He was after one thing

In school my cousin used to look out for me it was cool having someone older making sure i didn't get any trouble,when he left school i never seen him much until last year he phoned me wanting to meet up and i bunked off school to meet him,he met me and off we went to our nans who was out, first thing he said was i looked great and it quickly turned to s** or less of it for him for some reason he told me he wanks off,I asked if that was the reason he wanted to meet up,he said it wasn't,we was sat in our nans when he said he has something to show me and put a p**** on,I didn't care it wasn't the first one i seen,he started saying i had nice legs and big b****,I needed some air when i came back in he was completely nude asking me to have s** with him,I was stuck in the house it was non stop and didn't want him to force me and let him talk me into it,he said it would be just that one time,in our nans bed i closed my eyes and remember the her bed squeaking loud and him grunting and him grunting so loud when he came,I acted like i was ok with it,he lied about it being a one time thing he's came back more times than i can remember.

Mar 19, 2021

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