Birthdays and guys

Everybody knows how much girls love when their boyfriend brings them flowers and baloons for birthday. Some prefer getting wished at 12am and some have different interests. We have been dating 3 years now and not a single time that has happened. I didnt want flowers and stuff or even 12am wishes, but a single wish on birthday would have been amazing?? Whatever i expect from him, i do that for him instead. It was his birthday and i threw him a party and guess what no one cared to even ask me for a slice of cake. Threw him a party and left their home empty hearted. It took me alot of time to setup everything when i didnt even work at the moment. There were no hugs and no thanks from him. Finally next day there was a text saying 'thanks for the birthday'
My heart has been in pain
Maybe i expect alot?
But i never want him to do same stuff, a little care would be enough.
A small text asking me something that would make me think that he cares would be enough!
Am i asking for too much?

Aug 10, 2016

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  • Why is your Birthday special? What did you do? You wany him to celebrate your birth like you are Christ?

  • You would think after dating someone for 3 years, he would know when your birthday is. Maybe he's not able to pull out all the stops to plan, some guys aren't. He can still be thoughtful and do small things. Him planning a party may not ever happen. You planning it (or giving details to a friend - so they can work together) and him paying for it may happen. What you do for someone isn't always going to be reciprocated in the same way. As the commenter said below, he's not going to read your mind and do as you would. You do have to tell him what you would like and hopefully he remembers, or even for no reasons he makes an effort to show you that he cares and thinks about you. Are your expectations too much? Not necessarily. But for the guy you're with, unless you drop hints or just outright tell him what you want to happen..yea. He doesn't think like that. You need to decide, can you live with that?

  • You need to tell him, very plainly, what you want him to do. If you keep doing the things you wish he would do for you and hoping he'll get the hint, you're in for heartache. Most people will never catch on. Plus, chances are he doesn't care about those things nearly as much as you do, so you're just insulted twice - once when he doesn't care what you did and once when he doesn't do it back. Just say "I want you to throw me a birthday party and get me balloons and cake and invite all my friends." and he probably will. Guys are not mind readers.

  • No, you're not asking for too much.

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