While My Cousin Slept

I've never told this to anyone else for obvious reasons but here goes. the cousin that I'm talking about was close in age with me. that doesn't make it right. either way I enjoyed it. I had to live with my aunt for a while due to house problems with my parents. my aunt had 3 daughters. the oldest one was at the point where she was starting to develop and fill out really well. on weekends there would be a ton of their friends over so they would stay up late and sleep hard. I remember my cousin laying on her bed and one other girl on the floor. the rest were down stairs. I walked over to her and shook her a bit to see how hard she was asleep. she was out. I used the light from the tv they left on the see what I was doing. I reached down her shirt into her little bra and got a good feel of her t***. they were still a little small but big enough to grab and hold. I looked down at her face and her mouth was slightly open so I lightly licked her lips and and lightly kissed her. I got hard from it. she started to move around bit so I tip toes to the door and left but came back a few minutes later. she wa laying so I couldn't grab her b**** again but now her ass was out in the open so I had an idea. I rub her ass on the outside of her pajamas while I rubbed the head of my c***. I was so nervous she would wake up. she moved around some more. maybe she was dreaming. I wanted to get my hands on her sweet little slit between her legs but it was to risky even though she was in the perfect position for it. almost like she did it on purpose but she was asleep. I snagged a pair of her panties out of her dirty laundry and rubbed one out in the bathroom sniffing them then c****** inside the toilet. I sniffed them one last time then cleaned my c*** with them. I got a bit of c** on my fingers so I dumped her panties back in the laundry hamper and walked to her and wiped the rest of the c** on her lips. she had no idea how she made my night. she was oblivious to all the stuff I did to her. it was one of my most favorite and risky things I've done and she will never know. I'd do it again.

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  • Good for you! If you get a chance, do it all again!

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