I have stomach ache fetish

It just come naturally. Seriously, I was 5 when I realize I have this attraction (except I did not acknowledge it was called a 'fetish'). Basically I got excited and flustered seeing/reading about attractive people got stomach aches. It was not sexual, it never sexual, but once in a while I crave it, pretty much like I crave snuggled up with certain love interests. Even more.
Two of my best friends knows and support me, though. I've been told it's 'normal' but idk until this day I still weirded out myself.

Jul 28, 2016

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  • I have a belly fetish and what exactly it is keeps changing every once in a while. It started with pregnancy fetish. I loved seeing pregnant bellies and then it moved into a labour fetish. I liked watching videos of women in labour or roleplaying it and now I have a belly ache fetish. So I recently made a fetish account on Instagram with the name Sarahsbelly and have been meeting so many other people with this fetish on Instagram. I'm a straight girl but when it comes to this fetish I prefer women in general

  • I got the same fetish also but my fetish ia more universal,i love to see sexy woman or girl had a stomachache and being belly puched..i like to see them bend over holding painful stomach and thats weird

  • Wow

  • I've had this fetish ever since I was 19. My best friend was into overeating and belly stuffing. It's an issue for me because while I enjoy the feeling after having eaten too much, I am extremely self conscious. I just got with a guy and although he's told me his preferred kinks, I'm nervous about sharing mine.

  • I have this fetish too, since i was a kid (of course i didn't even know what a fetish was, and it was never sexual), and i've always felt shy when talking about stomachs or awkward if someone mentions they have a tummy ache or something like that. Honestly i don't think i will ever be able to tell anyone haha, i think they would be weirded out. Maybe one day i'd tell my partner, if i am confident enough in the relationship. I'm a girl btw.

  • I have the same fetish and it extends to cute girls with constipation or other bowel trouble in pain trying to p***

  • Yeah same here.. always liked it

  • Its not actually watching attractive people get that its mostly i want to feel that pain too severly and i want my partner to worry nd fuzz about it. but just him though cuz its embarresing to see any relative or "some frnds" hv stomach aches or see me in pain

  • Oh god i jst now got to know its jst not me that hav this fetish and u explained everything im goin on and i dnt think ill ever be able to tell anyone but im glad there are ppl who understands this and im a girl too btw

  • Omg me to you explained literally everything im going through.i do have trusting partner and i told him i have a fetish but i dont i can tell him that cuz it might weird him out and he wont even fuzz if i were to actually fake it or smthin

  • I am also a girl and ever since i was young i would get shy around anyone who admitted to having a tummy ache and would always catch my self staring at guys when they would rub their stomachs....i cant not look. And i have always thought that bigger guys were more attractive, they can eat way more and often love having thier big soft bellies rubbed. I have been in some serious relationships and totally comfortable with the other person but im always so nervous to confess this to anyone in person because its so obscure and i dont want them to fake it for me, but if they do have a tummy ache i hope for them to not be shy and let me rub and kiss that bellyache away

  • *gasp* are you me. Yeah like I always got uncomfortable in flustered way when in daily conversation someone mention about stomach aches lmao. Hey, good luck telling your partner! If they're supportive, who knew you can even enact it with them.

  • I have the same/similar fetish from as far back as I can remember but mine is for attractive females doubled over and holding the slim sexy stomach in pain. I also kept it secret for so long but now I reveal it to girls once I've gotten to know them a bit. Some will act out fake stomach pains for me with bending over and stomach holding in short skirts or dresses or just t-shirt or hoodie and panties. I don't know of anything sexier.

  • I have the same stomach ache fetish also from an early age. I thought it weird and kept it secret but I've learned online many share it.

  • I've had the same from a real young age too. I only learned it's at least semi normal online because I didn't used to know other people shared the same fetish.

  • Hey

  • I got mine from an ex

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