Helping my brother and worried

I'm a woman and I share an apartment with my older brother. We're both college students. My brother's p*** turds are always huge and solid. He very seldom gets constipation, but when he does, he feels uncomfortable. Last month he was constipated for 2 days. I helped his turds to move by rubbing his belly. That helped a little because he started to fart a little. After 2 days, he was finally ready to p***. While he was pooping, I stood outside the bathroom door to make sure he was okay. I could hear him grunting loud as he was pushing his turds out. He told me that his t*** was coming out. I told him to keep pushing. I didn't think anything of his grunting, but I started to feel embarrassed when he said "ohhhhh, sweet Jesus" while pushing out a t***. I got worried when one of his turds got stuck half way out, but he curled his toes and managed to push it out. After he was finished pooping, he said he felt so relieved to have all his turds out (he said he pushed out 6 big turds). He told me that he held open his ass cheeks while pushing his turds out and that helped. When I buy grocery now, I make sure I buy high-fiber foods for my brother. I told him to drink lots of water too.

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  • I have a question, why are you telling me this ???

  • No one else found this weird? No? Just me? Huh...

  • Lying down. Interesting. How hard did your bro have to grunt to push out his logs? How did he feel having you watch?

  • He had to grunt so hard to push out his turds. He was almost screaming. He was literally giving birth to his turds. I had to hold his legs above his neck while he pooped, so I had no choice but to watch him p***. He had such a hard time pushing out his turds, so I think he was comforted by my presence. I kept telling him to grunt and push.

  • I read somewhere that when you're constipated, you should try pooping in different positions (squatting, lying down, etc.). Has your brother tried pooping in different positions?

  • Yes, my brother has tried pooping in different positions when he's constipated. Last year when he was constipated, he pooped lying on his back with his legs wide apart in the air. He put his legs around his neck. It wasn't easy for him to get his legs around his neck, but I helped him. I held his legs while he pooped. He grunted while he was pushing out his p*** turds. I remember how relieved I was to see his p*** hole stretching and to see the first p*** t*** coming out. I was so worried.

  • Wow. Your constipated brother pooped lying down with his legs wide apart on his shoulders and you got to watch him p***. That must have been really hot watching your brother grunt and push p*** out of his p*** hole. Did you like watching his p*** hole stretch when the p*** was coming out? Did he twist his face when he was grunting? What kind of grunting sounds did he make?

  • You're very rude. I watched my brother p*** because I had I no choice. He was constipated, so he had to p*** lying down with his legs on his shoulders. I had to hold his legs in place while he was pooping. He had to grunt really loud to push his logs out of his pool hole. It wasn't easy to watch. You don't know what he had to go through. How dare you laugh at him? His logs were so big that he had to curl his toes when he was pushing them out. He was so tired after grunting out 5 big logs. His p*** hole was sore too because it stretched so much when he was pushing his logs out. Instead of laughing at him, you should respect him.

  • Does your brother feel embarrassed when you hear him grunting?

  • No, because he always grunts when he's pushing out his p*** turds even when he's not constipated. He has to grunt because his p*** turds are usually thick and solid. Plus, when he's constipated, his focus is to push out his p*** turds regardless of how embarrassed he might feel.

  • How is your brother now?

  • My brother has been doing well. He hasn't been constipated since the last time. He's been eating high-fiber foods & drinking more liquids. He's been pooping everyday. He always grunts when he's pushing out his p*** turds because his turds are big and solid (that's normal).

  • Ask him to avoid food or eat anything after 6 pm, or practice fast once in a week. Yes drinking lots of water helps. If he can drink a liter or 3 water in the morning immediately after wake up, this will definitely help.

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