Secretly smoking

I'm a professional female wrestler. I didn't start smoking until I became a wrestler. Since then I've been secretly smoking. Not even my husband knew. He'd catch me but I'd insist the very idea I'd smoke was insane. But now I don't want to be just a sneaking smoker smoking 3 or so a day. I'm smoking close to a pack a day except when a bunch of us are on the road together and then I don't even try to count them. All female wrestlers smoke and most of us like clubs and drinking after we wrestle. I'm dying to tell him because I need cigarettes in my life right now.

May 9

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  • Light up and enjoy. He will get over it.

    Picking up a bad habit later in life is better than doing it when you are young.

  • Very good

  • You will die of cancer. Quit it

  • In the rapidly expanding Trans world that we’re in, how do you feel about wrestling trans women, especially ones that smoke?

  • No, no trans. Don’t want a hard one pressing against me.

  • What do you wear as a wrestler? Do your outfits ever malfunction during a match and leave you exposed?

  • Who cares if you smoke.

    Do you have lesbian relations with the other wrestlers? That’s what we want to know. Details please.

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