Secret crossdresser

Although I have had s** with other females throughout my life.
I found the clothes they wore a sexual turn on.
And with my first girlfriend who was also my cousin.
I used to wear her tights/panties of white and her dresses whenever I could.
Although I am a lot older now I still find wearing female clothes a turn on.
And get very hard in those soft panties.
I live in the UK in Cornwall and like to meet other secret crossdressers.

Jul 31, 2016

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  • Please tell me detailed taboo filth of what a cheap council estate chavvy cumslut daughter (no w legal aged) my lil girl Megan from Widnes, Oa----ld primary school is for local old men and even K9 c*** n s**** , love idea of her insulting and cucking me if she knew I wear and w*** with n share her underwear mmm - IL ALSO MEET AND W*** / SUCK PERVS WITH /OVER MEGS UNDERWEAR 7 SCHOOL UNIFORM AS THEY TELL ME TABOO FILTH ABOU THER CUCKOLD AND INSULT N SISSY ME AS I ALSO WEAR HER UNDERWEAR-

    in the room WWW.TLK.IO/MEGAN NOW ;) or during the next hour - also chat there most nights , NO PASSWORD NEEDED

  • My cousin made me as a little boy

  • I'm here reading these letters while wearing my wife's black panties, burgandy bra, denim 3/4 trousers and her flowery top... wow it feels good
    May go an put some lippy on. wish I knew someone I could send a picture to. xx

  • Call me

  • You can send to me.
    Give me an email address

  • Love dressing like a girl wearing panties slips dresses garter belts pantyhose panty liners just started licking the wet spots from my c um off my panties also like wearing sniffing licking my Sisters my mothers and mother in laws panties..I like being a girl and love sniffing licking the taste of my mothers and sisters slits just a guy who wears sniffs licks all kinds of panties

  • I am wearing a black slip with tan panties I like how they look on me. I love p usssy I just like wearing panties slips pantyhose I also wear a dress once and awhile ( y )

  • I'm confused. Are you a crossdresser or are you objectivity women?

  • A secret crossdresser who loves women.
    Also love the clothes they wear.

  • A secret crossdresser on and off since I was 14.

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