting with her as she finds your mum to be sensible.

    Mum will write soon, She can't wait. She's getting us ready for New Year's Eve, Belinda mum, and we are going to wear matching black leather pants with red blouses out tonight. Mum's doing our hair and applying our makeup. We are about 5 feet 4 now and mum will do us up so we can get away with smoking more easily in public.
    love Lilly and Ren xoxo

  • Lilly,
    I just wanted to let you know my mom Megan thanks you for your nice words. When I was with my ex gf, we did bad things and was to wild and I did not show Megan respect. Now I hate myself for that time. Cos Megan is an amazing mother she always kind to me, she had me when she was just 14. She lets me myself and does not think bad of me for drinking and s** and she start me smoking at 6yo which is so fuc#king cool of her. When Megan had her accident I then split with my bit ch ex gf and decide to be good daughter and look after her and my Olivia. Freja said in my other posts it look like maybe I not love and respect Megan but I do and I do listen to her lots and take advice from her now. I cry so much when she was in hospital and it still makes me sad seeing her in pain. I love her so much Megan is my best friend, my mom and my dad, she's fuc#king awesome! Love Izzy xxxxx

  • Izzy,

    Honey that's so sad Sis,
    I feel your pain as I read that.
    lotza love to you, I wish I was there to cuddle and comfort you.
    Love Lilly xxxxxx

  • .H.A.P.P.Y. -- .B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y.s.!.!.!

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes.
    Who are you?

  • You're a darling for wishing us a happy birthday. It's New Year's Eve today so we're going to celebrate our birthday in a BIGGER way tonight. We're going to early dinner with mum and dad in Sydney then watch the 9pm fireworks from the hotel room they are staying at right near the Sydney Harbour Bridge . We are then coming home without them to start our party. Our place is only a 20 minute bus ride home from Sydney. During our party will see the midnight fireworks that promise to be the best ever and shown live on television throughout a lot of countries in the world. We hope all you people are able to see it. Have a drink with us for our birthday.
    Ren and Lilly

  • To Ren & Lilly,
    I never think you yes reply to me so fast and so nicely.
    I would love to be your sister so much omg!
    Hope you having an amazing birthday both of you. My birthday is 28th August so I got lots to go. So I can be your little sis!
    Congrats on being big sisters to your baby twin sisters Liberty and Summer. I have always loved babies so much. I completely love my little sis Olivia, she's so cute and since moms accident I take care of her all the time.
    Belinda is so fu cking cool, she is a good friend for you and mom. I call my mom Meagan most of the time which some people don't like but I don't fuc*ing care.
    I wish I could go Belinda's salon. I love makeup and nice nails! But I wish I could go shopping wiv both you girls, we cud get some sexy hot slutty clothes and heels.
    I'm sad I can't go to your party special cos you got boys going! I hope you both ave sexy fun wiv them! I'd love that, so much!.
    I now feel so fix ki

  • Oops I continue. Next time I promise to write 1 letter for sexy Lilly and 1 letter for sexy Ren I think that be better for you?
    Kiss Oksana for me I bet she is beautiful and nice lover!
    Oh what is bourbon like for drink? Is it nice, I never hear that drink here before.
    My cuz Freja who is 16 helps me read your posts as she had good English I hope this is fine with you

    I write again soon.

    I love you both so much! And think so much like you both with everything.

    Mwah! Your little sis Izzzzzzy! Lots of Smokey kisses xxxxx

  • Izzy,

    OMG it's very nice to hear from you, You don't realize how much Ren and and I
    have thought and spoken about you, your mum and Olivia. We've missed you greatly. So, you me and Ren were all ten until Ren and I had our eleventh birthday today. We're all soo close in age, I love it.

    To think we're all allowed to drink, smoke and have s ex is just awesome and we love our mothers, Belinda and Megan for that. Even so, our mums probably think we are just their babies although we're all about eleven year old.

    I guess your mum has probably been through a lot and a lot of pain with two broken legs so please be understanding towards her. Our mum doesn't like us drinking too much either but we don't argue with her, we just drink a little more when she's not around. What she doesn't see won't hurt her.

    She gave birth to baby twin daughters on 6th September, their names are Liberty and Summer and they are not very good sleepers. When one wakes up the other wakes up and we have many sleepless nights. So we have to be understanding towards our mum too because she works during the day in her busy hairdressing and make up salon.

    Give your mum a kiss from us and here's hoping she recovers from her injuries from the car accident.

    Ren said you could be our sister, we'd love that and we're hoping that you'll accept us as your sister on here, Olivia too if she wants.

    As Ren said, please keep in contact as we love you deeply.

    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Happy Birthday Lilly & Ren!! hope you both ave a super fun day! Awww I wanna come to your party!!! Kisses from Izzy x

  • Dear Izzy,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes honey. It’s the best birthday present we could get that you got in contact with us especially on our birthday. I’m sure Lilly will agree with me. She’s out at the minute buying a few little things with our mum for our birthday.
    We’ve only been allowed to post on here for a couple of months now. We loved reading what your mum Megan had to say about you when she was posting to our mum, Belinda. We read all her posts but your mum and my mum stopped posting for a while because of the f ucking trolls.
    We once posted that we wish your mum was back posting or it may have been mum that wrote that. We don’t care about your English, we don’t judge, we’d like you to become our dear friend. We know Swedish is your first language. Lilly and I love you like a sister although we haven’t met you. You could almost pass for our sister, we’ve got blonde hair and blue eyes too, the same as you. Our mum, Belinda is not our natural mother but we call her mum. She’s got dark hair and brown eyes. We’ve got a Russian girlfriend and we try to speak with her in Russian and we know our Russian is not good at all.
    I remember your mum writing about Zac but don’t worry about being single or the time being, I’m sure you’ll find another love, honey.
    I hope your mum has recovered from her broken legs, give her our love and as soon as mum and Lilly get back I’m going to show them your post. It must be soo cold in Sweden at this time of year.

    Love from me (Ren)xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Love from my twin (Lilly) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • DEAR IZZY FROM REN. more added

    Mum will be thrilled you wrote, I don’t think she’ll waste too much time in getting back to your mum on here.
    Stay in contact sweetie and have a happy new year. I’m happy to read that you’re still smoking and you like Vodka. When will you be eleven? What is the date so I can put that in my diary?.
    If you were in Sydney, we’d love you to come to our birthday party tonight. It’s just a few family members and our Russian girlfriend, Oskana and a few guys. Mum and dad will be there with us and we’ll be smoking and skinny dipping in our backyard pool eating a few salads and sandwiches and smoking cigarettes and drinking. Of course we’d love you and your mum and Olivia to attend.
    Our big night is tomorrow night, New Year’s Eve – Lilly and I are allowed to get drunk. We’re having 12 guys and 10 girls so that there will be an even number of guys and girls with Lilly and myself.
    Are you going to encourage Olivia to smoke?
    Smoky kisses you beautiful friend and write back soon please.

    Love from me (Ren) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Love from my twin sis (Lilly) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Love to you, your mum and Olivia from Belinda, Lilly and me xoxoxoxo

  • Hey Lilly & Ren,
    I think you both amazing! Your mom may know me cos I'm Izzy from Sweden, my mom Megan used to chat about us to Belinda like 1 year ago. I'm 10 year now (but I act 16 I think anyways!) and my sister Olivia is 4. I still smoking and some time over this holidays I do 2ppd which is good for me. I also like drink very much, Megan say to much but I don't fu*king care. I like Vodka n orange and also Rose wine. I think you both sexy fun girls. I had a bf called Zak when Megan was chatting before he is older but we split up, then I had gf I got in lots of sh*t wiv her n got in wiv police, she was bad n bi*ch I hate her now. I'm kinda single now but my cuz lives with us now and she's fun n 16yo :-). Oh yea Meagan was in car crash she broke both her legs n had operations but she's just starting to walk a bit now. English is not my language so I hope you understand me. I hope we can chat more? To all the fu#kin haters f#ck off! Luv ya both Izzy xxxx

  • Belinda,
    Are you proud to be the mother of
    Slu ttish, lesbian, incestuous, drunken and smoking ten year old twin daughters in Lilly and Ren?

    You're a f ucking disgrace.

  • Lilly,
    You call your twin sister, Ren "sweetheart"
    What the f uck.

  • Forgive me for intruding on your post, and please understand that I'm not pretending to answer for Lilly, but I just wanted to say something that someone else here has already said about her, offered as a way of providing context. Lilly is obviously one of those very rare women who has an incredibly strong and purely innate sensuality. Her sensuality isn't something she does: it's something she IS. Everything she does and everything she writes is filled to overflowing with the heat of her love and of her urges, whether for smoking or drinking or lovemaking. The best example of this is the fact that it comes out of her even when she is angry or upset (go back and look at a few dozen of her most recent posts: she signs them all so they will be easy for you to locate). And if you've read anything at all here you will already know that Lilly and Ren are more than just twin sisters, and while they are not lesbians as such, they have had multiple girl-girl experiences with one another, and all of the highest and most intense order, some while smoking, but some not. Their relationship is a thing of pure beauty. So, when Lilly calls Renae her "sweetheart", it is a true and loving thing, and anyone should be able to find the joy in her use of it. Again, I don't intend to speak for Lilly here: she doesn't need my help nor anyone else's. I just wanted to make the simple objective point that Lilly doesn't just write words: she writes truth. Lilly's use of our common language warms us all in its lovely flame.

  • Hi Timothy,
    I asked Ren and Lilly to refrain from posting on this forum
    until I had a chance to reply to your post.

    Thank you for your input. Please don’t look at it as an intrusion. Your post
    is the most intelligent I have read, it’s well written in simple language and well

    Lilly and Ren started being intimate with one other long before they read any
    literature about siblings sleeping together and having s**. It was instinct to them, whether that was
    right or wrong in their mind, they didn’t know. It started out innocently to them, lighting one another cigarettes and trading kisses whilst sitting on the lounge in the nude. It got to the stage at one point that I sent them to one of their bedrooms.
    I consulted a psychologist only to learn the practice is common among identical twins such as Ren and Lilly. The act is referred to as “twincest” We talked about it detail. Whilst it is illegal, I came away thinking the woman did not think it’s immoral, although that’s only my assertion.

    Ren and Lilly use other words to describe their love for one another, including darling, honey, sugar
    t its, love and most commonly, babe.

    They are like most if not all siblings, they have their arguments but they made a pact not to go to bed upset with one another. They will kiss, cuddle and make up and eventually fall together in the one bed with arms and legs wrapped around each other.

    I encourage your input and once again that you for that Timothy.

    If you like you are welcome to email me at

    Ren and Lilly’s mum

  • If, by saying smoking "isn't very healthy", you mean, "is incredibly unhealthy", then you're right. Otherwise you're totally insane. And you're killing your daughter.

  • I'd rather smoke than be on the road with the number of crazy drivers out there who drink drive, drive with a cocktail of drugs and drive when they text or talk on their mobile phones. I've seen all that over this festive season.

    Both smoking and bad driving behaviour can be preventable but I'll probably live longer if I continue to smoke than chance some other driver's poor driving manners.

    I enjoy smoking but to say I prefer bad driving behaviour is more insane. By smoking I'm only putting myself at risk.

    Thanks for your concerns anyway.
    Have a happy and safe New Year.

  • Ren
    Don't worry about that person writing negatives about our smoking sweetheart. It's not his ife.
    Lilly xoxo

  • There are 100s of reasons for anyone to fall in love with Lilly but one of them is that she uses dirty words in such a grownup and romantic way. most people in or around our age just use them in everything they talk about because they THINK it makes them seem like an adult but really it just makes them seem more like a kid and just stupid. not cool at all. but Lilly…….OMG!!! when ever SHE talks dirty its like beautiful! and sooooo cool! i wish i could do that like she does! when ever SHE does it its because she is sooooo in control of things (Lilli is the BOSS) and is telling you what she wants and EXPECTS from you and that is super HOT. and another part of that is that when ever Lilly uses the f-word she is almost always talking about love-making and so it always sounds sexy and super grownup because everybody here knows how good at it she must be and we all have a physical AND L-O-V-E reaction to it. Lilly is sooooo chill. and everybody loves her totally.and so the way she uses that language is one of those reasons. god its making me wet just to think about it! happy holidays!!!

  • Hi
    Are you Kiana who was exchanging posts with me about a week ago?

    I know this is a blog to post anonymously but using your name would be really good.

    Thanks for the nice comment. I really appreciate it and it's good to know that you like us to use the word "f uck" when we post. It's soo expressive isn't it?

    I'm also happy to know that I make you wet.
    Take your panties off and have some some that way you'll ensure you'll enjoy your holidays too.
    Smoky kisses
    Lilly xx

  • Hi to the girl who posted above.

    It is an depth post and it epitomises the twins, both Lilly and Ren are representatives as far as to what young girls are doing today. I am supportive of it all.

    A lot of credit has to be given to their mother, Belinda who it seems have given them the reins to be free spirits.

    Their language is colorful however in this day and age it's more than acceptable and when I read it from them I don't bat an eye.

    What makes these girls a standout from most is that they are academic achievers as is their good friend, Oskana

  • Hi Lilly and Ren,
    I love reading your posts. I'd love to attend your smoky, boozy orgy, you girls sound so much fun. Yeah wish I was there.

    Have a few of EVERYTHING for me.


  • Hey Beth,
    Are you in Sydney we'd love you to come? BYO bf, alcohol and cigarettes. Mum will provide food.

    How old are you and your bf?

  • Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

  • Thank you for the Happy Christmas wishes,
    Who are you?

  • It's a bullsh it that we young girls are not really permitted to smoke by some authorities and ashbins for our cigarette butt are becoming scarce on our beaches but there are a number of syringe disposal containers in the public toilets. Lilly, Ren and I were at the beach yesterday and a girl outside the toilet about 12 was off her face. The only drug we do occasionally is marijuana.

    Where's the common sense they look after drug addicts but when the police see us young girls smoking we have to stub out our cigarettes until they are out of view then we light up again?

  • Hi Oskana: If its worth anything to you I wanted you to know that I agree with everything you said here. Its a stupid double standard for the government to accommodate the drug users while downing the smokers and making their lives more difficult. Smoking at the beach is a natural and so when the authorities remove the receptacles for cigarettes they are going against nature. Stupid! You have a very mature outlook on life and I think that's because you engage in so many mature behaviors, all of which I totally encourage. Thanks for all your perspectives.

  • I was sitting on a concrete bench outside the mall - waiting on my wife (and baby daughter) to come pick me up - when these three teenage girls came from behind and sat down on the next bench over, maybe twenty feet away. they were all smoking but only one really knew what she was doing. but she REALLY knew. i couldn't stop watching her smoking and after only a few minutes she realized i was hot for her and she started smiling and smoking even more sexy. her friends just laughed at me once they knew what was happening and then they got up and came over sat on the bench i was on. we talked for a few minutes and i told them i was married and had a kid, and that i was waiting for the wife to come pick me up. the good smoker told me to come back to the mall sometimes when i was all by myself and look for them at this particular clothing and shoe store that caters to young girls. she said the three of them are part of the "fashion posse" for that store and they walk the mall in the store gear and talk to girls their age and hand out discount coupons and insignia stuff. she said when they walk they usually go outside and smoke at least twice an hour and this was one of their stops.when i saw my wife was close i said i had to go and the good smoker said for me to tell her before i left what her smoking does to me. i decided to be honest in part and i told her that "your smoking makes me want to lick your teeth and suck on your tongue". she told me to be at that place the next day. i went but she wasn't there and she wasn't in that store either that day. but the following day she was. her friends were with her for the first but then she had them leave and so we were alone and she smoked just for me. we've been on a couple of dates since then and she knows she is addicting me to her smoking but so far we haven't had s**. just some deep smoke tongue kissing. her mouth tastes like heaven.

  • That's soo f ucked up mister. I hope your wife finds out and kicks your f ucking a*** out the door.

    If our natural dad did that to our step mum she'd leave him in a flash, take us 4 kids with her and make him pay child support and it'll give him a big cigarette bill to go with it because Lilly and I smoke.

  • I didn't think anybody here would be angry at me for being attracted to a girl who smokes since she and her friends came up to me and started talking and all. I didn't come on to her. She's beautiful when she smokes and so I buy all her cigarettes now saving her and her mom lots and lots of money. Plus I bought her a lot of really nice Christmas presents even more than her mom did and they were all way more expensive than what she got at home and from her two friends from work. This girl and I are getting closer every day and she has started smoking more than before just because she loves to smoke and she knows I like it not because I asked her to do that. I think what we have is beautiful and not messed up at all.

  • Your married and you're buying a teenage girl expensive gifts. Hey I may be young but I'm not stupid. What are you expecting from this girl if it's not s ex in the near future? Ask your wife if it's not f ucked up mister and have her smoke for you. You never know she may enjoy smoking s ex. It's the natural thing to do. F uck you are soo sad.

  • Hi Lilly: Long-time reader here, but first-time participant. I don't know what is in the previous guy's mind, or what he expects from the girl he seems so very interested in, but I can tell you that a whole LOT of teenage girls love dating married men AND in those cases they are often the aggressors in the relationships. It's not sad, it just is what it is, and to each his (or her) own. If they are both happy, let it be. I've not been in such a relationship myself but I know it happens with some of my friends. And in some cases, the girl's mom even encourages it. Just saying...….
    Please keep up the superb work here.

  • Lilly and Ren,
    Although I haven't posted for a couple of months I've been reading this blog intently over the last past twelve months or so and I'm anointing your step mother, Belinda, the "Mother of the year award". She has been outstanding to you twins.

    I have no doubt you've developed into very fine smokers and have become little "sexperts" and that you are enjoying yourselves when you're having a drink. I hope you've got something exciting planned for new year's eve. Oh to be your age again. Have loads of fun girls. I Iove reading what you say. Merry Christmas and all the best for your health and studies


  • Hi Carol,
    It's lovely that you are posting again. Ren and I have got three celebrations coming up within the next 7 days. It's Christmas eve here in Australia today. Then it's our 11th birthday on 30th December and New Year's Eve on 31st December.

    Mum said we can only have one party and get drunk on only one of those occasions. We have chosen New Year's Eve to get wasted as mum and dad are taking a hotel room in Sydney to watch the fireworks overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They'll go to a restaurant in town before that.

    The baby twins will be looked after by nana. Mum's sister will be staying at our place but we're able to have a party here. Ren and I are inviting 10 girls and 12 guys so that it will be an even number.

    Although mum said we can smoke as much as we want she is only allowing us one bottle of Bourbon between Ren and I and we're to drink that over the course of the night and to have a glass of water after each glass of Bourbon & Coke. She said we'll get alcoholic poisoning if we drink one bottle each and we're to make sure we eat plenty of food as mum is having it catered by outside caterers.

    It's going to be a fun-filled evening with booze, cigarettes and s ex, maybe an orgy. We're looking forward to it. Only 7 days to go. Mum will do something for our birthday but whether she doesn't know yet what to do or she's not telling us, we don't know anything at this stage.

  • Dear Lilly and Ren,

    I have to agree with Carol in nominating your mum as "Mother of the Year". I've emailed your mother for months now and I know that she takes care of you although you are involved in adult activity. I hope your celebrations are memorable and that you have a good time.

    All the best


  • Ren and Lilly

    I'm almost 40 and I have 3 children, a son who is 16 and a smoker and 2 girls aged 11and 9. I am somewhat shocked but not all that surprised in this day that some say they are allowed to smoke. I somehow believe twins Ren and Lilly and their good friend Oskana when they say they are permitted to smoke.

    I let my girls take a few drags of my cigarettes and I have taught them to Inhale. The younger one has read posts by the twins and she's adamant she wants to smoke full time. I'm concerned that they will be in need of nicotine when they really become addicted. The older daughter is more concerned about becoming addicted so she is hesitant to smoke any more than a few drags a day.

    I ask you how you cope with nicotine withdrawal when you're at school. I never experienced the problem because my son works and I work and we didn't smoke when we were going through school. Please get back to me.

  • Hi Catrina,

    Nicotine withdrawal is very hard for my twin sis, Ren and I to deal with during school hours. Mum once put nicotine patches on our arms before we went to school. They made us dizzy, we had headaches, we had burning and itchiness from the patches and skin rashes and the skin was red and swollen. Ren suffered more than me.

    Then mum bought us QuickMist nicotine mouth spray. It is much better for us although a few symptoms are still there but very slight.

    We have been on school vacation since Wednesday and we go back at the end of January, 2019*so we can smoke without any of that which will be so good.

    We will still smoke knowing these side effects of QuickMist when we return to school as we have no desire to give up. We love smoking too much.

    I hope your daughters will be encouraged to smoke by reading our posts.


  • Hi Lilly and Ren,
    It's Christmas morning here and my girls were excited when they opened their carton of cigarettes and lighters among other gifts. It will be our immediate family, my husband, my son and I myself that we're the only ones who know they are permitted to smoke for the time being.

  • Hi carina,
    I can just imagine how excited your daughters were opening their cigarettes and cigarette lighters. They will now be delighted to know it's your approval for them to smoke. I hope the rest of your family see it's for kids our age to smoke.

    Lilly and I received 7 cartons of cigarettes from family members but not our mums brother who is totally against us smoking.
    There are 8 packs in a carton and each
    pack has 25 cigarettes.
    Mums brother didn't buy us anything even though mum bought his kids gifts. It was an awkward visit when we saw our grandparents yesterday because he was there, Lilly and I went outside to smoke just to keep the peace although he was watching us smoking. Nana said its okay for us to smoke inside but we could see he was livid.

    Mum is only allowing us 12 packs of cigarettes a week but we can smoke more on New Year's Eve.
    We also received 4 bottles of bourbon each and a stack of designer clothes.

  • Lilly,
    Thank you for telling me about QuickMist. I wasn't aware of all the side effects of nicotine patches.

    My girls want to smoke and I have no problem with that. I'll have them try QuickMist.

    I think your mum is very sensible for allowing you to be responsible young ladies in everything you do. That includes picking you and your twin up from parties. I hope you accept that she's looking after your best interests. I would not be able to relax if I knew my young kids were accepting a drive home from kids that may be affected by alcohol and drugs.

    Good luck to two and Oskana


  • Carina,
    You can put the QuickMist spray in your children's school bag. We take it school every day although we get a couple of smoke breaks during school hours. The thing is we don't spray it into our mouth any sooner than say an hour and a half before school comes outcbecause when we change out of our uniform to come home, it's about 3pm and we get to smoke at a coffee lounge and have a cup of coffee with our cigarettes.

  • Hi Kiana,

    So cool you smoke. Our mum allows my twin sister, Ren and I to smoke but a lot of our friends are not allowed so they hide their smoking habit. It's hard because even when we're near their place we give them drags of our cigarettes.
    Are you allowed to smoke?

    It's so good you smoke in front in the mirror too. we like to dance and gyrate in the front of the mirror to music when we're smoking. it's so s exy. My twin and I are ten years old, eleven on the 30th of this month.

    Not all our family agree with us smoking but we're malnly getting cigarettes and clothes from our Nanas for Christmas. One of our grandpa's won't buy us cigarettes but he's going to New York City and he will buy us Nike and Adidas shorts, trackpants, sloppy joes and t-shirts.

    Do you have s ex?

    I think because you're 14 years of age, you should be enjoying s ex.


  • Hey Lilly! So cool you wrote back! You sound fun! And youre really twins? Amazong! Here its just mom and me, no bro, no sis, no dad, no other relatives. But i dont care, got many friends and life is fun! Yes, mom lets me smoke, shes really cooly I had my first cig with her and her best friend when I was 8 and became a regular smoker in like nothing. Love the taste, the buzz, the look... and habe been practising alot in front of the mirror, all dressed up, often with mom and her friend watching. When did you start? Oh and to the s ex question: Yes sure im enjoying it, would be sad if i were a virgin at 14. Have you planned a nice bday party already for 30th? Write back! Kiana!

  • Hi Kiana,
    Let's keep in contact here, so cool you are into s ex and smoking.
    You may have seen plenty of posts on here from Belinda (we call her mum) as we do our natural mother. She's an icy cool lady and only 26. Our natural dad is 35 and they have been living together since she was 17 and in her second last year of high school when our biological mum and dad divorced. So our Belinda mum has known us for over 8 years, since were two. Besides Ren and I being twins, dad made her pregnant this year and now we have 3 month old baby twin sisters, Liberty and Summer.

    We have only been living with dad and "mum" since last Christmas school holidays and after about 9 nine days Ren said to her "mum we smoke". Belinda mum handed us a cigarette each and she was blown away at how we snap inhaled so she let us smoke. She was the one who told our natural mother, father and our family that we smoke and she stood by us for our right to smoke.

    She asked us when we stared smoking and we said we were inhaling from the time we were seven. She said if she had have known that she would have allowed us to smoke earlier.

    We're in Sydney, where do you live?.
    Smoky tongue kisses

  • Hey Lilly! Smoky tongue kisses? Mhh, i love it. With girls even more than with boys (they have other plussies). Yes ive seen posts from Belinda. She sounds like an amazing girl, like mom and big sister and best friend in one person. Nice youve started smoking on your own! And 7 is way cool. Wish I had started earlier! I was 10 and it was mom and one of her girlfriends who got me into it. No dad around here, mom doesnt even know him. But life is fun in our smoky all girls house! Mom is only 29, so she had me really young which i think is really cool. And we have a colleague of her living with us who is 19. Shes a smoker too of course. We're in the US, in Nevada! Did you have a fun weekend? Smoky tongue kisses back, as many as you and your twin sis want! Kiana!

  • Dear Kiana,
    We have seen clips of Nevada during our geography lessons and it looks an amazing place to visit with national parks and I think, is it the Hoover Dam?.
    I'm pleased to read that you can get throughout life without a dad and your loved by your mum. Our dad is great to us and if anyone even thinks about hurting his daughters or mum, he'd just about kill them.

    I've given Ren a smoky tongue kiss from you when we were scissoring.
    Smoky kisses to you babe.
    Lilly xoxo

  • Hey Lilly! You were scissoring while smoking? Omg so hot, i really love that. Did it with a friend yesterday and of course we have been smoking too. Id love to have a sis too but mom couldn't get any more kids after me. But luckily i have fun friends! And yes, we got the Hoover Dam in Nevada. Its about 500 miles from where we live, near Las Vegas which they call sin city. I guess you know why. Do you 2 have boyfriends too? Love! Kiana!

  • Hi Kiana,
    We were doing an assignment on various states of America and mum told us that L. A is the brothel capital of the world but don't write about it

    I like s ex with girls but I'm not a full on lesbian. I like penises too much for that. I really enjoy s ex with my sister more than I do with other girls.
    Lilly xoxo

  • Hey Lilly! Well, i wont comment on the brothel thing then. Just let you know that my mom and her girlfriend work in the entertainment business. Im not a lesbian either. Love hooking up with girls but also need to feel some d*** inside me. So im really bisexual, love guys and girls and enjoy both. Had my first time with a boy only 10 days after i started with girls. But no matter if its a girl or a boy, i will only date smokers. Smoking while making out always gives me a rush. Kisses! Kiana!

  • Hi Kiana,
    I meant to say we were not able to write about brothels in our school assignments after mum told us, that L. A is the brothel of the world. She just said don't mention it.

    Do you think you will follow your mum into the entertainment game?

    In Sydney no one can prostitute them selves until they're 18.
    Smoky kisses

  • Kiana,
    I'm Ren, Lilly's twin sis. Do you talk really dirty when you're being f ucked? And yeah we wouldn't dream of bedding a non smoker. Get soo h orny when we smoke and have s ex
    Renae (Ren)

  • They are blanking this page again? God I hate them so hard! Why can't they just leave us all alone? Are we hurting anybody?

  • You're right in saying that. It's f ucked they're doing this. Why?
    My twin and Oskana love posting here, raising points on our freedom to smoke, drink and have s ex with other young people and we even enjoy the adults who approve of what we do. After all we're not or should not be hurting them.
    If we are then stiff sh it.
    We've made this a part of our domain.
    Smoky kisses

  • ….omg ren yes! smokey kisses are very much the best of all...…..and i love the things you all say about smoking and sexing for your own lives...…i wish my parents would let me do even some of it......but they wouldbe afraid if they let me would get my litle sis into it are such all brave girls i love you all...….your number 1 fan maria from florida…..

  • Maria,
    It f ucks me up when parents don't allow their kids to even smoke. A lot of our friends our age are allowed to smoke but a lot are not. My twin sis, Lilly and I are allowed to smoke and we are grateful for that.

    Our mum said a lot of parents would have tried smoking a cigarette by the time they were ten and just because they may not have continued smoking, the kids who did continue should not be victimized.

    We swear at home as well and we do other adult things. Mum is okay with our swearing as she says it's way to release our frustration.

    How old are you and please stay in touch.
    Most of all, keep smoking its so enjoyable.
    Smoky kisses

  • I started smoking when my 2 best friends started but than i quit this past summer coz i couldnt smoke sexy as them. i just looked weierd when ever i smoked. so i stopped.

  • Hi,
    It's a pity you stopped smoking because you say you looked weird. I can't remember what I looked like when I first started smoking and I can't even remember what my twin sister looked like when she started smoking but I'm sure we also looked weird. Smoking is something you have to practice to get it right and you have to feel s exy within yourself when you smoke. Try smoking again, this time in front of the mirror. I love smoking in front of a mirror to practice my inhaling or just to see what I'm wearing when lm smoking and how I'll look when I'm going out knowing that I'll be smoking.
    How old are you and what's your name?

  • Hey! Just found this site and so cool to read your post, Lilly! I remember how much i liked practising in front of the mirror when i was a smoking newbie. Loved the look of myself smoking. And to watch my smoking style improving. Well, i smoke for 4 years now, would say im a pro but still love watching myself. Sounds weird? Well maybe, its just what i feel. How old are you? Im 14! Kiana

  • Dylan,

    I need to email you as I something to say, so please send me your address
    even if you have nothing to say. As I mentioned, mine is
    Just put Dylan in the subject line

  • My wife has two daughters (one from her prior marriage, another from an outside relationship) and, although I've tried to discourage them both from smoking and s** because I think they are too young, they both smoke (even more than my wife) and one is already active sexually. The wife keeps on telling them and me that "their bodies will let them know when it's time to become sexual". I think it's all just too risky but they treat me like I have no standing to even have an opinion because, although I'm married to the mom, I'm not the dad. But all of them would agree with EVERYTHING the moms and daughters wrote here. It's all very frustrating.

  • Dylan,
    As a promiscuous and rebellious young girl growing up I engaged in s**, smoking and drinking. I was smoking at eleven and I had my first sexual encounter when I was 13, it was considered the norm especially among the group I was hanging with. In later years as I attended university and I dabbled in Cannabis and still graduated as a school teacher with a diploma in education.

    You haven't informed us the age of your stepdaughters nor their development. How old are they? My twin daughters, Ren and Lilly are ten, their b****** are developing nicely and they already ovulate which brings upon their sexual arousal. I allow them the pleasure to have s** but education is the key and I have ensure they take contraception.

    I like the fact they have a few cigarettes with me before they go to school and before I go to work. It's a sight to behold when I see them walking down the stairs to the breakfast bar every morning with a burning cigarette between their finger.

    I say to you, endorse their smoking and I can further say it's not a cliche in that you'll have a more honest and open relationship with the girls. Furthermore my kids concentrate far more when they're doing their school homework when they're smoking and most of the time put in an extra effort by studying for an hour or so after that.

    Are you a smoker?
    Take care

  • Jesus, Belinda! Sounds like you've been a spectacular sexbomb your whole life! Wow! No, I don't smoke, but I love women who do! I bet you've always been able to attract whatever man you fancied. Women like you....... well, there aren't many, and so that makes you all more rare. Anyway, these girls are 11 (just turned) and 12 (almost 13). The older one gets her period, and her mom put her on birth control because she knew she was already active. When that happened, she went from just active to super aggressive almost overnight. I do understand what you're saying about taking up for them in what they do, but I think it would feel like I was just going along to get along and not doing what I think is best for them. Still like you said, what I'm doing now isn't working so maybe I need to reconsider. Anyhow I appreciate the input and it's good to know more about you and your life.

  • Dylan,
    You must think I'm an old hag when you say "sounds like I've been a sexbomb my whole life. I turned 26 early last month. I think we ought to email. My address is

  • I. Liked myyy first double penatration hard age9

  • So how old are you now GRANDPA and what's your name?

  • I allowed my 11 year old daughter to smoke. Well, I was out of lube.

  • You're a fucktard. That joke about being out of lube is way overdone.

  • Hello im the person that remark the age of pam daughter. Im Gabriela from Ecuador. Im a 30 year old woman that have a toddler boy named Santiago, married to and Argetinian that works in a proffesional football team, we dont smoke, i would never do it, but i dont judge others. I read this post i have found so many incongruentions. I dont think the people that post here are legit


  • Gabriela,
    I'm Belinda the "mother" of Ren and Lilly. I appreciate your good work for unveiling the "identity" and mystery of "Pam" whom it seems have lead my daughters to believe she is genuine.
    Ren and Lilly are so much alike in almost every aspect however Ren was involved in a bit of an ordeal earlier this year which I don't want to elaborate upon at this stage. The difference between the twins is that Ren tends to believe more of what people tell her than Lilly, leaving her vulnerable.
    I find the internet far more destructive to them than me allowing them to smoke, have s** and to drink alcohol under my supervision. for this reason, I will not permit them to use their own email address when writing to persons unknown to me. I'm not for one minute you're saying you want to communicate with them via email. I'm just pointing out my ground rules with them. There are too many people that falsify information on here and this was demonstrated when I contacted Richard about a young lady who went by the name of Jennifer. She was supposed to have daughters named Laila and Kaila, Those names are fabricated for sure. Then we had another young girl named Hannah. She too had a toddler, aged 3, whom he said was smoking and then when people gave her a roasting, suddenly the toddler gave up the habit, yet Hannah told us she became addicted to nicotine. You may have read those posts, they were published here long ago. Those young women went way overboard about telling people on here about their children's activity and they were less than 5 years of age.
    Ren got a lot out of your chat last night, she, like Lilly takes a big interest in other's culture and was Googling Ecuador, researching cost of there living there, real estate, foods, languages and a host of other important material. Once again, thank you so much for being so helpful to my kids for exposing this lady who is supposed to be Pam and let's hope it is a lady.

  • Yes i have read all those posts you have mention it. I live a very healthy and happy life. I dont promote alcohol, smoke or any drugs, like i said i dont judge people. Take care


  • Hi Gabriela,
    Thank you for getting back. Although you don't smoke you have to realize that we twins, although only aged ten are permitted to smoke and we enjoy it thoroughly. As you will know too well there are many parents who allow their kids to smoke and have s**. It's not unusual for Lilly and I who are identical twins to get intimate with one another. Twins have a unique bond. Mum has mentioned this to a psychologist without getting into detail about us having s** This happens because they say we shared the same egg at birth as do other identical twins. There is plenty of literature to support this and Lilly and I experienced this "as normal behaviour" long before we heard of this. I hope I've explained it well. Mum can explain it clearer. I hope you really don't judge us but just be aware of our feelings because we love each other very much and thank you.

  • Ren

    I dont judge people. Take care

  • Thank you Gabriela,

    We all have an opinion and mum allows us Ren and I ours.
    The most important thing is we can discuss matters with her
    in a rational way then we talk about the rights and wrongs.


  • Ren
    There is nothing more humane and valuable than having a good relationship with your parents. That bond has a lot of meaning

  • Gabriela,
    There's something I want to say but not here, i don't want to share it with other eyes other than mum's and Lilly's.

    But just briefly have you read all mum's posts.? Belinda is not our biological mother. We refer to her as "mum" as we do our bio mother. Lilly and I have only been living with her and our bio dad since the Christmas school holidays last year.

    In short mum-Belinda inherited a lot of our issues earlier on when we were mixing in bad company with a girl three years older than us who mum described as having a feral mother who would allow her daughter and encourage Lilly and I to have s** with boys in their home, smoke and drink. That girl went on to be a heroin addict and mum has banned us from hanging out with her.

    Maybe mum didn't write that on this blog but I know she she pointed it out to Richard and Graham in emails. Richard and Graham post on here.

  • I hav real all the post. Yes i know shes not yoir biological mother. I dint judge, i enjoy live in a different way, travel, advengures, love to spemd time with my husband, toddler, i dont smoke, dri k anything caude im still breastfeeding, we have a healrhy happy life ghat i enjoy very much. Take care

  • Confessions

  • "Confessions" is that a statement
    or a question, you idiot?

  • Lilly
    Do you realize you were the 3000th person to comment here, go girl? I don't think Pam will be back here, do you because that kind person exposed her lies. And Ren she hadn't raised the subject of Adrian's smoking or anything about her until you asked Pam questions. That's not normal I don't think considering she said she has a daughter (13 or even 8). What a let down she turned out to be. We'll smoke on, have fun and forget about the b itch. She's full of s** t

  • Ren, Lilly and Oskana
    Don't concern yourselves too much that Pam isn't what "she's" all about. We know
    It's fanciful at best. I am just about old enough to be a grandfather to you. As I said before, I have an admiration for young girls and women alike that smoke.

  • Graham,
    Are you the man that has occasionally emailed mum? We like it that you're not pretending to be anything other than a gentleman and that you support us in our smoking.

    Lilly and I have just got out of bed now to have a cigarette with mum as she's feeding our baby twin sisters.

  • Yes Ren,
    I have communicated a good deal with your mum via email and I endorse the way you twins have been brought up by her. Belinda's an outstanding mother and I wish her, you, Lilly, Rick and the babies a happy Christmas and a healthy and rewarding New Year.

    Keep up your excellent school grades.

  • Oskana,
    CoPost should give me an award, like a carton of ciggies and a bottle of Vodka. Yes I'm really p issed off with Pam.

  • Richard,
    It’s a nice change that this is the first Christmas that Lilly and I don’t have to hide our smoking and it’s been accepted by the majority of our family, thanks to mum who fought for our rights to smoke. Only our mum’s brother (ie Belinda’s brother) and her father and our natural mother’s partner do not approve of our smoking. Her brother calls her a trollop for buying us cigarettes and permitting us to smoke and it hurts us. While one of our pops is not totally against us smoking, he refuses to buy us cigarettes so I suppose he’ll give us money again. It’ll be a welcoming Christmas this year because we have three Nanas who will be buying cigarettes for us and our Belinda mum’s sister will be buying us cigarettes too. We call her aunt. The nanas have put their Christmas tree up and Lilly and I have had a good feel around the packaging. It is obvious that we have cartons of cigarettes each and clothes from our nanas, bio mum and our mum and two pops.

    It’s a shame that many of our boyfriends and girlfriends are not allowed to smoke so they have to hide their habit. Thankfully Oskana is allowed to smoke and this was mum who talked Oskana's mum into allowing her. it would be difficult for Oskana if she wasn't allowed as she's our best friend and we go out with her family and she comes out with ours.

    Why is it such taboo with parents in not allowing their kids to smoke. As mum has said most parents had a puff of a cigarette by the time they were ten anyway it's just that most or some liked it and kept smoking.

  • Ren
    I have been reading posts, by you, Lilly and your mom and I agree explicitly with you that there should be no barrier inasmuch that children should choose and be permitted to smoke. How right you are in saying most have tried a cigarette when they were ten or younger.

    I note that you both started smoking at 7, I have a 7 year old son and I'd allow him to smoke if he took an interest.

  • Hi Natalie,
    I hope your son takes up smoking soon. Have you thought of encourage him to smoke?

    As you know it's easy to learn to Inhale and even easier to become addicted. We love smoking and can't go half an hour without a cigarette when we're home from school.
    Mum likes the idea that we smoke which makes it an outstanding habit for us. Just to think we're only ten and allowed to smoke is awesome.

  • Ren, Lilly and Oskana.
    I'm totally in support of you girls smoking, drinking and having s ex. I even
    like you to use the word f as it's more acceptable these days. So I'm in favour of you swearing as well. We hear it on prime time television with regularity in Australia and it becomes second nature to us. I draw the line at the c**t word and I thank you nor using that. There's nothing like seeing a young girl enjoying a cigarette. I embrace your drinking although I appreciate you don't get trashed. You are a credit to your mothers and I have seen what your mother, Belinda writes about you twins and I can tell she adores you, Ren and Lilly and I like the fact that you show her immense respect and love in return.
    You are the product of a modern day mum and something you should be proud of.
    All the best

  • Oskana
    I've never heard of your name before
    I've heard of Oksana. Are you Russian
    I'm Russian and live in Russia with my parents and two sisters. I'm the youngest and I'm 14 and we are allowed to smoke.

    If I ever come to Australia I want to f*** you.

  • Renato I was named Oksana at birth but my mother is also Oksana so I want to be known as Oskana. Yep we're Russian but we were born in Australia.

    I'm 11 and I smoke too but I think 14 year old boys are too immature for me to have
    s ex with. No offence but that is what I have found.

  • Oskana,
    I waited up all night for you to say yes. What's wrong with having s** with me. Who is the lucky one f****** you. How old is he

  • Renato,
    It shouldn't matter to you and you're not getting s ex from me.

  • Pam,

    We haven't heard much of your daughter, Adriana lately. How is she going with her smoking and has she started having s ex?


  • Hello Ren,
    It's always a pleasure to hear from you and your twin. Adriana is smoking about 1PPD which I'm happy with at this point.

    As soon as she wants to have s** I'll allow her that too. At the moment I can't see her falling pregnant if she wants s** now as she's not turning 8 until almost mid next year.

    She's getting inquisitive as she likes to read posts by you and Lilly about drinking, smoking, s** and your swearing.

  • Hello Pamnive read your older posts, and you said that Adriana was almost 13, and now that shes not turning 8??

  • Hmm, I'm glad you raised this, I didn't realize the f ucking bullsh it. My sister and I thought Pam was sooo genuine but we're sooo f ucking disappointed now. I'm hope Pam is not a pedo get etting

  • I didn't finish before this froze.

    off with what we write. She didn't make a mistake in telling us that her daughter was 13 and now 8, that's for sure and it can't be a typo. Mum told us long ago that if she wants to write to us, she has to do that through her email address.

    My twin sister Lilly recently took a fancy to a 16 year old girl named Annea on here. Our mum said she wouldn't open the email but had a last minute think about it and said she's going to screen every email written to us. She didn't suspect Annea of not being genuine but didn't want to take a chance. In the end it was Annea's parents who would not let her to email Lilly.

    The last thing we want is for mum to ban us from posting as we love witting to the people who are more realistic.

    Thank you for pointing this out and who are you?


    Thanks "Pam" for f ucking us up.

  • Ren,
    Mum can't ban us for Pam's f ucking stuff ups, it isn't our fault.

  • Pam,
    You're a cool mum too.

  • I take that back when I said you're a cool mum Pam.

    That's soo f ucked


  • Lilly, Ren and Oskana,
    Andrew needs s** education and he should speak with his father about pleasuring a woman and their needs. I only hope it isn't a case of like father, like son. Decent bed manners among men is hard regarding s**.

    Andrew, how old are you?


  • F uck, what's wrong with this f ucking blog, it's forever down?


  • Ren, Lilly, Oskana, Belinda,

    Sorry for not responding to you for such a long time. Things have been hectic around here. We had a major roof leak a couple of months ago that came down through our bedroom and ruined the carpet. Before I could get the carpet torn up, it started to grow mushrooms about 3 inches high. Tearing up the carpet (it was old and due for replacement anyways) has been a major job that I still haven't gotten done. While we aren't quite ready to call in the people from the TV show Hoarders, we aren't that far from it. I've had to clear a small patch of floor by moving stuff around, cut the carpet into small pieces that fit in a trash bag, pull up the padding and trash that, pull out the staples that held the padding, and then scrub the floor. Then move some more stuff and repeat. Much of the stuff had to be scrubbed too.

    I've still got a strip of carpet under the dresser my wife uses to tear up. I also have had to do some repair work on a couple of things. A shelving unit that we use to grow some houseplants and as an extension for our closet space by a pipe extending from one end of it that we hang clothes on, toppled over when I was moving things around. It broke a rocking chair into several pieces as well as some plexiglass sheets on the front of the storage shelves. (The plexiglass was to keep our cats out of the plants). I had to glue the chair back together and the plexi sheets.

    I've had some car trouble and had to spend a lot getting it taken care of. The most important disaster has been that my wife's lung cancer appears to have come back. We've had two trips to Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore and still don't have a definite diagnosis. It's still possibly not cancer, but we don't have anything definite.


  • Richard,
    It's good to hear from you although the news you're telling us is not good. Lung cancer is something I worry about constantly with my kids Ren and Lilly smoking. However I wish Mary well. I read in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph there is a drug available in Australia to treat advanced lung cancer sufferers. It was developed by a Dutch scientist and the name is Keytruda. It was very expensive if I recall, something in the order of $1200. That I think was the cost for a month's prescription. The Australian government has recently put that on the cheaper benefits list at about $39.95 or $5.40 for aged and disability pensioners. Make enquiries in N J to ascertain if it's available there.

    Living with mushrooms created by damp will only hinder Mary's health because of the buildup of mould and mildew. I know what you mean and I know you're not exaggerating when you're telling us they are three feet tall. I gave seen them in a girlfriend's place she was renting. I trust you may have wooden floorboards and you've dried them out thoroughly.

    Cars are a pain and expensive. I came back to mine where I left it parked when I went shopping with Ren and the babies late on Wednesday afternoon and I when I came back the driver side had been hit. The estimate is $2,718. F*** I'm still mad about that. I only bought it this financial year, last June. We needed a large SUV because there are 6 in our family and we take Oskana out quite often with us, making it seven.

  • Richard,

    We hope your wife recovers well and you have a peaceful Christmas together.

    We're thinking of you.

    I'm sure Mary wife would like us to have celebratory cigarette in her honour for getting better, we are hopeful and confident of that.

    Best wishes

    and Lilly, Oskana and mum.

  • Richard,

    That's if Mary is not anti kids smoking. I don't want to upset her at this time.

    Ren xx

  • Richard,

    Let's all hope that your wife recovers well.

    We're thinking of you.

    Best wishes to you both.

    Ren, Lilly, Oskana and mum

  • Ren, Lilly, Oskana,

    As far as Andrew is concerned, if he c ums faster, it just means that you have to get him hard again and go back to getting your enjoyment. Unless he only wants to c um once. Second time around should be better - he should not be quite so excited and could spend more effort in pleasing you.


  • Richard,
    This is the first thread we've read about Andrew. He sounds a proper creep and he should learn how to pleasure girls and not be so selfish to think about his own desire. He's not getting his d ick anywhere near me and blow to get his rocks off and leave us up in the air.

  • Hey Ren, Lilly and Oskana

    I don't smoke but I love f****** girls when they're smoking . It turns me on and I come quicker.


  • Andrew,

    Well that's just too sad. Not that only you don't smoke but you want to c um quicker. Where's the enjoyment in s ex with you for us girls?


  • Hi Kiaran,

    I love you tooo.

    Let's do it, all of it

    Ren xx

  • Hi Annea,

    So you want You and I to be lovers but I'm a girl and yes I'm a twin. Aren't you a girl too? I'd like to try a lesbian relationship with you but I don't know if I want to eventually marry a woman one day. I smoke and I'd like you to smoke too. I like the fact that you've older, I'm 10 and you're 16. What nationality are you, not that it matters, I'm just curious?
    Love Lilly x x

  • Hi Lilly!

    I'm so so so happy you wrote to me! I've read lots of what you write and I just really think you're brilliant and chill and so super sexy! I'm so excited to finally be writing. I was so sad when they turned off the comments and I was super worried that I lost you before I even found you (if you get that)! LOL!

    I am an American and yes I'm a girl and yes I am a lesbian and have always been all three of those. :) I knew for sure that I was lesbian before I ever even tried s**. And ever since then I have only ONLY been with women. I think you've done both and that's part of the reason I get so excited for you it says a lot about how good and experienced you are OMG! And I so agree with you too: I love it that I'm so much older than you. I've never been with anybody younger than me but I think we would look SOOOOO good together. I'm around 6feet tall and I play sports including volleyball and basketball and I'm probably going to get an athletics scholarship to college to play volleyball (I'm good! Not just tall!). I will know that in the spring probably.

    I'm sorry but I don't smoke. I tried it several times but I just don't like it and plus it affects my playing sports. But I do like women that smoke and I date more women who smoke than women who don't. And I think your smoking would look good when we are together.

    And I guess I am out of space so I'll just say byebye. And thank you again for writing. I think about you all the time already but now I will think even more.

  • Hi Annea,

    I want to talk more and I need to tell you something. Mum said it's best if we discuss it in an email. she won't allow us to to use our email and said it's best to use hers and she promises not to open it, She said just put Annea in the subject line. she said I can delete it after you reply.

    You don't have to use your name in the email address, mum doesn't use her proper email address because she has got a lot of her clients' details in it for her hair dressing salon such as their full names, addresses, phone numbers, where they live and birth dates. She sends them birthday cards and for the ones that spend a lot of money in her salon, she sends flowers.

    Her email address is

    I know exactly what you mean about smoking and playing sports, Ren and I did not make the school soccer team this year, we were playing under 12's but smoking saps a lot of our energy. it's my aim to encourage you to smoke. I'd love you to smoke.


  • Hi Annea,
    Ren and I have slept with other girls and we often sleep with each other but we haven't been in a lesbian relationship. I'd say we're bi and as the vote went to the people in Australia in November last year the majority went for gay marriages which we are happy about although we were too young to vote.

    We have a lot of gay friends, both young girls and guys, I'd say quite a few a bisexual and the girls in the main, are smokers.


  • Lilly: I'm so mad at C-Post because it ate 3 posts of mine in the last 2 days. I mean they were mostly the same but none of them ever showed up. What I tried to say is that I had bad punishments from my parents for emailing 2 grownup women I was having affairs with when I first started dating when I was young and if they ever found out I was back with an email account again they would not just punish me but also those 2 women I was with when they caught me all that time ago. It makes me so sad that I can't obey you when my obeying was something I wanted to do in our relationship and now it looks like I can't. I cried for hours when I found out. I'm so sorry. I still love you anyway although I think everybody actually loves you so hard because you are so amazing.

  • Annea,
    That's a lovely post. I can understand your parents forbidding you from emailing me. I told my mum you may be emailing me and not to read it. She got mad at me and said she would have to monitor what Ren and I write. She took us off Facebook long ago because we were posting images of ourselves drinking, smoking and general partying. She said it will not help our cause if an employer saw that when go for a job in later years or when we go to restaurants enroll in university.
    So I understand your parents although it's a pain.
    Love Lilly

  • Annea,
    "auto correct" is another pain. The word "restaurant" should not be in the copy.
    Do you talk dirty when ur having s ex?
    I love it.

  • Annea,

    I don't get it that I smoke and you don't. I can't understand that you want us to be lovers but i'm thrilled by it all. Doesn't it bother you being in bed with a girl smoking and with cigarette smoke on her breath?


  • To the person who wrote "totally fake or totally fake parents./ALSO totally illegal" etc

    Some women like the idea that our children smoke, drink, swear and have s** as Belinda (I think it was who wrote those words) in that it brings out the badass in them.

    And I am certain one of her kids, whether it was Ren or Lilly said this blog is about mothers who allow their kids to smoke.

    So if you're anti our kids smoking and entering into young adulthood and disapprove about them doing other things, then start your own thread somewhere else.

    I for one like Ren and Lilly and what they stand for.


  • Hi Pam,
    ThanQ again for coming out in support of what we do. Lilly and I and our girlfriends have just come out of school for the day and a few of us are heading to the coffee lounge outdoor smoking area to have a cold drink and a cigarette. Of course we'll look out for the authorities. We hope this doesn't upset too many.
    Lilly and Ren

  • It just looks like a lot of posts or pieces of posts from other pages got dumped in here during the blackout. What a mess!!!!

  • Hi Asja g

    Your post came in 23 days ago as at 28th November, 2018 Sydney time.

    We're pleased to have you as our friend. Are you Russian, we have a lovely Russian girlfriend we go to school with here in Australia. Her name is Oskana.

    Like we twins, she's allowed to smoke.
    Do you smoke and what's your age?

    Love Ren and Lilly, (twins) and our girlfriend Oskana.

  • To the person who wrote about s** and smoking among our young. I can't see your post at the moment due to the blog being down yet again. I agree with Lilly, the twin sister of Ren who posted that you're not getting sufficient s** yourself . You're irritated by the fact that these fine ladies are permitted to smoke and have s**. You're going on about something like adults are posing as the posters and wanting to call in Child Protection Services. Where have you been, under a rock? Parents have been allowing their kids to smoke, drink and have s** since time began, especially the earlier. Haven't you witnessed parents giving their kids cigarettes and being allowed to smoke freely at home? It's my bet that Lilly and Ren, have well reached puberty, they have started menstruating thus they will have raging hormones; of course they will want s**. They are mature enough to engage in s**, yet they are only ten. After all they are tall for their age, and their b****** are developing.

    Think before you post in future and it'd be good idea if you put a name to what you write.

    Barry H.

  • I'm in total love with her.I can't hardly help that.

  • So who are you (male or female) and who are you in love with?


  • Young girls that smoke are the sexiest kind of sexy. A.G.

  • And we prefer to smoke when we are having s ex


  • Please come back. I miss you all.

  • everyone here:have a wonderful thanksgiving and a beautiful weekend...i hope you all get a lot of delicious turkey and a lot of reeeeeeally delicious s**.

  • I love Lili. I truly do. I want to be her friend. And her lover. And some day, her wife (or at least one of them).

    Annea, 16

  • Hi Annea
    Who is the Lili you're speaking of?

  • Its one of the twin girls here which I guess means its you? :) So sorry for the bad spelling. Not all of the coments were up when I wrote again so I only remembered the name of the girl but not how to spell it so I just guessed and I got it wrong. So I wont make the mistake again. Now I'll know even if they take down the page again. :) Thanks.

    Annea, 16

  • . . . . . testing . . . . . . . . . testing . . . testing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?

  • Please let lilly and ren come back here. i missed them and so like every other one from this place. they are our friends and our favorite writers.


  • Thank you yo-jin, consider us your friend. Are you a young smoker how old and are you a girl or a boy?

  • Yo-yin,

    Oops, I forgot to sign it off.

    Ren and Lilly

  • I could obviously tell she was really short but I didn't know then how young she was. She was smoking like an adult, really elegant and sophisticated, and so yeah I came on to her hard and she really responded like she was really hungry for it so I assumed she was used to getting that kind of attention and she said she was good to go. After that we really couldn't help

  • All girls should smoke. Every one of them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and their lives.

  • A woman who smokes is ALWAYS a better lover than one who doesn't.

  • Apparently one of their cigs caught this place on fire and burnt it to the ground.



  • Why is this happening I don't get it

  • Totally fake OR totally flake parents. ALSO totally illegal. Child Protective Services would s***** her up in a second. Soooooo, she’s 11 and been smoking year and a half?????

  • Who are you and who are you referring to. What eleven year old girl? My twin sister and I smoke and our friend, Oskana is eleven and she smokes. You should chill and have a ciggie.


  • You'd love nothing better than to tell Child Protection Services our mum allows us to smoke and have s ex would you, you f ucking creep. Just to let you know that we call it it Child Welfare here in Sydney. Go ahead tell them. Just coz you're not getting enough f uckd, you feel it's ok to tell. You're as boring as all f uck.


  • Lilly,

    Good for you telling the creep to get lost. Don't know what is wrong with this blog, it seems to lose its comments periodically. They apparently are still there, the software just doesn't display them, but it still takes as long to load as when it does display them. Probably running on a server with outdated software that needs updated or patched. Hopefully it will stay up this time.


  • Richard,
    I don't know why the f uck people who are anti us smoking, drinking and having
    s ex don't leave us alone and let us post whether their parents allow their kids to do these things or not. At least we can share our experiences with the young guys and girls.

    Kids are going to do these things anyway. They're more rebellious these days because our parents are not permitted to hit us or speak to us in an aggressive mum manner, although mum does but for some reason we accept that as she reasons with us and she's usually right in what she says. Dad won't even raise his vote and leaves mum in charge of what we do. We appreciate our parents more I'm sure for allowing us to be respectable young adults.

    Shortly after I posted yesterday, the
    for f ucking board went down again.


  • Ept he does me soooooo good and just like i need it so bad but so does his

  • Not sure why previous comments won't load

  • Whoever you are please stopdoing this

  • Where are all the comments?

  • We've done a lot of smoking and other things since this blog has been down.

  • … glad your back......tell about what you have been doing the whole time .... and who...…...

  • Bad parents creating bad children.

  • No we have good parents leading by example and letting us be young adults in an adult world, doing adult things in a responsible way.
    Have fun
    Ren and Lilly

  • . . . . . . . . ? . . . . . . . .

  • I now officially hate this website and its stupid stupid administrators. Take a leap.

  • Please stop doing this its mean and upsetting. lilly and ren are my friends and i don't have any other way to connect with them and its just so sad. please stop.

    asja g

  • ……..this vacant shitt is getting old...………..i'm tired of it bigtime...……...hannah

  • Why can't we see the commenting?

  • To whoever blocked all of the comments here please tell ren that i love her ok. i think she knows but i want to be sure ok. so please just tell her please. its really true ok.


  • Why this

  • WTF????!?

  • So hi its alannah again. where is everyone??

  • Hi Alannah,

    When did you post before, how long ago. I want to read what you're writing?


  • . . . . . sux we can't read this anymore . . . . . . . . . totally sux . . . . . .

  • I hate the emptiness. And the darkness. Please......make it stop. Please.

  • I have never understood and will never understand why this site dumps all the comments and with such frequency. It just is not proper. It is shameful.

  • Please open this comments box thank you ConfessionPost.
    Lilly, Ren and Oskana

  • Lll

  • What happened to all the comments for this confession?

  • Everybody hates blanking, right? So, why does this site keep doing it?

  • Ok so this probly will be weird since you dont know me but i have to thank you coz you got me a man i had been wantingand wanting and wanting forever but had never been able to get with.he is the father of one of my best friends and he knew for sure i wanted him super hard ever since i was little but he would never do after i started readinghere i decided that if i started smoking it would i started teaching myself to smoke and eventually got doing snaps.i even convinced my mom to let me smoke at home (my dad not so much).ok so then I started smoking at my friends house and it was like f****** magic:all of the sudden that man just could not ever take his eyes off me and so i just smoked more and more.i even thought of it like i was only just smoking just for him. :) then this onenight when i was at their house i started doing that thing you taught all of us where you hook your thumbs in your jeans pockets and rub your mound with your fingers all while you hold the cigarette and smoking.i actually thought he was going to c** in his pants.f***.i wish you could of both seen anyway a about maybe 2 weeks later their family went out of town to a wedding out of town but the dad had to stay back at home for his work so i b****-hitched a ride to their house.when i got there i lit a cigarette andwhen he opened it andsaw it was me and i was smokingthere he like grabbed me and pulled me inside and we made love right there by the door .then in the family rooom on the sofa.then in their bed.then in my friends bed.then in the kitchen.then on top of the dining room table.then in the laundry was the best s** I ever had in my whole entire life.he told me later that he loved the thing I did with my thumbs over my mound and that he had been masterbating for it.we have been sexing ever i have you to thank for allthat so thank you.

  • Yeah I agree, weird, made-up. Our mum said the above was written by a guy for sure. lol

    Ren and Lilly

  • No comment

  • Hey Danny,
    How are you and alexis getting on or getting it off, more to the point?

  • Belinda,
    Can you get back to me? I know your kids post and read this thred.
    I'm a single mom, 24 years with 2 kids, a girl 6 and a son 8. I caught my daughter smoking behind the backyard shed with her girlfriend a few days back and I told her it's ok for her to smoke. Now I want her to smoke. She was shy about it and didn't say a word. I offered her puffs of my cigarettes but so far she hasn't takin it up. I seen in one of your posts that you encouraged a child to smoke after giving her alcohol, does that really work and how should I go about it?

  • Vivian,

    I think it’s odd that you being a New Zealander are spelling mum as mom. Anyway
    I can say that alcohol does “loosen” a person up a little as you may well know and the
    use of alcohol among kids increases their inhibitions mores so. The thing is be very
    aware of the amount of alcohol you administer your daughter. You only need her to be a bit tiddly NOT blind drunk.

    My twin ten year old twin daughters, Ren and Lilly started smoking on their account when they were six but didn’t inhale until they were 7. I endorsed their smoking after they told me they were smokers and that they craved nicotine. I then handed them a cigarette each and watched in awe as they snap inhaled deeply. It was apparent to me they were addicted.

    When I allowed them to smoke they were more concerned about what our family was going to say when they lit up in front of them. This is when I gave them alcohol to give them the courage they needed to smoke in their presence. I only had them drink it the first time they smoked in each family member’s presence but I fully supported them and I was ready to
    pounce on the naysayers. We didn’t encounter too much trouble in that regard. My father was against it at first so we stopped visiting him and prevented him from coming to our place. That changed after a few months when he rang and apologized.

  • Vivian
    I, together with my daughters encouraged a very daughter of a friend of mine to smoke at my friend’s request and this was done by giving her a couple of nips of Crème de Menthe in a
    glass of lemonade. It isn’t as potent as vodka and it leaves a nice smell on her breath and it’s quite a pleasant taste.

    Six years of age for girls is a good time for your daughter to start smoking. Don’;t wait any longer. I’m pro kids smoking, a very liberal mum and I have no problem with Ren and Lilly engaging in s** and responsible drinking of alcohol. I don’t believe there should be age restrictions placed on our kids just to experience adult fun. I remind my friends there is no handbook on we should raise our kids. There are a few hard rules they need to obey, people reading this may find that difficult especially coming from me after what I have written here.

    The most important thing is that smoking, being highly addictive, you need to prepare yourself for the cost involved. Kids start smoking about 8 to 12 cigarettes per day then they rapidly escalate to a pack within weeks. My twins smoke more than that, not that I begrudge them their right to and pleasure to smoke. I want them to smoke and I adore them as smokers. My partner and I are on good incomes and we can well afford it. I just hope you are in the same position. I know of one such single woman who encouraged her daughter to smoke only to realize she is now struggling to afford to support her little girl’s smoking addiction. That’s so f****** cruel.

    Be that as it is, your daughter wants to smoke, that’s apparent to me and anyone else that may have read your post. You want her to smoke. I can only say allow her that enjoyment.
    All the best

  • Belinda
    Thanks for getting back. I said mom because a lot of people spell it that way on these postings. I will have to limit Sarahs smoking because of the cost. I work but I don't get a good wage. I will try to give Sarah some alcohol to carm her down before I give her a cigarette. What things do your twins do that you want them to obey. They drink, smoke and have s** what else.

  • Belinda,
    There's no way I am aware of that you are able to limit Sarah's smoking once she starts. Don't people smoke when their brain wants or needs a nicotine fix? That's f****** absurd.

    If I were to limit Ren and Lilly's smoking, then I can assure you, I will have two miserable kids day and night.

    I Googled the price of Marlboro in New Zealand (for example) it is comparable to that of Sydney at about $28 per pack. I can tell you, once Sarah starts smoking she will be demanding a pack a day. The price to provide her in cigarettes for a year will exceed $10,000. F*** my girls wake up for cigarettes during the night about two or three times, sometimes chain smoking two before they go back to bed.

    If Sarah is going to smoke, allow her to smoke without restriction but put food on the table and be able to clothe her.

    What do you call "limitation" how many packs of cigarettes per week do you think is reasonable to allow Sarah to smoke?

    Should you want to email me, please feel free, my address has been mentioned a couple of times throughout this blog.

  • Belinda,
    I might be able to afford to by Sarah 3 packs of cigarettes a week.

  • Vivian,
    Best of luck with buying Sarah only 3 packs of cigarettes a week. I know kids and adults alike will get addicted to smoking rather quickly.
    You're kidding me, fooling yourself and you're in for a reality check my dear.

  • Belinda
    I forgot something inportant. How did your twins start smoking, did they use alcohol.

  • Belinda,
    I forgot to ask one very importint question. Did you teach your twins to smoke and how did you do it that, did they drink alcohol.

  • Where are you from 22 year old mom

  • I'm 24 from the South Island of New Zealand.

  • South Island of New Zealand

  • TGIF mum brings cartons of cigarettes home for Ren and I tonight. She's going to buy us a tin of cigars each too. Only small ones, the Wee Willems. They give us a nice head rush when we inhale them and have an alcoholic drink We're not allowed to smoke them in public because mum said it isn't lady-like to smoke cigars. We have to smoke them at home.

  • Lilly,
    It's a pity women and young ladies like you are frowned upon when you're smoking cigars in public. I too enjoy a cigar with or without a drink. I have smoked them several times in public places.

  • Lilly,
    My 15 year old niece enjoys a cigar with a chardonnay every now and again. It's a joy watching her smoking them although she doesn't inhale with every drag. I think you should smoke cigars in public, you'd get a lot of attention. For how long have you and your twin sister been smoking cigars?

  • To whoever,
    Once again a name from you would have been more than appreciative. Secondly I find it extraordinary that you were smoking as a direct cause of your non smoking grandma. How did that influence you?.

    I have been following the ten year twin daughters of Belinda (Ren and Lilly and their friend Oksana) for weeks now. Belinda herself was a prolific writer on this forum starting around last Christmas year. She wrote about her daughters being permitted to smoke and have s**. She was hit with a barrage of complaints from the antis here especially with allowing her kids to be sexually active.

    To be honest with you I had mixed feelings at first about Belinda's decisions. Then I took notice of what her twins were writing. Let's not pretend ourselves that these are two smart kids. In my mind they'll go a long way in life. Their businesses plan has been extraordinarily thought out. I recently took a lot

  • Continuation by Pam,

    Of interest in what the girls were posting. They are compassionate, loving and have a disposition about them that I can only hope my daughter can achieve. They are on top of current affairs. I know they are mature enough to smoke. Since they starting posting, I was looking at my daughter and I allow her to read every post by Lilly and Ren. Soon it became obvious that she was watching me smoke so it was an affirmation to me without saying that she wanted to smoke. I offered her a cigarette and she inhaling before night's end. I will have no objection whatsoever if she desires to indulge in s**.
    Lilly and Ren were inhaling cigarette smoke by the age of 7. Belinda once wrote there is no age limit for anyone to start smoking in her book and I'm now certain of that. I think you should teach your son the pleasure of smoking.
    Let us know how you go with it.

  • I agree with you Pam and I am not sure how long it will take but I'm going to keep posting. He is learning to read and I won't him to read some of this

  • I should ask to whom are you referring and who is "he"?

  • Pam

    May I ask if you're the Pam from Pennsylvania who writes to Lilly and I on here. There appears to be two Pams posting now.
    Thank you