My Girlfriend

Me And My Girlfriend Are In A Polyamorous Relationship With Another Girl (I Am A Female As Well). And I Feel Like She Loves The Other Girl A lot More Than Me, So I Tried Voodoo On The Other Girl; Should I Have Done It?!

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  • Stay away from that sort of thing or you wil grow teeth n your p****

  • 3s a crowd. Someone is always going to get hurt.

  • Do you think that you should have? Jealousy is bad. But I guess it shows that she means something to you.

  • It depends- Do you think you should have done it? Do you feel bad? Also, try talking to your girlfriend. If she avoids talking about it, KEEP ASKING. The only way to know that this is true love is of you and your partner know that there is understanding and respect for one another, and that you are important to each other. I wish you luck! ??????

  • How odd

  • If I Could Practice Voodoo I Would Compel You To Read The Dictionary Definition Of "Gullible" Because You Might Find Your Picture Under There And You Should Keep Reading Til You Learn Something Anything Doesn't Even Have To Be Punctuation And Grammar This Is An Exhausting Way To Type How Do You Do It

  • At least her spellings were correct! Yours are not!

  • Which words are misspelled? None of them, so shut up. And this commenter totally has a point. People who Captialize Every Single Word In A Sentence, As If That Makes Their Bullshit More Important Or Something Often Have Profound Mental Issues. Little Miss Edgy OP who thinks she's special because she claims to be a l**** and plays with chicken bones is a perfect example. Stupid drama queen.

  • I call on Slenderman to beat up Voodoo-hoodoo, you're gonna be ok.

  • Don't! You'll wake the dead!!!

  • F****** nice. You kinda remind me of that emo chick who lives on my street- just edgy enough to seek revenge, but JUST innocent enough to do it in a way that you know will not work. Rock on, you magnificient b******.
    Later, girl.

  • No that comes back to its sender times 3 stay away from that

  • You're thinking of fluffy-bunny wiccans who believe in fairies, "karma", and other rose-colored horseshit.

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