Summer is coming

I had madeout with this girl a bunch of times last summer when I was visiting my dad for the summer. He lives in another town because him and my mom don't like each other anymore. I tried to have s** with her but she always told me no and something about not getting pregnant. For whatever like I wouldn't use a condom or something. I got her phone number and we text all the time. Facebook, Snapchat, you know. So last year around Thanksgiving she tells me her parents are splitting. I tell her I'm there for her and all the bullshit that chicks wanta hear. Lucky would be on my side when in January she text me and says her dad moved out and is living in my town. What are the f****** odds of that? I guess it's not that unbelievable. We all still live in the same area even if it is different towns. So she tells me she's coming to stay with her dad this last week on spring break. I told my mom I didn't want to go see my dad. She didn't make me. But now she thinks there is something wrong. Anyway I hook up with this girl and we are hanging out. We're kissing again and again I tryna get in her panties. I got a couple fingers inside her and she's jacking me pretty good when her f****** sister walked in and caught us. She didn't tell but she made us stop. Next day I text her and tell her i really wanted a f*** her and she said she really wanted to f*** me too. Shes p***** at her sister for walking in and f****** s*** up. Now she has gone back to her moms house and we never got to do it. I told my mom I want to see my dad the first week we out of school. I told my girl I'm ready and coming for her. She said she can't wait.

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  • Mmm you go lad!!! Smash her back doors in!

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