I'm a delphinophile

Delphinophilia is the desire for sexual and romance with a dolphin in my case a female bottlenose. I've been this way since I was 5 after going to an aquarium. I'm not attracted to humans whatsoever . I've gone as far that I'm going to be living on a boat. I dream about sexual encounters with female dolphins even tongue kissing one.

Jul 30, 2016

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  • Ignore all these insecure fuсks who can't accept you for liking something unusual. You love them because you are smart enough to see past the bullsнit of society and realize that dolphins really are intelligent, beautiful, graceful, and potentially loving creatures of the sea. Ya know, they're smarter than us. They used to be land creatures, but they went into the sea, because they realized that there would be no shortages of nutrients to cause conflicts between groups and all the other unnecessary bullsнit that humans do to each other, that only the sea allows a really hang-loose, go with the flow, love everyone lifestyle. Don't let the brainless, archaic-minded, backwards-thinking people who have to shower you with negativity and hate to make themselves feel good about their own filthy egos get you down. You and I know that our minds are evolved beyond theirs so how can they comprehend it? Just wait for the hateful inferior subspecies to die out, we're still in a sort of dark ages there. Much love, continue to spread the Aloha!

  • Each to their own. You might drown you know.

  • Thought about it decided its worth the risk might as well die trying to fulfill my needs

  • Yep, one day some poor fisherman will haul the carcass of this fool out of the water with a b***** red hole in the bottom of this swimtrunks, and that's just how we'll remember you. Selfish fool.

  • Lmao you don't know my intentions are far from being selfish its called developing a relationship but you wouldn't know anything about it

  • I'm not even reading your response. You're mentally disturbed, pathetic, and lowering yourself below the rest of the human race. There's nothing for you to be smug about. You're a fool. Leave the dolphins alone, fool.

  • You and the rest of your filthy, subhuman kind need to fuсking die.

  • You are actually salty about this. You seem like the type of guy to kill someone and then blame them for getting your shirt b***** no cap.

  • "mentally disturbed, pathetic, beneath all humans." You're exactly the kind of brainless sack of sнit that would have bashed gay people back in the day because it made you feel "normal". If you really think about it, which I seriously doubt you're capable of, you will realize the FACT that there is nothing at all morally or physicslly wrong with sharing unconditional love with another creature capable of feeling it. True societal progress won't really begin until you and the rest of your archaic-minded, backwards-thinking fuсks have completely died off.

  • You're the fool here, reducing yourself to namecalling without saying anything intelligent, and then saying, "nope, I'm right, you're mentally ill because just because you like something unusual, I'm blocking out everything else you say". Grow the f*** up. This person is not at all mentally disturbed and it's proven in his reply to you, which contained no insults, and no verbally attacking you. Which you refused to read, you immature little f***. He's the most secure and mature person on this thread, brave enough to share what you worthless closed-minded f**** can't accept without insulting him to feel good about your pathetic little ego. What you're saying proves nothing but that you're an insecure little b****. It's a proven fact that dolohins are as smart as humans. Even the dumbest among them are infinitely more intelligent than you.

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