There's always that one coworker

I work in at a nursing home, and there is this one girl who works Per Diem (As needed), and as soon as I see her name on the schedule I dread the shift. I dislike this girl for three main reasons:
#1: She's very spacey. She's been here almost as long as I have (four years), but she somehow still doesn't have a clue what she's doing, despite picking up at least two days a week every week. People legitimately question if she comes to work on drugs because it seems impossible for someone to be this numb.
#2: She's super fake. She pretends to be so sweet and nice, but she's easily the most passive aggressive person I know. She'll offer to do something small for you (like taking an empty wheelchair to the end of the hallway), you'll tell her no thank you, she'll insist, and then she'll turn around and act like you forced her to do it. She always has to find a way to make herself the victim of something. Like someone will bring in pizza and everyone will have a slice and she'll say no no no but as soon as that piece is gone she'll be whining about how "no one left me a piece" for the next two hours instead of just saying "yes, I want a piece of this" and taking it.
#3: She doesn't do her work, and then nitpicks others when they get stuck doing it for her. If she has a group of three patients, for example, 9 times out of 10 we'll get stuck taking care of at least two of them. We have to re position everyone every two hours and she NEVER checks her peoples' times on our cheat sheet before she goes and feeds someone else, or does an hour long whirlpool, so we get stuck moving her people, and then she says "well, I wanted to put so and so on the couch instead of in the recliner but okay, I guess." ...Then YOU should have taken care of so and so before you went and fed what's his name supper for an hour, when so and so was at his two hour mark. She also expects us to put her people in bed for her. Mind you, we all have our own total care residents that are assigned to us. But we're supposed to drop whatever we're doing to help her with her group.
It would make my day if she found another job, I want her gone, she is not competent enough to work here.

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  • Why do you pay so much attention seems like you have this strong hate for her when she doesn't even bother to worry about you ??????

  • So frustrating. And if management sack her she will sue and the union will take the rest out on strike.

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