I was very h**** once while I was house sitting for my aunt and I was beating me meat for a while to p***, and I had to stop a few times because people called the pizza man came I kept on getting interrupted well I then went to, my cousins room, she is 7 years old as I was in her room I saw a Ariel the little mermaid doll, and I remember how h**** I was and started jerking off right there ( in my defense I was kinda high) and I rubbed my c*** all over Ariel and then I came on the doll I washed it and put it back and now I kinda feel bad

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  • Ok! First of all you must and I mean must learn how to write. Everyone who reads this is confused because of your horrible writing skills. I don't know how old you are but masterbating in front of a 7 year old is a crime. If I were you I would never do it again and I would find a nice quiet corner to j*** off. Your story is also not believable. Sorry! NEXT

  • How odd

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