My first time was different

I liked older guys and was looking at a super hot guy at lunch few days. I was 15 and freshman in high school and he was a senior and saw me looking and came over and said I was cute. He played baseball and asked if I wanted to see him play after school. I did go watch him. Next day at lunch he came over and asked if I wanted to go out with him and I said ya. We went out to see a movie one night and when driving around after the movie he asked me if he could kiss me. I said sure and wanted to kiss him real bad too. He pulled into a parking lot and we started kissing. He was driving a suv and he said lets go in back to lay down and talk and kiss. We talked and kissed and later he was touching and rubbing me all over and started taking my clothes off. He told me if I wanted to be his gf I needed to give him s** when he wants. I told him I was a virgin and he said to not worry that he had other virgin girls before. He then took off his shirt and shorts and underwear and laid back and asked me if I wanted to feel his body and to give him some head. I gave head before and wanted to do it for him because I liked him and he was real hot and I liked feeling his strong body. After few minutes of me giving him head, he started to hold my head and pushed me down on him to make me take more as he pumped inside my mouth. I gagged few times. After he fingered me for about 5 minutes and then he got on top of me and spread my legs with his legs and started pushing himself in me. He did not put on condom and just pushed hard up into me at first to get all way in me then started pushing in and out. I was in pain and told him to go slower. He said it will get better but it didn’t. He kept pumping in me for like 15 min. and grunting and groaning and kissing my b****. He said how nice and tight I was and how good I felt to him and then he started going a lot faster in me. He then grunted loud and held me tight and he c** in me then laid on top of me to rest for few minutes. I liked that I made him c**. After, he said I was real nice and would be a good girlfriend. We cleaned up and he took me home telling me how good I made him feel and he liked having s** with me and we probably will go out again. He took me out one more time about a week later to watch a baseball game at a college. After the game, we parked in a lot where he wanted me to massage his back and chest, give him some head, and had s** with me for about half hour until he c** inside me again. He was typical selfish jock type but I was ok with it. Lucky I did not get pregnant. In the next weeks at school I found out he did this to few other girls. That was my first time. He graduated a few months later and never heard from him again. I’m 19 now.

Oct 3, 2019

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