Confession from a coward...

I have been with my wife for 10 years and married for 5 years. We have bought a house after we are married. But since then she has been changing jobs and stop working for 2 to 3 months every years. I am stress as this impact our future plan. I have tried to convince her but everytime we get into fight. I am getting so worried from time to time. I love her but i am getting tired...

I have been faithful and never get too close to other women as i know how painful it is to be cheated. But lately i have accidentally let a girl get into my heart. We are just collegue and only have normal conversation. She is hardworking, lovely and is still single. I know i have been fantasize her a little since i have never get too close to know her.

My feeling for her grew stronger each day even though i have avoided her as much as possible. Now i am stucked and feeling guilty and helpless. My family and friends knows my wife and i have no one to confess to. The feeling is so strong that i cant breath sometime..

I am a coward and doesn't dare to speak to my wife about our problem as i don't like getting into fight... but i don't know when i will reach my limit and ask for a divorce. I don't want to hurt her feeling as she trusted me... i wish i have the courage to pursue my own happiness as life is short...

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  • Act fast. You only live once

  • I hope you find courage. Regret is something you never get over

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